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Best part IMO. She committed career suicide for fucking nothing.

commies and fascists keep pushing muh FED meme

They have to book her, if she gets away it'll set precedent for all sorts of letting criminals literally through the backdoor. Remember being a judge is a powerful position, in some ways even more then any congressman or the president. That's the nature of judicial responsibility.

kek #MAGAwithDACA


Cool, so when will they arrest the other participants for criminal conspiracy?

We are gonna start seeing this every other day. Now that Based Trump has been vindicated, he and the DOJ (still loyal to the USA) are about to nail these bastards. Every libtard is an enemy to the American people and will get their comeuppance.

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what a silly cunt

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only because she is white

Women doing men's work always fails spectacularly.

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The time has come to return the favor to the ones who unlocked the backdoors of our homes to let the theives and murderers in. This filth-blooded traitor has sat for years, comfortable in her treachery, melting down the Justice forged with the noble blood and sacred honor of our ancestors, and reshaping it into a perverse tool of her own personal activism.

Think of how many children she must have had removed from their fathers. How many single mothers of white children she created, those same children growing up defenseless, without morals, flung like so many unwanted "post-birth abortions" to the psychic wolves and kike-backed self-degrading nigger propaganda. Drug addiction, death, and degeneracy, oozing like pus for years, all from this open sore on the poisoned body of Liberty this bacterial infection of a woman proudly played her part in sabotaging.

Rate my edginess

Her eyes have real pain and sorrow in them. That is what someone genuinely suffering a powerful emotional event looks like

Now Sandy Hook…

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I sure hope she's okay. I'd hate for there to be consequences for quislingism.

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These donation amounts, holy shit.

The non-anonymous donors seem to be mostly women and Jews.

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She's upset she got caught

Left-wingers will unironically defend this woman.

They believe that brown people like that illegal spic are animals and that, being animals, they lack agency and are never responsible for their own actions. People like us see an illegal alien criminal being sent to jail because they broke the law. They, on the other hand, see an animal being held against their will in a cage. This woman is a hero in their eyes because she helped an animal escape from the evil zookeepers.

And the same will happen to every single judge who ruled in favour of migrants and refugees against the interest of their fellow white citizens.

lol at your optimism, user
the system rarely punishes its own

Checked n kek

She did it to virtue signal. Zero logic, 100% emotion. And she's a fucking judge! They should review all of her cases because she probably went full emotional leftist bitch on those. I'd bet anything she sentenced whites harsher than shitskins.

You are very wise friend, women only care about themselves first. Those tears are the realization that her virtue signaling might land her a cell with people she sentenced. They're going to fuck her up in prison, she may as well neck herself.

For me though, that look in her face is fucking priceless accountability being served.

for white genocide, which his very rewarding for her and her (((benefactors)))

She is applying for the pussy-pass right now. She will likely get it as well. Probation or Community service or some bullshit like that. They will let her go during sentencing so that no one can say shit to her and she can't be retried.

Damn this feels really really great. It's making me delighted. Are liberals upset about this, or how are they taking it. Do they care?

Where have you been for the past 100 years?
Oh that's right, you're a retarded torpedo.
Judges hold more power than any other official in the government.

We live in a kritocracy.

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yeah I don't think she can plea down to community service after turning off the recording device. kek. That was an astoundingly dumb move for a judge. She's already on unpaid leave so the momentum is already swinging against her. She's fucked and she's at least smart enough to know that.

Just look at her face
top kek

That defeated look is the. best. She's going to do time; they wouldn't have charged her if they didn't have her dead to rights. BUT even if she did lots of time but still maintained some dignity that it wouldn't be nearly as satisfying.

Yeah user, at worst she gets a comfy new gig in some leftist organization but can't we just enjoy this moment right now for once.


Libs need/want to let them all go for future votes and the takeover of the USA forever.
MSM will not cover, so even if c#nt Judge is convicted on all counts with a maximum sentence (fingers crossed) the public will never know.

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lol corrupt leftist smugglers get justice

Good. Natural selection working and she'll serve as an example to the rest.

old-ass boomer former hippie still wearing whorish miniskirt

exactly this

The handler on the left trying to hide the (((nose)))

cmon buddy, we know its there.

They forgot treason and corruption in office

Good. An example should be made out of her.

The left will make a martyr out of her, mark my words.

She got off light. Traitorous bean-smuggling whores should be burned at the stake.

They already have.

Look at that kike next to her, every time


why does a kike judge need a kike lawyer? or has she accepted that opening her cunt mouth didnt work out for her last time? that'd weird for a fucking liberal, especially a liberal judge. maybe she just got power hungry and a bit adventourous with her new job or some shit

i would love her to get 20 years in a federal prison. like holy fuck image how in line everyone would go. right in a cell next to assange.

OH MAN IMAGINE IF Zig Forums DOXXED HER. wink wink

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nypa faggot
If you want it done do it yourself and quit being a homosexual

I would fuck her dot so hard but.

i like the picture they used from 1993

is it even worth the effort

Does this judge have sentencing history that has much harsher sentences for White Conservatives? Will dig later (mobile)

why dont you stfu bot retard faggot

d&c plus blackpill, do you paid double for that?

right now it's much deeper than that.

It feels like a pointless gesture of placation in the grand scope of things, frankly. But I'll take it.

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Career suicide? Nah. She'll just get a nobel peace prize, be pardoned by a leftist judge/jury, or have dropped charges so that others will be emboldened to do the same. You idiots have yet to realize that everything is in disarray now.

You're not in earth, you're in clown world. You get jail time for insulting criminals and you get pardoned for supporting them. Don't celebrate now and wait for their incarceration. You'll only ensure justice if these people are eradicated without due process because they exploit the law to give leeway to their own side while incarcerating you permanently.

This. Instead of targeting strangers in synagogues/mosques, you should target leftists who will have their charges dropped instead. People here are idiots for celebrating early.

She's gonna lose a very cushy well remunerated job, the best job she'll ever have.

You can understand that's far more stressful than having your five year old massacred by a bug eyed autistic freak with a .223 semi auto rifle

this doesn't make sense. the judge can just charge them with contempt for arresting the judge and send ICE officers to prison.

No she won't lose her job lol, the law is specifically intended to benefit them and hinder you. You know the left-wing terrorist who send powder to Donald Trump? He had all of his charges dropped and sentenced to 5 years probation.
In contrast, Cesar Sayoc will be prison for years for sending in fake bombs. The conviction isn't out, but it will be made guilty.

The sooner that you realize that you're not on an equal playing field, the better. People shouldn't target innocents in their place of worship, they should target leftist criminals who will be exonerated of their crimes that right-wingers get decades of jail time for.

Exactly what I think will happen in clown world.

Just try it, ya cunts

Dr3 stfu faggot they hate you and your people and want to replace you nothing more

Don't worry President Kushner will pardon her

what about this Jewess?
She alerted criminals to impending police raids.
ANYONE else does that and they would be arrested and held without bond as prima facia "key player in not just criminal but clearly anti-US Govt criminal gang".

Warning illegal Mexicans, most of who are gangbangers connected to Cartels, about a raid ain't like warning a restaurant about the Health Dept, or warning some accountants about the IRS.

Another massive failure by Trump.

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Betcha she gets off with no time.

Its more than that.
Its about consumption.

That's why cuckservatives also support this kind of trash coming into the country - Whites are bad consumers.

IIRC the Wetback was up on pretty serious Drug Dealing and "fugitive" charges.

How out of the norm was it to let his waltz out of the courtroom? Last time I was in court that type was routinely held for trial in lieu of $100,000 or more bail. Normally, once a "fugitive" its a No Bail once caught.

Needs a with her shillary h

Kill yourself nigger.

Fucking icing on the cake!


Why is it illegal to shoot illegal spics? i mean if loads of canucks started to jump the border it would be considered an act of war

She isn't going to get shit but a stern talking to and a slap on the wrist. Checkem'.

OH SHIT I REMEMBER WHEN THIS HAPPENED. Glad she's at least facing charges. I bet she bests the charges but at least there are some.

You are a nigger, kill yourself.

EXP + 500000000000000000

Why is her skirt so short?
What does she gain by showing so much leg!

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Something tells me she's an insin

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insins don't exist, btw "insin" means "you are in" in Turkish, which probably shows who started that meme

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Calling it now. This fucking judeomarxist shiksa will be pardoned, just you watch.

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Trump will pardon her, or she'll get 24 hours community service.

Who is Alan Fanger?

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You know in a just society this whore would get maximum penalty if not over max to deter other corrupt Judges from doing the same thing ever again.

But here we are, this little rat will be pardoned 99% or get the epstein treatment of barely 2 months in jail for raping dozens of little children. But us normal working "goyim" who never sent anyone to jail will be made an example of instead like pirate roberts life sentence or any other unjust case.

Aint ZOG grand.

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Massanon here, bitch deserves to hang.

White women being an issue again? Imagine my shock.

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Why bother jailing her.
String the bitch up in front of the courthouse, and leave her remains there as a warning to all the other (((activist))) judges.

Even if he wasn't caught, I'd trade one worthless illegal beaner for a left-wing judge every day of the week.

Black women really do have the worst hips. They've got the hips of a little boy. Even when their thighs are fat as fuck, they still have those ugly narrow hips.

Their skulls are smaller on average, and they also have low standards when it comes to reproduction, so it means there's no evolutionary pressure for wider hips.

visit any traffic court in USA.
3/4 of females will be wearing oddly short dresses. Looks like lots of post-wall 30, 40 and even 50 somethings wearing dresses they haven't since their early 20s, and rather uncomfortable and awkward in them.

They think it will cause the judge to "go easy" on them. That is the real opinion Americans have of our Judaical branch of Govt. Court is basically a "casting couch" with a Jewish director.

No, that is what a tranny with duping delight looks like.
How fucking dare you use one hoax to "disprove" another.

Give beaners a year of amnesty for each leftist they kill in Minecraft.

District Court Judge Shelley Joseph forgot she wasn't a Jewess.

This Jewish mayor put Fed Officers in real danger and nothing happens.

You try tipping off criminals before a police raid and the cops will drop 16tons of bricks on you, charge you with "Accessory After Fact" and "Aid Fugitives" and "Endangering Lives of Officers" and "Interfering with Police" and "Conspiracy" of whatever the targets of the raid are.

Zig Forums IS your personal army, moron.