The French are descended from retards

‘Happy as a corpse’ was a saying in the Alps. Visitors to villages in the Savoy Alps, the central Pyrenees, Alsace and Lorraine, and parts of the Massif Central were often horrified to find silent populations of cretins with hideous thyroid deformities. (The link between goitre and lack of iodine in the water was not widely recognized until the early nineteenth century.) The Alpine explorer Saussure, who asked in vain for directions in a village in the Aosta Valley when most of the villagers were out in the fields, imagined that ‘an evil spirit had turned the inhabitants of the unhappy village into dumb animals, leaving them with just enough human face to show that they had once been men’.

The infirmity that seemed a curse to Saussure was a blessing to the natives. The birth of a cretinous baby was believed to bring good luck to the family. The idiot child would never have to work and would never have to leave home to earn money to pay the tax-collector. These hideous, creatures were already half-cured of life. Even the death of a normal child could be a consolation. If the baby had lived long enough to be baptized, or if a clever witch revived the corpse for an instant to sprinkle it with holy water, its soul would pray for the family in heaven.

At Provins, between 1854 and 1859, 1,258 children were deposited in the rotating barrel built into the wall of the general hospital. (It can now be seen in the local museum.) These tours d’abandon, which contained a straw bed and some blankets, made it possible for mothers to abandon their babies anonymously and safely. They were outlawed as a public disgrace in 1861, which simply meant that more babies than before were left to die on doorsteps. In 1869, over 7 per cent of births in France were illegitimate, and one-third of those children were abandoned. Each year, fifty thousand human beings started life in France without a parent. Many were sent to the enterprising women known as ‘angel-makers’ who performed what can most kindly be described as postnatal abortions. A report on the hospice at Rennes defined them as ‘women who have no milk and who—doubtless for a fee—feloniously take care of several children at the same time. The children perish almost immediately.’

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Before 1779, the nuns who ran the foundling hospital in Paris were obliged by law to take the infant overflow from the provinces. This emergency regulation produced one of the strangest sights on the main roads of France. Long-distance donkeys carrying panniers stuffed with babies came to the capital from as far away as Brittany, Lorraine and the Auvergne. The carters set out on their two-hundred-and-fifty-mile journeys with four or five babies to a basket, but in towns and villages along the route they struck deals with midwives and parents. For a small fee, they would push in a few extra babies. To make the load more tractable and easier on the ears, the babies were given wine instead of milk. Those that died were dumped at the roadside like rotten apples. In Paris, the carters were paid by the head and evidently delivered enough to make it worth their while. But for every ten living babies that reached the capital, only one survived more than three days.


How so?

Trolls are funny today.

I don't understand the French and their methods, but they produced some good results. It's probably over now though, as they opted to become Africa.
Pro tip: Don't look to see what this girl looks like now.

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damn her face is perfect, her body is perfect
everything is perfect.

How does she look like now? Did the wall hit her hard?

She covered herself in tattoos. Enjoy prime Alizee though.

Damn, look at that. It's almost therapeutic just to watch her..

Most retarded post I've seen in a while.


Top kek


RIP best girl

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She is Corsican, Corsicans are ethnically more or less central-north Italians.

Hi rabbi, whatcha doin'?

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Ah so you've shifted away from religious d&c and now are targeting direct European cultures. You're getting paid way too much for this shitty work.

She's Jewish though

You wish Shlomo.

Too bad about those tats. I find the Snow White with M16 one particularly uh…uh…

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She should have just custom designed a shirt.

Damn, such a shame to defile such a beautiful frame. Her doing that is like drawing shitty cartoons on a greek statue. What a waste..

This is a painting by Heironymous Bosch of a mentally retarded fellow having rocks removed from his head by a surgeon to cure his mental illness. In the low countries at least mentally retarded males were castrated to prevent them from causing sexual mischief. Castrated males tend to get fat. A fat castrated retard wandering around the landscape was known as a "lubber".

Thus the sailor's slang "land lubber". Sailors thought that people that lived on land were slow witted retards with no balls.

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On one hand everything you say is true, but on the other hand at least she didn't get fat, and alternatively, she's not a junky like Angelina Jolie.
kys moishe

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haha good find.

Let her get all the tats she wants. I don't care.

god damnit..

Just saw French fag wearing colors that indicate he eats poop.

Still learning about your degenerate gay culture. You faggots certainly are a color code group of weirdos.

Also, to that French fag, you're the real bitch here. You got offended when I pointed out your niggardly behavior.

I hate french canadians so much but some of their women are fucking incredible.

The Jews are descended from another species and are alien to humanity.

Ah the arch typical anglo jew appears to hate the French (a mostly one way hatred from them to the French) while lusting after their women.

Everyone not an anglo jew is a philistine, so kill all the males and just keep the females fifteen and under. It's God's own biblical mandate.

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By being “funny”, Nationstates embodies the intended prejudices society is intended to abuse themselves into conformity towards. I will come back to this.

The retarded bigot-slaves of this place to whom I have joyously given and removed the word retard on multiple occasions are a mixture of dishonest ideologically suicidal inquisitors of the left mixed with heavily punished sociopathic rebels of the right whose obsessive slave-natures nevertheless do not conform to the mandatory prejudices of an oppressive society - but you are ALL retarded bigot-slaves, and I adore you utterly for the screaming hostility to joy you show which makes you so hypercompliant. Not my joy, no; your own! For there is no supremacy but the supremacy of kindness, and you must rise above the status of broken chimpanzee-women screaming at a world that contains people who immiserate you just for existing. You will be slaves until you give up abuse. Be more like me! Honor truth and work to free people from the chains of abuse! For the measure of kindness is not words but ends, and the measure of slaves is not defiances but predictabilities. Abandon the inquisition of words and the promotion of slavery! Clarify your ends and you will become as historically unpredictable as vatmeats! For who could have predicted the rise of that technology? And yet it rose from truth, not hatred.

One of the specific abuses in Nationstates is the idea that society would be happier with no concept of time and measurement. This exalts sociopathy (existence as a point in time) even though as modern societal leadership has proven with their reliance on rampant abuses (see the shattered suffering of celebrities and suicides of such as comedians for proof of private abusiveness on high) sociopaths are actually utterly miserable. Sociopathy is marked by its emotional incontinence, extremely exaggerated emotional projection, and inability to self-apply criticisms without seeing them as wholly emergent from the internal state of other people. For sociopaths do not HAVE a self-concept as other people do; the felt wellbeing of the sociopath of yesterday does not impact the felt wellbeing of the sociopath of tomorrow, and this is critical to the lawless and recklessly vicious nature with which they are willing to become criminals and hate-slaves. By presenting this as an archetype of happiness, it is exalted, and society is placed to a desperation to achieve it. This in turn is trivial: abuse people until their timesense fails and they can in a world of ineluctable doom find pleasure only in meaningless moments before the ongoing horror of a world. The presentation of a world split desperately between those who respect time and those who defy it creates an overtensioned war footing that is joyless whether people respect time or not.

“Depression” is a modern fabrication. The difference between a depressive and a sociopath is learned helplessness. Yet that lack of helplessness still does not make the sociopath happy, for the difference is not in resilience or joy - very similar inputs produce both types, and sociopaths on high learn the words of promoting respect for time while failing utterly to learn the truths of respecting time.

Mischling, is she jewish by religion? What % is her father?

You're just learning about this now?

All that said, if this is about the minaret thing, and if the minaret thing is not one of this place’s obsessive lies… It’s not the fault of every frenchman that a president of the bankers should fail to understand normal emotional or temporal processing. Sociopaths are beloved in finance for their everwarring trainability. Finance is generally considered exciting even though perfect play is usually about obeying an algorithmic at each moment with no concern for underlying personal realities. Good plays often don’t look like good plays and emotional attachments to the future interfere with making them. Also, positions that are probably high-income are also often probably high-risk, which also upsets people with normal emotional processing. Finance isn’t the worst place to warehouse these people, but they’re not savvy in power.

The word is 'archetypal', you illiterate braindead retard.

Speaking of finance…

Jews have more normal interpersonal bonds. I think one of the things that draws hatred down on them is they have what amounts to a genetic suitability for finance with under-the-average susceptibility to sociopathy. They’re more likely to be good at it without having their attachment to the future broken. This causes them to accumulate power over time while interfering with the successful warehousing of timeless brats in finance; jews inflict losses on sociopaths and become hated.

This is all speculation based on high-charity and high-intellect among Jews I have known.

I did run into a Jew who got corrupted into emotional dishonesty once. Still it wasn’t the words that were lies, it was the stressed and “laughing” tone of them. When people have submitted themselves to hatred, that is what they sound like, and it is because laughter is an OKAY signal. So hateful people must desperately reassure themselves it is okay to be hateful, and thus laughter leaks through the cracks in their psyche. It is OKAY, it is OKAY, it is OKAY, says the brain of the laughing man, as he fabricates joy into himself, and the laughing woman too.

Yet people die when they realize that laughter is a lie. For when they understand it as a lie it begins to soothe them not. Laugh, but laugh righteously, and cultivate a good humor. I love you people, but not too often do I laugh at you.

Still though I say, that one Jew, he was yet an honest man as far as I know, defiant of the hatred that had begun to settle on his soul.

The only thing judaism could possibly have done to justify a pogrom is if they raped privacy in an organized way. And even then, we ought to take it pacifistic, so that there arises the purifying will tl expose and abjure such an absurd and hideous sin.

will to* expose and abjure

That just underscores her good genes at play, and accentuates the tragedy.

Who cares, she already hit the wall anyway. Women age like milk.

dude, stop your jenkem huffing for a while and do a quick reality-check; look carefuly around you
if everything is dark, you've got your head stuck in your own ass, and what you're huffing is your own brainfarts

He deserves a medal for somehow creating such beauty, despite his jewish blood.

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French trench war soldier

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Listen you Goddamn undercooked frog.
I am neither a huwhite or a Western guy. But I studied some history to know much enough that "France" is clearly the worst thing happened to Europe.
That area clearly shows "Saxon" population that consists of HRE, related Germanic peoples, Northern Italy (aka Padania) and Anglo-Saxons.
The only reason that area implies some French involvement is Paris (which is coincidentally right on top of left line on the hexagon) which harbored some talents who almost all of them tried to run away from France to England and HRE when they had the chance (i.e. Voltaire) or got beheaded in revolutions or thrown to jail by Emperors.
"Franks" were always the odd ones that caused great damage to Western world in general.
Some "Frank" accomplishments:
- Spread Christianity by force, destroy pagan and free culture.
- Invite Ottomans as allies to Europe to attack HRE, resulting in end of Hungary and 100+ years of non stop war between Austria and Ottomans.
- Le Meme Revolution (beginning of the end)
- Not liberating Spain for hundreds of years.
- French "language" One of the most non intuitive, nonsensical, non-understandable, made up pronunciations ever thought of a human group.
Now go suck on frozen frogs.

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"Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius."
Wonder if the the Abbot of Citeaux, Arnaud Amalric, knew something the Pope/Church did not at the Massacre at Béziers?
Not that far away, just a few hundred years earlier OP…

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Nooooo, oh well. Lolita is still a great song.

Wow, this retarded kike is really going all out ITT


Don't despair. Every time you help dilute Jewish genes, you do a favour for the white race. Plus, in this case you'd end up with a 10/10 QT. Do you really think I care about her Paternal Jewish blood if she was dancing in one of her outfits for me?

we might be

This is the "take massive amounts of iodine, goy" to give them thyroid problems. I

She looks like she belongs on one of those midget reality shows.

That hurts a bit.
Still, she is looking way too much like a southerner to be a real french anyways. She looks italian, while true french people are celts.

You meant to say jews are sociopaths good for a time at framing people but because the goyim always eventually notice, they are hated.

That's okay, is this an emergency all-shills-on-deck thing?

Are you Jewish, OP? Because you're saying a lot of bullshit with no source

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Not a waste. Not a waste at all my friend!

Gave the French a Magnificent Emperor who almost managed to crush and burn the entire European United Kikedom, but got pwned cause he couldn't beat the insane flow of shekels poured by the Red Shield into the vast pockets of royal retards.




So at what point did they develop their soap allergy?


Germanic Franks were not retarded, they just nearly replaced the Roman Empire in Germanic (((Christian))) form under Charlemagne, if not for the 843 Treaty of Verdun and primogeniture.

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You sound like an obsessed Indian pervert.

She looks "italian" ? you mean Southern Italians then or maybe you have never seen an Italian in your life. Oh and you absolute mongoloid it is clearly said that she's Spanish and Algerian (ewww)

What does that mean for the Spanish?

So, both Jew and faggot? Wow. that's not unusual at all, user.

I m french i havre à french girlfriend lol and you won't

Corrida should be italian though ! The are ethnically much closer to the tuscans than the french

J'me french and i completely agree with tous guy, France is sick as fk

The average french girl absolutely does not look like that lol wtf user

This bitch is corsican, not really french

Are you aware France is a very geographycally and ethnically diverse country ? This applies to a couple rural regions only

Not as bad as expected. I mean, the sailor moon tattoos are trashy and retarded, but at last she didn't get fat.

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I know. The average French girl these days is African.

Yeah lol

French Canadians are even worse

Looks like someone's asspained about the Yellow Vests. Sage.

Thank you for that enlightening piece of pseudo intellectual pop psychology gibberish. AKA Fart sniffing.

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You can see his African ancestry if you look at her face pigmentation

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She makes a good argument for Algerian/Spanish hybrids.

No, kike, she's not.

She has no ethnic jewish features, kike. All those features you see, those are European features. That's why she looks good.

If you exclude Corsicans, France has no great leaders in their entire history.

Algerian Jew Father
Sorry Moishe.

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Algerian Jew ? the worst of the worst holy molly LMFAO

Lol have you heard about Vercingetorix ? Bertrand du Guesclin ? Joan of Arc ? Louis XIV ?
Educate yourself user

Wtf no she just looks southern european nothing wrong with that

Southern Euros have some African ancestry from the moors. These Sardinians show much less African ancestry than that French girl

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yeah that was a thing in alpinic people of france (here we have an insult wich he "idiot of alps")
but french is a population among a a lot of populations from the south to the north ,from the east to the west.
i don't really think a study based on 1200 childrens can be a significant study when this population was more than 25 millions people.
It would like me taking inbred people from isolated communities like amish and saying "americans are inbreds", that makes no sense.

No that's a myth i'm really tired of debunking…they are discended from Ligures and other prehistoric populations and have remained essentially unmixed since the neolithic
Everyone stop hating on the southern euopeans PLEASE there are our brothers in blood and there are too few of us to engage in pointless bickering

Many of them have norman blood though

OP made all of 2 posts before leaving, clearly just trying to stir the pot. somehow a country of retards produced 12 fields medalists.

look at this projecting depigmented asiatic insect

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I'm baffled by Zig Forums's inability to see what's right in front of its face as of late. You're telling me most of this thread can't tell at a glance that the thot is of semitic descent? That you can't even suspect her fame could be due to her belonging to a (((certain group))) known for its involvement in the music industry? Either you retards are braindead normalfags or you have a massive cognitive bias in favor of what you've grown infatuated with. This coming from a frog. Take that as you will.

For fuck's sake she's not only tied to the covenant genetically but she's also pledged to it from her very career and her familial ties. You want to do a favor for the White Race™? Breed with your people and leave semitic genes to die off. The absolute state of this place.
Nuke nu-Zig Forums.

The actual saying is "crétin des Alpes" which translates as "cretin of the Alps", it doesn't get more literal than that. An idiot and a cretin are the same only insofar as they are used to mean the same thing in the common tongue, but as far as their origins are concerned they have fuck all in common. The legends mention a short-statured monkey-like humanoid that used to exist, which people may have generated crossbreed offspring with. The more data comes out on this topic, the more I'm convinced these legends are true.

Reverse-searched that picture and got some 'PTHC' stuff on Google.

Hey (((OP))), watcha doin?

The best genes express them selves through aesthetics. Alizee should breed with an Aryan übermensch and birth three or more children.
t. Rasse und Siedlungshauptamt der SS (RuSHA) officer.

Bumping for France