Nootropics - the key to unlock our full potential?

Good day, dear Zig Forums.

At the beginning I apologize for this post, if it does not belong here. It is not my intention to disturb this board or waste your time.

I am a young man who has been involved in a healthy lifestyle for several years and is always looking for a human "optimization". As a teenager, I became aware of the Hollywood movie called "Limitless" and was immediately fascinated by the idea that a (fictitious) drug leads to a pronounced promotion of cognitive performance.

A pill (in this case "NZT-48") daily and you become a womanizer, full of motivation, energy, clarity, creativity and concentration. As an addition, an increase in intelligence, learning and memory. During this time, I noticed more and more forums and blogs that deal with this topic ("Biohacking" & nootropics). There was a lot of information, reports, useful hints and tips to educate yourself.

After a few months, I decided to try out the first drugs (original pharmaceutical products). Unfortunately, it soon turned out that these substances did not show any positive effects (for me), even in high doses. But please keep in mind that every person / body reacts differently. Some people are of the opinion that e.g. Modafinil or Adderall help, but the side effects have deterred me. Now, in 2019, I often read contributions from people who have had similar experiences and report the uselessness (with a few exceptions) of these medicines and dietary supplements.

I'm writing this message to ask if you've had any experience with it, and if so, how were they? There is, at least in my view, no "miracle pill" that solves all our problems, difficulties and challenges in life. But there are ways to improve ourselves. Some examples that helped me personally:

- (intermittent) fasting
- ketogenic diet with lots of wild-caught fish and organ meats such as liver, kidney, heart, etc. (as sources of fat I recommend coconut oil, red palm oil, organic *clarified* butter, or nuts that are soaked for a few hours to neutralize the phytic acid)
- healthy sleep time (pay attention to your natural circadian rhythm and avoid artificial blue light until late in the evening because it suppresses melatonin)
- Testosterone (replacement therapy if your levels are very low)
- cold showers and / or cryotherapy
- breathing exercises by Wim Hof & Dr. Konstantin Buteyko
- sexual abstinence ("NoFap / NoPorn" - semen retention / Tantra & Kegel exercises)
- Homemade probiotic foods (such as kefir, kombucha, yogurt, sauerkraut / kimchi, but please do not buy pasteurized or homogenized products in the supermarket) for a healthy gut (our second "brain", so to speak - see "the gut-brain connection")
- Decalcification of the pineal gland with chlorella, dandelion root, turmeric, bitter substances, bentonite, zeolite, etc. (produces endogenous DMT)
- (natural) nootropics, e.g. medicinal mushrooms (reishi, cordyceps, lion's mane, chaga)
- orthomolecular medicine (zinc picolinate, B3 / niacin, D3 in combination with K2, B12, for people who have a strong shortage of these nutrients)
- Microdosing of psychoactive plants (tobacco, peyote, cannabis, ayahuasca, psilocybin)
- a lot of sunlight
- meditation
- physical exercise / sports activities (combination of endurance and weight training)
- treat the causes of hair loss (prolactin, DHT, nutrient deficiency)
- natural pheromones
- Cannabidiol
- safely remove heavy metals from the body (for example, if you have amalgam fillings)
- avoid industrially processed (sugary) foods and other pollutants (plasticizers such as phthalates, bisphenol A, artificial sweeteners, chlorine, contaminated drinking water, mobile phone radiation, fluorides, aluminum, antibiotics, pesticide residues, etc.)

I would be very happy to hear your opinions and experiences on this topic. Maybe we can exchange information and expand our knowledge.

All the best.

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So you want to take pills
I don't like you
Modafinil will keep you awake. It won't "optimize" you. Shrooms and entheogenics in general are good drugs, but I somehow a technocrat has anything to liberate.

I’ve used moda for years. It seems harmless but I imagine it fucks with your compulsive behavior and self control. Obviously not as bad as other drugs though. Choline is essential though. Racetams are fine; I need more as I keep forgetting they exist.

Also, it should go without saying that proper diet and exercise combined with meditation are far more effective than any kJ d of chemical meddling.

*kind fuck I’ll stop phoneposting now

make >>>/nootropics/ great again

Wow 4 sages in a row. I'd call you kikes, but I think it would just be redundant.

Got your nose!

user, you should know this thread will be frowned upon, saged, anchored, or deleted. I linked the nootropics board where I'd be happy to contribute.

I took adrafinil one summer when I had to wake up at 3 am. Woke me up, made me sweaty and irritable, had to stop. Switched to aniracetam mixed into my coffee with coconut oil and had the most positive, productive, outgoing month of my life and it felt perfectly natural and the only downside is it made cigarettes start an electrical fire in my brain.

Testosterone (injected) - wellbeing and restfulness
Racetams - passive stimulant
NAC - liver support, crash free stimulant


That is what you are looking for.

Start experimenting with meditation videos on YouTube. Find one that works best for you.

Do you have any experience or tips in extracting and using peyote from san pedro cacti?

I've found that most medications do not work for me.

May I ask what positive effects you felt from modafinil? I have taken Piracetam for a long time (up to 10 grams a day), unfortunately without success.

Agree with you. Food and exercise are two factors that are far more important and efficient than chemically produced substances in the laboratory.

Thank you, I'll take a look.

That sounds exciting. Are you convinced that this medicine really works, or could it be a pure placebo effect?

Yes, testosterone really works when a deficiency exists. Unfortunately, Racetams did not help me. I've already heard of NAC, but have not tried it yet. Thanks for mentioning.

Merci, meditation can help many people change their lives in a positive direction.

Unfortunately not I'm sorry. How strong is your interest when it comes to pure N,N-DMT?

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Yeah, Modafinil is good for when you're in a no-sleep situation that endangers your life… not much else. What OP wants is things like Coluracetam and Noopept.

Don't judge the racetams by piracetam. It sucks, it's not absorbed well and does not properly penetrate the blood brain barrier. 10mg of coluracetam will do more than 15grams of piracetam.

Though, maybe you just want some Pinealon.

If you do this you will be on the way to receiving your Mark of Cain. All things will be revealed.

Laughter is an okay signal in the brain. Sufferers of some mental illnesses laugh very often because that okay signal is the only one they ever get. The conflation of laughter and happiness is symptomatic of declining standards in emotional wellbeing. There is a brighter level than the sudden cracking of okayness granted by laughter, which is the pre-existing comfort of okayness. Laughter is sometimes a warriors sign; I have played tricks in politics and laughed plenty! For to be free and clever enough to play tricks is a sign of hope which feels like the perception of a favorable trendline. Yet the next level of happiness can only be achieved by rejecting tricks, or at least rejecting the worst of them, and dwelling within a pattern whose full nature one would be happy to have others perceive.

Will nootropics bring you closer to that state of integrity whereby you need privacy only against the depredations of the dishonest? Will nootropics stabilize the laughter-seeking part of your nature and affirm you in your course?

Tavistock goons are at it again

Are you a bot or just a retard? I saged because I was fucking up phone postings and because this was already at the top of the catalog when I first posted due to this being a new thread.

armodafinil doesn't seem to do much to me (though I'm taking lower doses of that usually), but classic modafinil was always effective. The easiest way to put it is that whatever you're doing when it kicks in is your new favorite thing to focus on for the next few hours. If you make the mistake of aimlessly doing stuff when it takes effect, you're going to waste a bunch of time but it will feel like exactly what you should be doing. I imagine doing this with other people around regularly would get annoying for them and I've seen reports as such, which is why I said I think it fucks with your compulsive behavior slowly over time. Expect to stay awake six hours longer than usual, but the trade-off is that your mind stays fine and it disconnects the feelings of being tired in your mind and tired in your body. So your body might be tired, but you won't need to sleep because of it.


Add Iodine.

These objective morality Boomer posts are pretty asinine when you consider the 2nd and 3rd Reich pioneered a vast majority of the psychoactive substances that gained popularity in the 60's. If you think drugs are bad mmk, why don't you go ahead and kill yourself so you don't spend another minute being corrupted by the SertoninJew and the DopamineJew. Fucking mouth breather

Dont burn out your brain going for overclock. Life is a marathon. Focus on metabolic health and neural upkeep.

Vitamin d3
Vitamin C megadose
Fish oil

Also ketogenisis and intermittant fasting are legit. Probiotics are a must.


anyway you're on the ticket with good health and microdosing (LSD) but you have no idea what you're on about, lurk more round the psychonauts

hit 1200ug, then try crystal dmt

Transcranial electrical current stimulation and probiotics also look promising for cognitive enhancement.

Works great. Definitely cognitive improvement.

I make a gallon of homemade yogurt a week. No cognitive enhancement noted.

If you are age 30 or older, getting b12 injections can be life changing. You stop being able to absorb b12 later in life, it makes a huge difference. I eat a lot of turkey, which is high in b12, never made any difference.

- physical exercise / sports activities (combination of endurance and weight training)

I'm a madman getting shit done on these. I wouldn't say this is a nootropic as much as a motivator.

Other nootropics: Piracetam and the 'racetams. I have found that these work, but you must supplement with DMAE and choline. Otherwise, you exhaust your choline supply and they no longer work. They also must be cycled, I wouldn't do more than two weeks on before going off or they stop working.

Ginkgo also works, if you live in a northern city, the trees are all over, just pluck a leaf and stick it in a hot cup of water like tea. The leaves have a very distinctive look, once you see one, they are easy to spot. It gives you a serious, but short lived kick in the ass. Ginkgo supplements don't work, they are too old, the good stuff breaks down.

So did the proto-SJW movement. Pure coheincidence. They were never meant to be abused on a massive scale. Reich also pioneered some types of rocket fuel, why don't you go and drink it? It will totally open your chakras my dude.

The nose is afraid, we are reaching kikey level slide spam/moderation.

Try hydrocodone which is a more potent form of oxycodone. Start with 10mg and then take 15mg once a day when you feel like it. Take it around 5-7pm and you'll be ready for bed around midnight.

The high is energetic and positive but also sober so you will be able to do things normally except that you'll find enjoyment in whatever you're doing. The energy high lasts for a few hours and the comedown is very mellow and positive.

So it took you 8 hours to come back with an appeal to naturalism fallacy? I bet you drink municipal water too, since it's (((natural))). You have a whole thread full and an entire internet full of methodology to augment your biochemistry, yet you dismiss it all as a psy-op designed to fuck up your (((natural))) neurochemistry. You're worse than a shill, you're a useful idiot.

Peyote is under no circumstances a nootropic.

Try hashish.



Unlike certain someone, it's not my job to post here. Your biochemistry is something very sophisticated and self-balanced, introducing foreign substances that were produced by Jewish pharmaceuticals can only fuck you up (short or long term). Even if you use "natural" ones, excess is always bad. In case you are not a kike, drop that shit and recover your natural balance with proper diet, thoughts, and exercising rather than trying to drag others into your vices like a typical addict.

>Moshe, the goyim know about the pharma Jew, they are not even trusting our experts anymore


Video related, this is your brain on "natural products."
About 90% of dabbling with "entheogens" ends up like this. It gets misreported as "spice intoxication" because the jews want to hide the true cause.

That shit is a myth. The brain is hyper-specialized. The other parts of the brain cannot be "unlocked" because they're not locked. Its like saying "I'm going to unlock this hammer so I can use it as a pencil."

Imagine being so dumb that instead of just googling the % of brain theory and discovering the myth, you try to be all big brain about drugs that fuck up the brain. Good job.

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You're going to get people fucking addicted to life-ruining substances.


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Bump for Good Luck in your journey user [OP}

Conciously using all of your brain would mean being able to turn off functions that you consider inhibit you.
The 10% part is true IIRC, we use that much conciously. If we could conciously manipulate muscle memory we could learn motions from sight.

Real nootropics don't exist. If they did, I wouldn't have a fucking memory problem that ruined my life.

Get out.

Your entire list is very sensible and well thought through.

I used chlorella, reishi, cordyceps, lion's mane, and chaga, and B12 lotion for a while and thought it really helped. Then, I started using epithalon to increase pineal health and longevity instead, and use Thymosin Alpha 1 to boost immunity during flue season, and BPC-157 combined with Thymosin Beta 4 to recover from strenous activity, as well as GHK-Cu to treat my sinuses any skin problems, these are all called polypeptides and they seem to be very effective for me, but I still take some mushrooms and supplements once or twice a month, but much less with using these every week. is a proper place with some research links on their products to start.

It sounded much more chemical engineery as "kJ d of".

user the only nootropic you need is keto (and maybe intermittent fasting). When you enter ketosis your body runs on ketones. The majority of those ketones are betahydroxybutyrate (BHB) and they just so happen to make people calm, energized, fast-witted and since the stuff is made from your own body fat or ingested dietary fat it never crashes. So rather than buying nootropics first look into what your body can do for you naturally.

You're actually retarded. You use 10% on average, at a time, but it's not the same parts that constitute the 10% all the time. It changes depending on what task you are doing. Please just google this. I dont know how many times I have to say this. There is NO WAY to "unlock more of the brain" without some sci fi shit and drugs are certainly not that. All a nootropic is going to do is trigger the amygdala to fire like mad which will just cause your mind to go ADHD on steroids for a while, you will not be functionally smarter, just mentally incoherent and then you will develop a dependency on this thing that disorganizes your brain and has side effects.

You just have to accept that you were born an 80 IQ brainlet until someone much smarter than both of us invents a cybernetic mind-AI interface that beats the body's tendency to reject foreign objects.

the best Nootropic is already in our food it's called vitamin B

Excited delirium is indeed a risk (in predisposed individuals). I've personally witnessed this, twice with entheogens (4-HO-MET and psilocybin) + a few glasses of alcohol . Try babysitting a grown-up, screaming violent retard until the cops arrive while you're high as balls yourself. It takes two people to hold somebody like that down, due to their retard strength. Plus, they easily awaken the whole neighborhood with their incessant screaming, establishing a permanent reputation as a druggie. Yeah I'm done with doing entheogens with other people. Useful tool for self-development (and degenerate recreation), but some people will flip out hard on them. Microdosing is fine, though.

Whenever I try to warn people about this, they don't believe it. They think they could solve something like this with a tripsitter. Protip: you can't. A person in a excited delirium has completely lost touch with reality and is impossible to talk out of it or reason with. Antipsychotics would probably help, but how many people have those on hand? Plus, good luck getting somebody to swallow those antipsychotics while they're rolling around in a pile of their own puke. I like psychedelics, but generally the people who do psychedelics are retarded liberal hippies with a much too positive attitude on drug use and /fringe/ tier beliefs.

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intermittent fasting has become a meme. most people who do it only do the 18/6 or the 16/8 method which is a total joke, you're not even reaching autophagy. The best method is a 1-2 hour eating window, followed by prolonged fasting. I just did a 5 day hard dry fast (no contact with water, no food or water) and it was a pretty incredible experience. My main goal is to go 10 days or longer, I'm working my way up to it. Our ancestors weren't stuffing themselves everyday with water or food, which is why intermittent fasting only does so much. To get the true benefits of fasting, prolonged dry fasting is the key. Start out doing 2-3 day hard dry fasts until you feel comfortable doing it. You can eventually do a 2 day hard dry fast every week once you've become naturally adapted to ketosis.

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Go shill your products somewhere else. Anyone that takes B12 in a form other than food is a fucking moron. Liver is incredibly high in B12. There's a reason why vegans have to take B12 in pill form, they can't get B12 from their diet. If you have to take supplements or vitamins your diet and lifestyle is shit. Fasting and eating organ meats is key.

Don't listen to this jew. Don't start on opiates.
Alcohol also hits the opiate receptors.

It always was a meme, you sperg. Deprivation of nutrients is not beneficial.

i am interested in doing this, right now i have adopted the carnivour diet with organs of course.
how does it feel mentally; studying and work?
and what about workout?

would like to get pic. related

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Are you talking about doing a prolonged dry fast or a 1-2 hour window eating period? Everyone can do a dry fast, everyone is born for prolonged fasting and it's a natural for everyone just like breathing. The problem is if you've lived a life of constantly spiking insulin and becoming insulin resistant (which is probably 90% or more of the western population) then dry fasting at first can be difficult. So if you're interested in dry fasting, I would start with water fasting first and see how your body reacts. It's the same thing with the 1-2 hour eating window. If you have always had 3-6 meals a day or something similar, your body will take some time adjusting to your new eating window. If you have built up toxins in your fat (which almost everyone has if they don't do prolonged fasting) you can be sure that you will go through some detox symptoms.

In terms of working and studying, yes it is all possible, even working out on a 2 day hard dry fast. Our ancestors would sometimes go days or weeks without water or food. There's been multiple studies that fasting promotes neurogenesis, which would make sense, because as your out in the wild, you have think of better ways to get food, it also promotes testosterone for similar reasons, along with HGH to preserve protein and your muscles.

There are also several athletes that eat one meal a day, which is great for reducing insulin resistance. It's all possible, you just have to give your body time to adjust. Personally what I did, was I started out doing 18/6 when I first starting reading about fasting, then I moved to OMAD (one meal a day) and then adding hard dry fasts. The benefits of dry fasting have been studied by a russian named Dr Filonov, he has studied and monitored dry fasts for decades, along with other Russian doctors. Western medicine/science has only just broke the surface when it comes to fasting. Only a few years ago did a Japanese scientist win the Nobel peace prize for discovering autophagy. Autophagy is activated when you do fasting and high intensity workouts.


Start slow, if you have insulin resistance and blood sugar issues, make a gradual change for example, start with 18/6 and try prolonged water fasting. Once your body is adapted to burning fat for fuel and using ketones, it will much easier and possible to do everything you need to do (working out, studying, working etc). Once I got keto adapted, my gains in the gym were increasing more than when I was in high school taking protein, creatine, tons of supplements etc. I don't take any supplements anymore. Diet and fasting is all you need. You will also get shredded since you will be burning fat at an increased rate. The one drawback is if you don't have any carbs in your diet, you can lack that explosiveness in the gym when it comes to power-lifting. The keto cultists think carbs are evil and they are full of shit. A balanced diet is key, whole plant based foods, good quality dairy, meat/organs and fish, berries, complex carbs once in a while like yams. I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here but I know a lot of anons are confused on what to eat because the SAD diet is the complete opposite of what you should be doing.

Would you also recommend fasting to men who have a very thin physique ("ectomorphism")? Not to lose weight, but to improve health. Even after 8,000 - 10,000 calories a day, no weight gain can be seen.

Also anyone who says fasting is bad for you, ask for evidence (there is none). If fasting was bad for you, humans would have gone extinct a long time ago. There's numerous proven benefits of fasting along with eating organs. Anyone who is against fasting is against nature, and are most likely either Big Food, or pharm kikes. Fasting is the ultimate healer and preserver. It's been practiced for thousands of years practically by all peoples around the globe. The benefits of fasting has now been confirmed via modern technology. Autophagy is one of the main benefits, along with neurogenesis, increasing test levels along with hormone balancing, increasing HGH levels by almost 2000% in males, killing bad bacteria/parasites, resetting the immune system (autoimmune disorders) preserving muscles via HGH, anti aging via autophagy, the list goes on and on and I'm sure I'm missing benefits here.

And lastly you have the prolonged fasting benefits. This is where the true healing begins. Once you go a week or more, your body will start to go after disease and even scar tissue for fuel. When you go on a dry fast, only the strong cells survive because of the lack of water. Things like cancer are wiped out (if you go long enough of course).

Refeeding is also key. Fasting will kill almost all bacteria in your gut, so refeeding with sauerkraut and kefir is great to increase your gut flora. Your gut flora is incredibly important for balance in your body and regulating your immune system.

I started this research because my mother was dying of stage 3 cancer. She did chemo and surgery for 2 years and it made everything worse. The cancer stem cells adapted to the chemo and came back with a vengeance. Prolonged fasting and avoiding inflammatory foods is what cured her of cancer. Our bodies are miraculous at healing if given the chance.

Like I said before, anyone that's against fasting is against nature, is against our ancestors, and is a shill because it has been proven by modern science and medicine today.

Thanks user

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I agree with this. There's a good book on the subject called The Complete Guide to Fasting by Jason Fung, although as I recall it he doesn't recommend dry fasts

Why DMAE? I supplement racetams with choline.

Thank and savedpilled again
that's amazing, almost unbelievable, if you know nothing of fasting i guess. Hope she still is doing well.
I'm taking the fastingpill now
How the hell did we ever forget about fasting in the first place?

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Everyone was born to fast. I don't know much about "ectomorphism". I studied fasting because of my mothers cancer. She managed to fast when she was doing heavy rounds of chemo that was destroying her organs and body.

There's a guy named "Cole Robinson" who has worked with thousands of people with tons of different disorders and diseases. The guy has tons of experience and you can talk to him for free about IF and prolonged fasting.

Also don't listen to anyone that has never done prolonged fasting. Some doctors will tell you that you will die in 3 days without food or water. I just did a 5 day fast of no water contact (no shower, brushing teeth) or food/water and I shit you not, I wasn't even parched or hungry when I ended the fast. The only time I was when I was on day 1-3 because of the addiction to food and water.

The biggest takeaway from my 5 day dry fast other than the healing/detox was the spiritual and self reflection part of it. I lost all addictions to food/water (when I was fasting) internet, video games and so on. I had a deep desire to be in nature for the first time in a while. I hated being in my apartment in the city when I was fasting, it felt very unnatural. I just wanted to go up in the mountains and be be next to a stream.

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Fuck off, (((Cernovich))).

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great, user
definitely checking that out

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Nootropics aren't evil and bad just because MUH ECELEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEB sells one

Fung is great. I thought dry fasting was a bad idea until I started reading the works of Dr. Filonov, a Russian doctor who has supervised and monitored prolonged dry fasts for up to 14 days for almost 3 decades. His research confirms there is nothing wrong with dry fasting up to 14 days, even then, the world record is 21. Your body will use your own bodyfat for water. When I was on a hard dry fast for 5 days, I was peeing 3 times a day, and the color of it was crystal clear, not a hint of yellow to my surprise. The danger is when you approach very low levels of body fat of course. But even then, that would be beneficial for someone who has cancer or another serious disease because the body will go after cancer cells for fuel, along with anything else it doesn't need like scar tissue.

Thanks, I will check out Filonov. Am on a water fast atm and feeling great. Think I'll give dry fasting a try

CRISPR is the limitless drug you are looking for. They did it in monkeys, which means the elite are already doing it to themselves and their children. Also youthful plasma has health benefits as well. The experiment with the grafted two mice, and young plasma injections all helped.

For stuff available to us? Healthy living. Racetams didn't seem to do too much. Anecdotally the modafinils would help, but it sounds like a subdued speed upper. I'd worry about long term dopamine burnout or some other effect.

heard of him cole and the snakediet but never gave it to much thought
damn i gueas i fell for the 3day-water-meme then
i guess the food- and all other addictions of modern life is keeping us in a trance so that we forget our true calling, and instead are okay with living like degenerate mice in the big metropolis

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Fasting is the shit. CELLULAR AUTOPHAGY NIGGER! Fasting is blue pill. Intermittent methionine restriction is red pill.

Nootropics are hardly more effective than homeopathy, with even less research into them. 99% of the reports of "omg my brain is working so much better ever since I started taking this chaga mushroom tincture 3 times daily" are, surprise surprise, from the (((vendors))) themselves, or their nu-age lo-iq golems that they send the products for for free in exchange for a 5 star review. Instead of putting a bunch of exotic, overpriced, overshilled, ineffectual garbage into your body why not focus on removing the filth that has been forced onto you by food and water companies instead.

The Greeks and numerous others talked about fasting extensively.

" "Everyone has a physician inside him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness."
- Hippocrates

"Instead of using medicine, rather, fast a day."
- Plutarch

"Fasting is the greatest remedy– the physician within."

Philippus Paracelsus

"I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency."


Why is fasting considered taboo or bad today? Big food, big water, big pharm etc. All of those billion dollar industries would go out of business. Once you start fasting, stuff like junk food and overall shit food in general becomes poison to your body and it becomes a thing of the past. At the end of the day it always comes down to money. No one needs to eat 3-6 meals a day with snacking, it's the total opposite of what our ancestors did. Consuming water all day is also unnatural, complete opposite of our ancestors, along with Big Pharm of course. Big Food, causes shit like cancer, diabetes and other diseases (along with shit lifestyles by living in a multicultural city) and that in turn of course creates a shit load of money for Big Pharm. It's one giant Jewish sheckle printer, and it's pretty brilliant. All of it would be destroyed if people went back to how our ancestors lived. (including eating organs)

Snake diet is just a water fast with electrolytes. You can make it in 10 seconds, and it helps people who have trouble water fasting or fasting in general.

Exactly this. Constant consumption is what's fucking everyone over, not only health, but forcing everyone to live in a constant state of low consciousness.

user help this man he needs nootropics

Glad i lurked in this thread

Are you really saying that we/I fell for the water-jew? Now that I am thinking of it I remember all the articals i have read talking about
and i never saw any bad intention behind that message, because which jew is gretting rich from selling water? (I'm from Denmark, so tap water for everyday consumption, not the bottled-scam-water)

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Your body dosen't need a constant supply of water all day. Your body will burn fat for water, which is way you still urinate when you go on dry fasts, and according to Dr Filonov, it's some of the purest water that your body makes.

They will tell you to drink 8 cups of water a day for a few reasons.

A. Money of course, plastic water companies are making a fucking KILLING. People have it in their heads that they have to be drinking water nonstop throughout the day, so they get addicted to carrying around their little personal water container or buying plastic water bottles non stop

B. Depending on your tap water, you will be getting a shit load of harmful toxins like Sodium Fluoride, making you even more docile

Also, eating vegetables or fruit with higher water content like cucumbers are very beneficial because they also contain electrolytes, and depending on how they were grown, less toxins than tap water.

Homeopathy is 100% faggot material.

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now talking about water this much gives me a thirsty sensation on my tongue, i guess that will go way if i ignore it?
ok, got it.
So true, I know this feeling of being addicted to WATER of all things! - it is wierd now i think of it
Damn you've pilled me hard on water and food tonight, I'm fucking hyped right now, can't wait getting started - with consuming nothing

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A lot of shilling here. No, eating more red meat is not good for you. Bumping this thread anyways because the OP is good.

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This. I'm amazed how many people still don't know what shilling and the placebo effect are.

It will, but like I said before, take it slow, ease your body into taking less, almost like getting off of an addiction to a drug. I don't also want to give off the impression that water is evil or bad, we just need to consume less of it.

It truly is exciting. the benefits both mentally, physically and spiritually are incredible. Take it slow, and enjoy the learning experience. One of the problems I first had were my T levels spiking when fasting along with blood sugar issues (which will pass eventually) if you don't have any blood sugar issues (insulin resistance) that's even better, and you'll be able to fast for extended periods of time longer than the average person coming off of a SAD diet. Fasting combined with heavy lifting turned me into a fucking animal, you'll want to fuck anything that moves. This led me to semen retention which I'm sure you know of and will give even more benefits both physically and mentally.


Are you able to read such sheer insanity as and honestly say that there is anything remotely "back to nature" about this nonsense?

The polypeptides are very sane.

All those chemicals I listed are natural peptides (the building blocks of proteins, made from amino acids, which are the building blocks of life or biological systems).

That is they are produced already by healthy young bodies and generally decline as one grows older, thus supplementing them can extend life and vigor.

You're small minded erudition is mostly lost on the redpill crowd here, as they will actually read something about them before feeling their feelz are realz.

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Of course you think so. You're the one selling them.

Driveling pleb.

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The pearls aren't really for you, oinker.

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Fuck off. None of these shitty powerpoints support your claim that everybody needs to be taking this garbage.

No, they support my claims.

Trying to be more intelligent through chemicals, is like trying to be taller through wearing platform shoes.
Women will know you're faking it.
Accept what you were given and maximize it through discipline and losing the resentfulness against taller/stronger/more intelligent men.
Date inside your range and your craving for "nootropics" and "augmentation" will magically vanish.
Once again, women can smell fakery.

No, it's like trying to be taller through chemicals.

Ipamorelin is a potent synthetic pentapeptide which has distinct and specific growth hormone (GH)-releasing properties. With the objective of investigating the effects on longitudinal bone growth rate (LGR), body weight (BW), and GH release, ipamorelin in different doses (0, 18, 90 and 450 microg/day) was injected s.c. three times daily for 15 days to adult female rats. After intravital tetracycline labelling on days 0, 6, and 13, LGR was determined by measuring the distance between the respective fluorescent bands in the proximal tibia metaphysis. Ipamorelin dose-dependently increased LGR from 42 microm/day in the vehicle group to 44, 50, and 52 microm/day in the treatment groups

It's just as pitiful.
Good luck enjoying your castrato physique with gawky limbs etc.
Once again, women know a fake when they see it.
Date within your range.
Stop the fantasy.

This shit should actually be illegal as genetic fraud.
>hmm, just a slow starter… right user?
>user: um, hm, m…maybe we should give junior some growth hormones and nootropics
>wife: why the fuck would he need that? he has our genes… we are both tall and smart
The type of man who would do this, is exactly the creepy type who tries to sabotage the relations of more attractive men through cock blocking/spreading rumours/sabotaging meetings etc
>oh yeah, i'll drive you into the city to meet your date, you're my bestie female friend ;)
>*shoots himself up with another androgen bolus, while masturbating furiously over bestie platonic friend Facebook photos and telling himself he's "so nice", unlike those "tall jerks."

What an incredibly compelling argument.

You should supplement both.