Can someone give me a rundown of what the jews have done over the years to fuck up this country and others...

Can someone give me a rundown of what the jews have done over the years to fuck up this country and others? Also provide sources so i know you didn't just pull it out your ass.

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for instance bernie madoff was a jew. bang

The jews are responsible either directly or indirectly for every single bad thing that has ever happened. You're better off asking for a list of bad things that have happened that jews weren't involved in.

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50s to now and i'm american

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good start: watch:


and read:

nothing. it's legitimately capitalists trying to appeal to rich liberals for money.

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a majority of investors are neoliberals that push progressive ideologies. in order to attract these champagne socialist investors, companies do their best to kiss their asses. you're an idiot if you think this shit isn't motivated by money and ass-kissers.

Jews are honest people, thereby pissing off criminals who enslave themselves to ugly lies on high.

Kindjal has 1.2% death by suicides in police custody because the brightest light casts the deepest shadow. The true light is not stark. Recess the lights behind the cracks in the wall and distribute your sources so as to cast gentle shadows.

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US: 1965 immigration act. Look it up. Look at the resulting demographic shift. And look into into how it came to be.
Australia: Look who fought to end the white Australia policy. Jews claim this as their victory.
Sweden: Look into who kicked of the whole multi culture debate. in the sixties.

No white person ever woke up, looked out his window, and said, "My community needs shitskins"
Read culture of critique for starters.


Ah smoloko, the website that has never posted a real fact

Imagine for a moment that you have a society where 99.97% of bribery gets caught and punished. Why does 0.03% of bribery survive? What insight powers such a criminal remnant? Who would believe it ever could exist? After all, at such a point, that is surely not a corrupt society. Bribery would be unheard of.

If an innocent person were wrongly accused in such a world, they would dwell ever after in hell. And what if someone learned to be repeatedly among the uncatchable 0.03%? What if the greatest of all possible powers ever struck someone as convincing omnipotence of a lie?

Lucifer fell when the Metatron lied. Now, what does that have to do with Jews?

Nothing at all, I’m sure, but you really shouldn’t hate Jews. I have nothing against them. My problems are with paranoiacs and liars. Not that I know of are Jews inclined to either sin.

It’s funny how hard some things are to learn about. Do you perhaps, at last, truly see?

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I mean, this is such a naive question it hardly worth responding. Since the 50s the jews have taken over and expanded the US gov, creating executive extension gov to subvert the legal gov. The jews killed a US president, fomented war all over the world, turned brother against brother. They are currently using the gentile nations of the world to sweep a nice big circle around israel, which if you haven't noticed, has absolutely nothing to do with anyones interests anywhere in the world except jews. Your nation is currently killing inhabitants in multiple nations around israel. This will continue until israel expands to its torah boundary of egypt to syria and jordan. The war on terror is completely fake. These are third worlders that are payed to create the appearance of terrorism with the help of the media, of which is entirely owned by jews, non jewish media is an exception despite their population. The jews are fomenting the antimosity of right vs left all over the world. Both "parties" are fake. Frank Meyer invented fusionism in the 50s as an answer to control Americas rejection of communism and the near danger of the jews almost being discovered as they are, by the public when rosenburgs were caught at los alamos. Fortunately for the jews the general public is near-retard so they never put two and two together when McCarthy kept going after communists that happened to be jews. Every modern event that stimulates the public is a performance by jews. Kavanaugh was all jews, Smollett is a black jew, his agency reps are all jew, harvey Weinstein jew, some victims were jews too, covered well by jewish editorials in jewish owned publications, read any story in the media with a rabble-rousing title left or right and look at the name of the author, 90% of the time its a jew, 10% its some dumb ass gentile doing as theyre trained. I dont know what to tell you. Thats only the tip of the ice-burg. They are preparing to build the third temple. The first two were destroyed thousands of years ago because jews were doing the exact same shit. Titus destroyed the 2nd. The day of the notre dam fire, there was a fire at al aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. The moslems built "the furthest mosque" ontop of the dome of the rock in 705 ad. so that it serves as a canary for the antichrist, which muslems call "dajaal". The dome of the rock is the same approximate site as the old temple, not exactly, but sooo close that the jews cant enjoy their temple while that giant mosque is there, so they are slowly destroying it, removing visitation hours for muslims one week, mosque fire the next. Its really too bad the world falls for jewish tricks so easily. When the war comes, muslims will be the last of peoples worries, you will wish there were muslim males in their own nations to confront whats coming and to act as a buffer. Whats coming will make you feel like a retard at first, then you'll get Stockholm syndrom and betray your own people because all cowards will be terrified at the thought of fighting or resisting the perverted display of power and evil which will broadcast from israel.

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This is absolutely true.

We never truly disagreed. If we ever did, it was because we were brainwashed, or shamed by robot-SJWs. NPCs who were literal chatbot programs on the internet. Brainwashing in school or church.

There are many paths towards success, and National Socialism is one of them. But not the only one.

We don't need to 100% agree on every political point to know that the simple way of nature is that we resist foreign invasion. So we would NEVER desire to have non-Europeans live among us. No matter where we go, no matter where we live, no matter our political desires, no one has ever truly wanted to throw away our families, our communities, our nations.

All white people agree on the genetic level regarding this.

Only the brainwashed or demoralized would suggest that we open our borders to anyone but pure aryans.

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Don't use transgender as an insult, considering that I wrote a nice post there about never opening our Aryan borders to outsiders.

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