A realistic path towards an ethnostate

Less glownigging, more pragmatism
(((Glowniggers))) have flooded this board and other WN forums with the narrative that random, small scale lone wolf attacks will somehow preserve the White race. Their only counterargument to everything is to call you a kike and strawman any alternative viewpoints as "if you kill them, they win."
The glownigger's plan is basically like this:
1. We kill Jews and shitskins
2. Other Whites are inspired and slaughter 100 Jews and shitskins each
3. We get a world free of Jews and shitskins
Note how the jump from step 1 to step 2, (((cohencidentally))), is completely unrealistic: lone wolf attacks only reduce public support and give ZOG a pretext for consolidating their power. By decrying everyone who points this out as an optics cuck, these glowniggers have rendered our movement unrealistic and impotent.

A more realistic way out
In reality, optics is important for any movement. Glowniggers want you to think that we can jump straight to DOTR without having good optics. This is retarded.
Instead, we need to gradually induce political change. This involves realistic goals and realistic means.
"Kill all the kikes and chinks and niggers" will never be a realistic or palatable goal. It has no public support and would turn the United States into something like the Balkans, set back permanently by civil war. Instead, a more realistic goal is to ride the new tides of nationalism to achieve a gradual reduction in immigration. Appeal to public resentment over immigrants stealing our jobs. Our model shouldn't be Albania, it should be a successful and rich ethnostate like Israel.
We must also increase birth rates through economic measures. The presence of niggers isn't reducing our birth rates. What's actually reducing our birthrates is economic insecurity–the same reason why Japan has low birth rates. By supporting someone like Yang or Gabbard, we can help reduce economic insecurity and allow more white families to have children.

Responding to criticisms

OP is a faggot and kike. They're paying you to say this because we're a threat to them.
Really? Is having 2 or 3 lone wolf attacks a year on middle class Jews really a threat to the Rothschilds and Goldbergs of the world? No. What would actually be a threat is a mass change in public opinion, to which lone wolf attacks are mostly an impediment. That's why they want us to stay impotent as a movement by drawing us away from redpilling the masses and caring about optics.
If violence was so big a threat to George Soros or the Koch Brothers, why is Zig Forums allowed to continue to stay online?

Economics isn't the main reason behind low birth rates. Niggers have high birth rates and they're poor.
The problem is we are not niggers. Niggers breed like rabbits while poor because niggers don't care about the future of their children. While nigger behavior certainly has to do with genetic inferiority, it also is partly caused by being raised in dirt poor single mother families. If we bred like rabbits our kids would turn out like niggers and there would be no worth to saving the White race.

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Eco Naturism. White globe only. We only need like 70 million total

Surely the Honorary Aryans in Japan (not the Chinese bugpeople) deserve some stake in our future?

Only if their lungs have evolved enough to process the adjusted atmospheric gases
See you out there space cowboy

The only thing that should be said about that ridiculous word is that he who controls the media controls the optics, so you should seek to be the media.

If you alter your behavior because they might call you a racist, you just lost. They're going to call you a racist anyway. They're not going to cut you some slack or help you out.

Yes, lone wolf attacks are counter-productive. If I thought small-scale violence could change anything, I would have taken up arms years ago. Only retards get violent because they have no self-control or low IQ. Anyone can get violent. Not anyone can grow a media or political organization etc.

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Kikes like Ben Shapiro are helping with our optics a little bit by shifting the Overton window a little right. We could exploit the (((internet dark web))) for redpilling normies.

>Oy vey goyim don't breed and prosper goyim reduce your population for the (((environment))) goyim (((CNN))) told me overpopulation was a problem goyim abort your children goyim

Honestly I think you could get elected to office openly supporting a whites only immigration policy, and paying "reparations" in the form of a stipend to renounce citizenship and gtfo. (in America at least) But you can't run on that, it just need to be a "quirk" you have. Focus on a Third-Position/Distributist economic message, along with Traditional social-values. If you live in a red state, run as a "moderate" republican; if you live in a blue state, run as a "Kennedy Democrat"; if you live in a swing-state, get elected before revealing your power level. Literally the second Zig Forums-esque people get even the slightest institutional power, it's going to very quickly snowball into the Fourth Reich. If you're a White Hispanic, pretend that you're a complete mutt, and use it to make allegations of racism seem absurd. (Very few people understand the caste system) If for some odd reason you're a black Zig Forumsack, try and make yourself seem like a moderate who likes white-people, but is still a "black nationalist." This WILL work. Remember, the majority of young white-men have been influenced by Zig Forums through the internet. It is already a certainty that there will be Zig Forumsacks as Senators, Governors, Heads of Industry, Generals, Judges, etc. So the question isn't even "if" we will gain power, but how much power we will gain. Don't worry if it seems too moderate and incremental on the race issue to not get rid of the non-whites all at once. The second we implement even minor pro-white policies, we'll quickly come to our senses and within five to ten years we'll be taking much bigger steps.

We need positive power that we can wield in order to gain influence, this will never happen if we are a minority in every territory. Whites are going to have to cede a lot of ground literally in order to wield a regional majority and exercise enough power to force change, unless people are willing to relocate and unify to do this we will lose. Those who are hell bent on remaining in Sweden or wherever as their minority dwindles will not prevail.

Let's all move to Hungary HONK HONK
Or let's all "convert" to Judaism, aliyah to Israel, and then take it over

OP whites have tried it your way for decades. And that is why political solutions are running out or unworkable.

I agree.
Those who can have kids should go to the forest and live the Varg life.
Those who can't have kids (whatever the reason for that might be) and who are old enough (low IQ 19 yo pianists should lurk moar) should fight.

OP is paid to shill this board and disrupt white supremacy. Note the good formatting and lack of typos in the content. That's paid work.

Pic related is what happens to law-abiding whites who abide by the law. Now we have to morph into unpredictable attackers, since there's no answer American authorities can give to this but to militarize and more openly declare war on whites.

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Here's the plan I've had in mind for the past three years:
We encourage white anons (around 60K) to move to a state with the U.S. with a low but mostly white population (i.e. Maine), find a job if needed, get hitched, have no less than three kids, and encourage their offspring to do the same.
There's obviously more that should be added to it, but the main goal should be to increase the white population by at least 50%. Anything higher than that should be considered a bonus.

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here's why you're a faggot:

the public are NPC's that serve the hand that feeds them. they currently are eternal children more interested in comic books and video games, than they are interested in the truth, and accepting that we are in fact in a war for our very racial survival right now. historically only a small % of the population is ever radicalized, and leads the way. once said group has the momentum, the NPC's just fall in line since said revolutionaries become the biggest kid on the block and the most likely to provide for them, or destroy them if they don't play along. what you are doing is A. siding with the enemy, because you don't want to suffer and lose your precious bread and circuses and B. openly pleading with this group to also be a weak faggot like yourself. Your message is that we should just accept the slow boil, rather than actually fight for what we all know is right. You are a shill.

what we do, or do not do, has no effect on the plans of ZOG to push for more control. faggots like you make the same arguments, "don't shoot or they'll take our guns" "don't speak or they'll shut down the internet" "don't meetup or they'll crackdown harder" when they have been pushing for the annihilation of gun rights, free speech, and organization since long before you were ever born. You are deeply ignorant of the history of ZOG in this nation. What do you think ZOG's response was after the klan marched on DC in 1920? What do you think their response was after the Kent State shooting in 1970?

WE are ones long past due to start taking action. kosher cowards like yourself, will be remembered when this pops off, and it will, the momentum is already here now. just look at the typical white man's reaction to brenton tarrant. they support it and dont give a fuck about muslims, only FAKE NATIONALISTS like yourself and andrew anglin will fall over yourselves to disavow the event. people like you will be tracked by men like me, so when we actually do start taking sides, you will be lumped in with antifa, and receive a traitors death for cowardice and enemy worship.

now get the fuck off this board nigger


*within the U.S….

I think its critical to abandon aspirations of political AND revolutionary change for the time being. In the current state of the country we cannot win.

Demographics is the key. We don't care about the actual number of non-whites in America, as long as it is a certain percentage of whites (say limited to under 2%). So we just need to outbreed them. That is the number one thing you can do to change things.

If you have 8 children (like the average US orthodox Jewish family) and raise them to do the same you will have 64 grandchildren and 512 great grandchildren. All sharing your political ideology. That's a fucking small town full of people to do your bidding.

The next Generation is at over 4000 and your people now control your county politics completely and are a major factor in your state elections.

Imagine if just 1000 of us pledged to do that? thats FOUR MILLION PEOPLE and you now have the numbers to decide a presidential election.

The person who wrote this is someone who has basically made their peace with the ZOG. They have no intention of freeing the youth of the White Nation from forced integration with niggers and slavery to Kikes. Their "solution" to our people's problems is essentially to continue voting for the Republican "party" (it not a party, but a state institution), the original Nigger Integrationists.
But even here, what they are saying is just a lie.
Whose "public support" is he even talking about? These attacks reduce "public support" for revolutionary White Nation, or reduce "public support" for the "Right" wing representatives of the ZOG?
The former is obviously not the case. These kinds of attacks inspire the types of people revolutionary White Nationalism seeks to influence. John Earnest is clearly a copycat of Tarrant, right down to posting here and writing his manifesto is a similar manner. This is a good thing.
But does it reduce "public support" for "Right" wing ZOG politicians? Yes, that is true, but that is a good thing. The less influence these scum have, the better it is for revolutionary White Nationalism. The more young people realize what a fraud these people are, the better off revolutionary White Nationalism is.
Anyone with a brain, and who has studied the history of the last few hundred years, knows that Nationalism is more than capable of causing violent revolutions to happen. There is, in fact, nothing unrealistic at all about a violent Nationalist in that thing called "America." "America" is an interracial pornographic film, a hollow-nothing of a country. "America" is Yugoslavia, as the author of this post himself alludes to when talking about the Balkans. What happened to Yugoslavia can easily happen to that thing called "America." The ZOG knows this, and they are afraid. "Right" wing ZOG-shills are afraid of losing their control over the youth of the White Nation, they're afraid of civil war, they're afraid of losing their shekels, and they're afraid of what will happen to them on the Day of the Rope.
Is there anything true in what this ZOG-shill writes, it is that ultimately lone wolf style attacks won't get the job done alone. However, they are a necessary stage in the war for our people's National Liberation. It is, at this time, almost impossible to coordinate a military offensive against the ZOG. The best we can do, is to anonymously create a military plan, and to hope soldiers like Tarrant and Earnest are able to carry it through to the best of their ability. We don't want them to get caught; we want them to kill as many Kikes, niggers, Zionists, ZOG-thugs, immigrants, faggots, etc, as they can. We want to supply them with the ideological motivation for doing so, and to give them ideas for best practices about how to wage a low-intensity guerrilla war against the ZOG.
That's where we are right now in the struggle. Our Leader will emerge from this struggle, with the necessary military and organizational skills to lead the White National Liberation War to victory against the ZOG. Whoever is able to get through this stage, will be the Leader of our people.


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OWO What's this?
Remember that we are not niggers and we are smart enough to not have children we cannot support.
We need a strong economy to have high birth rates. Japan has low birth rates not because they have too many niggers but rather because their work culture and economic conditions turn every man into an incel.
Becoming the Balkans would make our birth rates tank by damaging the economy, the infrastructure, and turning our countries into international pariahs. Albania and other such countries have super low birth rates, while stable Nordic countries have higher birth rates. There is no guarantee a civil war would turn out in our favor instead of producing a corrupt dictator.

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We cannot afford to end up like Niggermountain or other Balkan states that can only fund construction through Chinese usury.

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It's not impossible. I know there were a couple anons working toward such ends about a year or two ago.

The reality is that these lone wolf attacks are indeed good, you can't spin this around because dead niggers, kikes and muds in the west is a positive. That being said, don't be fucking stupid enough to actually go out and commit an attack yourself nor should you incite others to violence. We win the culture war through ideas, some rando going ham on a bunch of nonwhites is just a benefit on the side.
Our model should be secession, there are plenty of secessionist movements across several states which you can join and help steer in the right direction (even the most pozzed like commiefornia), it can be pushed with peace as its vehicle and as a means of stopping political violence on both sides. "Guys, political violence is on the rise, division is more and more apparent, why not just split up into our own countries where we can rule how we wish and where people have more direct control over their governments rather than having the gov be bought out by big business." No one can argue against it and you can frame them as accepting future violence for standing against you by using the rising ethnic and political conflicts across the modern world as evidence. You can quite easily convince even leftists that this is good by using legal weed as an example. If they believe weed should be legal in states that vote for it then they are de-facto confederates since they agreed that the states right to determine how to legislate itself beats out federal oversight and legislation.

I agree. A peaceful secession is better and more easily achieved than becoming Montenegro or Kosovo.
There is no guarantee that the White side would win in an all-out race war, and even if the White side wins, there's no guarantee that bad people wouldn't exploit the win to become despots.

I agree
Rope yourself

Ooh, the glowsign! I’m needed here!

Want more evidence that random attacks are super the effective? 270 people died in Indonesia while peacefully counting votes. The death toll from individual broken people can’t meaningfully impact the death toll from all other activities.

Take a breath. Someone just died.

Take a breath. Someone just died.

Take a breath. You live today, and in this moment Earth is slightly more in your dominion, for somewhere far away a score of people just got swept off the playing field.

Seriously though, racists are race traitors. Racism is logical garbage. The only way to win is to stop trying - you don’t need to be pigment-oriented.

Whites can't have an ethnostate until they have a state. The current "state" doesn't count because it's ran by our enemies. The first step to forming a state is to stop being dependent on a foreign state (US government)

When the White Nation Liberation War comes, millions and millions of people are gonna die in North America. The ZOG's economy most certainly will be ruined.
And that's a great thing. We're going to destroy every last vestige of the ZOG. We're gonna burn the Constitution and dynamite the Statue of Liberty. When we get ahold of the nukes, the first target will be Israel, and the next will probably be New York, Washington DC, and Hollywood.

Okay, so YOU aren’t a racist, but if you persuade these other people to speak sanity, that won’t mean they’re actually better! Quiet down and stop interfering with our attempts to monitor them! They’re completely good for nothing and we want them stuck with their fucked up mouth-diarrhea so we can identify them!

We already have enough mutilated semite worshipers as is.

Really? Tulsi Gabbard is going to. Make the economy safe for white people again? I absolutely must be mistaken. All that little fox wants to do is take your guns. What the fuck are you talking about with that?

You are right about economics… But why not rid us of the FED/IRS? Seriously.

A very sensible OP, agree completely. Often the justification given for lone wolf attacks is that achieving our goals isn't possible by normal political means, and I don't think that's true. I think that as things get worse, and they will irregardless of individual actions (such is the way of capitalism), people will become more receptive to the ideas of National Socialism. What's more important is unrelenting conventional political activism (like what NRM does), so that every step of the way we are there voicing the possibility of a better future for our people. Of course this is easier said than done.

Also, my very support for National Socialism stems from my desire to live in a peaceful and healthy society amongst my own kind. Such a society can never be brought about through sporadic individual acts of violence, or even through violence alone at all.

Where the fuck did this 70 million number come from?

This person is paid by jews to post here.

Jews' asses.

the threat level is increasing, and that alone can be the stress required for change
when the threat level is critical, they must make a choice
war or negotiations
prepare for both

Keep shilling this shit, Chaim

Sounds exactly like what the Jews want to do ….

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Its easy OP. Take control of the media, offer the niggers free gibs and 3D printed houses to leave us alone and stay in their own land, if they refuse then use robot armies and AI to clear our lands by force … hypothetically.

I’ve done the math , that’s all we need

Fuck off yid I’m right and you know it. Every shitskin/semite/nigger/bean/poo/bug removed helps me immensely

There are far too many on this planet
Remove all jude filth , niggers muds poos beaners bugs etc and we can have a white only world. Don’t be scared. Be eco naturistic with National Socialism

Daily reminder that the Third Reich didn't rise to power through terrorism. That is a subhuman tactic, and always has been.
Siege fags are merely an extension of the jewish perspective.
Folkish wave soon brothers.

Also OP Is a jew.

The template provided by The Butler Plan and Northwest Migration is genius. We can build off the general idea of community building that they use in order to establish ourselves in an area. The main issue we face is that most WNs are too scared or lazy to get off the Internet and into the real world. Me and my friends are moving to North Idaho, get your friends and find a town in the PNW to settle in and start your own WN community, once enough are established we can have a network if different WN communities across the region. We will need that as a basis for independence and establishment of an Ethnostate.

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Sage and report deradicalization shill threads.

How do i spot a deradicalization shill?

>you will get your ethnostate, just (((vote)))!!!!

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So true, any political option to secede was lost in 1861 when we first attempted it. That doesnt mean we cant achieve an ethnostate relatively peacefully if we play our cards right, which would be ideal. We at least need to try to or give the appearance of trying it peacefully, so we can at least say we tried.

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Jesus, you severely underestimate the opposition
All your measures take political will and it simply won't happen. It's too easy to manipulate the populace and by the time they realize they are boiling, it will be too late. There will be no gradual reduction in immigration.The policies are in place intentionally to reduce white birthrates through a variety of means and have been in place for decades. Then they replace white consumers with easily controlled, lower IQ, consumer immigrants. Population has to increase to support their financial Ponzi scheme that maintains and increases their wealth.
Personally, I like the IRA approach

You should read this book. Its an instruction manual hidden in fiction for NW revolution using IRA tactics. It reads like a Tom Clancy book. Alot of good info and great storytelling.

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I'm listening. How?

Richard Spencer, is that you?
I didn't know you posted on Zig Forums

Because Zig Forums actually depresses violence. We post here instead of doing things IRL.
Not that I'd ever break the law.


Thats why i dont get their censorship of these sites we use, you’d think they’d encourage us to post online to keep us contained you know?

Is it possible we can do peaceful protests ala Martin Luther King style? I mean, they wouldn't be able to dismiss it as violence and would certainly hurt the image that we're underground, violent, and dirty people. It would also garner a lot of national coverage.

Thanks, I needed something new to read.
It really is the only way, history teaches us that

Just escape, like whites did in the 1950s. Don't tell them where you are going; just move.

In 20 years you'll have places like Montana and Wyoming. They can keep their Chicagos and LAs.

We have to at least try to be peaceful, you cant start a revolution by just going out and shooting, look at The Order to see how that worked out, 6 months max, maybe a year if Matthews didnt drop his gun in the BRICKS truck. MLK’s peaceful protests worked because he had backing within the system, we dont. We have to build a revolutionary movement from the ground up that is dedicated to leaving the system.

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Isn't the NW right around where the Yosemite eruption will happen? Seems like it's just another way to kill whites.

show your sisters khazar milkers ben

We would likely have years of advanced warning if a volcano were to erupt. In the mean time we can use all those volcanoes to generate clean geothermal energy. Volcanoes haven’t stopped us from prospering before and they wont now.

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Of course they are. Honk honk.

Well ok. As long you are aware of the risks and preparations then.

It’ll definitely be something we’ll have to prepare for, but frankly i’m more worried about ZOG than i am a few volcanoes. We can recover from a catastrophic volcano eruption, we cant recover from White Genocide though, at least not under ZOG.

Thank you. While I agree that force is becoming a necessity at this point, the need to breed and create future members of the white race is vastly overlooked by so many people here. Alot of women are worthless cunts nowadays, this is true, but we still have try to develop families and reproduce. The 14 words don't mean shit if we don't.

yes yes but what if we just kill all the nonwhites

because they read us?
fuck you cunt, learn the white people history, swine

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This is the future you faggots have to look foward too lolololol executed by the state for being a coward racist piece of shit. Nobody likes people like you, that's why you have to talk about your faggot ideas here, because the rest of us hate you and you know it. maStEr rACe dur hurr

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Hello Tyrone

It may be that they don't want us contained anymore. They have been systematically cutting off all avenues where we are able to express, argue and disseminate a viewpoint that is counter to there's. Throughout history, silencing the opposition has always resulted in violence and bloodshed.
They are obviously aware of this too.
The optimistic side of me thinks this may actually be a clever operation to use the left and their psychopathic desire to shut us out of the conversation, driving them to make decisions that they will ultimately regret. But, the pessimistic side of me thinks that the jew always ensures he profits from both sides in any conflict

Yep. It keeps the pressure on, keeps them kvetching.
And I want them kvetching loudly, 24/7.

>Note how the jump from step 1 to step 2, (((cohencidentally))), is completely unrealistic: lone wolf attacks only reduce public support
Really? I don't think thats the case. Do you have any evidence to support this? I bet you don't. ;D

Ah, and there it is, the cowardice.

Face it bro: Nobody has faith in you.
You cry for 'pragmatism', but the reason its being tossed aside is exactly because people like you - cowards - have been shilling this kinda shit for DECADES.
And guess what?
You don't do shit. You don't accomplish shit, you don't achieve shit, you don't go fucking anywhere. Ever.
You are, to put it bluntly, a loser, a weak horse.

And when someone sees a weak horse and a strong horse, guess what?
They like the strong horse.

The reason we're seeing this drive toward accelerationism is because of YOU. Your actions, your weakness and cowardice, has convinced people that you cannot be trusted to do ANYTHING AT ALL, and will EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER to avoid having to face any sort of hardship. You couch it in terms like 'pragmatism', and 'reason' and such, but the core of it is, you're a pussy. You can't come to terms with the fact that your approach has been failing for longer than most of the posters on this board have been alive.

So, you want people to move away from accelerationism, you need to win something - you need to be a strong horse. Otherwise, nobody is gonna have any faith in your weak-horse-ass to do anything, ever - you'll just slowly fade away, justifying it all the while by claiming its the 'reasonable and pragmatic' approach.

You are, in other words, the reasonable cuckservative from the Turner Diaries.
You want higher birthrates?
Fix your nations, economically and socially… You've tried, and you've failed, miserably. That's how we got to where we are today.

So, what novel approach are you offering? Because all I see is a very verbose rendition of the cowards couching of more of the same to justify maintaining his comfort in the face of imminent demise.

There's no guarantee a civil war would turn out in our favor? Who gives a shit? The absence of a civil war is not turning out in our favor, and nobody has any faith in YOU to change that.

you have demonstrated exactly ZERO capacity to achieve that.

To every man death cometh soon or late, and how can men die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of our fathers and the temples of our gods?

We already have despots.
And you haven't demonstrated any capacity to change the current paradigm.

What are you even promoting here?
Again, it just seems like more of the same in a blowhard's wrapper.

Nigger, you have had DECADES to achieve this. You have failed.
So what do you offer in terms of novel solutions?
Do you have ANYTHING novel to offer, aside from "just keeping doing the same optics cuck shit and somehow things will change despite having not changed for 30 fucking years of opticscuckoldry"?

Dude you're a genius 😄

For decades the FBI, etc have infiltrated every group with a hint of white separatist goals. The one thing that is impossible for them to stop is lone-wolf attacks where the attackers gain inspiration online. The neverending shitskin terrorist attacks have made that clear.
In fact, that's the reason they use this website as a honeypot. I treat your post as if it is in good faith, but for all I know it could well be from the FBI or similar group trying to stop the lone wolf attackers through persuasion since there really isn't a whole lot else they can try.
Balkanization and civil war are probably inevitable as our country appears too divided to resolve differences through a peaceful political process. Some think we're already in it. Sort of a cold civil war. The lone wolf attackers want to and believe they will accelerate this process. It's not hard to imagine the sort of targets Tarrant wrote about from accelerating things quite a bit. In such a case Zig Forums will be taken offline as the system puts on the squeeze. This will lead to more decentralized discussion and a streisand effect as normal people try to figure out what the hell is going on and don't trust the PC approved sources to give them any clue.

I can see that this man cares deeply about his fellow Whites.

Attached: transport_girl_sees_flash.jpg (1263x1920, 472.44K)

Utterly based and red pilled.

(Won't let me embed.)

This is the latest transparent attempt to get the right pushing Cultural Marxism.
Varg tried for long enough, transparently, with his feminist cult of "everything is placenta and women should be on top."
Now anons are pushing ''Eco-Feminism" and calling it "Eco Naturism"? Kek.

Sounds like a plan

There is no racewar that you specifically with your tactics will win, ever, you keep chanting over and over again that (((they))) need infrastructure before they can glass us but that is just so obviously ignorant and emotionally-charged thinking that you don't realize that anyone outside of your stormfag mentality can't fucking stand you spergs who are only here to revel in the hatred of our kiked systems instead of come up with actual solutions to the nigh impending ZOG kingdom (Border acknowledged, red heffer born, white snake out of wall, the burning of the temple that people ignored due to notre dame).

It's extremely common knowledge that we've had on this earth multiple nuclear accidents that almost made one guy who had to follow orders pull the trigger and kill us all. How the FUCK do you think they won't just tell the same guy to just launch em when they need to, the rothschilds themselves have shown off their antarctic bunker and drilling company that is, obviously, located on rothschild island. What grand fucking plan do you have to get rid of these final bosses that involves shooting up random goyim and lesser jews in the street half the world away? How does everyone radicalizing and chimping out killing each other in an endless purity spiral remove the core problem? This is why you're called LARPers and Feds, you have absolutely no logic in your plans and just think some magical aryan spirit will protect you from nukes, not to mention genetically-modified diseases and rods of god.

You fucks are clearly election traffic that never did your due diligence of studying leaked CIA documents and technology, they want you to behave like this so that they may usher out this dystopia with zero resistance from the masses and you're following their fucking plan to a T. If you want them dead, you need to radicalize the masses AND people closest to them, and those are the geniuses who got swept up by college programs and live blissfully ignorant and wealthy lives conducting the very research into the sciences that will be used against them and us at the end of the day inside a silicon valley lab. And their daily environment is being surrounded by wealth and the handful of geniuses that are actually brown.

As is you've concluded, in your infinite wisdom, that we already have what it takes and just need to storm every synagogue and mosque with pellet-launchers and surely everyone will either realize who was right all along or will die and you'll live happily ever after with no advanced military weaponry ever being used against you like that military weapon that was showed off that launched sound waves directly into your skull that can cause you extreme torment from miles away in a large surface area, or drone armadas patrolling streets that are manned with CIA heart attack guns, or if you do indeed MAGICALLY start to pose a threat to the roths and the black nobility some how, a simple white gene-seeking disease or a quick flood of all your territories with a horrifically virulent yet short-lived disease wipes you and your resources out in just a few weeks.

You need people with the expertise, intelligence, discipline, and resources that are capable of handling multiple doomsday scenarios if you want to survive your projected path, and you're scaring them all away from your movement you fucking retard. And this is just ONE example of how completely fucking stupid you are, at the end of the day you're being spoonfed by the media the entire planet's attention, you COULD be sensibly, articulately, reasonably flooding the board with posts and threads that expose the JQ, white genocide, societal decay, the federal reserve, and the corrupt & incestuous media/economic/legal/medical systems that exist in every government and country but instead you're just making all of the potentially millions of people that are here to learn something from you learn that you're about as niggerish as the niggers you want to slaughter.

You have to accept that there will be no political solution. You'll never attract the small core zealous revolutionaries needed at the heart of any movement if you betray you values for optics, which is a necessary move in the modern Semitic system of mass democracy. We have to organize amongst ourselves and begin building White communities that will survive when SHTF.


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Lone wolf attacks are obviously not the way to go about things, not to denigrate the courageous acts of the martyrs. We'll need some level of organization and an overarching plan.

Haven’t seen a single coherent argument against your statements and shills have flooded the thread. Took a screenshot because this seems important judging by what’s going on. Congrats on having a good idea.

This is also a good idea but,
To add to this, its better to form an actual organized community as opposed to just moving into one area.

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Read second statement as opposed to the first in my original post in the thread.

I am a White Nationalist who is also half Jewish on her mother's side. I believe in peacefully achieving a WN state where minorities are given human rights just as the Jewish state gives minorities human rights. It's okay to be Jewish!

Fuck you kike
Bump for interest

A realistic path? Form paramilitary groups, and cells hidden across the county. Inflict acts of terror against major government and economic targets, kill the puppet figureheads that the jew has put in front of us to trick us, every single one, and of course, kill every single kike you come across. Train yourself with weapons, learn how to fight in a war, and we will seize territory for ourselves, then we can govern this territory, the people will see a strong horse, one who threatens the all powerful system that they oppose but couldn't fight against because they loved their comfort too much. Now they wont have that comfort anymore, unless they rely on us. We must give them alternatives, we must make the lives of our people better. We will mutilate kikes in the street, and wipe out as many shitskins as we can and make the rest of them run off into the desert. By the end of this decade, the entire continent of North America will be a white nation-state, and beyond. We wont make it if pure blooded Europeans don't wake up, and considering what we've seen out of Europe lately, I highly doubt that they wont fucking wake up. Our entire race is waking up, and the next decade will be the start of our final victory.

(All of this is just part of a video game, completely fictional. *wink wink*)

How can you even manage to live with yourself, knowing that you are a disgusting mongrel piece of scum with shit in his bloodline?

All your good optics plan trusting and "pragmatism" won't work because WigNats will continue to fly off the handle and you'll suffer the consequences

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