The newest high scorer, John T. Earnest, tried to livestream his attack against jews onto FaceBook live. However, before he was able to, FaceBook privated his profile. Future high scorers/copycats of Brenton Tarrant need to livestream their attacks elsewhere. FaceBook seems to have upped their security ever since the New Zealand Christchurch shooting. Any ideas on new livestream platforms where future 8channers can pwn muslims and jews?

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he killed 1 person

Yes, he was indeed a massive faggot, but I would've really enjoyed seeing that Jew get shot

i thought everyone understood it after the stream of tarrant was interrupted
but no
geniuses Zig Forums learn(?) from their mistakes

although streaming is not through your server, it is unwise in any case

What about Twitch? Some of these videos seem almost exactly like Call of Duty games.

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Dunno about the Twitch option. Might get permabanned on the spot after people realize what's going on

will block by complaint as i think
but you can try stream some through, share link here and report results

The AIM thread didn't work, quick, switch tactics.
Fuck off FBI.

Reported. This thread is another fed bait thread.
Child Porn is NOT welcome here or ANYWHERE you sick fucking kike pedophiles

you dont understand irony, cunt?

Nope. Kid was incompetent.

OP here. I am NOT a fed. I am a newfag who hates jews. I apologize for my newfaggotry. I will kill myself next week if that makes up for it anyhow

That's weird. I read a news article saying that FaceBook privated the account before anything happened. I still don't think FaceBook Live is a competent source to stream mass shootings

You should fucking lurk for 2 years before posting, let alone making a thread, then.

I can't. I literally just said I'm gonna kill myself in a week, dumbass. I'm just making sure that before I leave people at least have better alternatives of livestreaming mass murder

maybe something like that

Does anyone have the link to his manifesto?

That is a VERY good solution. From now on, we on this website brave enough to heroically spread lulz to the world live, shall do so with a private rtmp server

John Earnest was an complete idiot who threw his life away for nothing. The attack accomplished nothing. Jews will just use this to further their persecution complex.

Yes, I understand people are frustrated, but random shootings like this aren't going to accomplish jack or shit. Are the Jews fleeing the United States? Nope. Oh! Nutty yahoo said it's a blow to the heart of the Jewish people. They say that about anything even remotely "anti-semitic." You could fart and he'd say the gas which eminated your ass reminded him of Auwschwitz and it was a blow to the heart of the Jewish people.

Yes, actual progress is going to involve actual work. That's the problem with you idiots, you're just waiting for someone to come save you, instead of actually building a community. Because if you don't want to work for it, then you're never going to get it. It seems to me the lot of you who are genuinely promoting this guy, and Tarrant,(those who aren't feds) are just simply malcontents scape goating your own personal issues and problems on Jews and you don't really care about the future of Western Civilization. If you did, you'd work for it.

You want Brenton Tarrant's or John Earnest's? Cause I have both

here is earnests manifesto Letter.pdf

John earnest, read the Tarrant one already

Man, I don't care about that shit. I just care about the lulz and the memes

Work for debt based jew currency. Yeah il get right on that.