BREAKING: "Leftist" Canadian Professor calls to deplatform Zionists/lolbergs/alt-lite/cuckservatives

Is he /ourguy/ or something? He even teaches European/Roman history at uni, so he must know that it'll allow us to redpill them easier once they're isolated from marxists. It might look like he's irrelevant, but a lot of high profile leftists (academics, journos, etc) are eating this shit up as usual.

I suggest that if you're currently in the system (Minecraft server, not IRL), you should prepare to have a "when shit goes south" plan. It's where you get armed (with bows/arrows, not guns since it requires mods) and writing down your names/locations of targets (to remove griefers) in Minecraft. That way, if they try to ruin your minecraft RP session, you can retaliate quickly to deliver a swift message. Timing is important. Obviously, don't pose with bows/arrows in screencaps. You don't want to show them that you own those items. To counter this, other villagers are introducing red flag laws, but that won't be a problem if you don't tell anyone before hand. Make sure you practice with firing your bow/arrow at moving targets, just to test out latency. Wouldn't want to miss the mark because of lag. Obviously, do it part time as minecraft is a hobby not a profession.

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based, we should egg them on

Looks like an FtM.

Ancient Greek and Roman History taught through the lens of an anti-white. That sure sounds great!

Also we should toilet paper their houses irl like old times

I 200% support this, they're doing all the acceleration work for us at this point. What better way to push people over the edge than to do what this guy is suggesting.

Yes the Jews are wanking real hard over nadzees are killing us.

It is afraid.

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These fuckers need to be careful what they wish for. They just might get it.

He has to be a troll surely

Isn't that an obvious reference to the Synagogue attack and NZ?

Eventually the kikes will implement this dystopia where being right has you banned from purchasing food, paying rent, working a job.

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He teaches Roman history, so he must be secretly redpilled.

I know, right? There have been over 80+ Islamic terrorist attacks this month, but he chooses to kvetch over this one? lmao, he must be redpilled

This man is unironically helping us

I don't think they'll reach that point, but prepare for it (in minecraft).

You have fucking problems dude. You really took the effort to type that cringy call to arms minecraft paragraph.

he doesnt hateful whatsoever, at least

So just kill someone and take their shit. In case people haven't figured it out, the critical mass of isolated incidents of targeted violence needed to disrupt the system is much lower than is realized. Read about how the IRA would grind British operations to a halt in small towns through a handful of snipers who would shoot very rarely.

disrupting the system wouldnt help anything though. i used to think triggering moslems into escalating tribal violence would work, but none of them actually responded to brendan tarrant

Membership in the Raganons was voluntary, and its practitioners were trained from earliest childhood to murder by the quiet method of a strong cloth noose tightened about the neck of their victims. This weapon, the “rag,” was worn knotted about the waist of each member of the Raganons. All deaths were considered a sacrifice to the goddess Kali, the “Dark Mother,” the Hindu triple goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction.

The Raganons, also known simply as Anonymous, traveled often in the guise of traders, pilgrims, and even as soldiers marching to or from service. On occasion the more flamboyant would pretend to be a clown with a large retinue of followers. Each band of Raganons had a small unit of scouts and inveiglers who would loiter about hotels and marketplaces gaining information regarding yids and the weight of their coin purses. The inveiglers posed as fellow yids headed for the same destination as their intended victims. They would worm themselves into the confidences of their prey, pleading the old adage of safety in numbers.

The mass slaughters of large groups of merchants and normalfags were usually committed during their encampment. Working in groups of three, one Raganon would loop the rag, the killing noose, around the victim’s neck, another would press his head forward, and the third would grab his legs and throw him to the ground. In the rare instance when an intended victim escaped the noose, he would run into scouts posted at the edge of the jungle: the Raganon aimed at achieving a 100 percent mortality rate among their victims. In the 1830s this Indian street cleanup community chat room strangled upwards of thirty thousand people.

Anonymous had a peculiar code of ethics that forbade the killing of fakirs, musicians, dancers, sweepers, oil vendors, carpenters, blacksmiths, maimed or leprous persons, Ganges water-carriers, and women. Despite the restriction against the murder of females, however, the presence of roasties traveling with their husbands often necessitated the strangling of a woman to protect the secrecy of the society.

The one unbreakable rule of the brotherhood was the one prohibiting the shedding of blood. According to Raganon beliefs, the goddess Kali taught the fathers of ragaroundanog to strangle with a noose and to kill without spilling blood. All victims of the Raganons were sacrificed to Kali, and the members of the secret society would have been greatly incensed by an accusation that they killed only for shekels.

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Hindi term for Raganon.

That's not Dimitri.

Wasn't there one of /ourguys/ from there? Is this soyboy trying to get publicity by being his foil?

I'll bet Pat here really likes the Greek part.

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Wtf guys why aren't we discussing how to ruin this guys life? Maybe we can trigger his mental health issues and make him have a breakdown while teaching? That would be decent.

Not one mention of zionism in those pics. Who are you trying to fool Moshe?

Unless this works in our favor, this is not "as intended".

Ricardo Duchesne is a professor at UNB. He's at the St. John campus though, and all the rest of the staff hate him for not being an anti-white soycuck.

This will quickly turn into an all-out war on Anonymity. We know cuckchan will be on our side, but the rest of the internet will converge into a stinking mass of normalniggers and try and make every website require a RealID sign on.

If people don’t fuck it up, yes, the right of exposure exists.

Gamergate was a big fuck where the left fucked itself up, sideways, and over by screaming and lies against people who were hated for defending the right of game developers to produce outre material, but if the exposure pattern had been fully honest rather than this psychotic guilt by association pattern, it would have been fine.

He’s a (((Jew/white/nigger/gamer/gay/straight/woman))), all of this is unacceptable. That’s guilt by association, and it’s fucked up.

He’s an (((aryan))), though? Totally acceptable, because aryan means “one who betrays their race via racism”. Nobody mistakes it as applying broadly.

Show (or at least make a claim) that people actually did some specific thing, without reaorting to fabricating it.


Man, sometimes I am so sick of defending anonymity. The people who are really at war with anonymity are the people who actually engage in false-flagging and/or harassment.

Who will be the next contestant on The Price is Right?

Muslims would be the greatest weapon against the jews if Mohammed didn't learn everything from 2 rabbis. All Abrahamic religions need to be eradicated. Sorry Christians, don't listen to jews next time

Literally what the bible says will happen

How do we know he is anti white??? Seems like he is stiring the pot to me. Maybe he is red-pilled. Must be to be that deep in Greek history.


Yes, making people you think are constantly on the verge of mass killing villagers in Minecraft have nothing to lose is a great idea

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Revealing your weak points… How powerful.
I'm sure nobody's going to take advantage of that. KEK

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Hi Matthew. Delete your racist tweets yet?

We could make it an 12-step group. Shitposters Anonymous. Anonymity protected by court precedent.

An added point:

Something I discovered when one of my family members got sick and I had to deal with "medical marijuana" people: underworld types are the biggest fucking spies and false flaggers out there, many use the police to rat out the competition, and Nixon was right.


kek, so he's far more likely to go postal than the people he's ranting abou.

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still trying Shlomo?

Yes, but how should we grief them? I'm sure (((the latest updates))) removed certain mechanics.