The only true socialism

Reminder that the only legitimate form of socialism is anarchist. Tankies, nazbols, juches are all red fascists LARPing as socialists. By default, this is an anarchist board and all stalinists, maoists, etc must go back to Zig Forums.

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What does that mean?

It means that OP is a fag who hasn't read the rules.


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ITT: mad tankies

If you're gonna be smug just be a left communist nigga, anarchists are often just as leftoid as the rest of those.

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Recognizing legitimacy as a spook isn't being a tank.

Leftcoms are either pretentious anarchists or leninists in denial.

Being a leftcom requires actually reading Marx, which rules out no-book faggots like OP.

sure it is, I was given this world by the grand creator, each of you have your own worlds. this is an avatar of doubt.

Fuck off, Joseph Smith.

you too

and also with you

let us pray.

Aye, but are ye a true Scottish man as well?

Some anarchists are just as bad. I was reading in a pamphlet about UK despatch riders strikes in the late 80's. The writer, a Direct Action Movement organiser, was complaining about a rider telling him he couldn't come to the meeting because Mondays was cheap ticket night at the (Rio? Ritzy?) cinema in Kings Cross. (long closed down, I can't remember the name of it but, you used to be able to smoke drink and kiss while watching a film, and they had all sorts of weird and experimental films.)
The writer was saying give me a normal hard working man with a family to feed over these dilattentes any day (just like porky says sometimes, weird eh?).

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Just say Soviet Union

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We must use our voices to bring awareness to the working class. Put aside our petty differences and work under the umbrella of Libertarian Socialism.

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After seeing that rojava video I lost what respect I had for the LSC.

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I lost respect for Rojava since I found out about them

This is autistic bait, I'm a leftcom but I'm not a silly anarkiddie like OP.

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That's a slander.

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fascism has more legitimate ties to socialism than anarchism does

how's that?

Well put, OP.

You show em, ☘️Comrade☘️


Historically SocDem, ML and alike statists failed inherently, only anarchist projects didn't because they were. But non-anarchists are still welcome here when they know their place when they propagate their ideas as a materialized projection of critique.

True, but frankly there are a lot of good democratic socialists, social democrats, Trotskyists, and greens, who I think would flip to supporting an anarcho-syndicalist system if it seemed like a feasible option to them.

An anarchist being vanguardist and advocating self-proclamation as tactic.

Anarchism is indeed dying.

Thank Castro I quit this bullshit and embraced the warm light of Marxism.

What an idiotic statement.

Also, while Marx was the ideological rival of Bakunin, Proudhon, and Stirner, Marxist thought has been extremely influential on anarchist thought ever since Kropotkin, so your statement is just silly.

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your a fucking idiot

This better be ironic/bait/you better have the excuse of being a foreigner.

lolol chill out

you're ***

op needs to go back to left book with that anarcho-idiotism

oh wow they have a Tudeh flag , how considerate and cool

That was all pretty based. Good post tbh.

hehhehe thanks bb

anarchists and tankies are all retards

this thread is sectarian and relies on aristotelian binary 'is/are' statements instead of honoring the individual experience of the OP and on this basis I think it should be anchored but that's just my opinion

Refer to , thanks

Shut up bigbrain and fuck off back to Zig Forums

You almost got me, Mr. Troll.

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I'd be the vanguard

they all need killed…

You're in the club and this guy slaps your GF's ass while telling you to support DPRK in their noble struggle against American imperialism. Wat do?

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Agree with him, obviously.

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Tell his comrades he was sexually harassing and watch him go through a tranny rape struggle session.

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Agree with him but proceed to rape his bussy with my ego dik.

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