Why do Jews Lie to and Brainwash Their Own Kids?

Has anyone watched this documentary? It's called 'Defamation' and it's by a Jew but in it exposes not only the lies they tell non-Jews but to their own kids like that scene with Polish people just asking what some kids were there for and they cry antisemite. It's crazy. What explanation does Zig Forums have for this behaviour? I mean it makes sense to lie to outsiders but lying to your own kids? Why do Jews do this?

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Goyim are like animals: they can't think for themselves without becoming barbaric. Without Jewish guidance Europe would have never existed. So G-d gave to us the right to lead you as a shepherd leads a flock, which it is not your place to question our methods. If you will not serve us, our covenant with G-d ensures that Shaitan will wreck you.
Get it?

The same reason they circumsice them. Children are born filthy to the jew according to their book.
Even a jewish baby is born with pureness and innocence. But they want to breed a psycopath so they will do whatever is needed so the child will become like them.

But that doesn't make any sense why they'd lie to their kids not just about non-Jews but everything else. Like the whole life of a Jew is a lie. It's so sad.

woof woof I am a savage and snarling beast.

Who sent the angel of death, Samael, to kill the firstborn of Egypt?
Who controls the angel of death?
Who knows the blood rituals to make the angel of death pass over us unharmed?
We Jews do.
So who has power over both G-d and "Satan"?
We Jews do.
Not you.
This is why ALL will serve Israel.
Watch and see.
Lies and truth are what we decide it is, not you.

Because they can't keep the grift going if their kids aren't true believers


Fuck off kike

It is you who is leaving, into the pit of eternal fire and shit where your Jesus calls home.

Why are Jews so successful and you’re not at all so? Do they just work harder or do you not at all?

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You call that barking at the moon? Don't you know? Satan is a dog in the dark. God is an endless storm.
You believe lies from forked tongued inbreds. How hilarious.

OP, the best way to tell a lie is to believe it yourself.

nigger test neigger>>13203062

Looks like it's gonna be 110 countries comin' right up.


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You will be deprived of your vices. The clock is ticking. Your end is near. Information is being condensed. JHWH IS DEAD.

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Your god is evil, and will be struck down by the hands of Aryan Man. We know its True Name, after all. The ones you fear to utter in dread of evoking his anger.

Barbaric is your word, schlomo. Because you can't understand direct forthright language where one's action and honor are held in more importance than one's tone and manner of materialism, nonetheless, there can be no one ring to rule them all, the snake must be cut that consumes its own tail.

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cringe tier larp

sigh… jewish people sacrificed their own children because you are all addicts on the adrenochrome blood. That is your covenant to you filthy god. There will come a day when the passover cleans your filth. The air will smell beautiful.

Why do you look at the Jews with jealousy and indignation?

This. G-damn it. Zig Forums is always right… the edge-lords over in /b2/ think they've taken over Zig Forums all of the sudden.
I'd actually call it pedo-tier larping. Ban evasion, really.

I swear to G-d, you people must really, really hate yourselves.

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You do realize when you do that you out your self.

You'll find that even some kikes, when exposed to the realities of their own kind, sometimes have enough mixed race non jewish blood in them to turn on their own kind, see: The Association of German National Jews which came out in support of Hitler, Brother Nathaniel, even Turbo kike Marx bad mouthed the jews once in a while even while working towards the jewish goal of the destruction of the Europe. Sort of like how the Chinese are forced to lie about their own history to their own children, their presence in this world is one of such horror, it's too risky to even let their own in on the truth.

Although, I should add that in the case of Marx, it was mostly just lip service for plausible deniability, he was fully dialed into the jewish endgame, as proven by his correspondence with Baruch Levy and the Communist League.

It's worse than that, OP. I think the worst lie jews do to themselves is lying that they're Biblical jews. Jesus Christ warning about those who call themselves jews but are not but are actually the synagogue of Satan aside, even Science says modern jews aren't jews.



Even the small Near East DNA part of them is nowhere near Israel. Same goes for Shepardi and other Jews. The only people who seem to have continual lineage in Israel are ironically the Palestinians


This paints an interesting picture, a mural that depicts modern "jews" as LARPers and liars.

Of course, whether you are religious or not, it gives a startling credence that says only Christians might be right with their prophesies.

It was actually supposed to be a dig at kikes because they believe their fake faggot god is too holy to even write the name out.

How about this religion: God is good, and everyone and everything, including you and me, is God. You don't need a special magic book of D&D stories to practice this religion. You don't even need to be able to read, it's the religion that dogs practice.

I've been kicked off 4chan, reddit, Tinder, Bumble, and now Instagram. I'm just some random thirtysomething white guy, I pay my taxes, I'm a good consumer, why fuck with me?! I'm reaching levels of misanthropy that shouldn't even be possible right now.

Zionism doesn't know a race, it's a mind parasite. These people don't realize the destruction they are bringing.

The Tel Aviv kikes are the worst. Death to Israel.

The mistake you ugly inbred vermin keep making is betting on whiteys empathy. You don't have it, because in reality you are shrewd sandniggers. We built this world. You are parasites. But keep pushing.

I hope you die

Shut up yid. You aren't a real semite and you never will be. And unless you're autistic, your mind is just as empty as any neurotypical goy. You are literally a golem.

Interesting. Let us see in 10 years when this generation grows up.

You think Yahweh serves you, when in reality, all people, even you, exist to serve him, and he serves nobody. I laugh at my knowledge that you will burn in hell until nothing is left.

So current Talmudic Jews are an opportunistic group that seized upon the Christianity oh neighbhors as a method to take advantage of them?


THIS is why jews must be exterminated. Their dangerous tendency to control. We must find a way soon to remove the Ashkenazis or risk destroying our race. A biological agent only affecting jews would be a good start.

this is the essence of semitic delusion lol

like the old meme, the sheep spend all their time worrying about the wolves, when in the end it is the shepherd that eats them. I think you have a warped idea of reality OP. We are the inventors of civilisations! Without us there would be no aeroplanes, microchips, transistors architecture, insane genius level classical music, satellites etc etc etc.We are like gods compared to all the other races that at best try to copy us. We don't need anyone at all, what we really need is to be left alone while the rest of the world builds their little stick huts and eat each other.

The jews truly are pure evil, holy shit.

get a load of the nose on this guy

They have only gotten more powerful since 2013.

And remember, they are less than 2% of the US population. So how else would you explain this?

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G-d here! For these words, which show that you are stepping above me, all of your seed will dry up, like the water of a wadi in the dessert.

No one is forcing you to watch the electric jew or subscribe to Kikeflix.

Really now? Let's look at Israel, which had never been the land of the Jews. Jews were always a minority among other nations which lived there where they lived as bandits attacking the trade caravans of the Babylonians and the Assyrians. This should explain to you why those nations were after them all the time. It should also explain to you why Jews are different from other nations and did not have a civilization of their own. No temples, no statues, no stadiums, no theaters as if they never lived there. Then when the Arabs conquered it was already Christian ever since the Romans drove the Jews out some 600 years before the Arab conquest. So you didn't even own Israel for the vast majority of history, if ever. Even taking into the account the Myth of the Kingdom of David being true, it didn't even last for more than 70 years after which the Hebrews live in scattered communities until the Assyrians captured them and disposed 10 out of their 12 claimed tribes/bandits before the Romans came and expelled those two tribes out of Judea.
Through modern archeology, evidence plain as day shows that Egyptians really did not enslave Jews and have them build the pyramids and if there was no Jewish slavery in Egypt then the entire story of Moses and desert wandering is bullshit as well which makes the entire Israel story itself bullshit since they all never happened.
Finally as has shown us, we have scientific proof, genetic evidence to prove that today's 'Jews' have no genetic connection to the land to begin with because they're just a bunch of insane Khazar/Persian converts believing in make-believe desert fairy-tales as historical fact. What does this mean? Jews are an uncivilised invented people, incapable of creation, laughably dedicating their empty invented life of lies to recreate this great Israel that has never existed, always in envy of its neighbours whom either invented civilisation like Mesopotamia and Babylon or have great civilisations like Greece and Rome. So basically, you Jews are like a pack of lunatics of the 21st century A.D. who still believe the sun revolves around the earth, a belief long since proven false through OUR civilisation and science. You Jews lie to gentiles, you lie to your own children, and you lie to yourselves.

To put it simply,

Even if that user and a couple more opted out the 90% of stupid people left would still be forced to watch the Jewish ran media news and entertainment industry for their information, because there is virtually no media owned by jews or their interests you dumb nigger.

But thank god media distrust is at an all time high. It's only rising.

It's to teach the kids about lies so when they grow up they can be liars too

What sad existence. Poor kids.

And with that, we understand what a jew really is at the end of the day.
Explain why they're so psychotic and neurotic at the end of the day : you lies over and over and over again, and you're afrid of being caught.
You believe your own lie, pretending to be truth and when a nation reject you, you believe your own lies so much you blame them for rejecting you instead of you, for being liars who persecute said nation all the while believing you're a bunch of victims, incapable of hurting anyone.
Then when you're rejected, you make shit up to your kids, lie to your own children and the cycle begin again and again and again.

You have learned nothing.

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They're evil, Jews are just evil. Even the Bible knows they're Satanic.

If you believe a lie, then no one can pry the actual truth from you.

This is elementary stuff, dude.

Why do parents tell their kids stories about the boogeyman? The ever present anti-semite outside, neo-Hitler in the shadows about to strike is how you keep little jews from looking outside at the world, how the goyim live and asking, "why not me?" Jews are TERRIFIED of assimilation. At least the more orthodox, conservative set that runs Israel.

Inflicting holocaust trauma on kids serves a similar function to the dick cutting of newborns. Nothing binds a group together like shared trauma and/or an outside menace. It's all about control and conditioning. Note, also how people normalize and perpetuate the abuses they suffer. It's a cope and helps keep the cycle going.

These people have, in their insistence on seperation and rejection of Logos, literally cursed themselves generation after generation for nearly two millenia. I could almost pity them but even the briefest glance back at their track record clears that out real quick.

Is that the documentary, by a jew trying to understand the adl and ends up red pilling himself? I was surprised at the blacks being aware of the jew problem in that documentary.

Because even a child can recognize evil.

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Most jews fall for the same bullshit propaganda that most whites do. Don't mistake this as "muh based jews" talking points, they're still parasites that ruin their host countries, they're just dumber parasites than the more wealthy and well connected jews.

Capped for well put summation of Talmudic lies.

Just ask them which one of the tribes they're from, not a single jew can answer that question. Most of the offspring of the people from Judea in the bible are not jews nor Christians, they're mostly Arab muslims or muslims through conquest.

its because they migrated from northern Mesopotamia to the levant. The lebanese are the same. The hebrews were basically a sub-group of phonecians. They are both more related to turks, iranians, kurds, druze and yazidi, then they are to nieghbhouring arab populations (jordanians, palestinians, most syrians)

thats actually not true, jews have extensive family genealogies they can trace back to the tribes of judah and benjamin

(contd) palestinians are descended from the arab bedouins from the desert just outside of palestine

Sure, sure, Shlomo. It's true if you believe in it, right?

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Blatant lie, because the kikes aren't descended from the Judahites and Benjaminites. The kikes are descended from an amalgam of Canaanites, Kenites, Edomites, and other shitskin and semi-shitskin tribes of the region who only adopted Judean language and a bastardized form of its' religion.
The ancient Israelites, and Christ himself, were all White Aryans.

Imagine being this delusional. It would be pretty funny if it weren't so utterly pathetic

Its called a class hierarchy. That's why the jews are so afraid to lose some of their important Rabbis all at once because as a species they'd become like prawns from District 9.

It was real in your mind, just like a gas chambers.

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Was rescinded through Christianity. The Old Testament was kept as a Cautionary Tale of what following kike religion will get you.

You think 6 trillion was not enough?

Let us prove what is truth by providing samples from the book we wrote ourselves. Top kek

DBZ of all things?

Hitler didn't attempt to genocide the jews it's all a farce to milk morality money from goyim.


Is my mum a kike?

The Dragon's figure is similar to Quetzalcoatl and/or Tiamat. Which probably is the nemesis of the jew, ignorance, marduk/moloch and yhwh.

Hail Satanas. Hail Tiamat

The best way to teach is by example. You're not going to teach kids to become shameless liars by always telling them the truth.

Cool LARP. Show us your kippah with a time stamp.