Tarrant-chan Thread

Tarrant-chan thread. Last time thread got deleted for "off topic" but it really isn't. We could use Tarrant-chan to spread St. Tarrant's message to the /a/ and female crowd.

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I don't really give a fuck about him killing muzzies. But I am eating kebab right now and its delicious. Sorry bro. I like the one with french fries.

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Kebab is just kosher Gyros.

And it will be deleted this time, too. You’re not on fucking 4chan.

what's so bad about tarrant-chan? she's a good propaganda tool and a pretty redpilled waifu as well

whatever nigger, its delicious and I can't lie. Sorry. Call it whatever you want. bye


Fuck Aaron Parnes

BTW Overlaid post production car speaker audio being heard in the mosque? Massive volume fluctuations? No turning up though, in reality all that structure and spray foam for a commercial building insulating and prohibiting sound only exiting the back hatch from going through the outside wall then interior walls to be heard "loud and clear". No fucking way


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women dont care for your pathetic anime shit. fuck off

but tarrant-chan is mai 2d redpilled waifu!


"Earnest's" momma is a big time jew democrat involved in Zionist politics in San Diego

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This. I've been watching the fucking videos repeatedly and the bullets vanish in mid-air. This isn't video compression, just poor editing as even with poorer quality videos, you would still see those blurred chunks flying off and landing.

Kill yourself goon. There are normie women who love anime everywhere.

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but i saw on the news that it was real

Well jokes on the faggots who made the false flag, now 300 Christians are dead in retaliation for an attack that never even happened.

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Another (((Tarrant))) shill thread. For the newfags and useful idiots out there. Remember.

A white nationalist wanting to raise awareness of the jewish problem and wanting worldwide support would target prominent jew elites and or zionist politicians

Not worshippers at prayer

That's what isreali jews would do, not National Socialists.

and another note


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kill yourself newfag

This is a pro-homosexual, zionist, anti-white imageboard, so your thread should be fine this time.

Uh oh, now you're going to get Israelis throwing ad hominems and telling you to kill yourself replying to you, like the one jew below you.

Ooooyyyy veeeeyyyyy

View it instead as an emotional act of religious protest.
I live in a small town and at least two of the guys I was friends with in school are now trannies.
My sister is a wine aunt.
My cousins are doing nothing with their lives.
People are out in the streets protesting climate change while India destroys the sea beds and people get police visits if they don't agree that genital mutilation is something to be lauded.
Not setting yourself on fire monk style makes you morally questionable, the rest is a bonus.


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She is so beautiful.

Should I give a fuck? Chances are they're 100% cucks and race traitors.

schizo retard

they were non-white and therefore it is good that they are dead. who gives a fuck if they were christcucks? kill yourself, faggot retard. >>>Zig Forums, your kind are not welcome here

gonna post one by one 'cause I keep getting file already exists bullshit 'cause fucking Codemonkey is too lazy to uncheck a box

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this is real meme terrorism

Kill yourself zeemap meetup boomer fed kike kikestian schizo shill.

It was playing on his phone, you colossal faggot.
Like how music from a phone will be more audible inside a car or in the mosque where outside noise is blocked and the sound can echo back more easily?
Or do you mean the part where the gunshots are so much louder than the music that the mic takes a while to go back to regular sensitivity and be able to pick up the music again?
What person has ever said it was a bluetooth speaker? Nobody, that's who.
Citation fucking needed.

First, you're deliberately ignoring that the mosque had recruited actual ISIS members in the past, and was almost certainly still doing it.
Funny how some people are incapable of naming any religions. They were muslims, and you're a faggot, the religion that's been at war with Europe and Christianity for literally centuries at this point.

Please just dump it to 8-booru.booru.org or redpill.booru.org