Was the destruction of the Islamic golden age really justified?

Your Islamophobia led to the destruction of the golden age of Islamophobia in 1258 when a general called Hulagu or you call Hulagu who hated Muslims led a bloody campaign where he killed up to almost 20 million Muslims in total. It took 200 or 400 years for the Muslim people to recover.

He ended the Islamic golden age, a time of prosperity, technological advancement and brought so much good to your western countries. Killed even the Muslim children, infants and women while letting christians go.

Might have gone into Europe and brought you the Islamic golden age, the technology and everything. Do you still support what Hulagu did or want to against our people who brought so much good in this world? Do you still want another person like this man whether it be brent tarrant or another man who doe s it?

The science, technology, philosophy, all so much were possible because of Muhammad's teachings and Allah.

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Whether it's Christian civilization or Islamic, it all comes back to the Greeks.

If you want someone to blame, blame the Russians as Slavs are descendants of mongolians.

Finngolian detected.

Literal Jewish meme.

It's called a reality check, shitskin.

post nose


Shit thread. Saged and reported for promoting pedophilia.

yeah the only reason arabs "achieved" anything was due to the greek books and the connection to india which goes back to the proto/ normal aryans from which our numerals are derived from.

Enjoy being a slave cast for some semite oil boss.

Our fear of Islam is so strong, that it travelled back in time to medieval mongolia.

Many keks….

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Why don't we try it again, so we can compare and contrast

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Based mongols.

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what golden age lol

The Islamic Golden Age, such as it was, ended far earlier than 1258. The Buyids or Seljuks have a greater claim to have brought it to an end, or possibly the Turkish military of Samarra with their recurrent coups from the death of al-Mutawakkil. At any rate, after the death of al-Ma'mun, the amount of material translated into Arabic dropped enormously.

Always good to find another hero in history
thanks for letting me know about him user.

based fucking hun

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Is this the kind of tripe they teach in history classes over at those marxist universities these days? Dangerously ignorant. Shameful.

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We're not actually mongolians here faggot.

Well, most of us aren't, anyway.

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Pretty sure they had multiple opportunities to pay the tribute and obviously believed they were too good to do that.

The islamic golden age is a myth. It never really happened. What happened was that the Arabs did what neither the Romano-Hellenic world nor the Persian world had ever managed; they conquered BOTH of them. Uniting the Romano-Hellenic knowledge found in North Africa, Spain and the Nearer East with the Persian knowledge from, well, Persia; ended up giving academics in the region unparalleled access to all the world's knowledge.

The problem was that islam, in contrast to Christianity, was not so accepting of other ideas. Any scholars who wanted to study that information were declared heretics and murdered. The suppression and destruction of knowledge was common place. The other issue was just that islam in general is a backwards ideology that fills people with the idea that 'I already know everything there is to know because a desert pedo told wrote a book', and thus EVERYTHING ELSE was to be discarded. Its pretty rare these days, but some Westerners might know an analogy in some old religious woman who never cared for history, politics, technology or really anything; because she had God and the Bible and that was enough for her. It's quite nice and quaint on an individual level, but when an entire society embraces that ideology you get mass stagnation.

In nearly EVERY SINGLE CASE the innovations and inventors of 'islam' were first generation converts from Christianity or Zoroastrianism. Being brought up a muslim seems to have entirely destroyed one's aptitude for innovation (in a similar way that modern schooling kills innovation and creates mindless drones whose jobs entail doing everything step-by-step by-the-book because they are too stupid to figure out more optimal methods or what the customer really needs; I'm sure you've all borne witness to this ineptitude when trying to something over a phonecall with government agency, when trying to get something from an employee at a supermarket [and usually the manager just instantly sorts it because they aren't quite as retarded and can see what actually needs to be done], or from interacting with a poo-in-the-loo over absolutely anything). The few invention outside of that came from Shiite muslims who spoke a language other than Arabic. Islam causes stagnation and regression.

To surmise: There was no islamic golden age, the only impressive thing was the fusion of the knowledge from the East and the West. Studying it and drawing any conclusions was stricly forbidden almost instantly because it was against allah. Almost every single innovation and invention came from first generation converts from Christianity or Zoroastrianism; islam destroys one's ability to think clearly or logicly.

Another piece of Jewish historical fiction. Same as European Dark Ages.
Sage for shit thread.

Speak for yourself

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If Arabs are good, proper, intelligent people, then let them have their golden age. I've heard glorious legends of their prowess in mathematics.

But let them communicate their discoveries to us via the internet. They should stay in the Middle-East. Not Europe.

Keep our people separate.

Its also worth noting that the Arabs were not actually that impressive militarily, and the credit should not be given to them for that. They were fighting old men and boys because the Ancient world had just had its first 'world war'. The Roman-Sassanid war completely annihilated both sides, both in terms of military age men and funds. Rome technically won, but it did not emerge wealthy and powerful. 2 years after this the desert pedo and his horde emerged to find defenseless lands to their North, East and West; all full of wealth and civilisation, with no men around to defend them. The sandniggers did what sandniggers do best; they went forth and raped and defiled their way across the world until they reached those areas that had not been a part of either Empire; at which point they promptly got annihilated, and would have been utterly exterminated and pushed back into their desert within a hundred years or so had Turkic tribes not converted to islam to remain a thorn in the side of humanity to this very day. Turks in contrast to Arabs more far less 'pious' and more willing to actually use common sense when it came to warfare and life in general, making them significantly less backwards; but still backwards enough that they would go from the dominant cultural power on the planet to a distant second over the course of a few hundred years.

HahahhaAHAHhaaahaa ok. Enjoy the time you have left.

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lol this is awesome

B-b-but they invented the ZERO user

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It is Arabians who are great, mighty, smart, and strong.
They are the ones with courage. Not Muslims.

But an Arabian with Islam is like a European with Christianity.
It makes them weak, submissive, and stupid.

Be a man of your own blood.

True Arabians have everything to be proud of.
But Muslims? Muslims need to wash the mudslime off themselves first before they can join us as True Humanity.

True Humanity follows the Eternal Law of the Sun:
Closer to the equator means darker skin.
Farther north means lighter skin.
If this law is followed, the world will know peace.

Glorious Arabians and gloriosu Aryans work together best at a distance. The internet can help with that.

Join us Aryans.

And to be incredibly heretic, the same is true for Jews.

A Jew in Israel is a friend and noble scholar.
A Jew elsewhere is a parasitic plague.

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but a jew in the oven is worth two in the gas chamber

Almost all Europeans are the sons of Mongoloid invaders from the steppes.

R haplogroup came from the steppes. Later invaders are merely killing the sons of early invaders.

Not even. Firstly, it came from the Hindu world; which again, islams only success was conquering regions giving them access to that information. Secondly, the man who 'gave it to the rest of the world': en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_ibn_Musa_al-Khwarizmi

.. was, can you guess? He was either not a muslim at all, or was a first generation convert.

egarding al-Khwārizmī's religion, Toomer writes:

Islam has been the plague that corrupted the turkish people since, well Islam's invasion of turkish occupied lands. Turkish were peaceful and a good people until this genocidal ideology reached their lands. The end result of that is Ottoman empire who turned into an expansionist empire that primarily acted to advance the cause of Islam. Mind that turkish people were a polytheistic society who worshipped god of earth, god of sky and believed in the underworld realm which they've sent their dead. Their spiritual belief system was shamanism/animism and it was about ancestral worship, aka fathers spirit live through the son. Like christianity that expanded through affiliating itself with european pagans, islam did this through attaching itself to turkish pagans in the mediterraneans and black sea. Although they might not have been all turkish who lived in this geography, they were most definitely not monotheistic societies. So all this golden age of Islam shit is basically islam finding a worthy host, people who basically investigated the nature.

A thread died for this

Who is Boethius? Who are nameless monks transcribing Plato meticulously? Who invented gear-based clocks that revolutionized the telling of time? Who combined salt-peter, charcoal and sulphur? Friar Roger motherfucking Bacon. Who wrote down the most beautiful poetry known to man-kind? Snorri motherfucking Sturluson. Who conquered Sicily and the (((Holy Land)))? Motherfucking Normans. Who brought back Heliocentric Astronomy? Some Polish faggot. Who pointed out that there are elliptical orbits? Some German faggot. Who discovered the mathematical principles of gravity and fucking calculus? Some English faggot. Who colonized the world over, and shot at each other with fucking gatling guns, invented tanks and caused unprecedented amount of death? White dudes.

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Do you guys think we could rile up muzzies by posting heroic pictures of this guy all over?

Stealing shit from people you raped and murdered isn't a golden age lmao

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I don't want to make enemies until negotiations have either succeeded or have failed. If Jews understand what they are doing and why it is wrong, then they will voluntarily go to their glorious and noble home in Israel.

Then the subversion of our Aryan people will stop, and we will have our peace and our proper society.

If there is peace, then we do not need hatred anymore.

muslims made 5 murdering incursions into christian lands before we hit back with the crusades…

as now it is building and we will slaughter you and your left wing filth and run you back to your camel shit land

we are peaceful & accepting people but your waking the lion, our history is war, its what WE do!

we are not goat fucking ignorant muslims, we build our world without ismlams mind destroying inbreeding and ignorance

our bloodlines descend from worriers tribes who conquered what the roman couldn't, we are English, descendants of warrior Anglo-Saxons, and your going to see a re-conquering of this land with rivers of muslin blood. you have brought this on yourselves

all you had to do was live with us peacefully but you fucking animals cant even do that because your fucking ignorant inbred animals and the cure for a dangerous animal is to kill them all so the threat has gone

this time we wont leave one alive on this planet

fuck off home and live the short pointless time you have left

Fuck off and take your kippah with you.


Read the talmud you absolute pleb. There can be no peace with the jews whilst they still consider themselves jews. If they all forsook their religion and culture; then maybe, although they have pretended to 'convert' to other religions to save their hides or facilitate their careers that we would be foolish to trust them even then.

The Islamic Golden Age ended when Imam Hamid al-Ghazali said that the manipulation of numbers was the work of the devil. And to be absolutely clear, it was the SCIENTIFIC INNOVATIONS from the region that justified the “Golden Age”, not the religious teachings. The Middle East still has the religious teachings, and if that was all they needed, then they should be successful today in all scientific endeavors. But we have nearly 2 Billion Muslims on the planet and they’ve done nothing note-worthy in the past few centuries, other than leading genocides.

Mosqueitos like you need eradication.

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But this is wrong.

There are Jews who inspire and have a true heart like the rest of us normal people. There was a golden age of Science and Science-Ficiton, and Jews lead it. Asimov, Sagan, Feynman, Einstein, and many others. I'm not saying that they're all perfect, but they SHARED their knowledge with us happily.

There CAN be peace. I know it.

I don't want to have war until we bring these accusations against them to light in a way that they can't just run away from. No more propaganda, no more brainwashing, no more subverting.

We all know why we hate Jews. I just question if it's really "hatred," or simply the fact that we want them to go elsewhere.

If they lived away from us in Israel, what would REALLY be the problem? Tarrant was a glorious saint, and I accept his opinion.

He knew the truth. The entire truth.
And he still said what he did in his manifesto.

He gave his life and freedom for us, and I won't turn around and say that a hero was wrong, when his opinion is good, fair, and just.

An Arab in the Middle-East and a Jew in Israel are both where they ought to be.

I can find no wrong in their existence if they are away from us.

And please take note of this "if" type language.
If Jews, and if Arabs, can leave Europe and America, then we can have peace. And if not… Then we will not have peace.


torfag speaks noble words but kikes can never be trusted under any circumstances. anyone that looks at their history can see this as plain as day. How many times must we be stung before we learn?

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Stealing patents from european innovators, just so when the time comes faggots like you can claim that jews havent been all so useless. Fuck off.

And again, my comment above is really meant to imply that certain Jews have proven themselves to be good people who reject the Talmud, and their entire religion, in favor of the study of the natural order: Science.

They favor the truth of the universe over their religion or culture, and for that, they have done great things for both them, and for us. But it's time for them to go back, isn't it?

You can have your little war if they cannot understand how much pain they cause us. If the Jews lack empathy and will simply torture us as we're racially genocided, and if the Arabs cannot understand that we gave them refuge when they needed help, but that they need to go back, then …

Then it's just bad, isn't it? I'm not some sort of fool.
But that's also why war is only the last refuge.

Diplomatic solutions take priority.

I've never read so much ideologically driven bullshit in one post. It's creative, at least.

I did not say I trusted them.

My implication is that if they are good, noble, and have courage, then they will go home to Israel, because they understand that what they are doing is wrong. Their way of life is not ours. They have to leave.

If as living beings on Planet Earth, they can say, "We are part of life," then they will go home to Israel. It is where they belong. It is their home.

If they are wicked, then they will continue to subvert and destroy.
Do not think that I am advocating for Jews.
I am not saying that I support Jews.
I am saying that if they do not understand the destruction that they are causing, then it will be far, far, worse if they break my heart.

I'm a true Aryan, but I've either been enchanted or brainwashed by Jews. I've always loved their scientists. Even if Einstein was a patent thief, can you deny them their Carl Sagan and all that he did for humanity?

No matter how it's viewed, the Jews have a choice now: Either understand national borders and why they must go home to theirs, or they will not understand, and the war will be that much worse, because they will not just have betrayed their host nation:

They will have betrayed my heart and my childhood. I admired them once. I wanted to respect them. And I do not want this respect betrayed more than it has. It's time for them to go home, because it is personal now. They are destroying things that I loved, and the worst thing is that my grandfather fought against Germany. He specifically fought against his own blood simply because he believed that the Jews did not deserve what he thought was happening to them. It was specific. He did not have political leanings. He simply thought the right thing to do was to protect the Jewish people. Right now, I want to do the right thing as well, and the only right thing for me to do is to tell Jewish people to go home to Israel before there is war.

For me to hate Jews, I will have to betray both my grandfather, and my own childhood interest in science, unless the Jews understand my pain. And if they do understand and go home, then there will be peace.

Kill yourself sandnigger.

While Attila was definitely a White Scythian, I can't see Hulagu to be White, but "Hul Agu" means "They Chuckle" in Old Norse. So have a laugh!

They invented zero is right.. nada, zilch, nothing.

Then they are not Jews. A Jew is an adherent of the religion that was once known as Pharisaism. Pharisaism uniquely held the Oral Torah, what has been codified as the Talmud, as divine and equal to if not greater than the Scriptures. Modern Jews cannot read the Old Testament without the Talmud to interpret it. To be a Jew is to be a Talmudist.

The word Jew in certain Bibles referred to Judeans, people native to the region of Judea. Who you are calling 'Jews' have not been native to Judea in thousands of years. They are nomads, they mixed-breeds, they are Ashkenazis and Sephardis and all manner of other things; but they are not Judeans. For them to call themselves a Judean is as foolish as man from England with a Norman name calling himself French or Danish, or a man from England with a Germanic name calling himself German or Dutch. Thus we should not call them Judeans. The Jews do think of themselves as a separate race, which again is a bit silly because of how mixed they are, but because of this we should not trust and be very much on guard against anyone with Jewish ancestors. The Talmud will always be against the rest of humanity, and a Jew is just a Talmudist. As such, whilst they refer to themselves as Jews, there can be no peace with them.

If they started calling themselves Americans or Palestinians and rejected the Talmud, then perhaps in a few hundred years they could be trustworthy. Perhaps. As said before, they have converted so many times just to save their rears or make a business deals that it is hard to ever trust them. The fact that their talmud outright tells them to lie and deceive us makes it all even harder (muslims have the same instruction to lie and deceive non-believers, making them always untrustworthy as well).

There was no Islamic golden age, it’s a complete myth. All of the claimed accomplishments of the golden age were stolen from conquered people (e.g Algebra from the Hindus)

Your post implies that I am wrong, yet you have not pointed out how any of the things I have said are wrong. I get that you are not white and as such you do not understand how debate works, so let me help you young sandnigger.

If you disagree with something I have said; then you state what you disagree with you. You then provide a reason for why you disagree with it. You then, if challenged, provide evidence/proof for the reason you previously presented; historical documents, photographs and other sources count as evidence. If the evidence is questionable then we take some time to analyse it and see if there would be likely bias in the author, if there are conflicting sources elsewhere; and we then try to come to a conclusion that is as close to the truth as we can get.

Well, I'm the atheistic type who sides with pagans often, so there's no disagreement. Judaic religions are objectively wrong.

Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, and the worst aspects of those, are true philosophical enemies here. It's only those who have been brainwashed by them who still believe in them.

Otherwise, it's clear that some Jews, if they believe an evil philosophy, then they will be evil. And evil cannot be tolerated. It is evil to tolerate evil.

No. Shitskin niggers being to busy buttfucking little boys to defend themselves is what killed Baghdad. Sage for shit OP

Islam destroys evidence of past greatness.

If Europeans lacked the sheer psychological courage and intelligence that we have, we would've forgotten about Galileo too.

I'm an Aryan, so I'm not about to say something absurd like, "Arabs are the smartest race." But I'm not so self-absorbed that I cannot just talk to them and learn about their people directly. They have intelligence.

But like with Christians, the moment they stumble onto forbidden philosophies or heretic science, they suddenly stop talking and become stupid.

Eliminate Islam and Arabs join us as intellectual brothers.

Islam destroys their achievements. So I'll take them at their word. I'll trust them. I trust that they are intelligent and wise, noble and brave. And in this current world, the smartest thing they can do is to leave Europe and go back to the Middle-East.

You cannot just equate three religions that have entirely different values and virtues as one and the same. Islam is simple, regressive and causes stagnation; but they are not the same sort of manipulative, devious and outright perverse people that the jews are. Muslims and Christians alike hated the jews for sacrificing children, for their thievery, their usury and their greed.

Christians are far different to both of them. It is under Christianity that near enough everything we value in the world has been allowed to flourish. That's not to say that there was nothing of value before Christianity; but Christianity pushed honesty and truth in contrast to the deceptive ways of muds and kikes, Christianity advocated hard-work and struggle over usury, Christianity essentially allowed for all of the good things that the West has done. That is something that never could have happened had the people embraced islam or judaism; as any good morals that they might have had from pagan roots or anything else would have been suppressed.

Stop being such a fucking kike with your false equivalencies. I know its hard to stop what is natural to you, but its annoying as shit.

I know a certain tribe that likes to rewrite history when it doesn't suit their narrative. This same tribe claims to have invented Western civilization. Their main skill, in real life as well as online, is LARPing as white. I pity the whites that fall for it.

I was raised Christian, and I know exactly what it is like.
I remember my passion for Christ and God as a child, and I remember my feeling of betrayal when I realized that supernatural religions aren't actually true.

At this point, I stand behind all Aryans, no matter their religion. Christians, Pagans, Atheists, and Philosophers are all my brothers. I defend them.

Here is the issue that I will not put down until it is truly resolved:
Do Christians think of me as their brother?

Christians are the ones who might backstab me, at least according to all I've seen and heard. I look at Aryan hair and our colored eyes, and I see friends. I accept European history, and see that Christianity did great things. I don't see them as enemies, not simply because they are Christians.

But do Christians look at me and see a friend? I'm worried that they will say a word to me like "heretic," or "heathen," and then turn traitor. Do I need to mention what I've heard on Zig Forums in the past, where Christians plan to team up with atheists and pagans, only until we all win together, and then the Christians turn around and slaughter their former allies once we gain power?

If this isn't true, then I'll be delighted. I quote Jesus almost weekly, and had even contemplated being a priest or pastor when I was still part of the flock. But now? Now I'm just worried that they will value their religion over our shared blood.

Its true. The muslims were buttfucking lots of little boys, when the Mongols rode in and beheaded them all and raped their women. Poopdick's a common theme in shitslam, as are cross dressing and genital mutilation.

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I literally told you how to make an argument and you still failed. Are you going to actually state how anything I said is wrong, or keep making the assertion that I am wrong without telling me how in the false belief that it makes people think that you are winning the argument?

You're on Zig Forums shitskin. People here aren't going to go 'awww look at the little subhuman pretending at being an intellectual'. You actually have to make an argument and be able to back it up. So make an argument or do us all a favour and piss off back to goatfuckistan.

Interesting argument. I recommend this gloriously British fucker as a sort of counter. His argument is that atheists largely exist because of mutations that are disadvantageous to survival, and that evolution would therefore select against them.

So the short answer is: yes, Christianity will probably not be loyal to you, but the important point to note is that it is natural and advantageous for our ethnic group to be religious, and as such really you should be trying to align yourself with what your group needs as opposed to hoping that your ethnic group, which is still majority Christian (and is massively so when it comes to those who are going to pass on their genes), is going to hamper its own chances at survival to sate your twisted beliefs concerning the divine. Even if you do not actually believe in God or Christianity, you should recognise religions importance for ethnic survival and as such stop trying to undermine others and only worrying about how 'they might reject me because I insist on being a social pariah!'.

If you want someone to blame, Genghis Khan obliterated Baghdad - in fact, that region's population recovered to pre-Genghis numbers just a few decades ago.

Pretty sure the invasion of Europe lead to that.

Spreading Arab paganism, while it would be effective against the jews there is only one ancient book on it written by Muslims denouncing their pagan past. The rest of Arab "paganism" lives within the tribal stories of primarily Bedouin tribes who act outwardly Muslim but still hold onto some of the old idols, one would have to interview all of them to figure out the Ancient Arab ways. Coincidentally the War in Syria has probably caused a huge loss of their collective tribal memory. I only know of one Arab "pagan" though, I doubt while you live you'll be able to break any Arabs from their jewish yoke Religion.

Muslims brought it upon themselves. That is the cycle of Karma returning evil unto evil. Now once more you bed with the kikes for a chance at world conquest.

Yes, I can see the need for shared history and culture, but to go further: Christianity did not work. Europe and America have been Christian for a long time, but look where we are.

Do you know who Jesus is? If you take away the mythology, he was a Jewish man who started a cult that utilizes "Believe and obey to get a reward, disobey or disbelieve and get a punishment," type psychological tricks to get people to obey essentially anything that the religion commands.

This cult was invented to defeat the enemy that was currently occupying the land where Jesus lived: Judea.
The Jews needed to defeat Rome without actually physically fighting.

The Jews, or a singular Jew, invented a memetic viral cult that would spread quickly in order to turn normal Roman citizens into submissive, meek, weak people, and shortly after, just as planned, Rome fell, and soon, all of Europe fell as well, and we call that the dark ages.
Some say the dark ages really weren't that bad. But the dark ages weren't the period of grand technological development: That was after the Renaissance or enlightenment, where people became less religious generally.

So truthfully, I do not quite believe that Christianity is in any way benevolent. The first thing I did when I turned atheist was to look back angrily at the cult of Christianity, and immediately see that it spawned from Judaism, and that Islam also spawned from Judaism.

Clearly, Jews have an odd capacity to manufacture religions, and these religions all make the followers weak, meek, and submissive.

Beyond just that, Christianity plays the same game as Islam: It's destroyed Pagan heritage sites, suppresses heretical philosophy and science, and forces itself down everyone's throat, using malicious money-making schemes like tithes to fund its propaganda machine. For instance, are you a Christian? Is that why you spread it? Or are you an atheist just trying to spread what you think is a good and popular philosophy? If you're a Christian, I recommend that you more deeply question what you hope to achieve by spreading such a cult here.

So please do consider what you believe. As I said before, I am significantly more fond of European pagan traditions, as Christianity seems to be "just another" Jewish invention deliberately devised to destroy our culture and people.

Did I touch a nerve, Chaim? Did I fuck up your shilling? LMFAO, try adding some new plays to your playbook.

You missed out quite a few important things. Firstly, that this is God; the Creator who made our reality. Secondly, His name is Truth. At this point all you have previously stated about obedience to the religion at the cost of divine punishment begins to look a lot better. No longer is it "You must sacrifice 8 oxen on the second moon of the fourth month or your crops will die"; now its telling us that the world around us was made by God, that we can understand God through nature, that we should be seeking to align ourselves with what is True, and to do otherwise is disobedience which is something that should be avoided (although there is repentance and mercy for those who seek to redeem themselves).

This perspective, markedly different from that of islam; allowed for Christian science to become a thing. Science as we know it actually began as Theology, that is it started off with religious men seeking to understand God better by examining His Creation; thus biology, physics, chemistry and all the rest. Your mischaracterisation here borders on the perverse honestly, though I shall give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you just bought into typical jewish BS.

Pure speculation. Whether it was or was not, it has become the most defining aspect of White culture, and every virtue and moral has infused itself with Christianity, finding justifications and explanations in the works of countless philosophers and theologians throughout the past two millenia.

Whether or not this was the case at the beginning (and there are countless good arguments to be made that it was never the case), Christianity has been the religion of the largest and most impressive conquerors the world has ever known. The European Christian Empires were beyond anything humanity had ever known from a military perspective. We have doctrines like Just War, we have the Crusades, and we also have a ton of Biblical evidence and arguments which I shall not bother going into because quite frankly it is idiotic to consider Christianity and Christians as a bunch of weak, meek and submissive people. Historically they were anything but, in the modern day they are characterised by jews, atheists, pagans and wiccans as cruel, violent, intolerant oppressors. Clearly your theory here is not true.

Completely untrue and actually quite disgusting to suggest. The period was only considered 'dark' because there was no unified Europe in what was the Roman Empire. It stopped being the 'Dark Ages' because Christianity 'united' the Continent.

Actually, considering we now have an extra hundred years on many of the people who wrote the text books you read as a child; it seems that technology and advancement did not align itself with ATHEISM, but with Protestantism. The Protestant work ethic and the unrestrained traveling and learning done by nations like Britain, the Netherlands, America and Germany saw a MASSIVE rise in innovation and technology. What we are now seeing is a rapid decline in innovation as well as overall intelligence as atheism, apathy and laziness embraces the West. As such I find it idiotic to believe that it was the irreligiosity of our recent ancestors that led to technological advancement; I find it far more likely that it was the work ethic of Protestantism combined with greater access to resources and sources of knowledge from around the world.

It's certainly happened, but its also a pretty nigger thing to say. Its pretty rare for it to happen, pagans have been venerated in Christianity, and a lot of pagan monuments live on either in their original forms or repurposed as Churches and Pigrimage sites around the Western world.

No it doesn't. Christian universities were places were HERESY was allowed and supposed to be actively explored and encouraged. If the academic world found something of value it would be brought into the 'mainstream'; it was far safer to have universities discuss heresies than allowing random peasants to indulge any and every idea they might have, as that leads to civil unrest and instability (which of course did happen several times). You might find that distasteful, be we live in a comparative land of plenty today; if your nation's survival relied on the peasants producing crops, then you would be very much opposed to them all embracing some suicide pact heresy and suddenly your whole nation starves to death over night.

The dark truth is that a Christian would say literally anything to convince someone to join the cult. I cannot trust you, because you actually believe that it is true on a supernatural level.

You are a conman and a fool. No matter if you speak truth, partial truth, or utter lies, it is all for one objective: To convert me.

And it's the same for you. They would say anything to keep you in the cult. And so here you are, ready to admit that you'd turn your back on atheists and pagans.

Anyone who values a Jewish spawned religion more than their own blood, more than their own family, is a traitor. And we don't need you.

With "you" being the other two groups that make up Aryans: Pagans and atheists.

Get out, traitor.

We did this argument already.

You lost.

Let me address it just in case though. Assuming you accept that religion is important for unity and survival, which we can argue about if you disagree, but for now I'll assume you'll accept that as its quite obvious; then it is in the best interests of our people to be united by a religion. Historically Christianity served very well for keeping our people strong and united, we have only seen our people's position weaken as Christianity lost first its prominence and respect in society, and now it is disappearing altogether and things are getting worse and worse.

You might argue that there could be a better religion than Christianity. You might be right, but first of all you would need to present a new religion, you would need to have some sort of reason for why it could be true, then we need to see if its actually a good idea, and then we would have to try and convince other people to follow it, all while trying to defend our current collapsing society. It seems to me that any attempt to do so would be difficult and likely counter-productive; it seems certain to me that, even if it was in the best interests of our race to change religions, now is not the time to do it. Now more than any other time we need to be united and we need to have an identity that is distinctly 'ours', which Christianity has and had provided so well for the last millenia.

Actually, atheists and pagans are traitors to their white brethren. Christianity remains the dominant religion of white people by a MASSIVE margin, and this becomes even more insanely huge when we factor in who is and is not breeding. The future generations of white people will disproportionately come from Christian families. Atheists breed in low to no numbers, and pagans are such a ridiculously small statistic as to not be worth talking about at the current time.

Those who would undermine a spiritual foundation that unites their race are the traitors. It is of note that there are parts of Scripture that speak to Nationalism, state that it is more important to take care of your own group, especially family, and that it is a sin to care for others over them. Still; in the grand scheme of things it is you who is undermining the interests of white by helping the jews to fracture one of the stabilising factors of any and all nations; faith.

All eastern europeans, you mean.

"Golden age" was shia rulers attempting to understand romans, the end was because of sunniniggers

I do just also want it noted that once your argument got BTFO you went straight to adhoms and strawmanning. It really is hilarious watching you jews fail and squirm.

fuck yeah

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If they were Christians, LIBTARD activists would call it culturally misappropriated knowledge. It's actually true but no LIBTARD would accuse Muslims of that.

1. Global report.
2. There was no golden age.

There is a reason we call you people sand NIGGERS.

I wasn't alive in 1258 retard and in modern times its only Muslims murdering innocent christian people and raping our kids. If you don't want to place nice get out of our sandpit.

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Holy shit, this is great news. I'll definitely look into this some more. Holy fucking shit A MAGI. Fuck the islamic barbarians that removed them.

This, Zoroaster and his ethnic followers will be avenged.
Zoroastrianism is the few good ethnic religions that value racial purity and science.

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Zealot Zoroastrians helped the Muslims destroy the ancient Polytheist religion of Persia because it was in competition to both of them, and oh wow look at where trusting Semites got them!

Zoroastrianism is D&C, the true faith of the Aryans is the Aryan's original faith.

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All of that is irrelevant to his point.

All slavs mongolians chinese deserve to die brutal deaths, ottomans were good they brought the islamic religion everywhere

Fuck all mongols, fuck their descendants

Prove it Muslim hater!
You bigots always ignore Averroes!!!

I have tartar genes, fear me for I am the destroyer of worlds, of both muslims (lol!) and of the aryan (sorry!)

And how many civilized countries have you Arabs caused the collapsed of via conquest and destruction of specifically cultural and scientific material ? What happened in Bukhara ? What happened in Alexanderia ? Carthage ?
Tengri simply sent it's "kut" to a worthy warrior thus blessing him to stop your destruction on this great earth.

You would be surprised :)

Have a great day my brothers ;)
May Tengri bless your days.

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