Remember lads, Subscribe to PewDiePie

PewDiePie has now disowned the "Subscribe to PewDiePie" meme. We should continue to use this meme so we never forget about Kebab Remover Brendon Tarrant.

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Media, after 5 minutes: "He's trying to hide his white supremacist ties! He's still a Nazi!!"

Pewds is a fag. His only purpose in life is to be a memetic vehicle for Brenton's message.



Who cares, we make new memes once an hour, i'm sure there will come new ones eventually.

Yeah, that worked out great for Matt Furie, so why not?

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pepe 2.0

Guess who got death threats from Indian mafia?

What a fucking cuckout.

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I'm too cynical to take him at his word about this, especially at this amount of time since the event. I think he noticed momentum was starting to die down and figured he'd be able to generate a new slew of media articles about him if he did this now. Which will happen, the media is nothing if not perfectly predictable.

This. Pewds is not dumb.

Get the fuck out. While he tries to kind of dogwhistle without understanding it fully, he is not one of us. It's the discourse that shifted left so hard, cucks like him with at least as much brain as he gets, are getting thrown into a far-right pile, along with average Zig Forums user, or average magatard, or average DiarrheaStormer.

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why would he not want to be associated with st.tarrant?

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time to unsubscribe I guess

Why now? Seems like a random arbitrary time to be ending it. Is it because he got in trouble legally somehow? NZ was over a month ago.

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the motherfucking irony

Checked and subbed

because piano boy mentioned him in his manifesto yesterday.

This. Although that race traitor wants to move to Japan now. We should keep dragging his name through the mud.

Yeah i thought that too.

Keep it to yourself faggot.

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Normal people don't want to be associated with spree shooters. Place your name, credit card number, CSV, and address on here if you disagree.

Some of the comments on the video are redpilled, or getting upvotes. If you have a JewTube account, do your part

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Subscribe to Pewdiepie.

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I'm not arguing that, I am saying that I think he's a crafty fucker and his motivation was
rather than

I think he just saw a chance to grab everyone's attention again and took it. The key point being he didn't do it any time Christchurch was in the news, but instead waited until everyone had moved on to say anything. Now he's going to get a bunch of articles printed with the headline "PEWDIEPIE DISAVOWS SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE MEME" and of course he knows it.

Never support a cuckold.

Man, watched the video, and he COMPLETELY cucked the fuck out.

So pitiful, so disdainful. He is truly a swedecuck amongst swedecucks: His people are being displaced, being raped and pillaged, and what's he doing?
He's hiding in a foreign country where you get sent to prison if you're a normal person just for questioning the process, making millions off a shitty jew-owned platform that censors and openly hates him, and he's crying about how sad he is that muzzies invading another White European nation got made-good and he was referenced as a meme?

How utterly pathetic. Shit like this, this toothless gutless virtue-signaling faggotry is something that can never be forgiven.
People like this deserve to suffer under the consequences of their expressed worldviews, yet have the money given to them by (((the elite))) to avoid such.
Its truly sad.


What? Source. If thats true he deserves a bullet through the brain.

After Christchurch, a screenshot of that episode was posted. Someone else should have it. I didn’t save it, unfortunately.

I'm not surprised, just disappointed. But then, in a world of madness such as ours, I am regularly disappointed.

He's "ironically" played a bunch of degenerate as fuck "sex games" and promoted porn sites.
I knew he was a degenerate, but cucking out completely like that makes him a bitch on top of it. Disdainful.

He might be closet fag as well. He gives me that effeminate vibe. Remember when he used to jump out of the closet in his room as introduction to the videos? Maybe that was him hinting at that.
Sweden is fucking lost. Norway needs to annex. Not that Pewdiefag would care.

He was doing just fine with ignoring it. It was unnecessary to cuck out at this point and the sub2pewds meme died when t-series passed.

I guess hes just being jewish and wants more media attention

There's no such thing as bad publicity. All that matters is that the normalfags are talking about it. Ideas are being shared. Opinions are being influenced, and not as much by the videos as by the comment section.

…which is completely cucked. It took me 10 min to find ONE Zig Forumstier comment. Read it yourself, PIDF faggot.

pewds apologized because he said nigger when he raged in a stream. Something that happens regularly to other streamers who don't have to make an apology.

Everybody expected pewds to be a good little cuck and do an apology video here too.
It was surprising that he didn't do one a month ago already. Maybe (((they))) planned on ignoring Tarrant, but it didn't work out because the video and the memes spread anyway, and now they changed the strategy.

This is completely fucking retarded because it would be a horrible idea to do this even if you were saying something as innocuous as "the weather's nice today"

Normal people don't have 95 million jewtube subscribers

I don't watch a lot of pewdiepie. Does he usually have a deus vult sword sitting in the background of his videos?

Thats a Zweihänder and he is disgracing it.

That just applies if you are a nobody and want to be known. If you are already known and have a decent image, then bad publicity exists.

People knowing you for doing things they dislike is better than people not knowing you at all.
But people knowing you for something they like is still better than being known for something they dislike.

As if you would do any different you absolute brainlet. You can't understand because your life is probably worth jack shit even to yourself. Pewds is starting a family with a nice italian girl. He did what any decent man would do and made the financially smart decision.

What have you done besides larp anonymously to cope with the guilt fapping to nigger dicks and shemales all day?

Always thought it was wishful thinking that he was "secretly" on our side and dropping subtle redpills. If they're subtle enough they're not actually doing anything, you know. Has even a single person ever been redpilled by him?

I love it when mainstream figures feel the heat from the establishment, when they get to experience a fraction of what it's like to be a radical. The mainstream right especially is so useless that it would be far better if it went away completely.

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All he wants to do is live in Japan which is an expensive, long drawn out process. Anyhting that threatens that "dream", regardless of it's nature, he'll prune.
This /ourguy/ shit is out of pathetic desperation.

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You want him to support the shooter when he clearly doesn't? Are you fucking retarded or are you just shilling?

I want him to not virtue signal like a bitch, bitch.

He did namedrop E;R who is pretty much redpilled, although that could have been by accident, and there was of course also the phase in 2016 where he spouted Zig Forums rhetoric which could have been just an edgy joke.
There is also the fact that Mishima is his favorite author which made me think.
But this new cucked shit is probably the best evidence that he isn't /ourguy/ but just some faggy tourist at best and a traitor at worst.

I totally would.
No need to open your mouth to virtue signal like that.
Unnecessary cucking.

Thanks for telling us that you are a jew.

He was doing just fine. There was no need for cucking out a month later.
He doesn't have to support the shooter, but he also doesn't have to cuck out and apologize for something that's not caused or directly related to him.

Yeah sure whatever you say homosexual larper. Make something of your life one day and youll understand his decision.

haha le Joos XDDDd. Fucking underage larping idiots just respond with canned phrases that dont even make sense. Cost benefit analysis isn't something the jews came up with retard, it's human nature.

He pretty much has to as the shooter namedropped him yesterday. If you don't want him to virtue signal, then don't get him involved.

Newsflash to the peanut gallery: The "Pewdiepie is a nazi superman" meme, was a fucking meme. Do I have to be the asshole to tell you that Taylor Swift isn't actually Mein Kampf quoting wife material or that Sarah Anderson doesn't actually draw anti-semetic cartoons?

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Why so assblasted, Chaim? The fact that you justify pewdiepies lack of loyalty to his race with financial benefits shows us that you are a semite, either spirituality or racially. I'm leaning towards the latter.

Just like the Tarrant said that he plays Fortnite, so when can we expect EPIC to shut down Fortnite or make an public apology?

No he isn't. He's supposedly 'engaged' to an italian chick who paints her face like a kabuki actor and has neon-pink hair. They have pugbabbies. As another user said, he's probably a fag and she's his beard. At the least, there is nothing to suggest they will ever have children, and much to suggest they will not.

No, he doesn't.
He could just keep his mouth shut. Its easy.

Are you missing the point on purpose or have you been drinking straight fluoride again? It's a sword from (close enough) around the period of the crusades from a White as fuck country.

If he had a couple ARs hanging on the wall to make this video, would that be hamfisted enough for your unsubtle ass?

He makes videos for a living, he was well aware that behind him there was an item used for killing invading muslims back when it was acceptable to kill invading muslims.

I don't know what this specifically means but I assume it's along the lines of "keep up the good fight fellas I'm trying to not get shut down" or maybe "I gotta give the 9 year olds something to put their parents at ease every once in a while"

I already did, and his decision was to be a swedish cuckold.
Vid related.

PIDF please

What a fucking retard. He just gave "subscribe to pewdiepie" 100x more power by abandoning his own innocuous promotional phrase. Time to get the phrase listed as hatespeech

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It means another jewtube memenigger sent him a sword. That's literally it.

Now that sounds like fun.

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The most surprising thing was that the word 'degenerate' is even in his vocabulary. He isn't great at English, and that isn't a word ordinary people are prone to using.

There's nothing wrong with criticizing Jewish politicians, lobbyists, or organizations who use the US to enact the policies that benefit their own demographic (see the anti-BDS law). Everyone notices it because they preach equality while not being equal.

However, there's something entirely wrong with shooting your local synagogue from the debunked lie about "all jews control the entire world". Unfortunately, some radical idiots can't make the proper distinction between the two. Criticism isn't equivalent to violence at all.

Tarrant explicitly said that he was sarcastic about videogames in the next paragraph. He didn't say that he was explicitly sarcastic about the Pewdiepie even though it's implied.

the idea was that pewds subscribers see the media bias and political agendas of corporations like Google/Youtube, which is the first step to get redpilled

user, everyone gets that.
The point is, when you meme on a nigger, and that nigger eventually cucks out, its disdainful.

The nigger cucked out, and he is now being disdained. Nobody is SHOCKED that this happened, its just another example of disgraceful self-cuck virtue signaling from the modern numale.

He's a cuckchan tourist turncoat who got influenced by JIDF to cuck out fully. Calling it now.

We know what that means

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No, he didn't.

Also pewds did just make one tweet and ignored it in his videos and was totally fine without anybody being outraged. But now, a month later when all normies already forgot, he has to bend over and be a good cuck.
What do you think would have happened if pewds wouldn't have made the video? Nothing!

Well when you put it that way, I have no further arguments. Carry on.

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"muh innocent jews"
Read "Seeing the Forest" by William Pierce.

This right here.
Dude didn't have to do this, he CHOSE to do this. And that's disgraceful.

Quite so.
Fact is, pewds is a multi-millionaire. He doesn't need to cuck at this stage - even if he never made another dime off jewtube, he SHOULD - assuming he's not a complete financial retard - be just fine for the rest of his natural life, and still have plenty to leave any theoretical children.

There is NO NEED for him to cuck out - he CHOSE to cuck out, and for that, he deserves to be mocked and derided.
If the nigger don't wanna be meme'd on, he shouldn't have become a major jewtube star and fed off the memes when they were helpful to him. Its just that simple.

Because (((Google))) will expel him from youtube. After all he tried to find an alternative with DLive, but (((PayPal))) destroyed the platform

>Because (((Google))) will expel him from youtube.
HAHAHAHAH yeah right bro!
Right after twitter bounces Trump.
Protip: Jewtube will never bounce pewdiepie.

>After all he tried to find an alternative with DLive, but (((PayPal))) destroyed the platform
Thing is, DLive was JUST AS CANCEROUS as jewtube!
Their ToS was kosher as fuck, and the only real change was a shift to some kinda shift blockchain mechanism for generating money.

You wont make it with this mentality.

The Zweihander wasn't used in the crusades at all. It was invented in the 15th century.

If you don't want him to criticize you, then don't mention his name while shooting up a synagogue. It's just that easy.

He's not a cuck either, he married his wife and is pretty successful.

I don't see a 100% in any of them. Therefore, not all of them do it.

But from your stats, I'm proven right regardless.
69% of those involved with jewish organizations aren't members of a synagogue.
82% aren't a members of a Jewish organization
44% don't donate to a jewish organization.

Again, he uploaded it in reference to the latest shooting.

That's a copy of the Team Fortress 2's Eyelander that was gifted to him by Voiceoverpete

Pics related.

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You aren't a multi-millionaire because of of your poor life choices and decisions. People with your mentality will never be rich in the first place.

You have to go back

So you're saying you think it was just there by accident and nobody noticed during either filming or editing? On a video that addresses a politically controversial subject and probably would have got a little extra attention.

Maybe but it's doubtful. I've worked with producing video content before. You don't just accidentally not notice there's a killing weapon in the frame when you're making a video about how you don't approve of killing with weapons. Nobody here can say what's on his mind I'm just saying he was well aware of that sword sitting there and it's a strange thing to have in this kind of video.

If you've been on those sites, then you'll realize that they don't care about that type of content. They just know that a few words would repel the type of idiots who want to shoot people in synagogues.

He didn't criticize me, he criticized himself. That's the point bro.
If he doesn't want his name mentioned in such contexts, he should quite jewtube and stop being a celebrity. Its that simple.

Watch the video here and ask yourself if you still believe that:

Pic related.
No he didn't.

Who cares?

So even non-religious jews are cancer.
Yet 56% contribute to them.
And 56% do. So the majority do. Speaks for itself.

Again, he didn't have to.
Nobody would have cared.

He CHOSE to. Not to help his career, not to avoid anything of hazard - he CHOSE to, in order to virtue signal and self-cuck. Straight numale bro.

If anything he's an infinity lurker for sure , he uses omnichan (pic related) instead of mimi ( one is an all chans app and the later is just
cuckchan only)

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NYPA, faggot.

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I didn't get into youtube early on and by happenstance gain a following, no.

Why aren't you a multi-millionaire?
Did you make bad life choices and decisions? ;D

Sheer ignorance. It's an anonymous board dipfuck. You shitpost here with princes and paupers alike. I could be homeless vet phoneposting on my obama phone at a baltimore bus stop. I could be a Old money WASP nigger shitposting on a yacht. I could be a working class joe barely scraping by to afford internet on top of my other necessities. I could be a bitcoin rich NEET laughing at you in between hot gluing my figurines.

I could call you a faggot from any one of these vantage points, and I'd still be jsut as right.

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Suck a dick, loser.

I'm saying it was literally a gift from a memenigger and had ZERO further connotation.

type of content.
Holy shit are you serious?

Check his posts, they're all like that too.

JIDF damage control kvetching like crazy.

I know that you're a journo trying to fish for your latest hitpiece, but it's really pathetic that you're grasping for straws. Please go ahead and write article so that you can vindicate what he said about you.

Of course you're anonymous, but no rich person would say that type of shit. They got their wealth through either hard work or luck, and it's difficult to replicate both again once you fuck up.

The shills are getting agitated.

(((youtube))), duh.

"Subscribe to PewDiePie" may have simply been a tongue-in-cheek reference to the number of views his live-stream video (and subsequent viewings) would get; he could safely assume it would be millions. His humor is flavored with self-deprecating little digs. He may have been poking fun at e-celebrity in general.

What type of shit? That someone cucking out unnecessarily to virtue signal is self-cuck numale shit?
I'm rich as fuck, and I said it. So I guess youre full of shit.

What in the literal fuck? A journo? Ok go back to your "nobody supports us" shilling I give up trying to have a discussion here. You win but I have other places with less idiots that aren't fucked yet good luck finding them. I hope your kike mother gets raped by a pack of niggers because they think she's White.