Jew expelled from Laos

Jew expelled from Laos

Kvetsches about Christians and white men in his rant video.

He is a no name jewtuber with very few viewers but he is the stereotypical creepy and cunning jew playing all the angles.

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Meh. He will be welcomed with open arms in Pattaya. It'll just cost him a little more.

That's what he's kvetching about - muh shekels.

He is one of those NGO jews that spread jew propaganda, entice foreign government to take usurious (((world bank))) loans and bang some kids on the side.

Donations to keep these NGOs running are also tax deductible, which is very convenient for (((them))).

who cares

Isn't this basically Hotwheels' MO?

I remember watching this dude years ago, reprehensible piece of shit cosmopolitan atheist vegan transhumanist. Absolute scum of the earth.

109 or 110 country?

Add another country to the list boys.

359, at least.

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See for yourself.

1030, give or take.

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I thought the only reasons people generally get kicked out of Laos is because they were looking for either drugs or child sex. Hmm…

Nigger, the number of explusions does not equal the amount of countries they were kicked out from. 350+ is already fucking insane; no need to go full retard

I can't stand to even look at Jews anymore. I'll take your word for it.

dp you hoeuave yt porn lnks? post it rht er hrit new!


Jews have an unsurprising knack for inventing themselves useless no labor jobs that pay well and are funded by the gov or citizen cuck organizations.

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Kek. And I thought be expelled by some South American indigenous tribes was bad. What is wrong with Jews?

The Infinite Victim Syndrome

Always a Shoa! It's just like the holocaust.

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This is obnoxious behavior. You'd think that a self-proclaimed human-cattle rancher civilization would not provoke a stampede at every given moment. Heck, well-treated cows produce more!
It's almost as if they were lying in Talmud, and we non-kikes aren't just cattle, but the whole book is just a false narrative to make them hate us.

But why? Seriously, they torture their kids (by cattle-branding them, heh) in order to brainwash them to hate us. But why? Envy?

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He says the justification for being kicked out was because he named a local cat a laos government official he liked for the official's stance against deforestation, that the woman communist bureaucrat said that was offensive to the communist party. He goes on about her history, how she been to western countries for several, got a college degree in sweden and if anything to go by the rest of her description swede tax payers paid for it, that her existence consists of leeching off of White countries, getting them to pay for her to go to junkets year round, her job in laos a un nothing job of making reports about drug use, how she's anti-west(like him, and after all she's extracted and still leeching from the west what a complete waste of time and resources spent on non Whites) that for the first several days she was trying to get him to help her/him write a plea to the us to pay for her to go to la for a junket. Sounds like he resisted doing so/hadn't done so by how went over it. don't know how much decision making she had or it was the communist government after him for something he did he didn't go over but either way naming a cat doesn't seem the reason(but then asians are that butt hurt over bullshit "affronts" like that.)

what are they doing in the mural? beating the guy in the balls? fisting his ass?

it's as if jews don't know when to stop

most peaceful times ever and kikes are doing great? antagonize and squeeze the goys to the limit so they all want to murder us again…


the elite in all of south east asia is southern chinese and southern chinese women are vengeful paranoid psychopaths that have an iron grip on these countries and they will go out of their way to harm anyone that hurts their feels

these are lawless places where the paranoid and status obsessed elite own the police and can kill or gulag anyone without repercussions

he just didn't get killed because he is a connected kike

vid related

Some things never changed

It's anudda shoah!

By islam

We know



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Stopped reading there. No pro-white person should give a fuck about that globalist, multicultural, anti-white kike worship religion.

How many expulsions does this make? Is anyone keeping count?

Based Laotians.

Goddamn I hate this fucking word. It is repulsive. I feel physically ill every time you faggots use it

Fuck the kikes

Being anti Christian is anti White. Keep trying Schlomo.

Your Abrahamitic death cult is irrelevant to the thread. It were a Buddhist nation that booted the crying jew rat out.

Damn you hit that nail right on the head. I had to deal with them on a board I was sitting on. At first they're so nice and polite and then suddenly BAM you're dealing with this mean stubborn mule.

Chairman Mao said it; Chinese women are the most dangerous animals in the world.

"He put his bird inside my but my hole is cracking"

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The only expats who flee to laos are the ones that are too degenerate for cambodia to tolerate.

With the weird way he nods his head all the time he looks like a male version of Barbara Spectre.

He is jewish…