Robert Sepehr, labeled a white supremacists by mainstream science

Being ignored by the mainstream , he is doing the good work
Bringing lost knowledge back to our degenerate society
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sauce on the ass

All white people are white supremacists. But Sepher make pretty interesting videos. Never read any book from him

Kek it keeps happening.

Let me embed that vid so I don't have to log in to Google to see the age restricted video.

Wasn't this the guy who tried self-promoting on Zig Forums a year or so ago?

Most likely. Fucking shills all over this site.

Maybe you talk about Bodhi. He is not Sepher.

Isn't this guy a kike?

The must read:


But he's not a Storm/nazi fag.

He is based as fuck that's for sure!

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Who is Bodhi, and does he talk about interesting things?

Schizoposter meltdown in 5… 4… 3…

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Bodhi talked about interesting things but his youtube was shoaded. I don't know if he ever post on 8pol but he was notorious on 4pol more than year ago. Similar stuff like Sepher but more esoteric. He given up now. His LARP was Black Sun.

Great, does this mean I'll have to archive all his videos right now…because I'm busy with something.
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Fuck off spamming kike.


Technically true I suppose. They do know whites are superior which is why they fight so hard to end us.

idk I'm just bumping because he makes spergs butt hurt

Almost tripped over the mountain of pills while coming into the thread which you schizos forgot to take