Don't associate whole Europe with these countries!!!

I'll start: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Malta,Greece, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania and Albania

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Romania is the most ancient Aryan land in the entire world. The Vinca Symbols are our oldest inscriptions and must be protected, it shows Aryans invented writing some 7000 years ago, far before any Semites or Egyptians did.

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don't flatter yourself. the majority of your nation can pass as North African,

These people were not Aryans you dumb fuck. Aryans arrived to Europe from the steppe. Vinca was Anatolian farmer culture


here we go again

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shit meme with no factual evidence.

italian, sicilian and etc should all be in the shit tier. pronto.

Just the indo-european languages survived. This doesn't mean the indo-europeans didn't fuck pre indo-euro women and make babies whose descendants are modern Europeans

worth as much as your shit thread faggot

a pissed off italian cunt thinking he's as white as the northern gods?


Evrope would not exist without the Roman Empire

Renaissance is god tier aesthetic, leave the pasta nigs alone

You mean Sweden?

List of non-White European countries:

"X isn't white. where X is a european country"-threads

Who keeps bumping these?


czech here and i'm just pissed off by niggers like you shilling divisions among europeans

albanians and roaches not white? fair enough
but pizza did nothing wrong


I'm pretty sure Albanians are (Racially) White. Maybe not by Faith, but I'm pretty sure they are by Blood.

they're not IMO


Low-tier d/c thread. Sage & report.



co-saging another "whites-arent-whites"-thread.

I see you included almost everyone in the south except Macedonia/Bulgaria.

You're from there, I'm guessing?

Subtle jew detected. Subtly shilling.
If albania isn't white then neither is grece, nor bulgaria nor romania due to similarity in blood.

Jews jewing jewingly jewry. Gas yourself and die kike. Zyklon Saged.

i'm from the Canada.
Too much of shitholes to even bother, but yeah, they're not white aswell

Guys don't be stupid.The (((OP))) and his kike friends are trying to divide us.Only Muslim European countries like Bosnia, Croatia and Analbania are not white, all others are Just ignore this awful shit thread and go fuck yourself rabbi.

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The Vincas used the Swastika far before "Aryans" did. If the Vincas weren't Aryan, does that mean the Aryans stole the symbol from them?

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and the japanese "stole" their alphabet from the chinese, I guess that means they're all having little chong chino-nip babies, right?

Fuck off nigger.
Albania is the whitest of whites.

I mean, If we're talking purely about the whitest, I think Michael Jackson has a legitimate platform to stand in on this debate.

Everyone always forgets the Welsh. Even the Welsh.

Now that's what I call serbposting.

I'd guess OP means in a modern context.
Some places have devolved in the latter centuries (we all know about the eye-color chart)
Also to some extent all humans are just humans and race is just a reflection of the soul but we don't need to discuss that for a long time to come

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How's the weather in London, Milan, Vienna, or another European capital where you're selling der juden dope and trafficking in humans and human organs, Hoxha?

the real question is, why do some romanians look more like sandniggers than jews? shouldn't jews be wasyy darker?

Nice D&C thread.
Do you think it will work?
To it I might as well add
Slavs are not White. Germany should conquer Poland and exterminate them as revenge for stuff that happened 80 years ago.
Christianity is the only White religion. All non-Christians should be burned at the stake. The Bible is the Word of God! Heretics!
Protestantism is the one true faith of Christianity. Catholicism and Orthodox are heresies of Satan! Deus Vult!
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Meds? More like MUDS! Italians aren't White. Neither are Iberians for that matter. Or Greeks! They're the mexicans of Europe. Kill em all and replace them with Aryan Nords!
Anime is non-White and anime posters are faggots. Anime posters get the Rope!
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Did I miss any?

I think you got it covered fam

How is the weather in Tel Aviv?

Absolutely true!

Moishe you smell like old semitic pussy.

True! But even Bosnia, Albania and Croatia has aryan blood. Their faith does not interest me the slightest!

Our aryan blood is our god!

Vinca people are aryan people. To this day, it is not clear, where the aryans really came from. Steppes? Northern europe?

Blonde hair certainly develped in northern europe. Just look at a map, that shows the distribution of it!

Nice summary of the kikes.
The kikes cry, because one of their breed got her ticket to the place she belongs.

You can't really generalize. The European countries you list do have a decent amount of swarthy looking kebab types but they also have plenty of very Aryan looking individuals left also. I've seen plenty of weird swarthy types in England and Ireland as well. Dark hair and eyes with big thick dark bushy eyebrows. They aren't jews either, just this weird genetic subset of whites that seem to exist in small pockets of the UK.and Ireland aka Rowan Atkinson, Maise Williams types

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lurk moar

It's the basal ancestral stock from before we accumulated mutations that allowed us to adapt to colder environments and evolve into fully fledged humans.

It's no coincidence the Balkans are the birthplace for both the oldest urban cultures and the White human species.

whiter than other mogoloid ane siberoid amerindian admixed Europens.

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Sure is cuckchan in here. Too bad the moderation personally endorses this garbage.


Check out the based epicanthic folds.

FINNS = Original Warriors

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Italians and Greeks are the founders of that which the nigger like northern Barbarians pretend is theirs

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This thread is a perfect thermometer of the 4cuckchanization of this board.

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Spotted the Nordicuck. Your ancestors were subhuman scum who needed to pillage and rape to survive. Mine founded western civilization. Everything you take pride in is not yours it is mine you are nothing but a pathetic parasite

Jesus Christ dude this board is just cuckchan now.



If this thread wasn’t created by bot then op is due for burn out soon.
You will never be white op

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