Zig Forums shooter killed less than a by teenage girl with a .22lr

>likely put more work in the manifesto than the shooting

2 dead 9 injured,
inb4 jew or some other cope to hide that one for you heros was a fuck up

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Still got more than you



Truly pathetic.


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I've studied shooting, I can name 5 shooters that were way better than John Ernest

Ernest is inferior, Brenda ann spencer, prove me wrong



no, you're right, I how ever I have read about enough shootings to know you're guy is an unsuccessful fag,
here's a shooter who actually managed a kill count that wasn't pathetic

and with a bolt action rifle, which is less than Ernest had


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even fucking trannyphrantom (randy stair) killed more than him

Show me the body. ;D

A failure on so many levels.

like walking into a synagogue with an ar15, killing one person then having your rifle jam and running away to call the police on your self?

I hope he is jewish and is only finding out about it now

Nah, outting yourself as an outsider while fucking up basic grammar is way more embarrassing than being part of a jewish psyop.

His mum's maiden name is (((Newberg))). I'm pretty sure he knows bud.
Thanks for letting us know you care. ;D

It's the thought that counts, yid.

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And the shill replies to the other shill. Off yourself.