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Somebody should invent a car that runs on cigarettes.

That'd be so cool.

That study assumes the energy used for manufacture and normal functioning are generated through fossile fuels.
You won't have much sucess arguing with greenies because they also want gas/coal plants shutdown and replaced with solar wind.
Technically, that would lower co2 emissions to near zero.
In practice, it has a whole host of problems, but that's the discussion noone ia having.

You required a study?… Ok.

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Someone should invent a car that runs on dead kikes. That'd be way cooler.


Most people know this. We're just developing the technology now, so it will be useful later. Nuclear energy + electric cars would probably be the best solution, but liberal faggots don't like nuclear energy.


You cannot go GREEN without going NUCLEAR.

Solar is equally as bad for the pollution created during their manufacture, their horribly conversion rate even at peak efficiency and the damage they can cause without a good sinewave regulator, and don't forget their diminishing returns after just a few years.

Wind is wasteful, with existing wind turbines you have to keep them spinning at all times, so if wind current dies down you have to dump energy into them to keep them form completely siezing, there's still a ton of petroluem to keep the turbine well lubricated, and extremely costly to replace rotor blades that are damaged from flocks of birds flying into them, oh yeah and it fucking kills migratory birds that have been protected by federal law since nixon was president.

We haven't even come close to running out of space for nuclear waste which is safely stored in hollowed out salt mines, by the time the mines are half full the waste already stored should be no more radioactive than uranium ore.
If serious investment goes into thorium reactors with liquid flouride-salt cooling, technology we've had for over 50 years now, we would not only reduce the waste from current reactors but we'd have a fuel source nearly as common as DIRT and SAFE power since the cooling system does not rely on a backup generator to prevent a meltdown.

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Back in the 70's I read an article that if you calculated all the expenses of building operating and then decommissioning a nuclear plant and disposing of all the waste the costs outweighed the value of the energy produced. I'm not sure about that though.


Why the focus on CO2? Everyone always talks about that, but never the mountains of plastic shitskins are dumping into the ocean, or human waste, or how quickly we're killing the ecosystem. Explain.

Diesel engines are fucking great, too bad braindead EPA jews keep messing with the design, exhaust fluid and all that shit decreases MPG.

There's a lot of people talking about the ocean plastic. There's also a lot of prototype fixes out there. However, one of the most insidious things I've heard of recently was the fact that microplastics are starting to deposit in the deep ocean layers in enormous amounts that would never, ever be able to be filtered out.

I saw a hilux on the road one time, but it had to have had a custom emissions system installed.

wow, who would've thought batteries were detrimental to the environment?

You can run a diesel engine on dimethyl ether.

damn near impossible to melt a liquid salt breeder reactor. Problem is U-233 only has a 300ish year half life so you cant make nukes with a decent shelf life. After a few decades you lose critical mass……How are we going to vaporize eachother at a moments notice effictively then?
Also theres hybrids and battery they are actually seriously using NiCd batteries and people call them green.

CO2 doesn't matter though

Accelerate green energy transition, goofus. The problem is that the cars are made in facilities with the wrong power sources. Take down coal power. Coal should be for chemistry, not electricity.

Learn to read your own source better. Spastic acceleration (aka jumping to conclusions) is a wide ocean full of self-pwns.

Electric cars are just another means to cuck us out of being self sufficient by destroying the private market of oil. (((they))) want us driving all electric cars to spy on our location and eavesdrop on private conversation.

Don't buy american vehicles produced post-1999

Microwave power will be epic for fixing this if it works.

Fusion power… who can tell? I can’t.

We should start paving deserts with solar panels and ringing the world with buried superconductors. As pipe dreams go, I prefer the fantasy of a single unified power grid. The sun always shines somewhere.

The salt mines in Germany used for the storage of nuclear waste turned out be be leaking.


"Electric motor cars" are an extreme amount of environmental waste, compared to proper cars.

Well when you get bugs to make all your shit it's filthy but you save a shekel.

Come the fuck on, evidence it or gtfo. Privacy rapists are too big a threat to lie about.

How can I present this to normalfags

Sounds like the article was written by fossil fuel kikes. Besides, once we're done we'll dump the spent fuel rods in Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.

Underneath the hateslave idiocy this one has a point. By outsourcing to fascist China where the air is unbreathable and the workers have no rights, electric cars are more cheaply manufactured, but they’re produced in a region too poor and environmentally unfriendly to be actually saving the environment by producing them.

Don't forget that each turbine kills 5 million insects PER DAY during summer.
And they were wondering why the bees were dying out.

Also a German study that found that out.

The whole point is that centralized C02 production is easier to contain then having thousands of cars on the road produce it

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This is exactly the economic problem with nuclear power. To massively expand nuclear would require an “economics isn’t everything” approach. It would be easier to power a socialist economy with nuclear than a capitalist economy. Solar is a more economical solution under capitalism.

B-but nuclear bad. Alex Jones told me so!

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Just straight pipe it bro.

evidence? you want evidence? after 9/11 all american vehicles had built in navigation, homing GPS and onboard calling. Within recent years we've seen more and more vehicles rely on electronics to function, police will soon be capable of remotely killing engines through backdoored onboard chips, its illegal to remove any of these things ( your vehicle will fail to pass inspection denying you of a sticker ). Modern cars are pozzed beyond the normies imagination.

The whole point is white genocide, you fucking retard.

If you get your vehicle inspected there's something wrong with you.

take the bicycle pill

doesnt cost $40,000(keep working hard for that 48 month auto loan goy)
no pollution
not giving money to (((big oil)))
keeps you fit

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If we transition our cars to electric, we only have to transition a few power plants to plunge emissions. If we transition our power plants, we still have to transition massive fleets of cars!

Both need to be done. The order of operation isn’t as important as the destination. We need both ends operating without emissions. Power plants arguably are the more crucial factor… Either way, down with fossil fuels!

Go be a liberal superstar and make a documentary, then. You’ll have to give up the hatreds and lies of this site, but if you can do it you’ll be a leaven to the culture, a solid progressive advocate, and a rehabilitative success story, too.

(Unforgiving narcissists ditched on rehab and integrity while running deepening inquisitions, and they wondered why the culture turned fascistic; it was them. Personally, I adore to live a peaceful life, defying the liars who insist privacy protects only lies.)

and seccond best is the motorbike pill,
It is the best form of transportation freedom wise.
can park whereaver even in cities like jew york or london for free

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Co2 is good. Global greening is a good thing, and will help europeans survive the coming ice age. The grand solar minimum can't be reversed, but we survived it before. Nuclear would be a disaster due to the problems we leave for our posterity. More fossil fuels and more electric cars!

We should produce co2 deliberately, for no better reason than to encourage the growth of plantlife.

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Into the trash she goes.

Nuclear is the most pro-globalist as it will have severe consequences in the longterm. Humanity could not afford society to collapse with thousands of nuclear facilities sitting around the globe waiting to breakdown. Just a dozen plant meltdowns would cause irreversible environmental damage in places humans have lived for thousands of years.

Anybody who supports such a thing is worse than a kike.

I only put the whore in the post because it will make people on here actually read my post.

Look into how much manufacturing electric cars' batteries pollute. Diesel is crap, though. Gasoline is unironically better, and it won't destroy your lungs. Many meme product are greenwashed because panicking because muh global warming is so fashionable now.

You need a fucking HAZMAT team to cleanup a car accident with an electric car involved. Lithium is stupid toxic

Something about multiculturalism and nuclear powered vehicles seems extremely volatile to me

Did they account for the whole process of getting diesel from crude oil? Diesel engine by itself generates about 120 g/km of CO2. I suppose drilling, transport, production and refinery are totally CO2-free then?

no private insurance will touch Nuclear Power, not with a 100mile long pole. Nuke plants need all sorts of special laws to make them lawsuit proof for any mishap.
Consider that the well reasoned opinion of "The Smart Money", after several decades of operations and study.

It might be tricky to crack open a Nuke Power plant and do a Chernobyl and "get away with it", but would be very easy to do as a one way mission such as recent Mosque and Passover missions. IMO any Nuke Plant should be surrounded by 5 miles Kill Zone with at least 100 MBT and similar amount of SAM & anti-ICBM, and with fighters and attack helicopter close by on 24/7 alert. And of course all this needs to be on, because the Bad Guys might fight dirty.

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they should require extra insurance or send the manufacturer the bill.

How does France get away with 70-80% nuclear power?

It's pretty simple. Everything's cost is derived from the energy used to create it. If an electric car costs more, that means it takes more energy and is more damaging.

Everything in a mining operation runs on diesel and always will because it doesn't break running 24/7

When the cloudtops heat up and drought sets in, we’ll really appreciate our planetary greenhouse of toasty moistness with rare sideways precipitation.

No, wait. I meant mold will really appreciate our planetary greenhouse of toasty moistness with rare sideways precipitation. Mold will grow fine in that shit.

This is why nuclear power is a reward of a durable, honest society. If people just don’t try to break things, new solutions become economical. If they do try to break things, the world becomes poorer and more expensive.

Socialist economics and respect for government as a source of solutions. The yellow vests aren’t trying to tear down society, remember; they’re pissed at a banker president. I still think Macron rescinding the wealth tax was a huge blunder. The gas tax was unpopular because it eroded purchasing power, but people in France don’t necessarily want tax cuts. They want an equal and well-governed society, which is also a kind of society capable of using nuclear.

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There's an urbex vid on jewtube where they break into a decommissioned reactor. The things are absolutely massive and basically a maze, you're not getting anywhere interesting if you try that.

France should try increasing both wealth and gas taxes to show the top and bottom of society suffering together. Rich people really need more goddamned stability; it’s like they live in the conservative crazy world of the gubbermint trying to take the gunzors, but instead its the gubbermint trying to take munnies. Money motivated rich people and now it can be reused to motivate others. If the government doesn’t have funds with which to take necessary losses, everyone else takes them.

That is a recent concept of government’s purpose that I’ve come up with, btw. When something needs to be done, but any private actor attempting it would inevitably lose money, the government can do it. That way everyone in private life gets to be a winner and the necessary loss still happens.

Christ and diesel is already worse for the environment than petrol. Is Elon going to sudoku?

All who believe in global warming must be killed as the cultists that they are.

NPC memes about how batteries don't consume gas have been the norm for decades. Try explaining energy return to people and their eyes glaze over. Also look up the environmental cost of fracking, IIRC one gallon of gas input produces upwards of 5 gallons of highly toxic waste and only produces a return of 2 gallons of gas. is correct, nuclear is the only viable method humans have to produce energy to meet the demand. Waste becomes a problem for the next 15 generations, but we do not even know that humans will survive for the next 5 at this rate. A lot of scientists got together in the 80s and in the last few years to talk about how we could handle that problem for thousands of years in the future. The result is that we will just bury the waste in tombs, then mark them for future generations.

free energy perpetual motion generators are also memes, because they do not work with the laws of thermodynamics

isn't there a dispersion of energy, having it travelling far?

gassifier my dude. you can drive on anything from cigarette butts to dead animals.

have fun living in the city for the rest of your life.

but muh electric universe

Except that the main benefit of electric vehicles isn't reduced CO2, it is reduced emission of biologically harmful exhaust compounds and particles, and relocation of said emissions to a centralized place, away from human habitation, and with large-scale, high-efficiency exhaust scrubbing stacks.

One wonders (((WHO))) would find the improvement in breathable air quality and subsequent increase in longevity to be a problem.

CO2 is not pollution anyways. The key thing is the batteries which fuck up the environment to make, waste and recycle. CO2 is at most 4% of the greenhouse effect while the majority is water vapor that is dictated by solar radation from the sun. Green energy is a kike ploy to make energy more expnsive and inefficient. Cannot let the cattle enjoy prosperity deemed divine enough for the chosen.

musk was doing full damage control when firefighters started complaining about teslas burning at thousands of degrees, and the battery components making the vehicle immune to putting the fire out with water… they even made a page with how-to guides for first responders

I wonder if there's some jewish plot to stop nuclear for some reason. Maybe it's because it would solve the problem and they need the problem to offer their (((solutions))),

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This man is correct.

Reducing pollution and CO2 emissions is actually a good thing. The problem with the left is just that they are really bad at doing basically anything, use retarded methods like creating high taxes, and consistently make the problems worse.

Electric cars are a great idea if and only if you use a better method for generating power for the grid, and the only solution is sustainable nuclear energy. Go nuclear or die out.

Ironically, China, which doesn't give a fuck about going green, will probably end up beating the West to decent nuclear technology. China will probably end up solving problems with pollution purely from an economic standpoint. It turns out that economics are a better driving force than green weenie bullshit. Who'd have thought?

combustion engine was designed to burn compost gases


The OPs facts used to apply in Tarrantland too, but as they started shutting down the brown-coal plants the balance switched.
We really need to have better talking points if we are sharing this to redpill normies.
If this is not supposed to be for external consumption then this is a gaythread

Literally don't care. They're faster, quieter, and subsidized by State,so no $4 gas for me. If it helps the economy collapse faster, so much the better.

Hey newfag
Please stop with the reddit spacing

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These are not the same thing. In fact, the former is beneficial and feeds plant and reefs all over the world which, in turn, feeds us more oxygen, while the latter actually polutes by killing animals and destroying habitats.

Reusable metal burning compost gases (combustion engine: top-end performance) vs plastic batteries containing flammable "acid" that cannot completely be recycled (battery motor: off-the-line performance). Even in metaphor it makes sense to use combustion engine.

No thanks. Compost is tops while solar is good if people use
Salt + Water + Metal (Nickel) flakes
Non-flammable and lasts forever.
Casings made out of recycled HDPE (milk jugs/bottle caps).
Just add water.

The layers of clay which keep the waste from entering groundwater were damaged in those storages and therefore it was a mistake to use these specific storages. In fact, it was Merkel herself who was responsible for choosing these failures when she was still minister for environment.

You won’t find any proponents of coal burning on Zig Forums.

Not a good option in burgerstan. Normalniggers love to hate (run down and kill) motorcyclists just because they can.

This article is misleading. Consider the following information I dug up:

And from the article:

They're just comparing to diesel cars. The electric cars create less CO2 than a gasoline powered car. This also doesn't factor in what said about CO2 just being one minor aspect anyway which probably more important.

Basically it's a pointless article and a pointless thread.

You electric-car shills are the absolute worst.
There is no possibility whatsoever that an electric car full of LiIon batteries and all kind of electronics and rare earths has a lower environmental impact than a conventional car.
Why are rare-earth elements mined in Mongolia? The US has rare-earths, Canada has rare-earths.
Because the extraction process is so fucking toxic it is cheaper to ship rare earths all the way from Mongolia than it is to dig it up in your own back yard with environmental regulations.
What do rare earths have to do with it?
They are inside the permanent magnets of the motors used to run e-cars.
LiIon is incredibly polluting, and again depends on shipping heavy metals all around parts of the globe much more than simply importing cars from Japan.

The reason governments are pushing e-vehicles is because they stimulate economic activity. In Asia, in the homeland, etc.
Every dollar you spend has an environmental impact.
E-vehicles being more expensive is the exact sign of the environmental impact they have.

Your forgetting the processing of lithium, cobalt and manganese to create those batteries. The manufacturering procress from the earth to the vehicle has a massive carbon footprint.


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You could just link them the link to the actual study.

Stopped reading there. It's a misleading article I don't care what kind of cars you like. I drive a gas guzzler myself and I don't give a shit.

No, I mentioned that CO2 is just one minor aspect which is another reason the article sucks. I specifically didn't forget those things.

Guys, seriously. Find a better article and start a new thread and we won't have these problems. Or write one yourself if you're such experts. It's really not that hard to do research and there are valid arguments both for and against electric cars that are way better than this garbage.

Who has that infograph on Thorium? Is that still a thing?

No because we can still force a meltdown and fuck shit right up.

Fuck you and fuck your Tesla stock.

Are you actually crying because someone you don't know said an article you had nothing to do with is poorly written in a thread you didn't start?

None of this matters until we deal with kikes. Don't get me wrong, I'm a chemist and love discussing this shit but it's honestly all grown so tiresome.

this one?

I posted an infograph earlier, but more informative would be a video that was produced by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Look up "The Molten Salt Reactor Experiment", covers the fabrication and operation of the molten salt cooled reactor.
They ran this reactor from january of 1965 through december of 1969, logged more than 13k hours at full power during the four year run.

I haven't read a stupider ad hominem in a while.

lol holy shit, the geiger counter turned off while they were exploring and they didn't realise for ages.

CO2 is good, niggerjew

every fucking time

rise of temperature causes co2 spike, not other way aroud.

Don't forgot it genocides bat populations, the same government that throws the book at you for killing a single bat, installs a machine that culls bats by the thousands every year

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Must be a bunk article.
Carbon Dioxide is a GOOD thing. Plants need it. Stop bulldozing nature to make kike concrete jungles and the problem is resolved.



That's the one on Long Island: Shoreham. They spent a decade and billions building it, then just after bringing it online for power up tests the hippies had it shut down. Took years to decommission it after that.

Fucking TOTAL waste of money. Shit like that wouldn't fly in China or Russia. Government would give no fucks and go ahead with it.

Do fossil fuel power generators' fuel just teleport to the plant?