Antifa dox thread

Hi fags I'm a halfpol refugee, they banned me for trying to dox the antifa in picrelated. If you don't like sargon or think doxing is gay, please just ignore the thread. If this is against the rules feel free to delet, I guess.
Lower right gentleman in the first pic's name was found to be John Pegram, wannabe midget boxer and IT consultant in bristol. Anons on halfpol found his name, address, a phone number etc. yesterday or so by looking at one of antifa's blogs.
The man on the far left, warty mcwart face, his twitter handle is @SabCharlie, real name unknown
pic of him found here matches the hat in the video. He is also from bristol, and was with some kurdish group in syria fighting sandniggers there, alongside other antifa volunteers.

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Pic related is from @SabCharlie, with his buddies in syria.

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just report these threads if you're tired of seeing them

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Reking antifags is anything but off topic, tranny.

Doxed people gain prominence.
Light dwells in mercy.
The light that is true is the light that empowers.

Race is a social construct on the scale of two hundred years. Genetics bends towards cognition over that scale with old technology, and it will bend faster with the technology of tomorrow. Be not enslaved to the inquisitors who seek ti purify their holy garden by proving people too bigoted to be worthy of genetic transcendance, but dwell within this world today so that you may dwell in a truer paradise, oh… about thirty years from now.

Could’ve happened sooner, but prominent jackasses lied too much, and progress potentials were slagged by arrogant regressives.

to* purify

Give a good reason why any user should waste their time with pantifa?
If their is no good reason prepare to get banned here also.

2/10 bait.

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i found one

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For the lulz, and because they do the same to fellow anons

A thread with this as the OP should be on page 1 for a week

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Sargon accused of pedophilia

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Cry about it faggot. This thread is full of crybaby white people. Grow a dick and move out of your mommies basement.

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Obviously a British state agent then. We all know that's what antifa are but it's good to have evidence like this.



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Read Mein Kampf newfag

This is the doublespace jew shill. It's JIDF LARPing as a deebly goncerned citizen

You know what makes you people slaves? The will to do
you get told not to do

your wills are conpletely broken

That’s a Carceri

You can have your freedom back as soon as you relearn kindness. Be your own selves instead of being hypercompliant to petty manipulations.


There’s a master list/pic that has the faces of known antifags, add the photos/names you have to that one. I can’t find the master pic atm.