What is the real history of this planet?

I'm looking to consolidate my historical beliefs by looking into a diverse range of materials. The history we are told in school is almost 100% false. If the events themselves are not false, the narrative surrounding the events most certainly are. What is your personal view on history? Link any and all sources that lead you to this view. Conspiracies of all sorts are welcome. No theory is too extreme. If you think we were genetically modified by aliens and have a reason to believe so, I want to hear it. Also, if you can lay it out in a timeline that would be great. The goal of this post is to come to some consensus of our past. Many here believe in completely different histories and they don't even know it because certain events have different connotations.

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Much appreciated.

now you know why the jew fears the samurai and why "the irish arent white"
There are pyramids in the grand canyon, and in 1910 they found a cave under one of them full of gold and artifacts. Some of the artifacts were egyptian style. Some had swastikas.

Or we could have all just evolved from nematoads or niggers or whatever. Idk. Just thinking out loud here.

Forgot my vid related


A calamity occurred on Mars where civilized people existed. The escape plan was to populate earth, but as it was not possible to transport the entire Martian population, only a select few (Aryans) made the journey and settled in Atlantis. To prepare for the evacuation, Earth was seeded with biological software to build up the conditions suitable for life, jump started by creations which had already evolved on Mars. The Martians/Atlanteans likely knew they would ultimately perish, so their task was to leave clues for the new "humanity" to regain high civilization. The "missing link" you hear about in the fossil record is a modification made to accelerate great apes to a capacity for higher learning. To inculcate a curiosity for mathematics, geometrically pure monoliths were created to inspire wonder in the burgeoning civilization. Before they perished, the Atlanteans taught the proto-humans elementary mysteries of our universe through hieroglyphics and the concept of proportions by via geometric ratios (Thales' theorem). Humanity will unlock more mysteries of our past as we explore the moons and planets in our solar system.

Always fun. Shit gets out there.

I hope it does.

Do you have any sources for that? Not that there is much hard evidence but are you getting this from Sumerian mythology?

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Loosh farm seems most likely att his point. Whatever we are TOLD it is is definitely NOT what it is.

Mars, Earth & the 3rd planet (that now forms the asteroid belt) were once inhabited. One of these groups were the Aryans, who were a spiritually advanced society that practiced the philosophy of the true soul of which remnants can now be found in Buddhism and Hinduism.

An interplanetary conflict arose (probably because of Jews) which resulted in the complete annihilation of 3rd planet and the destruction of Mars. The survivors ended up on earth to form what is often referred to as ‘atlantis’ (aka Graham Hancock’s lost civilisation) and which caused the various negro myths of ‘angelic beings descending from the stars to bring them knowledge’.

For a time, life was good. They rebuilt a civilisation on earth from the Americas to the far reaches of Siberia. However the Atlantis/lost civilisation, having themselves lost most of their technology and knowledge in the cataclysmic war and the following thousands of years, became decadent and degenerate (probably because of jews) and engaged in miscegenation and other degenerate behavior. They spread knowledge and philosophy to the sub-humans of earth and in foolish compassion attempted to ‘raise up the savages’. Luckily some of their teachings were preserved, although tainted by the subhuman perception. When the Taurid Meteor Stream hit earth the atlantians were powerless to prevent it. Their civilisation was destroyed & its colonies lost to the floods & ice age.

After the ice age ended the survivors emerged to create new civilisations with what remained of their knowledge and technology, this explains the sudden appearance of agriculture and megalithic sites across the globe. These were the descendants of the original ancient aryans who came from the stars, reduced to primitives after thousands of years of war & cataclysm.

They rebuilt, but having lost almost the entirety of their knowledge they had to rediscover science & the arts, these civilisations grew into Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and Persia but alas too much was lost in time. The reptilian jew unfortunately also survived, just like they created evil ideologies through the Marxist school in recent history, their rabbis created the abrahamic religions as ideological weapons and a mind virus to use against us. These were built on the foundation of their older more ancient beliefs, which the elites still practice, and were proliferated across the world as a weapon to subvert and destroy.

The Jews, having been able to preserve their history better than us have since scoured the world for our ancient knowledge & technologies, hidden the truth from us, erased our history and reverse engineered our old science which they now employ against us.

Very tl;dr explanation, so excuse the lack of a more in depth history, it would take entire books to discuss each era alone. Remember, they are our eternal enemy and the aryan man will not see peace until they are defeated. The light must be rekindled. Hitler knew this and that’s what the National Socialists & 3rd Reich Esoteric Groups attempted.

Sieg Heil.

Needs more 'South Pole' and the inclusion the next pole shift.


Nah that’s all bullshit.

I recommend reading Graham Hancock’s books, some of the better researched and more credible ‘Ancient Aliens’ material is good if you substitute ‘aliens’ for ‘aryans’.

Also read the great works of the Sumerians, Hermeticists, Hindus and Buddhists. Such as the Kyballion, the Bhagavad Gita, the Epic Of Gilgamesh. It’s all there, you just have to read between the lines because much of the truth has been lost to time and non-white interpretation.

My curiousity is always piqued when I see this theory. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Have you read any of Carlos Castenada's writings?




Required watching:

Essentialy modern white people known today as europeans travelling literally around the world and leaving great civilizations wherever they went, note this takes place for around the past 30-100 thousand years, basically the timespan for which the modern europeans existed. I say 30 because thats what the oldest records are

This is pretty close.

White people = Cro Magnon
Possibly the previous inhabitants of Phaeton or as you call the 3rd planet, named after the sun god.

Jew = Neanderthals
Possibly the inhabitants of Mars? Which is also passed down through oral tradition as the god/planet of war.

That could be reversed, however I think it makes sense this way as the jews instigate all the wars on earth and are definitely not sun people.

Asians I believe are the product of Aryan mixing with eastern subhumans that are now extinct, weird pigmy like creatures and other strange native earth species. Maybe even deliberate genetic tampering.

The sumerians came before greece, egypt and rome but after the ice age.

pic related

im fucking retarded

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This is an experimental fish bowl. learn to escape /end

How is this done? If this fishbowl is an experiment what is reality? An even bigger fishbowl? And then what is the fishbowl that that fishbowl exists in? It's turtles all the way down it seems.

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The real question to ask is not "Where are we" but "What are we?".
The answer to which is the spontaneous manifestation of mind.
Mind is the all. The all is everything, and everything is the all.
The all created the universe aka the 'fishbowl'.
The purpose, presumably, is to experience. Read the kyballion and learn to meditate.

I've actually done both, so I know a bit about this topic. I've come to the conclusion through meditation, intuition, and reasoning that we are literally eternity experiencing parts of ourself. I believe our destiny is to remember who we are and fulfill our "Destiny"; whatever that entails for each individual. I know for a fact that time isn't real and we are simultaneously dead and alive. I also know that at this very moment, we are on this planet, but we are also in different universes and different dimensions as well, all right now. What I always wanted to know though is whether or not there was a way of accessing these higher dimensions. Have you read the work of Casteneda by chance? Recently his work has enticed me into asking these deeper questions.

DMT and DMT derivatives. Just ignore all the roganfags, drugfags, lovefags, unityfags, onenessfags, etc, they are all shills. And don't even think of trying it without extreme caution.

Those are many of the same conclusions I have also reached. I believe there must be a way to access the higher dimensions, the jewish elite believe it's through the use of DMT but I believe that only opens your consciousness up to lower dimensions and other consciousnesses/entities that most would refer to as 'demons', it does not allow you to access higher ones. If there's one thing I am certain of, it's that there is no shortcut to higher consciousness.

I just focus on taking right action and seizing the opportunity to move up where possible, it would take someone far more knowledgeable than I to attempt an answer to your question. I have not read the work of Castenada, would you recommend it?

People misunderstand history so pervasively, only a liar would call history false. You’re just misunderstanding it, too.

History is the story of weak people dying because earth is a cosmic pit, and every strength historic has been a lie. Not because lies are powerful, but because we have the privilege of the sweep of history, and can say in all sincerity and probable truth that the best swordsman of the bronze age left no mark on the world at all. All available strength is so cosmically fictional that the authoring of fiction is stronger than earthly strength.

I tell you this in honesty.

The closest I have come to accessing higher dimensions was through the internal vehicle we have been provided in the form of lucid dreaming/astral projection.

Lucid Dreaming is essentially an 'internal' or 'offline' training ground where you may safely experiment and practice your ability to navigate outside of your material body, and unleash powers beyond our normal capability.

Astral Projection is when you take this 'live' and reach out into the astral plane which is teeming with other beings and consciousnesses, not all friendly though. It's important to develop the skill set 'offline' first and ensure you are at a vibrational level or paradigm where you will not attract any 'clingers'.

sage for samefagging

I would indeed recommend his teachings, but take it all with a grain of salt of course. Here's what I've read of him: bibliotecapleyades.net/cienciareal/esp_donjuan10.htm

I've been trying to lucid dream off and on now for about 4 years but I never fully commit. I have managed to achieve lucidity multiple times to varying degrees of succes, but I have yet to master this technique. Your post however has inspired me to do so. I believe the only way to access higher consciousness is through spiritual preparation before death, which will translate to immortality after death, where your individual consciousness can live on. This is what the Toltecs, of which Casteneda was one, had practiced.

Astrologers believe Saturn used to be the sun which we orbited, tidally locked at our north pole. I am starting to think Pluto could be a frozen Jovian planet itself. Screenshots related

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Enjoy your journey. I can relate to the on-and-off process, it took me about 2 years of not fully committing, before I decided one month to commit while in college, and made efforts every 3rd night to practice. I was able to gain consistent lucidity within the month, and eventually significant control such as moving entire oceans - a truly thrilling experience which I would recommend by itself. Shortly after this I somewhat accidentally had an out of body experience, which was… interesting to say the least… You'll have to find out for yourself.

Unfortunately life took turns and I was unable to focus my attention on practicing for some time, so now I must re-train my mind to the point I was before. I would however offer a tip in that I highly recommend a period of immersion to master the basic skill of becoming lucid, it seemed much easier to develop when I was immersed compared to when I was trying sporadically and uncommitted. Once you have that skill down then you can do so when you wish without such a need for a consistent routine.

Learning Machines.

Oh my sweet summer child…

Earth is actually a space ship


Humans studied the stars. Study the stars and you will understand our history. As it is in heaven, so shall it be on earth.

Firstly, we obviously arent from this planet. definitely genetic experiments from a foreign alien race. Though there’s no realistic reason to believe these aliens came from outer space. They most likely came from a different dimension or use inter dimensional travel to get from point A to point B.

That aside, not much can be known outside of archeology. My personal research points to a one world culture that definitely existed at one point. The best evidence for this is the constellation “Ursa Major” or the “great bear” which is referred to as such by basically every culture on earth.

Furthermore, early humans constructed things specifically to create compasses. Stonehenge? More than likely built by a culture that forgot why they built these structures and instead began to see it as a deeply religious thing.

We actually found a bunch of similar structures across the planet, namely Nubia (modern day Ethiopia) around the desert (hence why they are still standing, most of these structures were destroyed by time). These “mini” Stonehenges were used to tell time and calculate the direction they needed to travel. The ancient Saharan desert was dotted with these for nomads to be able to traverse the barren landscape.

I believe these structures most likely came from a one world mono-culture that existed and spread out across the planet. That would explain how the celts were able to travel so far and spread such a sophisticated pre-“civilized” society across nearly the entire Eurasian continent.

I take this theory even further to suggest that any and all pyramids built by any and all cultures were for the same purpose.

Zigarats were the inspiration for the pyramids. (Though Giza was probably a giant water pump) Zigarats were built to observe the stars, the pyramids were built perfectly in line with the cardinal directions and with extreme mathematical precision. The pyramids likely also served as a giant clock and observatory.

The Aztecs/Mayans also built zigarats (of a different name of course) and pyramids for the exact same purpose. They were used to observe the stars and astrological events.

If you want to understand human history, pay attention to the movement of the sun, moon and stars and get back to me.

You mean like with a telescope? Or just by eye? I'm not really sure how that relates to history but I'm guessing I'm missing something. Are you talking of catastrophism?

Now when it comes to history after Rome, then you have to understand that everything happened because of the LEGACY of Rome. The imperialistic ideology of Rome bleed deeply into the roots of European culture. The sophisticated and proud Gauls as well as the freedom loving Germans were brought to heel under this massive empire. No land in Europe went untouched by Roman influence.

The ideology of Roman imperialism fueled the dark ages, the colonization of distant lands, total conquest and global warfare. Fascism as a concept was invented by the Romans, not Mussolini.

After that, the powers at be, the royal families and aristocracy consolidated power in the new nations carved out of the former Roman Empire and began to assert their control from behind the scenes.

In regard to the Roman Empire, remember that no one gave a rats ass about the “empire,” they cared about the consolidation of power in the family. A lot of weird and fucked up shit happens because of this, but you can read more into it on your own.


This is but the surface of it.

Ignore the obvious bullshit. There’s a lot of psyops out there specifically to throw you off and manipulate you. Keep your eyes on the target and don’t let the schizos detract you from your journey.

You don’t need a telescope to observe the pattern of the stars.

How did the ancients figure out where north is? The North Star. How did they figure this out? It’s the only star in the sky that doesn’t move. (Well due to the procession of the equinox that’s not totally true, but do your own research).

So if you figure out that the earth is a sphere (which really isn’t hard if you’ve ever seen an eclipse), then you’re going to realize because of the North Star, the earth is rotating. You can also figure out based on this that the earth is tilted.

The Egyptians intimately tracked the motion of the North Star (which at the time was Thuben, now it is Polaris, thuben then was far more accurate than Polaris is now) and the Babylonians calculated the motions of planetary bodies.

Why? Because the heavens were seen as extremely religiously significant. The Babylonians literally figured out how to mathematically calculate when the lunar eclipse would be to near perfect accuracy simply because it was considered a bad omen and a ruler during the time of an eclipse was always murdered. So by calculating when the eclipse would happen they could know to put in a puppet king before sacrificing them and taking the throne afterwards (and because of this the superstition was always true).

Why do I point this out? Because it demonstrates how important the sky was to peoples of the past.

Another thing is the equinox. It’s easy to figure out without any technology. Simply, it’s the day of the year when the sun rises to being directly overhead in the sky. On the day of the equinox, during the sunrise, there’s a constellation. It’s one of the astrological signs and that sign that the sun rises on during the spring equinox is the constellation of the era which changes once every 2000 years (because of the procession of the equinox).

There’s so much to go on about, but I won’t. I hope you get the point.

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that the constellations can be used reliably to tell the time of year and direction one is traveling.

Also, in the northern hemisphere, the sun only rises exactly in the east on the day of the equinox, so therefore one can track the sun’s movement toward the north during the summer until it reaches it’s zenith during the summer solstice, exactly to the north east. In the winter it drifts south until it is rising in the south east during the winter solstice.

Put a big enough rock in the ground and decorate it enough so you can recognize it, and that stone’s spot can symbolize the position of the sun during a solstice. Put up another stone during the winter solstice, two more during the equinoxes and one stone laid down on the ground at the position from which one would observe (typically called the ‘observatory’) and now you have a 100% accurate solar calendar and a giant compass all in one.

Hope that clarifies.

Read these posts in the order im going to list them

The death star is the moon

mah aryan

this book unironically changed my life. from my first reading I knew that there was fundamental Truth there; I like to think after multiple rereadings and a lot of contemplation that I'm beginning to scratch the surface of Understanding. but I the Truth within is so vast in its scale its like trying to determine the curvature of the earth using nothing but hand tools. you know it's there, you've seen it on the horizon, but it's just so vast it's almost just out of your full reach.

Would you believe me if I told you one of their names was Wōdanaz?

God is the creator of everything…

unfortunately their builders all died out because, as the Surgeon General warns us, ziggurats are hazardous for your health.

And we named a day of the week after him. Cool story bro. What's the source?

Go to YouTube and explore "mud flood" • "gilded age" • "orphan trains" "Tartaria". This is a hot topic for alt- history lovers right now. There is a developing theory that one or a series of cataclysmic events occurred [late 1700's -> mid 1800's], basically a reset orchestrated by the Controllers who do this to us periodically to maintain power. The great "philanthropic industrialists" of the 19th C. are just Masonic cucks chosen from the Controllers' club, just as later they would chose Zuckerberg to be "inventor" of Google. The best part of the theory: they did not build the incredible buildings and libraries and universities and mansions that are the same style and exist ALL OVER THE PLANET; those were already there from a civilization that was wiped out except for basically, the children (hence the orphan trains, a global phenomenon). Fascinating stuff.

Check them out.


Have you ever stopped the flow of water?


That’s very spooky.

Whites built everything cool on every continent.

Jesus was a Buddhist

I feel something is wrong with us but what is it? Maybe I need to learn lucid dreaming to find out.

Meme responsibly!

We were too nice

I'll contribute some speculation. The Ice Age gave us three or possibly four European sub-races. For simplicity's sake we'll call them Spaniards, Italians, Greeks, and maybe there some popsicles Eskimoing north of the Alps. Doggerland as Atlantis is basically impossible since the climate was like the northern tip of Alaska. There would be fucking nothing there. But on the three southern tips of Europe there were liveable climates that were separated from one another and would have caused differentiation of some sort.

The ice age ended and the people migrated and intermixed and killed each other, and eventually the differentiation smoothed out and stopped mattering.

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The events surrounding everything since the Titanic, including it, have been lied to us under false pretenses.

Ignore my dubs

Not gonna lie, I used to have suicidal thoughts all the time. One night I'm on LSD and I decide to vape some DMT for the first time. I meet God, ask him if I can stay there with him. He tells me no, I still have a purpose on Earth. Flash back into my body and I've never had a suicidal thought since.


We're primates that were genetically altered by aquatic aliens.

startpage.com/do/dsearch?query=nommo nummo&cat=web&pl=opensearch

Explains why our heads are almost too goddamn big to fit through vagene and we take so long to mature compared to other primates.

About 12K years ago (just the most recent, probably have been many) there was an interplanetary plasma discharge catastrophe that wiped out any advanced civilizations, scarring the human race's psyche and giving rise to all the mythological horseshit religions use as dogma today (embed related). www.thunderbolts.info for the whole argument.

There's also a whole lot of extra-dimensional shit which Jesus, Buddah, and even Mohammed, etc. tried to teach us but that got gobbled up and kiked by various control freaks (not just (((them)))) so they could get at the sheeple's shekels.

Supposedly this is the time of awakening, and a whole lot of shit is going to get happening. I'm inclined to agree.

I'm confused. Thunderbolts of the Gods is just theory that famous drawings in temples were just events that happened in the sky.

What was special about the Titanic?

European culture groups around 5000BC

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Three wealthiest people who opposed the central bank and Federal Reserve were on it and killed.


wasn't there something about a 2nd titanic, and the one that sunk was a shitty fake? i recall that from past Zig Forums titanic discussions

Correct. All of the temple symbols and gods are just post-civilization (newly primitive) man's interpretations of the cataclysm. Everything got reset about 12k years ago. Probably happened a few times before that too, but no way to know.

The theory is very detailed though, and the astrophysics backs it up (electricity drives stars & galaxies, not fusion and gravity).

One of the reasons why I can't believe in anything is the massive amount of rabbit holes there are. Even the history of the word "Jew" is still for the most part a mystery. That entire time period has tons of lies and disinfo around it

Britannica, I believe

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Chiggy check



But Thunderbolts never mentions that this period is the awakening or anything.

The Irish were never considered "non-white".


U just convinced me 2 read it ya gay nig nog

Read GI Gurjieff. There's also a few Indian sages like Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. Some of them developed paths that are quite practical. There's even a live teacher now that I know of, but not about to post about him here. Those other ones are good guide posts.

And here I was expecting actual history covered up by kikes. Such as an elaboration on all of (((their))) historic crimes, and what it was exactly that got them kicked out of 109 countries. Or even stuff like how certain countries were discovered well before their "official" discovery (Australia was known back in the 1500s, though most of its outline is fictional, you can clearly see the Gulf of Carpentaria on pic related)

But nope. Just more of the "flying pyramids" and "Yakov" substanceless bullshit I see from "woke" niggers.

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Yeah that's actually what I wanted. Like how the Jews orchestrated theoverthrow of the Czar, though that one is more obvious.

Pick one

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in a nutshell

our hat technology is not fully mature yet, so we haven’t put a cap on it

OP, the real history of the world is Fisherian Runaway. All women are sluts and traitors, all men are rapists and pig pedophiles. Extrapolate this premise across an increasingly complex society where repression of natural instincts and religious guilt are tools to beat the masses into line and everything makes perfect sense.


Start at the beginning with the only truth you can actually confirm…the laws of nature. Out of those come the fundamental barriers of existence (0 and 1, birth and death, to be or not to be). Inside these barriers reigns a set of unshakable rules (survival, struggle, chance). Acknowledging this proves that going against the laws of nature means death, which can logically be traced back to humanities origin aka the original sin…exploiting and destroying our ecosystem for short term benefits, while ignoring long term consequences. This together with all the natural evidence also proves the purpose of life itself…creating in accordance with the laws of nature to uplift the ecosystem, which in return uplifts you.

Now that you know the fundamentals you can research human history while looking for anything that is against the laws of nature. These are deliberate lies that were created to give the few the control over the many. It was meticulously designed around six steps of control…
1. Ownership
2. Leadership
3. Laws
4. Law Enforcement
5. Religion
6. Materialism

Look at the world with this knowledge and you can deconstruct all the lies.

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Much has been said about the Titanic, but what about the Hindenburg? Any good conspiracies on that ill-fated flight?

Don't spread disinfo, you fucking dipshit. The website you linked talks about the underground catacombs in LA, a known hoax.

This is the most autistic shit i've ever seen

Not really a specific event but you should look up prehistoric sea levels. People back then, much like today built as close to water as they could. Our surviving relics are more less what was built on the outskirts of civilization.

Also, we love fucking with our own fossil record. Burial, cremation, and other ritualistic practices for our dead lead to far more early hominids us not undergoing fossilization

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Welcome to Zig Forums, now gtfo.

The TORpedo is right.
The majority of human history is basically trying to force the lower class to stop fucking around literally and figuratively so they could extract labor from them.

Think about why genital cutting is so old and prevalent

It's more like a constant struggle between organisations of people. Fuck off with your Marxist bullshit.