Killcen Is About To Get a REAL ID Compliant Driver's License (or else)

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Killcen Is About To Get a REAL ID Compliant Driver's License (or else)

In a little over a year, anyone who wants to board a domestic flight in the US will need to have a Real ID-compliant license. If this warning sounds familiar, it’s because the Transportation Security Administration has been warning passengers for years that their driver’s licenses may not comply with the new standards. But this time, they say, the deadline is final.

Starting on October 1, 2020, the TSA will turn down noncompliant driver’s licenses, meaning travelers will need to show another form of federally accepted identification, like a US passport or permanent resident card, if they want to make it past security and onto their flight. The good news is that almost every state already issues compliant licenses, though there are a few exceptions. Kentucky, Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island still aren’t in compliance and have been granted extensions for meeting the rules. In California, Real ID compliance is “under review.” The deadlines for these states to become compliant are as follows:

Rhode Island: May 1, 2019

California: May 24, 2019

Kentucky: August 1, 2019

Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, and Oklahoma: October 10, 2019

For years, the TSA has been warning that a regular driver’s license would no longer work as a form of ID, only to push back the Real ID deadline, which has caused confusion for passengers in the past. The Real ID Act, which was passed in response to the 9/11 terror attacks, was implemented in 2005, but fewer than half of all US states had begun issuing compliant IDs as of 2015.

Opponents across the country, many of whom were privacy advocates, claimed that the federal government doesn’t have the authority to force states to adopt such stringent identification standards — and they were right. (The American Civil Liberties Union said the program “would have a tremendously destructive impact on privacy.”). But as the New York Times noted in 2015, some loopholes — like domestic air travel — have let the federal government strong-arm states into compliance.

Congress may not be able to require states to change their ID standards, but the TSA, a federal agency, can refuse to let passengers with noncompliant IDs board flights. (Or, at least, it can ask them to provide another form of identification, like a passport, and deny them access if they don’t have it.) Since January 2018, TSA officers have been instructed to require passengers who don’t have Real ID-compliant driver’s licenses to show another form of identification if they want to get on their flight, a spokesperson said.

So what does this mean for the average person? That depends on how old your driver’s license is and which state issued it. If your license has a star on the top right corner, you’re in the clear. And it’s very possible you may have a compliant license without even knowing — I just checked mine and the little star, which I had never noticed before, was there. If your license doesn’t have the star, though, you might just have to go to the DMV.

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Paranoiacs in power typically claim only paranoiacs oppose them, but paranoiacs not in power aren’t the people too terrified to let society develop on its own way.

Paranoid leadership is abusive and uneconomical. Let’s quit empowering paranoids by assisting them in projecting their terrors onto others, shall we?

I used to know well a perpetually terrified man who opposed privacy rights because of his constant fear of other people, and that relationship ended after I got sick of the sexual component of the relationship. People presumptive enough to trample on other people’s boundaries should get a clue about what it is in their life that might make other people dangerous to them.

HAHAHAHA Americans will have microchips embedded in their neck in 2025, just one signal from Tel Aviv and BOOM.

The cattle is getting it's number clipped in wallet. Can't even leave your room without it or risk being fined. Sweet sweet freedom. More gun control when? GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Would kms if I was American. Sorry for D/C lookalike but fucking LOL; this is TV license level kikery.

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I was pro casual sex, by the way. It wasn’t a real relationship. The most romantic thing I ever did with the paranoid spy jerk was dumping him. He wasn’t even really honest enough for a glasswall society, so he didn’t manage to convince me that I was wrong to be brave enough to tolerate a world with intact privacy.

nice one

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Lol, pretty sure that for something to be tracked by a GPS Satellite, it needs a power source and to put out a signal that the satellite can track. Satellites can't just magically track things that exist. It doesn't work like that, and the drivers licenses don't even have microchips embedded in them.

Sounds like bullshit to me. How would you track a chip by GPS if they don't have any kind of battery or transmitter? And lets say there is a battery, what happens when it dies? How does it recharge to continue tracking?

This user gets it.


The problem, besides the alleged chip, is that it takes the state's information and sends it to the newly-created Federal Database.

As the name states, Near Field Communication, and not From The Fuckin Space Communication.
RF shield cases exist you moron. Put that ID in a metal case and problem solved. How many times have you been ID-d?

not that retard again…

Of course a self identified woman talking absolute non-sense.

I don't know who that is, I just crossposted from Zig Forums

Did you really come on here to justify your relationship shortcomings? Female posters every single time. This is proof that women need men.

What is the REAL ID Act of 2005?
I don't know why the act isn't being used to prevent abuse of asylum laws in the United States but instead being used against the American people!

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When the gun grabs come, you'll probably submit and afterwards file a grievance to your congressman, huh?


Require Real I.D. to VOTE.
Anything Fed funded; Gibs, School, Medical, etc.
Problem Solved.
Step 4 pic related

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Lot of shit is coming

Have a folder or a bag or a storage way that blocks signals, wow! Feds outwitted once again.

this, you should've had your cards converted in tinfoil (not aluminum) already. Hackers are walking around bumping into people stealing card info with scanners.


real id doesn't add anything to the Dystopian Orwellian Nightmare of mass surveillance already going on. the fucking "papers please" ship already sailed in October 2001 when the Patriot Act became the law of the land. today the FBICIANSA are already taking all your data from your Alexa and Fitbit and smart wifi lightbulb and your PRISM dossier is already to many millions of pages long full of every trail you have left with any sensor that you wouldn't even be able to read your own dossier in your lifetime.

but real id will accomplish one thing: triggering the open borders white hating Libtards. all those states that spent the past decade virtue signalling over giving illegal beaners drivers licenses. lol back to the drawing board Bolshevik kikes. and real id will only ratchet further and further. today it's airports and Federal properties, tomorrow real id will be required for credit cards, bank accounts and buying booze. the 30 million illegal shitskin's won't find it so easy to leech off of our system. and ICE will have the Federal ID database, which will make it so much easier when it comes time for mass deportations. and as an ancillary bonus, on DOTR, after the Army of the Northwest Front sacks and liberates the data mines of Bluffdale, then we will possess the Federal database and we will quickly be able to compile the list of kikes and traitors for RWDS to blag bag their homes and disappear them.

so try to see the flips side of the real id coin. it's not all bad, since some good will shake out.

there are 2 links to Shitlibs kvetching about the poor poor illegal invaders who will be oppressed by real id.

How else could they stop the Fake ID problem? As far as I'm concerned this is just another piece of plastic that doesn't come along for special League of Legends operations.

Nobody gives a fuck. Marry and bear white children. Don't tell them what a miserable whore you are. Just let your husband guide you in such things and try to be as quiet as you can be. This is serious advice – you will genuinely be far happier if you just shut the fuck up and learn to love cooking.

Psychostasia is real.

This isn't your blog you dumb fucking cunt jesus christ

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