Breivik > Tarrant

>killed kike followers of (((socialism)))
Lets not forget the OG king who started all of this Zig Forums

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Let's all take a moment to remember who holds the real high score, Timothy McVeigh. The europoor narrative that Breivik is the current high score champion is false. McVeigh even has the best character arc, an ex-zogbot who turned against his former masters on behalf of his fallen countrymen and women. Never forget that America is #1. USA! USA! USA!

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Breivik has the high score and wiped out an entire generation of ZOGbots, of course he’s better than Tarrant. Tarrant is still a hero too though

Nordic prison system is so fucked.

I wish if only maga Boomer had success.

The bomberman and solo FPS categories are 2 different categories, newfag.
Also Timothy wasn't Nationalist.

You mean based.

The OKC bombing was a huge boon for Clinton ( I’m almost certain he set it up.

In all fairness, Brevik set a really hard high score to beat. What was it, going on 80 or something? He's like that overachieving korean kid in trigonometry class who fucks up the curve grading for the rest of the class.

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more people would have liked McVeigh if he chose a better target. He gained a lot of hate for killing kids of employees who were not involved with Waco or Bundy Ranch or anything in general.

didn't know there was a daycare there

If Tarrant had enough ammo for the 2nd mosque, he would have rivaled those numbers. PROPER PLANNING PREVENTS PISS POOR PERFORMANCE. Instead he chose to waste 80% of what he had on dead bodies in mosque 1

I dont like this >_o

and to clarify for the FBI agents monitoring this site I in no way encourage or support terrorist acts. Im also looking for a job, maybe master shitposter.

didn't he know that the ATF headquarters were on the top floor? He should've known about the daycare if so.

ATF killed a bunch of kids on the dradivian ranch as well

Norway going to recognize Palestine
Literal Freemason

Cool enough I guess regardless

It's not about numbers, but influence nodes. Agree or disagree with the motives, morality, or outcomes, Breivik still handily holds the most significant act of single-operator damage done to a political system of the modern age. Tarrant and the rest removed politically indifferent pawns that have no real influence in the system, whereas Breivik destroyed dozens of soon-to-be heirs to his country's political system. The damage Breivik caused to the intended target (the future political system) was severe and irreparable. In comparison these other actors have caused no damage to any particularly important system. There is no contest between them frankly.

If you have seen all the pics of his stuff you know that he had a lot more ammos than what he got to use.
I have never seen anyone claim that he ran out of ammos before.

We can reach eventually towards a world where all can live in peace if only we can be honest enough to reject the inversion of strength into violence.

None of you lot will be like that, though. Oh well, alas! The false fall freely forever. Maybe I should just be hoping to ditch this rock, hahaha!

Brevik legit is just school shooter chad, just look at him.

He wouldn't have gotten such a high score if the Norwegian police weren't so incompetent. Was like 2-3 hours before any police even were even on the island.

We tried that in 2016 with Trump and that didn't work now all we have is the nuclear option, if anything we have been extremely civil with these "people" as they raped and killed our children and women.

Breivik's assault on the communist compound in Norway was poignant and timely. It was well thought and the media circus that ensued worked well in our favor. His manifesto was brilliant. It spoke to a large swath of the right wing uniting us all, whether we approved of the assault or not.

I really can't say the same about Tarrant, Earnest or the HIAS guy. There was no real timing or strategic planning involved in these. Their manifesto's didn't really play to anyone but a subset of malcontents.

A big factor at play is that mass shootings, as sick as it is, just don't have the shock factor they once did. The Las Vegas shooter really upped the ante. No shooter, WN or otherwise, will out do him for quite some time.

Breivik = kike
OP = kike

(you) = kike


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you JIDF shills are really not sending your A team are you?

nah ill keep posting to prove im not a shill unlike you, you filthy kike

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So do they pay you faggots by the hour or by post.

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Yay, we did it guys!

You do realize that his freemason outfit was just propaganda? And he wasn't really a member. But there's no reasoning with JIDF shills, so IDK I'm bothering.

how do we know he isn't just pretending to support israel to make them look bad or something? also why did he do the roman salute that one time if he loves jews so much?

Kill yourself, goldstein.

Stop arguing with shills who pretend their shit hasn't been debunked a zillion times and they go back to the same old (((arguments))) like nothing happened just like the Fuhrer said.

Make two you retarded 60 IQ nigger, in a thread with only 34 replies, now go slide somewhere else you fucking faggot.

Goldstein please tell the guy sitting adjacent to you to unban my FB page I am sick of you faggots banning every single one of my posts for (((hate speech)))


This is why I hate QTards

Did Breiviks manifesto ever get out? I’d like to read that


Yeah it did its 1000+ pages tho

you would be the one to know since youre the fucking shill you dirty kike


I can hear you rubbing your shekels together you glow in the dark nigger. Trust me, if you think that earnest shit was the end of it, mark my words by the end of the 2020 election we will make the holohoax a fucking reality.

Yes, but it's not worth reading because it's 95% copypasted from conservafag and "christian identity" websites in order to falseflag them and avoid tainting NatSocs and Pagans.

This thread is very gay and very low IQ. You gaggot cuckchanners need to either go back or lurk fore a few years.

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Love wins over hate, you can't divide Zig Forums

I wonder (((who))) is behind this post.

Neither wins, without one, there is no other. Love and hate are intertwined. This is all a purifying process to see through the failures and highlight the success'.

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I think he was just trying to widen his appeal. Christcucks are never going to be won over. They live on their knees.

before and after Zig Forums

Where's the smart polacks with the infographs of Breivik's support for Zionism, and his anti-nazi shit. I haven't seen those guys in almost a year.

Breivik is a Zionist. Anyone who says differently is ignorant or a liar. Read his fucking book, faggots.

dubs confirm

they got (((permbanned)))

this is photoshopped :^)

Err…..let's not forget Hitler

not relevant

Hitler never killed anybody.

how did he get the iron cross then

Fuck off you faggot cuckchanner, your newfag "durrr wun post by eye dee!" schtick doesn't work in pointless slide threads with 60 posts.
Your low IQ, low effort, high faggotry OP contains factual errors and a magapede tier criticism of Socialism.
Heres a clue, cocksucker. We ARE socialists, National Socialists.

Kill yourself.

Not likely. He was a front line combat veteran with several high accolades. His service at the front was extensive. Like many of that generation, those men spoke not of who or how many if any they killed. The distinction between a military serviceman and a fighter for individual cause are clear here. Again, not relevant.

National socialism is not socialism you nigger, thanks for revealing yourself as a the dirty nigger you are.

FFS you spastic see

Commander Breivik has legally changed his name to Fjötolf Hansen, that's how much he loves der Führer.

Lurk 2 more years

Of course it is you nigger. Not all socialism is marxist you completely clueless cocksucker.


Its not socialist to put your people first nor is it socialist to be skeptic of unregulated markets thats just common sense again you do not know what you're talking about here.

Learn to quote newnigger and both of those thing are socialist but not exclusively socialist.

You are a retard.

Fuck Tarrant. He's a stooge. Didn't bell the cat. He went after the means not the Zionists. The manifesto was appallingly transparent.

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You have room temperature IQ at best.

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Not what I said newfag. Noting that both dogs and cats are mammals is not the same saying dogs and cats are the same.

Now that you've learned how to quote you should learn how to logic. Faggot.

There is no logic, you can't read because you are a nigger I will repeat myself again, there is nothing socialist about putting your people first or being skeptical about the free-market.

Socialism advocates for both of those things, as does National Socialism.

You are retarded.

Breivik is a zionist, and kids he killed were propalestinian.

Breivik is a monotheist lunatic. I think he had freemason friends too.

The only reason even hitler called nazism national socialism is because it was a catchy slogan at the time, if you could actually read you would know that he was actually against the name change but his party adopted it anyway. Now please do us all a favor and neck yourself.

He's a pagan retard.

You're right, nothing to do with Socialism.

Those systems served to help his people, I will say this one more time, there is nothing socialist about putting the well being of your nation first.

Here's an assessment.

Tarrant was inspired by Breivik.

Tarrant didn't invent accelerationism, he copied it from Breviks manifesto. Brevik specifically talks about inciting muslims by attacking females during seperate prayers because that would set the males off for retaliatory attacks and on the pathway to jihad.

Brevik took steroids and epinephrine during the attacks and meticulously planned it all. Brevik has an extremely high IQ based off his understanding of chemistry and physics.

Tarrant took steroids and epiphidrine during the attack (which gave him the confidence boost).

Earnest was 100% emotional, did not plan, did not train, did not take steroids or epihpidrine during the attack. It also sounds like his gun jammed from the reports and he met armed resistance instantly.

How is Breivik a pagan when he's basically crusading against the europeans? He's a monotheist

And I will repeat this. "Putting your country first" or not, is not the touchstone by which socialism is defined.



How about you faggots decide to stop posting about thing you are uninformed about?

Lurk more, its not just a meme.

Its not but no one in their right mind would say that is socialist, that's a nationalist belief again hitler's national "socialist" ideology is just nationalism with a catchy slogan which he never liked in the first place if anyone needs to lurk more its you faggot.

Hitler took over an existing party. He kept the name the same for a reason.

OKC-bombing being a Clinton operation being the running theory has been a thing long before Qjew existed. The fact you're here to claim otherwise only cements the nigger brain you siege faggots employ. You're so desperate to celebrate terrorists as saints and martyrs that you attack anyone questioning the narrative spun by the media owned by jews. The same media spinning a narrative to end the white race.

Is Israel being behind 9/11 also Qanon, because those guys must of been heroes for attacking the system, right? Fucking nigger.

The thesis is that its purpose was to dismantle the growing militia movement at the time, and it worked wonders.
There was even a negroid police officer who arrived to the scene early, witnessed something then went off to the deep end to investigate then was found murder/suicided as is typical Clinton/Mossad modus.

Earnest > Tarrant
because he killed a ¡¡¡JEW!!!

He didn't run out of ammo, the doors to the mosque were locked so he had to shoot through the small windows and kill people mainly outside, he left I'm assuming so he didn't have to start a confrontation with the police. (The Police arrived at the second mosque 1 minute after he had left)

Every invader needs to be eradicated.

2,996 kills.

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Hello Mossad


So did ATF and FBI. They murdered them, and deliberately. So to hell with glowniggers and glownigger kids.

Another genius who lurked for twelve seconds before making their first posts

Saint Tarrant acknowledged Breivik's monumental feats by referring to him a Knight Justicar Breivik. He knew and paid him tribute


b-but duh free market, goy!

they're paying that jidf overtime to bump my thread.