The Incel meme is dysgenic bullshit

Selection for superior genes is required for the success of a race
Sexual selection is a part of natural selection
The (((incel))) ideology can be summed up as "kill White men who are superior and strong and get all the women and make White children." They pretend to be redpilled but all they do is hate on White men who are actually able to get women.
We must remember that (((incel ideology))) is not what a true Aryan would partake in. Whites are superior because we have evolved to be superior through natural selection, which involves sexual selection. Killing "chads" (genetically superior Whites) would turn our race into light skinned niggers.
Indeed, all of the most well-known incel killings have been committed by nonwhites, like the half-chink Erriot Rojjer and the Armenian shitskin in Toronto.
What's the solution?
1. Distance our rhetoric from destructive incel bullshit. Possibly change words like "redpill" to "truthseeking" or something else in order to create a distinction.
2. Systematically raid and disrupt incel forums. Make it seem like the SJWs are doing it.
3. Paint incels as shitskins and chinkniggers. Do not allow them to piggyback on our redpilling about the JQ. The JQ is about the White race's collective survival and not about preventing the White race shedding off half-chinks in a process of natural seleciton.

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It's literally subs trying to justify their faggot behavior

I am so mixed that my facial hair is red and blond

Making whites fight amongst each other is a great strategy. We're alienating the betas from the alphas, preventing the alphas from influencing the betas to improve themselves. Keep it up, fellow chosen!

Thanks Mr. Baron-Cohen very cool!

Incels aren't incels on purpose, that's just what the pathetic losers call themselves


strawman of the year. The incel ideology is quite literally: Women when free from societal constraints and the rule of man, become whores that seek out the most superior man they can find as they've evolved to do so since the dawn of time and if I am not receiving positive sexual attention from a woman it's because I am not a superior male and will not be selected for reproduction.
Except incels make a valid biological argument, if you separate yourself from biological reality then you cannot honestly say there's difference between the races. You use inceldom to promote monogamy and point to polygamous societies to demonstrate why a large amount of incels lead to violence since they cannot get laid.
NYPA faggot, also: yes goy, fight amongst yourselves! incels are the problem, not us merchants who introduced feminism and destroyed the family unit of your nation!
a good amount of them are shitskins and niggers, but the reality is that you can quite easily convert them to ethnic nationalism because they admit that whites have it best in the dating game and that even ethnic women prefer whites over their own. Given this, you coordinate with them to encourage shaming of racemixing whores to prevent elliot rodgers types from being born because as it stands over half of asian women prefer a white man to an asian man and thanks to jews pushing free sex most men who can fuck a random asian will do so.

Incels are a valuable tool because they're not getting laid and have little to lose, redpill them on race and why its important to preserve one's heritage then convince them to help push for monogamy. Their roast beef pussy meme is one good example of societal shaming that hits women in the feels and if it actually picks up can be a literal insult for whores to help promote a bit of chastity.

Except it isn't because as we've seen recently Chads can get away with anything even crime, murder, rape, and being politically incorrect. Oh and elliot rodgers whined about losing girls right in front of him to full blooded chinks that's just hilarious.

Incels don't own "redpill". Everyone ripped it off from the matrix.

From the targets of the incel killings, they don't hate Chad, they hate women. Or they fear Chad and women are easy targets. I don't frequent incel boards, so I don't know, but Supreme Gentleman did target some sorority house IIRC. I think the Toronto guy just killed random normies.

Why? They are miserable already. Let them have their place.

Ultimately, I think the solution to the incel problem is invite the white ones and introduce them to self-improvement. The few I have known have severe anxiety issues, maybe they should be (((medicated))) and they could chill out long enough to improve themselves. I'd welcome them to the fold, whites should be in this together.

My hand is open for white anons.

Just read this

Pick one, asshole. Then gargle my balls.
Femdyke freak detected.

Do you really think most of us would be here if we had a gf? We'd be busy fucking and going on dates. You know? Being happy? That's the reason we're all here. Red pill was first anti-feminism pill which led to uncovering how many feminists were kikes and how that brainwashed modern women. The red pill further evolved to include the JQ and the rightful place of the White race.

We have now come to the point where unless DOTR happens, civilization is fucked. We all know that will never happen so most of us became black pill. Women will get sluttier and more fucked up (25% of them are on some kind of prescription drug). Men will opt out of society more and more. Calhoun's mouse experiment will come to pass and only a few will survive the worldwide behavioral sink.

Enjoy the decline.

learn what incel means retard. i'll spell it out for you
incel means they try to get dates, ask girls out, but always get rejected. Zig Forumsacks don't try, if they did they wouldn't be always rejected like incel betas. the term you're looking for in vocel

What does aryan mean, slaves? You know it.

As for the incel thing, just legalize prostitution. Bonus points: make sure the prostitutes have IUDs, and then hand out “specially modified” condoms only for use in brothels. What kind of specially modified? The kind that reveals when someone is so unsuitable for parenting that they in-the-real-world want to inflict their testicular dna fluids upon strangers, of course!

How to modify a condom to reveal that is an exercise for evil minds, hahaha.

It’s the woman-hate though, seriously. That witless self-sabotaging curdled misogyny of incels… If incels can only value dicksheathes, and the only dicksheathes that count are the ones who can find the incel’s proximity viscerally unpleasant, there do exist women who would consent to that in exchange for adequate compensation and a performance environment safe enough to keep them from being strangled by the kind of raging ignoramus who can’t tell passion from hatred.

Protip: study the emotional heat maps: learn more about your own body’s blood fluctuations. You can practice altering your perceptual flow.

Abusive people use the heat map knowledge like a weapon. Take it back, and you can learn to love again. Also to sorrow again, and all the other things - full emotional range matters!

I once trolled a leftist space by accident by writing an essay about exactly that. The sociopathic fuckers had been burying references to it and they weren’t happy to be confronted with the full form of the info. It gets harder to get away with abusing people in an open environment of good, free-flowing information.

Ok Guys Incels do not exist, you are all playing into a media ploy meant to demean, distort, split, and control groups of online posters. What you see is the after affects of a recession and its effects human populations, in this case partner selection. Its the same thing media groups did to extend the millennial category so that big corporations and gov. don't have to admit they fucked over multiple generations. Have a nice day dumb-asses.

Note that complaints about leftist abusers do not forgive the obsessive dishonesty of this place’s locals - the endemic weakness of this place is hilarious. This is an excellent example of an environment which sustains abuse by constant lies. Truth flows poorly across this stagnant pond.

So another protip while I’m here? Race really is a social construct. It’s a centennial construct. Long-term patterns of behavior leave strong cultural traces - including genetic ones, due to epigenetics and social construction of mate selection opportunities.

Social justice inquisitors drove me out of their movement, but they did it with lies. I’m still aligned to social justice. Even if people are personally awful, they sometimes speak truth, and that’s my experience of social justice activists in a nutshell.

You've obviously never been on /meadhall/ and met anyone from here. I met 1 person who seemed normal compared to the rest at the meetup.


That's the truth. It hurts but it's right. Why do you think there is so much frustration with not being able to find a mate? We workout, eat right, read books, make money, going above and beyond for what? For a slut who can easily replace you for another guy out of thousands she can easily get from Tinder? It's not worth it anymore.

You faggot white knight White women but fail to realize that they want to be sluts. No one put a gun to their head and made them want to be slutty. Nature made them like that. They were literally put on this planet to be fucked and rear children. Nothing else.

Great post OP. With you 100%.

Oh! Oh man, thank you!

I don’t know if you’re telling the truth, but I also don’t know you’re wrong. Defending the hated! Directly throwing down a smear.

I’ll burn some sage in gratitude.

Speak for yourself.
Pussy, anything to into inaction.

You expected quality men or women to show up?
Female nature is consistent, it's up to men to lay down the law and reclaim our positions of dominance. Women will more easily follow satanic influence, it's the inaction of men that permits our current situation. tornigger.

incels are not real, you can buy sex for cheap
everyone is a volcel or not celibate at all

Satan doesn't exist, pal. But you're just here to deflect attention away from the jews.


>(((incel))) ideology
It's just updated virginshaming, as strawman buzzword to mock and marginalize non-degenerates and people that don't suck up to feminist rhetoric.

Satan doesn't exist but Satan-worshiping does. That's the jews.

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Delete this cuckchan/reddit tier online community discussion.

Look at this graphic. We're living in the age of the incel fellas.

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Attempt to recognize the niggerdumb brainwashing
the kardashian effect
What skank out there doesn't want to appear/emulate their idol and what better way then to have a nigger at their side…

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Lo jude

I'm sure very people take incel "ideology" seriously. Incel is just a term of abuse at this point that people use in an argument they're losing to insinuate the other person couldn't get a lay if they tried. They think this is effective because in an overly sexualized society of sterile relationships, not looking for a root 24 hours a day is seen as a bad thing.

Men driving the decline in sex, because loose women are having more sex with fewer men. Well whoop de doo!

At least fucking try

Statue on pic is Baal not Satan. Baal god of sacrifices related to jahbulon. Real Satan is probably more real than any other god.

All aspects of the same semitic pandemonium of sand-devils.

I've never seen 8/pol/ endorse anything MGTOW or incel related. EVER. Seen quite a few OPs making a thread to do with it and get BTFO'd in seconds, and I've seen A LOT of people like you who come along and preach to the choir as if its something new. In fairness, sometimes that is useful; you maintain a consensus and make it more difficult for newfags to be subverted, as well as reinforcing all the refugees from plebbit and 4cuck that they don't belong here; BUT STILL, we know lad. Thanks anyway.

Actually untrue. If I remember right, Canaan (what becomes Israel, and whose gods the Hebrews make idols of) is from Ham; aka they are North African stock like Egyptians, Moroccans, Berbers; a different line of 'white' to the Semite and the Indo-Aryan (what Biblically is called the Japhephite).

The Semites originally came from further East in modern day Iraq, a place called Ur. The Arabs are actually not 'full' Semites as one might expect; the word Arab means 'To Mix'. They are the original mixed race peoples. Remember also that in the Bible it says adultery is one of the greatest sins. Remember what adultery is actually is.

Definition of adulterate

transitive verb
: to corrupt, debase, or make impure by the addition of a foreign or inferior substance or element

Psst, adultery is race mixing, also culture mixing. God don't like. This actually aligns with what all of us think pretty nicely.

Related video
tl;dw: Contraceptive pill messes with oxytocyn in women which impact their decision. It pretty much line up with blue hair whale that select beta cuck for army while complaining "There's no good men"

I recommend watching it, and it should be made as a separate thread.

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I wonder what's being slid.

"Baal" is a divine title, not a proper name. "Baal" merely means "Lord" and many righteous (And unrighteous) entities have been given that title.

Tbh fringe politics is an incel cope. Zig Forumscels will deny this, cos of the false belief of being far-right making you a 'Chad'.

A fairy tale character. What next, do we call Nords Rohirrim? Or British people Halflings?

Why do you like feminist memes so much?

Keep denying reality kike shill

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I'm not the one obsessed with sex like a fucking degenerate.

Incels are a disgrace to the white race. Yo are sub human in my book and race traitors.

InCels don't exist. Every one of the "InCels" you can point out are actually voluntarily abiding by the Law by refraining from raping their way to getting their dicks wet.

This is stupid. It's about average men getting less access to their looksmatches while promiscuity & cucking is on the rise. This leads to less stable middle class families and less children and if they have 1 or 2 children later on in their 30s, dysgenics will do its part (weak immune system, asthma, autism, etc.). And it's all about average women having fucked up standards. They'll get fucked by chad because chad needs a rebound or a cum dumbster, is too lazy or nobody's in the vicinity at the moment. Now chad becomes their standard, after the 10th fuck and still no chance at a long-term relationship "all" men become officially pigs and radical feminism has a new member (fight the patriarchy). And that's if there is even an interest in long-term relationships. More than likely, they'll simply realize that they can't compete with younger women when they hit the wall. But by that time they've already emotinally destroyed their looksmatch men counterparts. This wholes men-women relationship stuff is so out of whack, I don't know if it's fixable. "Superior" chads getting constantly laid doesn't mean there's offspring afterwards, dimwit.

Incel is just a meme to make fags feel bad about not being degenerates

Incel = porn addicted beta that doesn't understand how to be a man and does not understand female nature

I don’t wanna sound like an oldfag, but I do think it’s a case of the damn internet. Think about it like this: this whole board is what happens when thousands of angry, neglected individuals who are seeing their race fall apart and the world on the brink of total collapse, and all collectively get online to talk about it. My point is, everything has to give eventually, and in the days before the internet, or arguably before most of modern media, if a guy wasn’t getting women, he didn’t sit around complaining, he did something about it and improved himself. So yeah, what you’re saying is true, that most chads and stacies aren’t getting anything out of their fuck sessions, but it also means if women pine after Chad, you must try your hardest to become him, which granted takes a long ass time and requires one give into the mindset completely. That of course is the hardest thing of all, since all the natural chads don’t even have to try, while you might always have that feeling in the back of your mind that this is all a show, and will crack.


Looks more like they aren't fucking for squatamelons.

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The fuck do I do if I'm not completely white?

I have a feeling you're all talk. These days it's a challenge keeping a girl in line when she can easily replace you with someone else who is better. Unless you're the best she can ever hope for (making her extremely inferior so no quality man wants her or you being the alphest of the alphas) then you should always be aware she can stray at any moment.

Dominance plays a factor in controlling a woman but so do gina tingles. If the right man comes at the right time GG no re.

Who's mocking NatSoc? There were/are so many threads here complaining about the modern state of Western women. The answers are usually:

It's bullshit. Finding a pretty, virgin girl who will be loyal to you is harder than making $80,000+ a year. I know because I make that if my bonus is big enough and I have a hard time finding a good girl worth marriage.

The girls ready to settle down in their mid-20s are damaged goods. They've been fucked so many times by so many strangers on Tinder they can't feel anymore. They even say stuff like, "I don't do blowjobs anymore because the last guy made me hate them…"

If you want to be Captain Save A Ho, do it but don't try to be like OP and mislead the majority of us.


This. Self-improvement =/= Chad.

Chad was born with genes that gave him the edge over everyone else. He doesn't need NatSoc because that would destroy his sex life.

Only the ugly/poor/unfit men need monogamy enforced because they can't compete in the sexual market place unless they go way below their value.

Men seeking sex is completely natural. You deny it because you can't compete in the sexual marketplace. To protect your ego, you place yourself above us peasants who want sex and relationships. In reality, you belong with incels and you know it.

Yes all incels should rape! Brilliant! It's not like feminists would take advantage of that situation and call for more extreme anti-male laws and programs.

The fact a woman can make a claim that a man raped her years ago and have no proof and still get that man convicted is a fucking joke! There are statute of limitations for a reason and now they're gone. What other bullshit do you think women can come up with to hurt men if given real cause?

Yes. I fully agree with op.
Might as well need to start the operation to further the act. So that no more harm would be done to white people. But then we still need the betas in bg, might as well try to convert them to alpha's type if it is still can be done. Make them pride being white and fuck and pregnanting white women only. We need every manpower to get things right.

Too bad you do sound like one you stupid old fucking faggot.
Let's say all men improved themselves over night. Now they all have a 6 pack and finish 1 book a day. How else can a woman separate the wheat from the chaft?

She will discriminate based on:

1)LOOKS = beauty = symmetry, jaw, nose, eyes, brow, facial hair, etc.

All self-improvement does it raise the standard an average guy has to meet to get some subpar pussy. Self-improvement long term for every man is a bad ROI for society if women aren't made property again. If they were, then self-improvement for men would be great because society benefits from their increased knowledge, energy and strength. Otherwise they use those benefits to chase pussy and deprive society of it.

One more thing: GTFO you stupid boomer faggot or at the very least STFU when the men are speaking. Your generation completely fucked us all over. You have no say in ANYTHING since you fucked up so badly.


Most incels really DGAF about race when it comes to sex. There's no difference between nigger and chink pussy if they can get it. Yeah they may prefer White but they will make do, IF they can get it.

A shit ton of them will even race mix because it beats being alone. At the end of the day, sex plays a huge role but VALIDATION that comes from sex like a relationship and intimacy are most important in their mind because they have been rejected and neglected their whole lives.

Except women's selections are dysgenic. Chad's are nigger-tier ape-like creatures. The most intelligent of us dont attract women because we arent pig-headidly confident.

didn't read lol

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This, posted from his mother's basement while his X-Box is booting.

Oh, sweet irony.

go back to the kitchen roastie men are talking

No confidence comes from lack of validation from peers when you are younger. Lack of validation comes from not being competent at a skill (sports, school, etc) or not being good-looking.

It's been scientifically proven good-looking people get better jobs, better pay, have better health, have better relationships with friends, partner and family, etc.


They only fuck based on looks or resources. If you're handsome, they fuck for free. If you're rich, they fuck for whatever they can squeeze out of you.

Ahhh yeah, nupol posters. Where you from faggot? Cuckchan or reddit?

You are definitely from reddit. You mad some kikes got shot? LOL! Your family next bitch.

According to this idea then, criminal drug dealers are desirable and thus deserve to sire the next generation and white guys that get mathematics degrees are trash who deserve to be tossed on society's garbage dump.

Yes I understand this all too well; I've been observing it since the early 70's.

Chad is a country in Africa, not a stereotype that doesn't actually exist

Allowing women abdolute control of sexual selection is dysgenic, our society exhibit a. Stop white knighting for muh poor women when zog stands behind every entropic impulse they have.

I'm talking about removing their rights that were granted to them by men. Weak men granted them rights and now the only way out is a full reverse, strong men must remove their rights. No vote, because they can't fight in wars. Restricted divorce rights, you can leave a man but have to build a solid case for why you should get the children. No support payment/ divorce rape. Limited education and employment.

Being natural and chasing like a damn monkey are completely different things. It's what separats animal from humans.

Not an argument and I'm not an Incel I'm gonna be a dad in June. I'm lucky that I'm attractive because I dont relate to others. Validation from peers also comes from being at the middle of the IQ bell curve. I just never relate to others.

Nobody does self improvement for women. That would be called preening. Self improvement is done for oneself.

This, women select for big handsome men regardless of intelligence or moral fiber. If we let this continue to its natural conclusion we'd devolve into ape-men. This is dysgenic.

Except it's not dumbass. Why do so many men go to the gym? Does the office worker need to really bench 300 lbs or deadlift 500? No, it's so they can get muscles and give themselves an edge in the sexual marketplace.

Why do so many self-help faggots suggest reading books? It's not so you can become smarter it's so you can have more things to talk about. Which is fucking laughable because a woman's conversation between each other is teenager shit.

The real point to make here is this retard is going to 'raid the incels', eventually these people will be so backed into a corner they will lash out, and this retard will learn that not only is sexual selection based on style over substance (he isn't the badass he thinks he is), he is outnumbered 10 to 1.
Friendly reminder:

I have never lifted a weight with the interntion of chasing women. It was always about getting stronger.

Reading actually improves cognitive behavioral issues, like stuttering and impatience so you're not an asshole.

I read because I enjoy it.

I self improve for the coming putsch. "Ah ya gonna fight o're lil' ole me?'' Fags get gassed.

look at Morrissey, every teenage girls wet dream, rich, talented, popular, charismatic
yet he's celibate
AND he's throwing away his reputation to bring attention to the death of Europe
bullshit claim
so conversely, who are you? some faggot torpedo whos truly above it all because you had sex, something billions of people have experienced? given that celibacy produced some of the worlds finest minds like Neuton, Tesla, among many more Christian scholars that gave their life to preserve ancient texts, these celibate guys might be onto something

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I have never done anything for the sexual marketplace bullshit. Not even an incel.

It's not the jews, it's white women!


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He's right.

Oh hete it comes, the king of boomer arguments!
I bet you believe other gems like:
Only uses circular arguments → sub 90 iq confirmed.

Jewish subversion and women's nature being given representation are both problems, this may be a shock to you, but… drumroll…

reading this in bed with gf


Kill yourself, dirty kike. We will never blame our women that make more whites over you, with your dirty fucking kike blood.

Funny, the White women are the whores always sending fags after me and calling me the nigger.

Hang yourself Hershel

You're a faggot,you don't even like women

Why would I Schlomo?

I am of noble stock, german and french, have five kids and am telling you how it is from my big dicked engineering job where i work 3 hours a day and make six figures.
Meanwhile, you lick syphilitic pussy juice of the pedestal you built for women after they get done cucking you on top of it.

There weren't any French Nobleman after the 1700's. Unless you're saying you're related to the single largest winery family on the planet that is.

Also, you can't be noble is that's how you view people

Is he even a virgin or incel? I bet he's had sex in the past and who says being a rebel will isolate him? Serial killers have women throwing themselves at them so it wouldn't be hard to fathom this guy could get laid if he wanted to based on his looks and reputation.

What was your shitty counter argument again?

Yes because they preferred their work over a wet hole. I'm talking the average man, brainlet. Learn logic before you step into the arena.

Yes. It's not so much laying fault, or it shouldn't be, as this is a time to point out realities. Laying fault on groups outside our own is ridiculous and achieves nothing for us. Would you blame a nigger for nigging? No we just ship it back to Africa like a nigger. Do we blame jews for being KIKES? No, just grab the zyklon, Hans. Is a woman eroding traditional values and whoring? ==PIMP HAND.== The only group of people we can really be critical towards and expect a change from, are White men. This is our territory, the only real conversation is between White men. Sure there might be some based brown men or "honorary" Nips, but their opinions ultimately don't matter because they must go back and most of them will try and cuck White men.

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fug, me neither


Ehrenfels wrote that the driving engine of racial evolution was competition between males for breeding females — the struggle for the reproduction of the fittest. He called this process "virile selection," as opposed to "vital selection". Monogamy sabotaged this process, even condemning them to degeneration. Men’s instincts are to impregnate as many women as possible, while women’s reproductive instincts were by nature monogamous, being satisfied by a single man. Monogamy imposes female values on marriage at the expense of men. Males, then, are naturally polygynous and the restriction of this nature leads to all sorts of flings with prosititutes, adultery and illicit sexual affairs – all leading to further degeneration.
A new sexual morality was proposed in Europe: an ethic of development. The improvement of humanity would trump altruism. Women would be restricted to one marriage, while men would be permitted to form as many marriages for reproduction as they could support financially. Those who failed in the struggle for wealth would be barred from reproduction, seen as unworthy, and permitted to have relationships with only with unfit women who could not, would not or were not fit to have children. In the long run he supported only men who were fit for military service would be allowed to reproduce, and the right to polygny as a reward for military service


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