Fighting (((Sissy hypnosis)))

Mainstream media and porn sites have received a lot of attention for pushing anti-white and anti-male content, but there's a small, overlooked group of video editors and audio engineers that hold disproportionate influence over traps and trannies. They are the overlords of the Sissy Hypnosis community, and several of them lurk on Zig Forums.
What is sissy hypnosis? For starters, most of it isn't even hypnosis, it's just propaganda designed to encourage autogynephilia. The vast majority of their content is music videos and GIFs of spliced-together porn clips with words flashing across the screen. Your typical porn or social media site has hundreds of these videos and thousands of GIFs, often with views in the hundred thousands or millions, and most MtF trannies I've talked to admitted these played a huge role in making them aware of their transgender feelings.
So who's making this stuff? The fanbase claims it's completely grassroots, but the content creators have a bad habit of mentioning their ages and credentials in their profiles. "cara" is a video editor in his 50s, StalkerBee is 48, brags about his psychology degree and career in video editing and marketing, and (((coincidentally))) doesn't get in any legal trouble for selling glorified music videos of other companies' porn, and Bambi (who went from Zig Forums spammer to the king of sissy audio overnight) has ten years experience as an audio engineer. Look through their profiles and you'll find that when they aren't 3DPD, they're middle-aged men with extensive experience in media work. The GIFs usually come from sissies themselves and have an obviously lower quality.

Looking back, the post is kind of unfocused. tl;dr there's a forced meme with years of momentum and a lot of talented video editors backing it aimed at humiliating and feminizing depressed white men, and they've gone almost completely unchallenged. Some poor sods tried duplicating their formula to make anti-sissy videos which do absolutely nothing. How do we fight this threat and how can we deprogram those who fell for the forced meme?

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censor your images, dumbfuck

That wasn't a great OP, but I guess I'll dump links here.
Archive of the StalkerBee site:
Old StalkerBee profile with his age:
Bambi mentioning his audio production experience:
And here's an explanation of Samantha Bandler's methodology:
The last one is especially interesting, since Samantha Bandler definitely has some experience with psychology. He masquerades as someone making files for both straight men and transgenders, but the so-called straight stuff is designed to prime listeners for his tranny files. I'll quote the first segment here:

A common hypnotist may use layered voices to "reinforce" a message. Someone like SB can split push a message and bypass a listener's conscious defenses. Say a common hypnotist says something like "the sky is really colored neon pink". No matter how many times you hear it you are unlikely to believe it even with 3 different layered voices all saying the same thing. SB on the other hand will have voice one say "the sky is beautiful today" while voice two says "it is really important to relax" and voice three says "the flamingo is colored neon pink". Your conscious mind interprets it as three different complete sentences, but with the proper pausing and volume fading your actual memory will look more like the other message but without the listener's resistance fighting it.


next time ask OP to censor reality, dumbfuck



The world is full of nasty, ugly things. Zig Forums is not the place to spoiler them, that's how the boomers got us into this mess in the first place: by ignoring the rot until it threatened their comfort. Zig Forums is a place for shining light on these things and discussing how to deal with them, and (((the sissy community))) has been in shadow for far too long despite its huge web presence and influence in creating trannies.
You hate the image? Good. Perhaps you should do something about it instead of shooting the messenger.

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back to >>>/oven/ schlomo

we have to fight against the whole globo homo faggot machine, not just particular factions of it. we all know where to find them

The problem with narcissists is they’re obedient. This forum is full of obedient liars who will do absolutely anything to increase their worthlessness. They’ll support any corrupt system, quell any truth, submit to any hatred. Jews are hated for inadequate narcissism.

T-butt came to power in America because of people like that in his opposition. Nazis will never rise because people like that are the essence of authoritarianism. We need to build a culture that dissuades it.

This post’s epistemic status is: extremely speculative.

On the topic of the online recreational hypnosis community, there also may be some child exploitation:

‘I have to delete my channel because of perverts’: the YouTube hypnotists targeting children

David Farrier | Contributing writer


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Go back to whatever forum you came from, you faggot.
You are not welcomed here, by whoever asked you to come to shill here


How do I stop myself from being attracted to traps?




Of course, but that also means we shouldn't remain ignorant of the influential factions.

Good find. I'm really not surprised that this involved a male hypnotist. They've always come across as especially creepy to me and that's saying a lot considering the batshit stuff 3DPD hypnotists charge money for.

Keep it bumping good goys, we must keep BLACKED thread at the top

Nice job trying to disguise your degeneracy, kike.

NOBODY WATCHES THIS SHIT. Not even degenerates do.
It is not actual 'hypnosis', it's just cringeworthy degenerate shit like furries and diaper fetishists. Stop giving them attention.


you're a kike!

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whitebois are sissies made for sucking cock

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no gayness is a mental illness caused by a parasite

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By stopping being a sodomite.

Theres no such thing as straight or gay, theres dominant traits and submissive traits, whites are full of submissive traits.

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lol gay nigger showing off his porn collection

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hello, mister goldberg
no, just you. you let (((them))) poison your mind.

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hello fellow sodomite. you can tell yourself these lies all you want, but you know it and i know it, homosexality is a mental illness caused by childhood trauma.

The greeks were first to discover this, stop kiking yourselves and enjoy a little buttplay

if you truly cared about boys, you wouldn't tell them to sodomize themselves.
it doesn't matter how careful you are with shoving things up your ass, you will injure yourself. every. time.

Its natural for men to dominate others, why not sexually?

greeks and romans condemned buttsecks

buttsecks is not good for your or your partner's health

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nice change of topic, see:

it's a unnatural, sadistic form of domination. and even if the receiver isn't feeling pain, he's still being injured. fucking someone in the ass is just about the same as taking a razor blade to your arm.
no pleasure is felt from anal.

I wonder who is behind these pro-fag posts?

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The existence of "sissy hypnos" is the one redpill I can credit TRS for bringing to my attention, not that it was necessary, or done intentionally by those faggots.

Are TRSodomites into that shit?

birth only happens once. or at the most like 4 times
and yes, just like giving birth, the more you do it, the weaker your body gets (for the receiver)

At least one was.

yikes. I hate the sissy shit that gets spammed on gif but to leap to
is pure cringe. it almost sounds like you're upset because they made you discover your own latent homosexuality.

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you are hollow. so hollow in fact, that a simple AI bot could mimic you perfectly, that's how predictable you are.
you are not driven by logic, but by your own perversion. there is a big difference between a woman's cherry being popped, and someone's anus being ripped from an object being shoved up their ass. the "cherry" cannot be popped multiple times, and the cherry does not leave permanent scar tissue that effects your overall health long term.

all faggots/bisexuals/trannies/etc. secretly want to become heterosexuals, just like all niggers want to become white. most of them just don't want to admit that.

daily reminder that faggots have very low fitness.

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>find pic related I'm spoilering it for a reason
I think I get it now. These people have fallen so deep into delusion and despair that they've begun fetishizing the blackpill as a coping mechanism, and of course (((certain people))) are more than happy to give them what they want. The question is: how do we snap them out of it?

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You can make multiple sock puppet accounts or even a simple python script to downvote the videos. The way the algorithm works on these sites is if the % goes below 50 the video is pretty much gone.
Mix few legitimate actions to those accounts to avoid detection, eg. upvote few videos, click video but don't vote, etc.
You could also false report the videos for breaking TOS, or make false copyright takedowns, or report to legit copyright holders.

As for curing the problem, promote weigh lifting and better porn.

Europeans are naturally sissies, accept it.

kys retard. what a sad existence. You can be better.

Like when we buttfucked you niggers for over 300 years of slavery? heheh

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How did (((they))) poison my mind when I'm one of (((them)))?

Only big black dicks are large enough to pop white girls cherries hence you see mass race mixing in USA.

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You harm yourself with shit like that and not anyone who is mentally sound with perceptions based on reality.

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do not respond to this person anymore, they are driven by their perversion, not by logic. what he's doing right now is a part of his fetish, give him no attention and he'll go away.

by the way, this guy isn't even one of the ones that would actually take black dick because in reality they know it's something disgusting they'd never do. they just fantasize about it, and get off on trying to "convert" others online.

But there is hope.

Do not forget that the world is filled with glorious beauty, wonderful creations, and concepts that fill our hearts with truth and light.

Seriously though if you even know this shit exists you're already a degenerate who needs to stop watching porn and playing with your dick instead of impregnating a white woman and having five to six children

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No need to be jealous of handsome black men.

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also everyone, reminder: these are the type of people who try to "convert" you into being a black fetishist. literal no lives that are on the brink of being kicked out of their parent's home because they're actually too busy masturbating to interracial porn to do ANYTHING AT ALL.

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The perversion is rooted right into degredation. Blacked cuck and sissy porn does by not celebrate niggers as its intended purpose is not to elevate niggers but preserve its negative connotations so being violated by one fulfills said degredation. It is self harm and a cry for help, yet sadly a mental disease which warrants death.

You're too busy masturbating over an imaginary race war that will never happen. Girls getting blacked all the time in USA is very real though. Who is the one living in fantasy land, the fetishist or yourself?

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You're right. Reminding people of these will probably do more good than six million janky anti-sissy hypno videos.

this, fertile white women being peacefully BLACKED is a reality.

People who shatter into violence do SHATTER into violence. They schism their own personality and regress towards a more wretched animal consciousness that only knows how to scream and suffer. There is no strength in violence and no weakness in pacifism; it takes strength some people lack to turn the other cheek. People who lash out violently are insanely pathetic, and I for one am proud to have struck myself the only time I’ve hit an emotional state in over a decade.

I am bound to a life worth living; my chains self-forged are so finely wrought they can be seen only by the wise! The chains that bind the violent are comparatively obvious, and society constructs itself in restraining fascist tard ragers. Nor even is stupidity itself the problem. Someone who is honestly just kind of dumb would find ample support in this world. The key is having enough strength to live in peace.

Warriors must always suffer and lie. They do it to themselves. When the left invited warriors among its ranks it sank! Just so with all causes. Strength lies within the warrior, but it lies within the pacifist.

You know you're on to something when the shill-infested board starts putting extra focus on shilling your thread with their own porn.

Hopefully this sissy-hypno shit can blow up on Youtube like how Elsa-gate did with the kid-oriented videos and games on child surgeries, abortions and eating shit.

The only time I’ve hit that* emotional strength, I meant. Good grief. It’s gonna be fun watching the response to that error.

Get off your bag of sheckles and preach your glorification of being a bitch on /interracial/

Spread it. (two versions)

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But what you speak is not truth, or you would be a vegan. Or starved dead entirely, perhaps.

The truth is that we must slaughter to survive. We must kill plants and animals to eat. We must slaughter pathogens within ourselves or become infected. And we must resist invaders within our nations, with either diplomatic approaches, or when our diplomatic attempts fail, we must use military force.

Or we will die.

It has always been done, so do not tell me to lay down the sword so easily. Now, I think that there are some things that are going too far. Military force is not something one man does alone.

We fight as a unit, and we fight according to our leader. If there is no leader, and we have no unit, then we do not have enough real-life agreement to be making the decision to defend our nations.

Without that mass agreement, we also do not have a chip in the diplomatic tables. It is akin to what Churchill said: "Speak softly, but carry a big stick."

Thus it is not wise to play an insane game of religious-temple slaughter like certain saints have done lately, but nor is it wise to think that invaders will not slaughter the pacifist. We will die if we do not successfully negotiate or successfully have war. But the religious-temple attacks HAVE massively given many of us hope: People care enough to KILL and to DIE for what we have been discussing as of late.

But again, there is still time to organize a diplomatic approach. At some point, the Jews and Muslims will have to confront a legitimate People's government, and we will have to tell the Jews to live in Israel, and tell the Arabs that we can no longer provide them refuge.

If a diplomatic approach succeeds, then there is no need for violence.

You can also spread this

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I don’t need sheckels to care about truth, you corrupted fucker.


lmao I noticed (((he))) was doing that shit as well


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I thought cartoon fantasy drawings would be liked more around here than reality. Because one who would browse this place would deny obvious reality before their eyes.

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You really stirred up the hornet's nest with this one, OP. Look at how many shills are flooding this thread and trying to derail it with pornography, it's very telling.

Something needs to be done to stop this shit.

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oh don't worry i'm going to demoralize them so fucking badly with this OC. you'll never see them again.

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Good shit, godspeed lad


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I do know that many Youtube hypnotists upload fetish, novelty, and self-help hypnosis on the same channel, and a lot of the fetish stuff isn't behind Youtube's age gate. For example, if you search Fiona Clearwater (the woman in ) on Youtube the first results are a mix of self-help and feminization files. They're definitely trying to recruit others into the fetish, which shouldn't surprise you, but are they trying to introduce kids to it too? Probably depends on the hypnotist and how dense they are.

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Dude, jew boy, we aren't. We aren't obsessed with animal pleasures like you, but you don't seem to have the brain cells capable of coordinating that thought.

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Jews and Slavs

This is relevant and important. Zig Forums BTFO, amirite?

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I doubt these are related to op, but doesn't it seem like a format like this could be used to program people subliminally? These "weird meditation music sound 432hz 528hz 971hz etc videos" all have millions and millions of views. One one hand it could be innocent background noise, but on the other it rly makes u think.

if being a nigger were so great you'd brag about fucking black women

admit it, your own women look like monkeys wearing wigs and you'll never be white

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We know your secret.

Only you all think it's secret.


Read the article I linked to earlier, it's about a channel, "Hypnoboy Project", that explicitly encouraged kids to upload videos of themselves giving themselves wedgies.

Embedded is Fiona Clearwater discussing her investigation into the "Hypnoboy Project" where she believes some of the reply videos of underaged boys giving themselves wedgies were likely filmed in the hypnotist's house.

There is some overlap, but binaural beats don't do nearly as much as new age types believe and subliminal audio is pretty much 100% weaponized placebo.

I read it, but thanks anyways.

Speaking of degenerate fetishes how bad is it to fantasize about attractive coal burners being forced into breeding programs in camps to produce white children and their offspring being given to infertile women who follow tradiation all values to raise?

Why does (((they))) think posting degenerate pictures here will demoralise us? It just make us want to kill degenerates even more. *headshake*

Bad because it is dysgenic.

Say, what would it take to create hypnotic porn shit but make it brainwash people to not be cucks and get their life together? Like an opposite to this gay crap

I mean in a total war state for an ethnoglobe we'll need to increase numbers fast. Our kill to death ratio is top tier but there's damned few of us.

fuck off reiko no one is falling for your faggotry, if anything you guys will be the victims of the next mass shooting mark my words.

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Take that shit to >>>/bleached/ , faggot.

It probably won't work because they're too blackpilled and miserable to try it, not to mention that you'd be piling more conditioning onto their confused minds rather than removing the old stuff. We need to both snap them out of their conditioning and give them something better so they don't fall back to their old ways.

I understand but I am not sure if that’s a good idea because the coalburner breeding program might breed more degenerates and strains the society.


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This is probably obvious, but I think one of the problems with this (and really all kinds of pornography) is the intense and prolonged dopamine release that comes with it. A good start would be finding realistic methods for replacing the desire to look at this shit and fap to it with something fulfilling, the problem therein being that it needs to stimulate or distract the mind enough that it's no longer thinking about porn, but instead completely focused and interested in the non-degenerate replacement.