White Patriarchy must return

Men will NOT get married in a Nazi society because it is feminist. Marriage is a patriarchal arrangement - a bill of sale

Women in high schools and even university? CHECK
Women voting? CHECK
Women's property rights? CHECK
Hitler did not bring back arranged (and abduction) marriages? Females have a choice? CHECK
Women can divorce? CHECK
Wife beating illegal? CHECK
Said he wanted true equality? CHECK
Women exposing their bodies? CHECK
Women eligible to hold some jobs and get promoted? CHECK
Women receive alimony? CHECK
Women believed in court? CHECK
More first-wave feminist social practices? CHECK

Hitler wanted TRUE EQUALITY of women, who are freeloaders in a Nazi society that have the rights to divorce you, take your kids, use alimony and child support etc. Men get nothing in return for their hard work, while women just sit back, relax and enjoy relative EQUALITY/RIGHTS as long as they pop out kids. Women can take men to court, come into the workplace&schools&social settings to spread their evil, vote/make decisions of their own free will, own property, tell the man what to do/scream/shout/cry threateningly, run back to their family of origin instead of serving their master etc. Another major problem is dating, relationships and marriages for love which are THE way in a Nazi (feminazi) society.

The Jewish problem was ALWAYS known but women were ALWAYS recognized as the worst evil

WAKE UP!! Hitler was not in on some big secret and neither are you.

Jews were always heavily criticized, killed and expelled from European states. When Jews were allowed to live, they were often supposed to wear separate dresses so that they would be recognized. Sometimes, interacting with jews was frowned upon.

Beware of feminazi men who put you down when women are around. Women are not just evil, they encourage men to be evil. Alpha male, loser, nice guy/bad boy, grow a pair etc. and THIS.. is the cause of most, if not all the evil in nightlife, workplaces, neighborhoods, schools & families

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kill all women of low races then they can not make negro children any more.
and kill te jews in america,then america is a better country.

Lol. This faggot again

No reason to save the west if feminism is going to continue.

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Women were kept under control before the Jew poisoned the minds of women. Women are indeed like animals and children, but they can easily be kept under control under the proper care of a male guardian (father, older brother, husband, etc). Jews fed them the lie of equality and emasculated the Aryan male. The Jew is the root cause. Women just need the leash put on, they will not destroy this entire civilization single-handedly like the Jew will do in its struggle for dominance. We can coexist if natural relations are restored.

OP says
Faggot makes false accusation

Feminazi exposed

We have IDs here, you gargantuan retard.

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OP can mean "original post" as well, retard. He never claimed to be someone else

Everyone who scratched the surface of NSDAP policies knows you're a lying faggot. Women were encouraged by the state to have many children and care for them.

Pic related is Hitler speech on the role of women (1934).

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I guess that's easy to know when you can just lean over to the next cubicle over and ask him yourself, amirite?

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Actually you should bleach them instead. Whiten them until there is no shitskin dna left.

Typical woman worshiping mangina cuck shit. Get your head out of your ass

Fuck off. We are men and we don't plead with our property. We tell women what to do and THAT. IS. IT. Other radical feminist bs in nazi society are mentioned in the OP. Nobody's going to put up with it anymore.

You'll be one of the ones hanging from a tree moishe

The whole "WOMEN ARE NOT EVIL" brigade has nothing but false accusations and personal insults like other liberals. They will excuse women at every turn.

Jews merely helped liberate women/open the gates of hell for the beasts of hell. All the shit that's slowly happened since then (and continues to happen) is due to women gaining influence. A gate opener is not nearly as bad as a hell-beast

Are the Jews forcing women to falsely accuse men of rape, violence and harassment?
Are the Jews forcing women to do all this alpha male, loser, bad boy, grow a pair shit?
Are the Jews forcing women to divorce men when we lose our jobs and lie in divorce courts?
Are the Jews forcing women to turn men against their friends, brothers and parents?
Are the Jews forcing women to ask for money in return for sex?
Are the Jews forcing women to falsely play the fathers victim in front of their kids to demonize the father?
Are we just going to ignore the fact that women have been putting social pressure on the media for over 100 years to become more and more feminist?
Are the Jews forcing women to physically assault men arrogantly just because they're women?
Are the Jews forcing women to protest naked and wear short/tight/revealing clothes?
Are the Jews forcing women to argue/verbally abuse with their husbands viciously and deceptively to make them feel bad and question their own sanity?
Are the Jews forcing women to nag their husbands to death?

Yeah no. Jews were regarded as the worst of MEN because of their religious teachings, but women were recognized as INHERENTLY EVIL.

"WOMEN ARE NOT EVIL" goes against just about every religion, culture and philosophy since the beginning of time. DEATH TO WHITE KNIGHTS!!

I know how you feel, that marriage is like a plantation. However, the difference is between the owner and the slave: (((Romantization))) of women have made the men (thanks to wymyn's suffrage) in the slaves, but if men knew about wymyn's nature and decided to build a society built around that knowledge, then men would become the owners of the plantation (marriage).

Women have destroyed:

1. Sparta
2. Ancient Rome
3. Babylon
4. An Arab empire

In fact no civilization survived with women's rights. And we're #5. The Jews knew that the surest way to destroy a civilization is to give women a voice, and a choice.

"every higher form of civilization implied stricter controls on women"

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yup, hitler was a faggot when it came to wymyn

You do know wymyn are the MAJORITY OF VOTERS, right?

Women got to be powerful because of N. American frontier settlement. On the Frontier it was a ratio of 20% women to 80% men. Thus women in the Americas, particularly white women have always held the winning hand and they knew it well. If you failed to be a top dog in society then you settled for a "country wife" ie. a native indian woman. And even this created a crisis among native indian women as they gladly dumped their own relatively impoverished men for white men with superior access to manufactured consumer goods.

This, also, fun story:

Fraud Freud said that societies and cultures wither when there is sexual restraint. Some faggot then decided to prove him right… only to find the complete opposite: The societies that were most prosperous and lasted the longest were the ones that restraint sex to great lengths.


It is true that the Jews helped liberate women. But the problem is saying Jews inherently evil and even morally worse than women like a pathetic white knight faggot. That's as ridiculous saying that an evil zookeeper who let the lions loose to attack tourists is more dangerous than the lions

Women were fulfilling the roles which their gender dictates. That is a fact and that is all that should be demanded from them.

So what you're saying is that half of your own people (assuming you're European and not a kike or a shitskin) are inherently evil?
Wew lad, I hope you don't consider yourself to be a a Nationalist. If you're such a weak faggot that you're unable to get a non-degenerate woman and make her respect you without you caging her, than perhaps Nature doesn't want you to breed with the healthy ones.

You're pathetic.

Cunty behavior is a shit test. Extreme shit testing is easily and instantaneously short-circuited with a light to medium application of household authority "domestic violence", which has been criminalized by our government, which was overtaken by kikes.

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Not surprising since he grew up and lived during first wave feminism's takeover of society. Anything said after the 1850s cannot be taken seriously

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"Wimmenz are literally worst than jews, fellow Nazis!"
Faggceltows gets the woodchipper.

Go out and colonize some black pussy you homo.

That's gross. You're gross.

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We need White Sharia to save the White Race by redistribute the GFs, wives and sisters to the guys that actually deserves to get lai… to have families, of course !!

The Omega Revolution is inevitable, Chads, Jocks will all be killed and the Stacies will have to either surrender their pussies or be killed. They'll only enjoy it tho, because it is their nature.

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1. Women's position is dictated by religion, culture, tradition or philosophy. It cannot be dictated by body parts, chromosomes or anything else.
2. Women are property. They have no "role" other than to do as they're commanded
No. They are evil SUBhumans and pieces of property.
LOL. Keep em coming feminazis. You have no facts and keep using personal insults just like all other feminists/liberals. You're only digging your own grave

hahaha. Nobody's buying your bullshit.

Even if nagging and other aggressive/insulting behavior is a shit test, it's morally wrong. "shit tests" are evil. You are excusing women's evil behavior…. finding justifications. We're not going to stand for these insults, aggression and social oppression anymore.

We're NOT putting up with women. Our ancestors never did.

Go promote women's rights/feminism somewhere else.


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They are the same IP

Of course women are worse than Jews and this was ALWAYS KNOWN by our ancestors.
There's no way men are going to become slaves and be abused. No fucking way.

Take away women's rights - Christian pastor

KYS feminazi

Theres no replies to this post. Guess we won thos thread.

Stop contextualizing privileges as rights.

This is a good example of an incel poo


He literally says that we should bring back the days when women had no rights. Let's go back to those days!!

Also "rights" is the correct word to use because "privileges" means something conditional that is granted after birth

Good gob brother. I am bumping this too

This is a good example of evil, white knight, liberal, feminazi poo

Go the fuck away feminazi

OP is literally a faggot. Women are to be cherished and protected not treated like fucking slaves. FUCK OFF YOU GAYLORD ANTIWOMAN SHILL!

Christian –
"Sit not in the midst of women, for from garments cometh a moth, and from women wickedness. Give me any plague, but the plague of the heart: and any wickedness, but the wickedness of a woman.Tis you women, with your tricks and artifices, that lead men into error."

Confucianism –
"Disorder is not sent down by Heaven, it is produced by women. They beat men down, hurtful, deceitful."

Islam –
"A woman advances in the form of a devil and retires in the form of the devil. Evil omen is in the women"

Jain –
"Women are the lamps that burn on the road that leads to the gates of hell”

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Bump to trigger feminazis

Hardly it’s well known on here low iq subhumans like yourself don’t understand the link between jewish infiltrated institutions and jewish lead women’s suffrage movements. Women do as they are told, who in the culture has derived this authority to tell other men’s women to act a certain way before the men themselves? Who would encourage women specifically of european nations to do such (((unnatural))) things. Fucking Kys you pathetic nigger

Buddhism –
"Having been born a woman is a result of bad karma.the danger of the shark is a characteristic of woman"

Taoism –
"Yin (feminine) represents inactivity, negativity, darkness, evil and decay"

Hindus –
"Women are the root of all evil, you must know that. Women have no sense of morality.Women live their lives in falsehood"

Judaism –
"Even the most righteous of women has witchcraft.When a man talks much with the woman, he harms himself and will end in hell"

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LMAO everyones too pussy soy to reply to us. WE WON

Do you know who always considered women to be evil? Semites. In fact, what you're posting can all be found in Talmud, Quran and to some extent, in the Bible.
So what this tells me is that you're either a kike and/or a Semitic cult worshiper. Go watch some more MGTOW videos and feel sorry for yourself, weakling.

they arent forcing any of those things but a certainly encouraging it.

this isnt a bad thing, sometimes men need a push to assert themselves and women are good at being that push

Read his book Beyond Good and Evil. Your misrepresteing Nietzsche's views on gender


Imagine being this mad Stacie didn’t let you dump a quick load into her to mix up with Chad and Jamal’s.

Fucking google it cuck feminazi. We will not spoonfed you.

Zoroastrianism -

Women are more inclined to sin

Gnostic –
"For evil are women, my children; and since they have no power or strength over man, they use wiles by outward attractions, that they may draw him to themselves. And whom they cannot bewitch by outward attractions, him they overcome by craft. they contrive against men"

African –
"Every woman is beautiful until she speaks.Marriage is like putting your hand into a bag of snakes.Eating with a woman is eating with a witch."

Greco-Roman paganism –

[Pandora, the first woman, was] sheer guile, not to be withstood by men. For from her is the race of women and female kind: of her is the deadly race and tribe of women who live amongst mortal men to their great trouble, no helpmeets in hateful poverty, but only in wealth…. Even so Zeus who thunders on high made women to be an evil to mortal men, with a nature to do evil."

lol. Nope. Nope. Nope!

NOPE. FACTUALLY INCORRECT. Nice try though, feminist scum

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Pol: N-no why do you say that? You're just a faggotincelgoatfuckersandniggerkikebetabuzzwordbuzzwordbuzzword.

I am a muslim cuckold an my white wife forced me to post in here.

So that’s your rebuttal then?

Never mind, he explicitly posts it here: >>13200791
Don't know where you got the Buddhist one though. Keep dreaming about your harem though, faglets like you will hang.

Never said that only Semites consider women evil. It is you who is factually dishonest. Also, caps lock only helps you to look even dumber.

Also, don't know where you got the rest of the quotes, but the myth of Pandora has little to do with women. You wouldn't know though, nor are you interested in European mythology and traditions.
All you want is a sand monkey tier harem of female slaves like the subhuman you are. Enjoy your stay on Zig Forums.

Jews are encouraging women to divorce men precisely when men lose their jobs? They encourage women to lie in divorce courts? LOL this is a nonsensical conspiracy theory because women were always known to be evil even when Jews were not around. And when Jews were around women were still considered more evil than them.

Listen to the words long written down and stop being such a feminist. As for your request, you should start by looking at Mahabharata Book 13: Anusasana Parva SECTION XXXVIII

Women wish to transgress the restraints assigned to them… There is nothing else that is more sinful than women. Verily, women, are the root of all faults… [women] cultivate the companionship of men of sinful habits and intentions… The destroyer, the deity of wind, death, the nether legions, the equine mouth that roves through the ocean, vomiting ceaseless flames of fire, the sharpness of the razor, virulent poison, the snake, and Fire–all these exist in a state of union in women.


BOOM! End debate

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LOL pandora was the first woman. Before here, no women existed and men thrived in the golden age. Women were made as a curse. Their nature was made to be inherently evil.

It's just a FACT. Feminists hate FACTS!!

Always kill women, to keep them in check.
Kill the ugly and undesirable. Leave only the beatiful alive. And even then, always beat and torture those.
Women must be constantly harassed and tortured to be kept in order.
All the while, accelerate their replacement by artificial wombs.
Women are a plague. Men that treat women as people must be eliminated for being tools of the jews.

Hello faggot
I low key like you due to how ridiculous you are.

Yes, also for being tools of women/evil. Women are tools of satan.

Incel identified

charges everything on her credit cards

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Imagine being so stupid that you can only imagine the either or; the binary.
The natural order is neither "feminist" or "patriarchal" it is natural, and OP is a fucking perverse kike.

Kek, I think you picked the wrong place for Astroturfing, kike.

If all you can derive from this myth is that women are made as an evil curse to prevent men for thriving, you must really have a sad mind. It must be terrible seeing these evil women in absolutely everything.

Begone feminazi. We see through your tricks and will kill you.

This is probably the 10th time ive seen OP try to shill this retarded bullshit. Give up already retard.

Ok boomer

Talking about yourself as "we" is a sign of your mental illness

If you're trolling, +1, if not, I advise you to stop watching porn and instead focus to better yourself in body and mind. Perhaps then, you'll be able to find a woman and stop shitting up this board with your retarded nonsense.


this is a fine example of kosher well poisoning. There's just enough truth in there to confuse the uninitiated and keep the infighting strong while nothing of substance happens but chaim gives himself away every time.

lol. The derivation is quite clear:
For from her is the race of women and female kind: of her is the deadly race and tribe of women who live amongst mortal men to their great trouble, no helpmeets in hateful poverty, but only in wealth…. Even so Zeus who thunders on high made women to be an evil to mortal men, with a nature to do evil.
Useless garbage. You're digging your own grave

It's really easy to see through these tricks, and YES WE WILL KILL THEM!!! They deserve to die for being excessively evil and in league with evil

Nobody gives a shit about your feminazi "advice". These crazy making feminazi tactics won't work. Death and slavery are the ONLY solution to you women's rights activists.

Correct. Antifa & Nazis are both nothing more than sub-groups of liberal feminists.

So what you are saying is that sexrobots are the future of roasties?

Hi there, you retarded incel untermensche, gonna go ahead invite you to literally kill yourself today.

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Before semitic religions showed up in Ancient Europe things were pretty good between men and women in Celtic and Germanic culture. Women could generally marry whoever they wanted and divorce, make contracts, trade etc etc.
Semitic religions destroyed the balance and gave us nigger kissing popes and 3rd wave feminism.
Turn your back on jewry in all forms.


You wanna fight ZOG?

Do you hate liberal virtue signaling?

dis cord.gg/5EQFk6Q

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basically this, bump


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Hey feminist antifa kikess, nice to see you are still here. You realize everyone knows it is you making this shit thread over and over right? Nobody is going to suddenly think patriarchy is bad just because you call patriarchy feminism and call jewish slavery patriarchy.

You incels are truly pathetic.

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Yup, Hitler did nothing to repeal the first wave feminist laws which made wife beating a crime such as the BGB. The rest applies too. Meanwhile Prussian law allowed moderate bodily chastizement

The Gauls (Celts) had the power of life and death over their wives. Meanwhile the barbarian customs codified in the Leges Barbarorum acknowledge marriages by abduction. One law states that a woman who divorces her husband is to be smothered in the mire. Tacitus also mention that women do not get Germanic property. Brothers Grimm state that widow killing was a regular custom of the scandinavians. Swedish tribal law forbade women from testifying in court. Tacitus also mentions widow killing. Men are referred to as the OWNERS of women

The list goes on. Nice try, but we won't let you get away with this "ancient matriarchy" fantasy. You will be destroyed with FACTS at every turn!

Listen to Dionysius:
This law obliged both the married women, as having no other refuge, to conform themselves entirely to the temper of their husbands, and the husbands to rule their wives as necessary and inseparable possessions. Accordingly, if a wife was virtuous and in all things obedient to her husband

Or pre-feminist Italian law:
‘when you see your wife commit an offense, don’t rush at her with insults and violent blows…Scold her sharply, bully and terrify her. And if this still doesn’t work…take up a stick and beat her soundly, for it is better to punish the body and correct the soul than to damage the soul and spare the body…then readily beat her, not in rage but out of charity and concern for her soul, so that the beating will redound to your merit and her good.’

Or pre-feminist British law:
Husband and wife, in the language of the law, are styled baron and feme…[I]f the baron kills his feme it is the same as if he had killed a stranger, or any other person; but if the feme kills her baron, it is regarded by the laws as a much more atrocious crime, as she not only breaks through the restraints of humanity and conjugal affection, but throws off all subjection to the authority of her husband. And therefore the law denominates her crime a species of treason, and condemns her to the same punishment as if she had killed the king.

And for every species of treason…the sentence of woman was to be drawn and burnt alive.'"

if only the rest of christianity was like this

Christians have always been like this. Christianity or any other religion and feminism don't go together. If someone claims to be Christian and supports women's rights, you know his true religion is actually feminism and that he is a traitor to christians.

((( )))
> fatten yourself with shekels so a WHITE women can slaughter you for (((child support))) and (((alimony)))

It's glad seeing so many finally uniting in uniom against the greatest evil on earth, which is woman. All who even slightly disagree with us are feminazis!

How's the weather in Tel Aviv?

This autistic glownigger is radioactive