Is violent males lashing out at society a self-containment strategy?

Is violent males lashing out at society a self-containment strategy, like an immune system for the species?

The small minority of violent males who lash out like John Ernest did are immediately contained and isolated from the rest of society. This closely mirrors how H. sapiens came to distinguish itself as the least violent species of primates: “Humans are the most cooperative species in the primate world…Cooperative killing of incurably violent individuals played a central role in our self-domestication.” Ernest will probably get capital punishment like Dylann Roof did since he’s in America, but other countries that have ended capital punishment due to its violent nature still have their ways of containing violent males.

So my theory is that when you guys lash out, you are effectively removing yourselves from the gene pool and continuing the evolutionary history of H. sapiens selecting itself for cooperativity.

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OP gets it, maybe. They’re onto something. That is a wake-up juice too high-octane for this place.

You want to make a thread go nowhere in this place? Don’t be a slave. Be honest, care about truth, and promote the peaceful and cooperative natures that are the basis of human success.

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We live in a beautiful world. Leadership isn’t everything it could be, but uit never is. Most people being honest and peaceful is the foundation of our success. This place being plastered with bigoted weaklings is a necessary service to keep things moving in the right direction. I’m with the sagers - let this slide.

Possibly OP. What we do know if men lashing out against society means there is something inherently wrong with society. If society were a well-running machine, there would be no need for such anger.

I think Calhoun's mice experiment portrays current Western society accurately.
The study goes on to describe rats becoming more violent for no reason and gangs of violent mice gangraping and killing other mice. We are starting to see the violent side of disenfranchised White men. What happens when we all find each other and blanda up?

-Wrath of the Awakened Saxon, Rudyard Kipling

Without violent liars lashing out, there wouldn’t really be a problem. People need to defy ancestral programming and be their own person with their own interests.

I recommend watching the science news. The constant sufferings of hateslave life will be remediable. We live in awesome world; look to the stars instead of screeching obediently according to malformed emotions.

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Violent people live in utter vortexes of manipulation. When you get opportunities to repent, honor the messenger and take them.

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He's not wrong to assert that lashing out in this system has a detrimental effect on your ability to succeed as an individual. I don't think he's suggesting we do nothing, rather to cooperate rather than lone wolf


Chimps team up and remove a tyrannical alpha—sometimes violently killing and canabalizing the dictator. Humans act the same way when forced to live under an oppressive ruler. Lone wolf violence just shows our inability to organize due to the police state ZOG.

Who are the violent liars?

You can't beat your genetics. That's like telling men to stop being attracted to women. It's a natural thing.

Science isn't even science these days. Grants are given by special interest groups and scientists have to conduct "research" to support these special interest groups views. Look up Chan Zuckerberg Initiative scandal.

How come James Watson was crucified in the media for speaking truth: People are not equal and DNA determines a lot. Black people are on the bottom of intelligence.

Or, if they have enough support, they become the leaders of the next phase of society. Plus, women like killers. Dumb theory.

Fascinating fiction bro. Whats it like to be permafried on psychedelics? I mean other than believing in the batshit stuff. Whats the day to day like?

Yup OP peaceful cooperation is how the Europeans conquered the Americas and the Arabs conquered Rome. You got it mayne

don't the most violent and dominant gorillas mate the most, and get the best mates? it doesn't make sense to compare White men to gorillas/ maybe compare niggers if you want to actually make a point.

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if the government weren't traitors that attack and smother masculinity, Earnest would be plagued with vaginas desperate for that seed.