He's alive, and the Islamic State remains


"The fight between the mujahidin and rest of the world is a long one, the battle of Baghouz although it ended but proved clearly the barbaric way the crusaders dealt with the Muslims there.

The Muslims in Baghuz showed steady-fastness and courage that shook the heart of the enemy which increased their wrath and hate towards those who were in Baghuz.

The leaders of the mujahidin were following the situation in the ground and some of them were killed in action defending their positions.

Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi names some of the mujahidin leaders who died in the battle of Baghouz, and the first leader is Abu Abdul Rahman Al-Tamimi from Saudi Arabia.

After Abu Abdul Rahman another leader took over under the name of Abu Hajer Al-Iraqi who sacrificed his life and wealth.

After Abu Hajer another leader took over namingly Abu Waleed Al-Sinawi and after him Abdul Qani Al-Iraqi, the last one was Abu Musaab Al-Hijazi from Saudi Arabia. All of those leaders Al-Baghdadi mentioned were killed in Baghuz according to him.

Al-Baghdadi also names the knights of media as he calls them who were killed in Baghouz, he mentions:

Abu Abdullah Al-Australi
Khalaad al-Qahtani from Saudi arabia
Abu Jihad Alshishani
Abu Anas al faransi & His brother Abu Othmaan al-Faransi.

Al-Baghdadi also mentions the religious leaders during the battle of Baghouz naming Abu Raghad Al-Da’jani from Saudi Arabia.

He also names:
Abu Yaser Al-Baljeki
Abu Tareq Al-Iraqi

Who were leading the efforts to provide enough weopons and food for those sieged in Baghuz.

Al-Baghdadi praised their courage and acknowledge their sacrifices.

Al-Baghdadi promises that Islamic State leaders and soldiers around the world will not forget the sacrifices of those killed in Baghouz.
He promises to avenge for them.
He also promises that the fight will be long and there will be battles to be fought after Baghouz.

Al-Baghdadi thanks all the areas Islamic State has presence in for their efforts in the battle of vengeance for Syria, saying the operations during this battle reached 92 in 8 countries.

Al-Baghadi sends his congratulations to Islamic State fighters in Libya for their recent efforts to come back to the areas they retreated from previously.

Al-Baghdadi says that Islamic State's battle now is to bleed the enemy in a long fight and he wants them to know that Jihad will continue until end of time.

Al-Baghdadi sends his congratulations to mujahidin in Mali & Burkina faso for the pledge of allegiance to the Khilafah.

He specifically mentions Abu Waleed Al-Sahrawi the leader of mujahidin in Mali.

He urges mujahidin in Mali and Burkina faso to continue striking the french army in the area.

Al-Baghdadi says that they have received information that some groups in Khorosan joined IS, he sends his congratulations to them and urges them to support IS in Khorosan.

Al-Baghdadi mentioned events that happened recently such as:

Netanyahu re-election
The resignation of Algeria & Sudans presidents.

Says that whats more sad is that people didn’t learn until now and don’t know why they came out demonstrating, as they overthrow one president another one with worst goals and intentions comes to power.

Al-Baghdadi mentions Sri Lanka attacks saying that this is part of the revenge awaiting for the crusaders.

He also sends his congratulations to IS fighters in Sri Lanka for their pledge of allegiance to IS and he urges them to continue their fight against the crusaders.

In the same Audio recording he also mentions IS fighters operation in Zulfi in Saudi Arabia saying that he hopes more will come.
He also urges IS fighters in Saudi Arabia to avenge for their fallen brothers.

Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi urges all ISIS fighters to intensify their attacks against crusaders and apostates and their alliance.

Al-Baghdadi in the end of the video released by Al-Furqaan receives the reports from all the Areas Islamic State has presence in.

In the one of the reports it is written "Wilayah Turkey"

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I wonder who decided to let him of the leash for the day


if he had been serious about creating a caliphate than perhaps he would have worked on internal security a little more
instead of just letting any kill crazy fuck job into the organization which started massacring non combatants in iraq immediately after seizing mosul
they could have stablized and expanded their power base through alliances. now they're just sitting ducks for drone strikes wherever they claim to control territory

Mfw he's not crippled as rumored.
His alleged pic with no name:


ISIS, like their counterpart "American Evangelicals" are both Jewish funded. You flash a big wad of money in the faces of dirt poor retards and tell them they will get some if they start going to church (or mosque) and you will get a few.

Then it becomes semi-self sustaining because other retards look and ask your retards "where you get the goodies and gibs" and your retards tell them "faith in God" (or Allah).

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Nothing to see here

He is diabetic

why is that posed like he is ass-raping that Turkey?

If ISIS attacked Turkey from the rear, would Greece help?

no one cares about the muslims. gas the jews and all abrahmic religions will collapse. remember before the collapse of communism in russia communists were a terrifying threat, now no one cares about them except some irrelevant cubans and north koreans.

tl;dr: They just replaced a dead ISIS leader with another leader.

I think they stopped attacking the west because it's not politically advantageous for them under Trump's presidency. They'll do it at a point when the left gains political power. They'll loosen immigration further and grant them repentance while attacking conservatives who report the truth about it.

They could pass for hispanics, so I don't know why they aren't taking advantage of illegal immigration now. They probably are though.

ALL claims of "ISIS claims responsibility" cum directly from one Jewess, Rita Katz.

She claims she gets the info from "the website of ISIS" but that website doesn't exist, and never has.

It all a hoax of Holocaustian proportions.

good point.

Fact is Muslims, left on their own, without a trillion dollar Jewish Program, have no desire to "invade" the West. They are all "home boyz" content to live and die within 10miles of birthplace among 10,000 of their nearest family members.

i knew mumbai style attacks would start kicking up again. takes alot of planning and material prep but, has much greater results. IS doesn't give a fuck about who's in office. they'll clutch at any straws they can while they can. there has yet to be an IS attack in Israel so… until that happens they're just controlled opposition to me

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We won't figure it out because of the language barrier.

It's worth noting that they think that the west is resopnsible for funding Israel because of Evangelical boomers. I also think that they're hesistant to attack Israel because they'll invoke the Sampson Option:
Basically, it's a nuclear policy to destroy everything once they're attacked in all directions.

gotta show off the fan man

they're facing death through combating states like syria which are a direct threat to israel. rebels wouldn't fear a nuclear strike because unless they can assume the caliphate it's all over for them anyway. if IS dropped a sky scraper in tel aviv their recruitment numbers would go up exponentially but, that's not going to happen. they're directly handled and discarded like at baghouz which they sat in for 5 years while the americans scrabbled to stop shia militia's from pouring across the border to fight for assad.

These Muslims look white, we should let them into the ethnostate.

Reminder that an IS soda can took down a Russian plane over Egypt.

His days are numbered and so are the kikes.


This is not a cheer squad. Dumb post.

Jesus why do they all talk like complete faggots who are addicted to redundancy. Can you imagine listening to this stuttering bearded faggot and then saying: "golly jee time to die for allah."

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Jews rape kids

what are you glowniggers sliding with this fucking bullshit?

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-- ΛL BΛGHDΛDI, 2019

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Putin is a Zionist.

Kill yourself Torpedo.

Full video:


I think boko haraam and al shabaab are more relevant than IS proper per se now

lol sloppy job Mossad
Even Amerimutts do not believe that Arya could kill the Night King… and you expect them to believe the perpetually resurrecting bogeyman al-Baghdadi escaped to form a new crew? The glow niggers are so bad, it wouldn't shock me if they left Tel-Aviv geotagged in released photos.

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That's not him you Alex Jones retard. That's an FSA mercenary. ISIS put their heads on spikes.

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Yeah, maybe, but I still don't think ISIS is legit.

Notice how it all started after Bibi stayed in the White House for a few days.

bh8765432 dp you hoeuave yt porn lnks? post it rht er hrit new! 7d6qt654321

here's a video I found on twitter

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Arabs are so pathetic, they'd be so much more happier with their ancient pagan belief systems then instead jewish Islam (Submission).

at least they would be serious about taking care of jews

nu/pol/ does not know what is is is.

Up to $25 Million Reward on his head btw.

What would you do with $25 million?

Invest in duck calls?

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He's alive, and…youtube.com/watch?v=ZgjJInEp4aE

The sand nigger marches on.

Fucking goats must make you bomb proof.

How long before he is found to have been "sheltered/funded" by Iran.

They would behead his Sunni ass.

It's the excuse the US will use to bomb Iran though

I didn't insert those quotation marks for fun.

Good point.

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t. goatfucking musssleman

What the fuck is your problem, cunt? We don't align with smelly ass Mudslime child rapists, you fucking nonce. The only appropriate way to treat sandnigger desert cults is what Saint Tarrant did.

The Muslims of his time are not the same we have today. If they were running roughshod over Europe, raping white children and blowing shit up I can assure you The Führer's opinion would have been much different.

Fuck off. The enemy of my enemy is no6t always my friend. You are both semites and all Abrahamic religions are cancer.

The only ideology legitimate ideology is National Socialism and the words of The Führer… Mudslimes and kikes both get the gas.


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Remember when Obama said he killed him? On 57 different occasions?

notice since reelection of Netanyahu, Mossad is full steam to foment the shit. it is as if they are taking it to the next tier of chaos

Look how happy the media is. Makes me sick.

I wouldn't doubt, we live in a clown world, the jingoist american patriotard cuckservative would bite it like the good goyim they are, no evidence is necessary.


Exactly this. It's much harder to do glow nigger stuff if you're concerned that new superiors may frown on your actions and hold you accountable. With Bibi in place for the next few years, I'd brace for a hellish summer.

Jewish controlled opposition.

Not for much longer.

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I'm on my phone and thought Sean Connery converted.

Putin, yes.

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He wasn't allowed to mention New Zealand by his masters?


totally random but russians pronounce turkey as "indook" and I wonder if this is a relic from thinking that the new world was india and that turkey's were indian birds in the slav lexion

cuz we call indians, indus

Heil hitler and heil our people.

and yet in the west you have primed-proto bolshevik soybois no one cares about who'll go along with antiwhite genocide by the million. Subtlety is an art


Not in Syria. This form of shilling is the most pathetic form I’ve ever seen.

here is the full video titled "In the Hospitality of the Leader of the Faithful", which i found on an ISIS Telegram channel. no subtitles, so it's just 18 minutes of Baghdadi talking in Arabic, so it's pretty boring, except for it being high-res and close up on Baghdadi, unlike his prior video giving the sermon at the al-Noori mosque in Mosul, which was filmed from far away in bad lighting.


PS: if you work for CIA, i implore you to commit suicide at your soonest convenience, and i would also hope that before you suck on that barrel, that you will execute as many of your coworkers as you can, as well as your Glow in the Dark bosses, because you are personally responsible for creating, funding, arming, training and supporting ISIS in the first place, which makes you worse than ISIS. ISIS is merely doing what the Lion would do–eating you, but working as a Glow Nigger and helping to create ISIS and helping the biggest Terrorist Org in history to create ISIS, while deluding yourself into believing you are "protecting America"–that is the biggest act of treason i can imagine. and we all know what the proper penalty for treason–death.

Wrong. Fraktur needs a long s if not at the end of the word and no other exeptions apply.
Wew. Fix the situation then negotiate.

The muslims are a strong unity and have in some muslim country's old high anti women cultures.the NS and Christian europe are that not any more,even USA not.the important nature law:The strongest (race) wins.
You see that the muslim races are very strong races because they control women.but the high races or white european races and the American mix-white-race are very weak.
because of they weakness you can do 3 things.1 doing nothing about it.2 is you keep yourself not weak and try to make your race mentally strong again.3 you go to be a muslim and help that races.
That 3e option is the best option because the strongest always win and if the enemy is stronger you better can be a traitor.that's because i say:The muslims are high humans with a greatfull high culture.more high then european and american for women (lesbo traitors) cultures.

Reminder that kikes only support alt-right when you hate muslims
You are not National Socialist. National Socialism was not hostile towards to Christianity or Islam.
>Let's have no allies except our "greatest" ally of course

Tarrant is probably the most famous right-wing extremist of 2019 and will certainly be in the top ten of the 10 right-wing extremists of the 21st century.

Aren't you ashamed of it?! You as a white man should be ashamed of yourself!

Don't you understand how disgraceful that is?!

The muslims (!?!) have an even higher culture and are a stronger unity than the Christians. (The Muslims!?!).aren't you ashamed that women are equal before the law? A woman is a failed human life. the muslims were always disadvantaged and now they seem to maintain their traditional culture even longer than the high white Christian cultures.you should be disappointed and ashamed.

(((Shimon Elliot))) is that you???!!! Fingernails are very well manicured, a (((Tel Aviv))) salon, perhaps???!!!

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