I see WAYYYYYY too many of you niggers who don't understand this. Let me put it as simply as possible.

Anyone who refers to the "National Debt" as a major issue without mentioning this is in a retard or a demoralization shill.

This is a thread to bring awareness to something every single one of you should know. Also to brainstorm ways of memeing this to NPC's… THIS is a winning issue regardless of where someone is on the political spectrum. You can convert all across the board. This is the one issue they fear being exposed to the light of day.
It is the one thing you will never hear mentioned by any (((politician))) or (((e-celeb)))… Trump called it a "powerful golfer" lol

Other urls found in this thread:

It will be hilarious seeing the kike shills grasp at straws to try to argue against the Video in the OP. If they even try. Not sure how they could.

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You made a low effort thread to "englighten" us with already known knowledge. kill yourself. If you were planning action you would have more content to your thread, instead you want people to circle jerk you telling you how smart you are. unless you post 20x times OC thats good memable material.

Do not pass go SCHLOMO. SAGE

shit-effort with (hopefully) good intentions

Ask someone on the street if they know about it. Do it.
Dude I knew this when i was 13. Of course it is known by nonretards. But do you know how many people here don't? you would be surprised. A large % Nupol from MAGAland. Why would you be against this being brought to the forefront? It is a winner with NPCs. And clearly implicates the jews. undeniable. no speculation needed. Anyone who says "what jewish conspiracy?" should immediately be countered with a heavy hitter.

Not trying to enlighten you. This is a basic issue, a key issue, and a winning issue. One they silence… And it also ends the Trump debate. Shows what he says about the real menace.

You're not wrong, but this thread is still on the level of "The sky is blue!"

If you're going to post shit everyone with two functioning brain cells already knows, go do it on halfchan.

was posting on halfchan as we speak.

you call me "SCHLOMO"?

for what? naming the real jew? allow the newfags with double digit IQ's the "enlightenment" they deserve lol

Jerome Powell was on 60 minutes like 2 months ago. Nobody went in the streets protesting their role as debt cattle.
When I started talking to people on the MAGAtard right wing, they don't know this. They believe Trump. "Powerful Golfer"

no surprise there. shit thread is shit.

This movement is doomed to fail because you focus more on pacifying your cerebral narcissism then cutting off the head of the dragon. Didn't make the thread to look like a genius. Knew it would seem retarted to 8/10 anons. Did it anyways because i don't care about my anonymous internet fee fees like you do. Was hoping more would share that perspective

whatever you say pal…

You guys are a real bunch of winners! Race Realism, Cultural Marxism, and Kalergi plan are not going to go the full distance.

That is projection. That might be how you felt in my position. I am just disappointed. If i cared about looking cool I wouldn't post this here. It is a entry level redpill. But boomers and zoomers on here have no idea. I have seen it myself. Nethier does anyone in real life. Which is where the world is going on. Not in your dungeon of narcissistic delusion and internet fee fees

aww, poor baby.

The Federal Reserve is common knowledge here. We event had anons go stand outside one of its branches armed, but it was a flimsy attempt and didn't repeat itself as is needed to make a statement mean something.

The Federal Reserve isn't the one issue they care so much about, it is a issue. Race realism, cultural marxism and the Kalergi plan are also important. Instead of being a sperg who can only focus on one issue at a time, try to be a man, who can compose a set of issues and create a template of solutions.

That is what a folkish movement represents. A template of solutions.

Don't care about looking like a total faggot anonymously. I am not here to be the "coolest" poster. Hopefully I inspire at least one person to tell their next door neighbor in real life that they are debt cattle. Rather then ignore their real life next door neighbors and sit in a dungeon of theoretical DOTR and kvetch about the kikes. When we could easily meme them into extinction.

Do you know how elitist that is?

I agree. I said it wont go the full distance. It wont.

Lol why would i care dude? I don't view this as competition for anonymous Narcissist points like you do. Would it be that easy for someone to hurt your feelings? If you guys don't meme the fed out of pride, I really don't know what to say to you. You are a terrible self involved human.

This IS the jewish conspiracy. Would you rather focus on symptoms? Do you take Nyquil when you have Influenza that requires medication? They own your labor.


I am a gay dick sucking tranny. and black. so is my credibility low enough now? can we talk about your owners?

OP (me) is a gay black tranny. Who has hurt fee fees about his shitty halfchan post… this just in… the fed still owns you

more useless information that was already obvious to the rest of us here. back to cuckchan now.

we know.

You are in it for the lulz. that is okay. you seem very masculine lol. Spend all the energy you want insulting me. I would not be here if I cared. I am not like you.

this is apparently what 8pol does folks

As long as jews own your labor you will never be free. Tell your real life neighbor. He doesn't know.

Talk about a fucking blackpill lol

Attached: pride.jpg (640x480, 131.48K)

A private company of kikes owning your labor isn't a big deal? Controlling inflation? Interest Rates? you serious?

money doesn't really matter product does. jews can claim over 50% of the treasury notes but, they produce nothing. they're directly involved in services like law, medicine, and media. there just isn't enough kike overlords to post in every major factory thus euro-americans still control and run this country despite our parasite attachments. when they've sucked enough blood we'll collapse and the ticks will be the first off our corpse. this country is done finito so we might as well be a good example for the rest of humanity and the european global population in particular.

A private company of kikes owning your labor isn't a big deal? Controlling inflation? Interest Rates? you serious?


what's so fucking new about it? before the 1910s it was anglo-americans. the federal government has always been a giant pig which thrashed around the western hemisphere sucking up wealth and materials. might as well be controlled by the jewish clique we fought for in ww2 which causes the destruction of the descendents that caused the destruction of the third reich and a pan-european global empire.

This is actually sickening seeing the reaction to this thread… just because it is "obvious"… even though nobody on the street knows about it.

Pride is deadly.

You keep making this about "me"… a gay black tranny… i am here to talk about your owners.


Except it is not the federal government retard. It is a private entity owned by jews.

wow i really had you guys all wrong. Thought you were men of honor. You are the scum of the earth

Attached: yyyyyyyyyyyy.png (259x194, 17.05K)

The fed is only private in the sense that the governors can act independently of congress, which is a good thing. All profit is returned to the treasury. If you want to be a mongoloid and return to the boom-bust pattern of the 1800s then leave me out of it.

seems relevant

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Eat shit goyim. Litterally, go to McDonalds.

Why I don't even bother arguing with people about anything anymore.

If they don't understand the problem, they will always be miserable. Hitler understood the problem.


Good thread OP, ignore the hate it's just standard-issue hate from jews, 14 year olds and blackpills.

I think the problem with the fed is that in clown world it couldnt exist because in clown world the instutions that make up our society is there for our benefit, so for the clown, it cannot exist and what youve outlined is just a "conspiracy theory"(which the clown member continually gets told by clownnews isn't real). This is the level of thinking the clown exists on. Child level one can say.

So you have to meet the clown on his or her level, basically do the same thing the media does to the clown: keep repeating things over and over. So if someone went to the fed in DC filming just trying to get an answer to whether or not their a private organisation… it may work on the normies. Strategically placed grafitti on the corners around the fed building saying FED is a private organization with secret shareholders creating and then charging interest of the us government for those same created money… may make enough angry people.

Make an "art project": "ratpoison gas" outside with a sign: "ratpoison! rats inside!" and pray to jeebus that you get on some kind of newstation were you will have 15 seconds to give the correct sentence…

But seriously… we need to get at the news & media… it's the only reason clownworld has any power at all. If suddenly the TV and magazines stop working for a month or two suddenly most people would find themselves able to think again and we would magically shift towards traditionalism again.

This was the real reason for WW2.

appreciate it man. you cut my blackpill in half. was thinking about just giving up and enjoying the decline. Been at this shit for a while in real life, very new to the chans. If I cant trust 8pol to care about our kike overlords then I really do not know where to turn anymore. All I see is Ignavi

Attached: uuuuu.jpeg (327x154, 9.85K)

agreed. The good thing is that media credibility is at an alltime low. the problem is that the social engineering has moved online and with the massive datamining operations it is more effective the T.V. ever was.

It is Completely decentralized (unlike TV & newspapers) with shills and gatekeepers at every corner. and algorithmic manipulation of personal social media accounts is a big deal too. Alot of fucking shit going on lol

Just saw this part. Valid critique. The Fed pretty much memes itself though. It is a living joke.

1. Print paper
2.Magic Wand
3. Profit

You also can't beat the classic old school 7th grade level zeitgeist video. and this one by robert anton wilson. Say what you want about the messengers, but they absolutely destroy the fed. At a level simple enough for the average primate.

The Zeitgeist and Robert Anton Wilson videos will Red Pill ANYONE on the fed. Man, woman, or child. European, yellow, or nigger….everyone besides a certain chosen people.

Yes it is true, but i still think the media has way too much respect. They should not have more respect than to be seen as what they are: a propagandist. Until EVERYONE, including the normies that watch the news and read the papers to stay "up-to-date" view the media in this light nothing will change. That is why i always hate on the media any chance i get online or offline. I call them propagandists and i say i hate them because they brainwash and fool people… This kind of emotional argument is easy to do because you might not even need to back it up and so you simply start cracking peoples worldview a bit. Also hate on fb and how they hide everything with their algorithms not liberal, etc. Hate on reddit and how they fool everyone. Hate works. And it's easy.

Iv'e stopped getting into long discussions because of the emotional nature of man you can't really uber redpill someone immediately(especially women ofc). So what you should instead try to do is put chips into their worldview and attack the source of their delusions: the media. Also something im thinking of: remove the media as reality-maker. For most clowns the media = society… They naively believe contrary to all proof that media mirrors society at-large. This is incredibly wrong because if the media would mirror society-at-large we would all be drooling geriatrics… Because the media is batshit insane and you need to remove them as the authority or spokesman for society by pointing out how "most people" don't agree with what they say on the news, etc… Make them irrelevant. This is the kind of stuff that could spread like wildfire in the internet world of today and make a real change.

Hard citation for quote or don't repost it.

Buy bitcoin and chainlink

you can show these to your co workers. or neighbors. or anyone. that is why the fedpill is the perfect redpill. No one will call you a "nazi". There is no speculation involved. When they connect the dots with Fed, Hollywood, Law, ZOG and the illegal dual citizenships… they are now in the game. one simple step. Expose the fiat.

Still lol worthy

Trump is the only thing paying the bills. And they are still not turning profits. They are heavily subsidized. The media is done when Trump leaves. The problem is that the internet will be completely sterilized (and weaponized) by that time if we don't speed the fuck up.

anons i only found the edit but not the original

Attached: Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 9.04.48 AM.png (369x571 204.74 KB, 158.55K)

holy fuckin shit you just awoke an icy rage in me

After much deliberation i have decided
I think the best pill is the one that puts the inventor of terms most people secretly hate like: racism, sexism, misogyny, white privilege, gender, etc together with their jewish inventor who came up with the term. This could be put up as grafitti. Hung from rooftops, etc. Posted EVERYWHERE online. It's everything everyone who hasn't gone completely batshit needs to connect the dots and break the spell:

The jews have power through language, it is just that if you are a normal healthy male you are going to see problems with their terms because they are not logically consistent. Eg:

Racism - youre a bad person because you think there is such a thing as race? Inventor: Schlomo Kikestein
Sexism - youre a bad person because you think there are differences between the sexes??? Inventor: Gabriel Judenblatt
white privilege - whites are "privileged" because they are sidelined when applying to university and jobs??? Inventor: Bignose Goldburg

MOST people already hate these terms, it's just that they can't see the bigger picture: they don't understand why the terms exist, they don't understand that they are propaganda words, shaming words, they don't understand why they exist or for what purpose. That is where you come in. This is the silver bullet right here. Spread it Anons.

teaching that shit to little kids? In America? The GOAT president is rolling in his grave…. Btw, when he says "Eternal God" he means the antithesis to the kike "God"… AJack also knew The Truth America was founded on ;)… the torch Hitler carried on after we cucked out ;)

Attached: iiiiiiiiiiii.jpeg (1554x777 79.07 KB, 616.11K)

fed pill requires no such effort. simply let them know jews own them as livestock

So you're basically saying 'fuck what they do, just kill the jew'?
I can get behind that

Attached: tinfoilmadcow.PNG (387x446, 230.53K)

Im not dissing on your fed pill. Go do your fed pill, and others that want to can do it too. But this is the distillation of my thoughtwork and i think - after cleaning it up - it is the most beautiful pill in existance. Jews have power through language but it is because the press is corrupt the terms are not questioned, the terms are not put in context etc and that they are spread… Logically speaking, the terms are ridiculous and that is why pointing it out while at the same time giving plausible connection to an overarching conspiracy is so powerful, because both Logic and Probable Cause is on our side and let's not forget: Most people are still in command of their faculties; it's just that it's weakened and attacked by a corrupt media. Something like this would put so much light on these hated words and expressions that it could have the power to topple the entire System.

I've been pointing this out for years here, hasn't gone anywhere because people don't give a shit how the money system works until it doesn't.

This really needs a new thread were we work through all the kike sources so please make one because i have to leave:

toxic masculinity - youre a bad person because youre a real man???
mansplaining - youre a bad person because you sometimes explain things and happen to be a man??
manspreading - youre a bad person because you have nuts inbetween your legs???
misogyny - you "hate" women because you think there are differences???

These are all SHAMING words & expressions made to DEMONIZE men, made to make women HATE men and they are all made by JEWS because they WANT YOU TO STOP BREEDING, because YOU, EUROPEAN, stands inbetween them and WORLD-DOMINATION.


Why do you have to be such a massive dweeb faggot?

Imagine if we made children's books here

Cerebral Narcissist. You can spot these minikikes from a mile away

hahahaha that is the motto.
i'm irish and mussolini 50 50 so I am not counting on being on the good side of any germanic purges lol. I am not in it for the utopia. You guys can keep it. I'm just here on a vacation to take out the dragon. I know that is the only reason I am on this planet. Kinda like that movie Ghost Rider except 50% as edgy. Spiritual Kikes fear those who have nothing to gain and nothing to lose. They don't know how to get to them. Nothing is more reliable then those who will work for the highest bidder. And fear works well against the family man. So you joke rings true with me.

Yeah that should be a separate thread 100%. do it.

Just to be clear, i was talking about him, not you hahaha

Attached: jewish fed.jpeg (198x254 12.3 KB, 10.88K)

Attached: fed rape.jpeg (225x225 12.01 KB, 12.52K)

shit grabbing these off google like a jew. just realized one of those is lolbert faggotry. was too focused on the silly hippie who blamed the fed

Are you sitting comfortably?

Sleep tight little one

*mankind hadn't seen

just know I could give a fuck about economic systems. I am here for a short time to take out the kike empire. Like i said here

So don't take me as a shill cause this simple mistake. It is not ayn rand spreading kikery. Never claimed to be part from the beginning

Natsoc utopia is all you. Im just here 4 the demolition crew. Not Not planning on living long enough to see what is rebuilt on top of the ashes

love that story. childhood favorite

This is the heart of the issue.
Pics and video related about how to go about non participation in this scheme. Another big part of it is "your" name which is not your at all. It is the name of a dead man with no rights, and you assume all of his liability as soon as you answer "yes" to being asked your name by a gov (((enforcement))) officer.
I have not paid income tax in 12 years. Skin in the game.

Attached: images (3).jpeg (290x174, 8.76K)

Didn't work the first time

Attached: IMG_1715.PNG (1242x2208 482.79 KB, 417.88K)

Yes i have heard that your identity is a legal fiction. Are you are saying this is a serious tax loophole? and not like a philosophical prison planet thing that youtubers make up ? lol

And you have not paid in 12 years? seriously?

Attached: bankk.jpg (474x312, 36.95K)

Attached: 8f9d93ef2c8b22747d125284f06d33cd--political-quotes-revolt.jpg (474x214, 27.91K)

This one is my favorite hahahaha

Attached: 1240c10caf51d399e1219345b72361cb967d268a8a314b4cd03744652cc36555.jpg (625x418, 48.87K)

Loophole implies it can be closed. This whole system of slavery HAS to work on voluntary compliance because of the real karmic consequences. That's their "loophole."

Yes. After a number of years I was asked to file, and I filed zero's for the 7 years prior.
I waited (anxiously, I admit) for a response, and was surprised to find a check for several thousand dollars in the mail from CRA when the response finally came.
They've since stopped asking me to file.

Attached: images (5)

What you are saying about the karmic retribution is probably less real then you think, but way more real then most anons understand. Actions do have cumulative spiritual consequences that are unavoidable without the consent of those you commit fraud against.

I will definitely look more into that Tax law. Thanks.

Ask people… what do they have in common?

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Attached: fed full of kikes.jpg (582x749, 146.16K)

Gold and silver have been valuable to societies all over the earth for 1000s of years. This reason alone makes gold and silver valuable - because they have 1000s of years of reliability. There were no iPhones or tech in medieval times yet gold and silver were valuable. As long as the aristocracy values gold and silver - they're valuable.

Money HAS TO BE:

time and time again people try to replace real money with something else and it fails every time, and what are those people forced to revert back to? GOLD AND SILVER.
Gold and silver are the ONLY substances that have ALL the properties needed and that meet all the requirements to be defined as money.

It is these properties that gives gold and silver INTRINSIC value.

Attached: gold.gif (640x360, 1.88M)

Attached: US national debt.JPG (1446x748, 141.67K)

Attached: D0if7BZX4AAr1h8.jpg large.jpg (960x754, 68K)

Lol I like how the word nigger has become so commonly used that it is now pretty much used by everyone for anything at anyone. kek

Oh well, later niggers.

I appreciate your message but those pictures are thumbnails and make you look like a retarded boomer.

I believe in gold and silver. Because when society collapses I trust that most primates will likely revert to really really really loving shiny things again. If you stock gold you need a Gun Safe though. Otherwise you are hoarding for the tough monkey on the block who will rip you to shreds for your shiny stuff


I explained why gold is not just "muh shiny"


Durability too. That is undeniable obv, its fucking gold. That is the claim to fame.
I have heard your argument before that is why i didn't address it.
Prove it is intrinsically valuable.There is nothing intrinsically valuable about gold beside its durability and the fact that i can trade it for something to eat. And other things are durable. Gold is the most durable precious metal, sure. But what makes a metal precious? durability? then you are just looping back. Muh Shiny IS a big part of it.
What makes the monkey like it in the first place? This is true to our biology. Especially if we devolved to a more chimp like state

I explained - Its the PROPERTIES that only gold and silver have. These properties make them suitable for money. Nothing else works. These propertis are INTRINSIC to the material hence intrinsically valuable

Plenty of things are recognizable, you cant dance around the fact we are dumb monkeys who value shiny shit enough to trade it for food. It has no more intrinsic value to a monkey then if we used Seashells. It offers us no biological benefits. We can't sustain off of it. It is only valuable if we agree that it is. That is not intrinsic value. If i simply say "I don't agree" and start using freeze dried feces you have no claim that gold is INTRINSICALLY more valuable. you may claim everyone else will agree with it. if you make that arguement then you don' understand the definition of intrinsic value. in itself it has no value. Not without mutual agreement Your arguement is over. Unless u wanna claim i will devolve and start to care a bit more about its illusory power. Then we can start at "muh shiny"

nothing else works? that is a matter of agreement between 2 parties. not intrinsic. look up the word instrinsic. you are still relying on the fact that everyone shares your point of view…. i actually agree with you. But to say it is "intrinsic" is factually INCORRECT. It is the best form of money though. In my opinion as well as yours. Even though it has no intrinsic value. It Just a bunch of properties that make it basically PERFECT for bartering. That doesn't signify intrinsic value by definition. 2 different arguments. I didn't respond because i have had this argument before 485548584 times and didn't wanna open this can of worms lol

What I am saying is 100% undeniable. It is logically sound. You can't prove gold has instrinsic value. You can just name a bunch of properties that make it perfect for trading. 2 different arguments. I agree with you about this mostly so i hate to have to be the douche who gets extra precise… but i am right