Resistance against kikery will never happen

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In short, we have literally no chance of survival or support from literally anyone but ourselves. No matter how much we try to preserve our race, we will die out anyway, because 99.999999999999999999% of the word hates us.

Give up on all ideas of revolution and accept that we will lose no matter what. History is always written by the victors and history intends for us to die.

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Is this supposed boost morale? If so, it worked. Seeing you kikes post all these desperate demoralization threads brings a smile to my face :)


All non-whites (90% of the global population) hate you. 90% of whites hate you. We're stuck with literally

Along with the 5 other threads about "my daughter and her black boyfriend".

This is out of weakness and desperation. Not strength. It is all tumbling down.

Fuck off cunt.

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This is stupid. Plenty of niggers already want Jews dead. People don't have to love each other to unite to kill the Jews, eg. Iran.

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If you've read any manifestos from the shooters, then you'll realize that they're all strongly motivated to act on hopelessness and nihilism. If nothing they do matters, then what difference would it make if they kill people in their place of worship?

Ironically, you shills are responsible for radicalizing people like him, not us.

I'm not telling you to encourage shootings, I'm telling you to redirect them into a different hobby like art, coding, or 3d modeling. You're not helping at all.

You aren't white. If you were, you would understand we have more than enough numbers as white men to destroy every shitskin on the planet several times over without even trying.

if you weren't idiots putting out republican PAC propaganda, you wouldn't have any problem.

Plenty of niggers also want us dead. Jews get their wish of having us all eliminated either way.


You say "us" like you are one of "us".
You also imply i belong to this "us" when you have no idea who I am. Your anti white scare tactics have zero effect on me. I don't care. The sun will blow up one day anyways. If we move to another solar system that sun will blow up. Eventually the entire Universe will return to being dimensionless, timeless, and eternal. Then "God" will exhale. Repeat.
White race can survive 200000 more years but eventually it will end. Your fear tactic is ineffective.

Mostly just here to see your empire crumble moshe. And I am enjoying every second of it :)
And after it is all said and done, on the ashes we will reign.

Nigs are too stupid to pose a threat to white people in conventional war.

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literally 5 people get gunned down in california every day. no or hardly any police response. 1 jewess bites it and 4 departments immediately deploy to seal off 10km of dense urban terrain.
fucking zog is seeping and weeping over this one

No Donald. It doesn't matter how many settlements Bibi names after your or how frequently your children shill. Your name is ruined. A judge in Texas set precedent by overturning BDS. More and more of your supporters hate your and more and more Americans hate Israel.

The kikes bet on you and they lost.

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The cosmic irony is the Jew always causes his own downfall. In the end he has no one else to blame.

It's the fault of leftist political censorship. Since they aren't allowed to talk about it on the normiesphere where it's more tame, newfags go on here and aren't as internet savvy as we are. So they end up being motivated to attack after seeing the shill posts here.

After NZ, all identitarian Facebook groups that didn't preach for violence were banned.


You just made me angrier and I want to fight you even more

and as far as population and popularity europe has always been a minority and pan-european empire always resisted by the majority of the measly crumb bum kingdoms
the fact that europeans are the greatest human race and that pan-european empire is our only means for survival though are truths that lead to eventual salvation


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jews are already losing
The whole OP posting is one jew projecting because non-whites hate them and soon all whites will do.
Most of the non-whites who hate white people live in white countries BTW

Every successful revolution was carried out by a small minority of dedicated individuals.

Wait a few years, we will show you a real holocaust.

Asses and elbows blackpill fag gets more and more active with every action taken by a white man, its almost entirely proportionate, really makes you think.

10%? LOL list me those countries. no "Argentina and greece aint white" kike bullshit tho



Look at this Actual Kike Assfuck Dipshit Apologism. You literally have FUCK ALL better to do than pretend that eating niggerpills will give you any form of pedestal whatsoever. News Flash. you literally Jester your Down Syndrome stupidity for the entire internet to see. Literally Hang your entire family. Quite fast about it

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Kek, save your tears parasite, it was only one and it's only starting.


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"Give your souls to your Gods and load your guns, Its time to deal in lead. We are the legions of the damned, The army of the already dead…."

Is OP modposting?

Literally where. And no, piano kid doesn't count as """""""""resistance"""""""""

You sure you don't want to preemptively dismiss all the other examples you're going to get, you transparent faggot?

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>We're stuck with literally

Whites have always been in the minority, yet conquered and colonized the entire non-white world. Nobody cares about niggers in Africa.

10% of the white population is more than enough.
Its millions.
And that 10% is worth fighting for.
The problem with op in addition to op being an op is that he's an egalitarian and thus doesn’t understand the power of white men.

I'm sure niggers, kikes, and muds loved Caesar and Alexander, good thing they optics cucked out to get the (((world))) on their side.

This, reminder that it was about 25% of the population that supported the American revolution, 20% were against, and the rest were in the middle waiting to side with the winner. Most people simply follow the strong horse.

Asses and elbowwwwwssssss

and then came 1933

These are transcendental joys that only the rarified heroes of legend will ever taste. Truly we are the most blessed of all men in history

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post a picture of your hand with a timestamp shitskin

You suddenly realize: The angrier you get, the less depressed you are. You suddenly realize the cure to depression was within you all this time..


So tell me moishe, if I am to accept that my people are doomed why shouldn't I aim for a high score on the way out just for the hell of it?

Way to bump a spam thread.

BDS has been going strong and getting stronger for years now. Hence Trump cucking out to jews a few months ago over it. THE WORLD, hates jews. If you want to make friends in different countries, break the ice with some football chit chat then drop some jew red pills.

High score, which matters.

THe world will wipe out your (((kike))) genes!
Why? Because everything you do is anti-nature!

Nature wins in the long run. God is with us.
The white race will end the kikes race. Shitskins will aid us in our struggle. We will open their eyes for the jewish question!

Your silly but funny demoralisation attempt just showed us, that Tarrant, Bowers, Earnest and all the others DID NOTHING WRONG.

We warned you before. The stronger you push, the more we will push back. But kikes will not listen. They never do - so face the consequences.

We are ironpilled, we do not care about blackpills anymore!

Even if we will leave this planet forever, we will take you with us! You can not escape!

Once climate change causes 1 major crop failure everyone is going to chimp out tribalism is ensue.

It’ll be us vs them as it always has been

outed yourself schlomo. If you think it sucks being around whites, just wait until there are no more whites to protect you from yourself and the third world 70 digit IQ hordes who murder even their own kind in droves.

When non-whites say they hate white people, they are actually saying they hate jews. They just don't know the difference yet.

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Wow so this must be what it's like to live without integrity. You become a pussboi like OP. Do you think we give a fuck about any of that? We're doing this because it's our duty not because of results. It's about the principle, something females like you can't understand. Your testosterone is too low to have any kind of will of your own, and so you cowtow to everyone else. We here demand more from ourselves, and so we won't let the idea of defeat defeat us. See how retarded that logic is? "We're probably going to lose so let's guarantee that we lose"? Literally kill yourself you're pathetic.

Exactly. We were BLESSED to be born in this time period. War is a religious ceremony and we are in for the greatest war of our people.

Neither true nor relevant.

Without political control, that goal is impossible.

Just look at the Jews. EVERYONE FUCKING HATES THEM. And they rule the world. OP is a dumbfuck.

Your days are numbered kike.

It's happening in Argentina and Peru, our tanned Aryan brothers are showing us the way. We can always move to their lands and join them in case you don't want to wait doing nothing here.

right, white nationalists as laboratory white rats in plain sight, special services use them for their needs always, it's bad to be white nazi

it is especially funny to look at "their struggle" when you know how and by whom they are controlled


Jews already planted the divide and conquer machine through multiculturalism anywhere. Effectively ensuring a persecution of jews the likes of which Germany did can never occur again.

Niggers and muslims want everything dead including themselves.

90% of Whites would support a solution to the Nigger and Immigration Problems. That is why Trump won.

In addition, a huge but mysterious % of non-Whites would support a crack down on "bad actors" in their midst, even if that means a lot of police scrutiny of them.

Its really the Jewish Agenda that is always moments away from all unraveling.

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Lol they don't. The goy needs to turn the other cheek hehe. It's always the jewish agenda that is miles ahead of the goyim ever rising up to them. It's because of Jews their inherit superiority.

I'm pretty sure that if the zionist agenda works, the Jews are fucked.
Because replacing us with mostly Muslims, who use the zionist agenda to their advantage but ideally would want to see the kikes dead, and who have no intend to be good domesticated goyim, is a terrible mistake.
The Muslims will outnumber the jews by far and will get rid of them.

What you've written could just as easily be interpreted as being in favour of a revolution. The whole point of borders is that you only worry about your neighbour, who is worried about his neighbour, etc.

The only thing holding our people down is the PR / Propaganda. 10 years or less of redpills and we will take back what is ours, because we have the technology.

Nogs and Spics could not survive at their numbers without white technology.

I know the end of jewry is near simply by the desperation in this faggot ass post.

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Exactly. That's why the word "hero" comes naturally to everyone to describe Tarrant and the others.
Whites are fighting an impossible uphill battle against the whole world while being tied, outnumbered, and infiltrated by evil.
This is the perfect time for heros to be born, and legends to be written.

We are the same people who have waged two global wars for fun that almost caused the extinction of every living thing on the planet. Keep pushing us though I would love to see another headline with higher kike body count.

10% of 400mil is 40mil. That's way more than enough for an ethnostate. All we need is a physical containment board. TPTB will provide one once the IRL shitposting reaches a crescendo.

Kek, look around you. We are here and we're going to stay.

The internet is our's.

How does it feel to know that you will never get hired to write for the (((New York Times))). Nobody will ever read what you produce and say "MAN THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! I SURE AM GLAD I READ THAT TODAY!!!"

I bet when you were a kid, your parents called you dumb. Should've stayed in school (((Joe))).

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I resist your kind every day in my own way and you'll never be able to stop it, heeb.

This is a woman.

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what did you quote one of those mistakenly?

You are slow, aren't you…


Not only that be our men are finally learning to kill the semitic breeding females…now I will give you that this woman was not a 'breeding female' but it is indicative of the importance of killing the breeding females OVER AND ABOVE the males (who can sperm and breed many more children with a single man…it is most important to kill the breeders. without them they ill no longer be a people).

It is most important to kill the females because it is the females who pass on the culture to the children. And it takes 9 months of investment in a female to produce offspring.

Saint Tarrant understood when he killed that breeding semitic female in Christchurch.

I know I cannot win alone, but I'm taking as many of you as I can with me.

Remember what I said about the breeding females. They cannot be a people without breeding females. It is women who rock the cradle and they control the world through raising the next generation. Whatever you do TARGET THE ONES THAT TAKE 9 MONTHS TO PRODUCE OFFSPRING…

IMO we need to get along with Jews and focus on killing sand niggers and not so much kikes who don't go on to kill Christians (or white people for that matter) at a 6:1 ratio for every dead sand nigger.

We are going the way of Jews. Aryan brotherhood is like 0.01% of the total prison population but responsible for 75% of the murders in the federal prison system. Just because there isn't a majority doesn't mean you lose. We just go the jihad way and plant IEDs and shit.

Bet ya a denarii OP’s deleted thread never existed.

Natural selection will take out the self-hating weaklings who have no sense of self-preservation. We may eventually become the new Jews as far as numbers goes, but as long as there are whites willing to breed within their gene pool we will not "lose."

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ye think?


THIS. If this is not your creed…leave now and return to your place amongst the rest of the livestock.

this thread smells like desperation. good job boys

you're fooling no one shlomo
the one thing we all know for a fact is that no matter hoiw much white nationalist may be hated kikes are hated a millon times more

more post-Earnest blackpill shite. Not buying it schlomo. War is near

He said, on the one social media outlet he wasn't banned from. Meanwhile we Jews control literally all the others.
Stop projecting your little white inadequacy onto us.

your whole racial identity is projection. can't stand you're not really judean, can you, khazar?

khazar/semite/juden they all need extermination. If one of them remains this Hell on Earth will continue. I blame the Tzar for not slaughtering them when he had the chance. He showed MERCY which is nothing but WEAKNESS. We will not make the same mistake. Their whole race needs extermiantion…every last one.

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This IS a golden age because greatness is inseparable from struggle, all we need do is seize it.

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Looks like we'll have to ditch the humanitarian gassing and go for something with a lot more suffering. Thanks OP

Reminder that the mods have allowed this paid shill's demoralization to stay up for 2 days.

Jew here. I still don't understand why y'all hate my people. You understand you're no different then the blacks who constantly complain about "white privledge" and that white people are responsible for all the worlds problems. Don't you think it's a bit convientent one small group of people are responsible for all the world's problems? Give me a break. I'm all for keeping white countrys white but stop blaming all your problems on a small group of highly intelligent and successful individuals because you envy their success.