Most Important Racial Theorists / NS-Ideologues / Fascist ideologues of the 20th century

My question: who were the most important racial theorists / NS-ideologues of the 20th century?
I want to dig deeper into the topic.
Two prime examples I can think of: Alfred Rosenberg and Julius Evola.
Or what is some classic literature on the topic?

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Julius Evola.
If you study his works and manage to understand, recognise and internalize what you read you have made a huge first step in the quest for self realization and transcendence.
You also gain the ability to understand what the true, trancedental and eternal essence of "NS" is, beyond the limitations of specific historical and political manifestations

They were many.
It depends on the perspective.
I would start with the onr who started it all.

Any specific works?

Any specific works?

Start with Metaphysics of War if you are interested in the subject, preferably after reading the Gita.
I would recommend Revolt Against The Modern World then. It is a monumental work and not the easiest to follow but certainly the most rewarding. It is worth the effort and dont worry if it takes you a lot of time to get through.
After that it pretty much comes to your interests. Do you want to focus on the magical/metaphysical books first or the more political?

Prussian socialism.

bump due to interesting thread

Does user have some books from actual pioneers of racial science? It existed long before WW2, but NS researchers were the last ones to make advances in it before it became banned by subhuman hordes. Actual science backed by facts. It's probably one of most memory holed subjects in history.

Which ones are you looking for?

Does anyone recommend Germany Reborn by Herman Goring?

Also is Table Talk a reputable book? I see a lot of christcucks claim it's written by a french jew?

I don't know about that one, but is been debated that table talks may or may not be reputable due to the fact of how badly mistranslated it got.

Ahh I see. Worth a read then or no?

Read Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey

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Table Talk is fascinating, it’s 100% worth the read. Hitler’s knowledge on a wide variety of topics and his discussion of his plans for the future. David Irving too asserts they are legitimate, having seen the original German manuscripts with Bormann’s signature. I read Ostara Publications’ version, so that’s what I’d recommend.

If you want to hear Hitler talk about…

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Go ahead if you want some insight, but remember to take it at least with a grain of salt.

*Hitler’s knowledge on a wide variety of topics and his discussion of his plans for the future IS INTERESTING

Left words out.

In the beginning on the metaphysical works. I could imagine it will be easier to follow, if I first try to understand the metaphysics and then practical politics.


Never heard of that one

The most common English version is a second-hand translation of a French version written by a French jew, yes. Many things have been distorted or have their meaning outright reversed.

Any dedicated user wanting to make an accurate translation?

I don't get it, if Hitler was against Christianity, and against atheism, what in the fuck sort of religion or non religion did he want? I also don't understand why in the bible it states in multiple verses that Jews are of Satan.

That is debatable is really hard to pinpoint hitler's religious belief's.

Is race mixing bad if it creates legendary athletes like pic related? Why is it that mulattos dominate professional ball sports?

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Hans F. K. Günther

This will give you a good start desu.

Reagan supporters are ok

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Furthermore, this whole Jesus caller the Jew out as the synagogue of Satan thing is a big cope. Let me explain, when Jesus rebuked the Pharisees as vipers and hypocrite and the synagogue of Satan, he did so because these religious men were pushing a ritualistic and legalistic extension of the Torah, Jesus saw himself as the one to rid Judaism of these elements and bring the teaching back to the Torah and even further clarify the loving nature of the word, which had been shadowed.
To say that Jesus was calling the Jews as we know them today, Satan is illogical because the only different between the Pharisees and himself was theological, not race or even culture. Jesus was a Jewish reformer, so too was Mohamed in a way. Just because his followers adopted the title of Christian, does not make them any less Gentile Jews.

t. A Christian that had to face facts and give it up, if you cannot face facts then you are not a National Socialist, as this is pretty much the primary driver.


Maybe I'm old/pol/ but 2011-12 Zig Forums actually got me to convert to Christianity. They said the blood was on them and their children. The difference was that they corrupted God's word and Christ had to come down and sort it out. Jews are the descendants of pharisees. It's important to remember the difference between moral and ceremonial law, the New supplanted the old because it had been twisted so Christ came down and said "nope". Judaism is a twisted root with both the talmud and torah as their source, jews believe they are God and can out argue the supreme deity. Christianity can be within every nation that accepts it but remember in Revelations that globalization is literally satanic and nations are meant to be, well, nations.

TL;DR Jews are literally cursed and nations are supposed to be nations.

t. half-way between Orthodox and Protestant, thanks old/pol/

For books or ideology, I'd recommend "For My Legionaries" by Codreanu

Yeh this board as distilled truth and purged falsehoods over time and its a good thing.

Here are the bare facts, Jesus, the Pharisees, the Eseens, the Sadducees and the early Christians were ALL racially, ethnically, culturally and for the most part religiously the same. You literally follow a Judaic schism who calls the other Jews, Satan. C'mon mate, do you search truth or copes?
Cordreanu said himself, if he is to win he has to be a bad Christian, he was born in a time when Christianity was absolute in its indoctrination. He has far more of an excuse to not let go of it than you.

I too came to Christianity when I first became red pilled, its a natural knee jerk to the degeneracy you have come to loath as Christianity is the only visible and accepted semi-rejection of modernity. Coming to back to metaphysics when you're red pilled is normal and its easy to go straight to Christianity because its cultural.. eventually you realise you're a jew that necessitates pacifism and you move on.

Its all about having as many White children as possible as quickly as possible in these peaceful times through whatever means necessary. If we win, whoever of our philosophical ilk wins, can then write about how it was really their philosophy which got them to victory at the end, not as documentation because that wouldn't really be true. No, instead it will be propaganda to their future descendants to stay true to that mindset.

"While all other religions endeavor to explain to the people by symbols the metaphysical significance of life, the religion of the Jews is entirely immanent and furnishes nothing but a mere war-cry in the struggle with other nations." -Arthur Schopenhauer

It's also important to purge proven destructive ideologies from within the vanguard.


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Natalism ↔ Pessimism

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It's not useful to tear ourselves apart. But, if we're speaking on civil terms (don't want to cause the thread to fall apart)

I'd disagree. The whole point of Christianity is that it's a separate thing. I actually went through the rejection aspect as well but I guess came through in a different way. The line of holy men had died out prior to Jesus' birth and the people there were in no way lead by those that had the Word. The world was very different two millennia ago so imposing current norms on a historical era just never made sense to me.

Here's one of the examples of historic ethno-Judaic skepticism written by a left-wing jew:

It's an interesting read, if only to see where I'm coming from. There are a million sub-tribes of jews that get ignored by everyone and the genes that make up a modern Israeli are referenced against one another. It makes a lot of sense that just as we're made up of Goths, Vandals, Cibrians, Latins, Saxons, etc. that the people of the region of Palestine (one of the most invaded) would be a composite of the peoples that passed through, especially considering the fake ethnicity they made up for themselves doesn't have any merit. I'm saying we shouldn't trust what they say about themselves. All sociopathic or narcissistic people love giving themselves awards and they are top of the psychopath totem pole. They don't deserve the prizes they give themselves. Of course they'd claim to be the "most best" people ever. The issue is that others are going along with it instead of treating them as they are, Gypsies with a few braincells.

I think it makes more sense to view them as a corrupt pseudo-race that logically wants us all to be as easily distracted and enslaved as all the stupid races out there, sprinkling their completely satanic religion on their actions to justify whatever they want. Mixed people often want the same for others to justify their existence and inflicting population problems and using the "let's you and him fight" to hide themselves makes sense. Back that up with enough intellectual acumen from whatever Germans were dumb or greedy enough to blanda upp with the most despicable people on the planet and an evil document dedicated to making war on everyone else by being underhanded and you have the modern jew. It's hard to say they aren't cursed. They're the ugliest people on the planet (maybe behind nigs) that inspire a revulsion from literally everyone they've been inflicted upon. "they say they are jews but are not jews, they are the synagogue of satan" makes just as much sense in the modern context as back then.

Race mixing is bad and a healthy people don't do bad things, instead focusing on making a just society for their own people.

Lastly, from a pragmatic perspective: there's no inductive solution about how to set up a just society outside the Christian framework from my perspective. I agree with helping the "little people" (that's us) in a sensible manner and disagree that might makes right in an objective sense (because we'd be wrong). I don't believe in unnecessary cruelty and a higher purpose is what brings us together.

I have read nearly everything to try keep my faith, but eventually truth and my love for my race overcame my selfish desire for eternal life.

It's literally worshipping a Jew and Judaism. I don't want anything that has come of Judaism or Jews in my country, nothing.

If there's a lack of engagement and just repetition, I have to assume bad faith.

It is bad faith, it's very bad, weak faith

I cannot capitulate on the bottom line, its a Judaic sect. I refuse to make excuse anymore for worship a literal Jew.

Bread and circuses is the symptom of a decadent and depraved society. It's a pacifier for the huge masses of unemployed welfare trash that abandoned their farms to flee crushing unsupportable taxation and fled to big cities to live in government housing (insulae felices) subist on welfare bread and pass their idle hours watching gladiatorial games where slaves destroyed one another for their entertainment.

Sound familiar?

The ones demonstrating the superiority of the white race backed by facts and numbers. Not some civnat cuckery about "muh western values" , but something focusing on race, ancestry, DNA and biological aspect entirely.

Got some PDF's in English?

Complete bullshit.
Evola rejected NS and polluted the dialectics with his spiritual race mumbo jumbo.
Stop sucking on Evola's balls.

is a contradiction. Anyone selling you this shit is either a fool or someone who hates you.

Firstly, Evola criticized a historical and political application. By definition this application is restricted by the historical, political and material factors and circumstances that defined that time.
This is very simple to understand unless you are one of the retards thinking AH was a "capitalist" or a "Jewish pawn" because he had to make deals with capitalists and part of the capital to achieve his goals.
So Evola criticises certain aspects of the incomplete application of N/S while showing in a crystal clear manner its deeper spiritual and metaphysical meaning.

Secondly, spiritual race is not mumbo jumbo. It is a reality pretty much self evident to anyone with a bit of intuition and clear sight. Spiritual race as well as race of soul give a deeper meaning to biological race. They strengthen the argument for racial purity, going beyond the mere biological and zoological plane.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain is a much forgotten name. He was the mentor of both Rosenberg and Hitler.

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To add to this, racial spirit and biological spirit is something we all know. Wiggers are biologically white but spiritually they are niggers.

Madison Grant
Nordic theory and conservationist

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Man and Technology

And the fact you think Aryans cannot organise a society with the moral code of Jews shows how pathetic you really are.

Goring is a fat retarded prude who did a shit job.

lol fair enough, was he a Christian then?

That's an interesting source. Looks like it's based on respected, mainstream research. Totally undermines almost every jewish claim made in the past century.

The road to Fascism is easiest to find with direction from the Socratic method. Make a claim, back up the claim while taking down the opponent. If you're refuting a central tenant (in our case it's egalitarianism) then you have to argue from a detached perspective. It's a waste of time to engage with people that just repeat a central claim without attempting to prove the merit because the other person is unwilling to actually debate, they're just using you to gain an audience for their argument.

I don't know if I agree 100% with what you're saying but this little snippet is an excellent example of the difference between rhetoric and dialectic. Here's a good source for the differences between the two:

Is rhetoric, makes claim and an appeal to prior experience.

Dialectic with some rhetoric, disputes the claim that has been made and explains why. Rhetoric is

Rhetoric, renews original claim without any attempt to sway the other party and also renews claim of prior knowledge.

This stuff is interesting and important to keep in mind when out in the world. There are always arguments to win but don't waste time on people that just want a platform and refuse to engage. They're just using you.

Zig Forums won so much in such a short time because we sharpened our teeth with actual debate and the truth on our side. Being a repetitious idiot just makes onlookers back away. Put some damn effort into your thoughts, others will follow.

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t. christcuck

I shouldn't have to debate this shit with supposed National Socialists. Its a Jewish religion, fuck..

He says Jesus was an Aryan who rose against Jewish rule in Galilee and started a revolt. (((Paul of Tarsus))) saw the power unleashed by the rebellion and was inspired to use it as a weapon for Jewry, falsifying the teachings of Jesus and using them to organize the plebs, slaves and rootless cosmopolitan mass of Rome against the Romans.

He seems to have believed in a higher power which he variously called Providence or Nature. We know he was not an atheist due to the fact that in Table Talk he explicitly shits on atheism. He even calls atheism the “return to the state of the animal” in October 14th 1941.

He did not believe Jesus was an Aryan. Please provide a source. That is discovery channel tier bs.

G.G. Otto authored "The Jew as World Parasite" which is pretty much the gold standard for understanding the ethnic history of the jews and why they are so genetically inclined towards parasitism and destruction of their host peoples.

Table Talk, 21st October 1941, midday. It’s not “History Channel” bullshit, it’s the truth

didn’t mean to sage.

The interesting question is if jesus was an aryan

Returning to Christianity was an understandable knee-jerk reaction against degeneracy, but doesn't really hold up on a lot of ideological points or if you're even interested in that aspect, the spiritual ones. I'm old/pol/ too and there was always still an atheist, pagan, and Hitlerist undercurrent. Zig Forums has always been made up of many different viewpoints, obviously.

Just because he organized positive Christianity in order to unite the Catholic and Protestant faction in Germany doesn't mean he himself believed in it in any way.

Of course Hitler was not a Christian, but he still respected Jesus

This, so much. And where would we be without Arthur de Gobineau…

However, I personally I am not really interested in theory. I'm a practical man; pretty much the reason why I am more in line with Goebbels' and Speer's line of thinking.

Having come from a Christian environment, you might well be right. However, there's nothing to really conclusively or honestly, believably prove that. I honestly personally don't see any particular reason to respect Jesus, not having come from a Christian environment and thus not having the same biases as someone who does.

I have very little respect for Speer, seeing how he sold us and the truth out to the allies so he could stay alive after the war. His diaries about the holohoax and his "admittances" of whatever the allies wanted him to admit are complete nonsense. Speer seemed to have been a coward in the end. He should've gone out like Hess or even Mengele.

Still to biological reasons. That's all you need. Everything else is pure faggotry and lying trash.

So to recap from the Table Talks

Hitler was against Christianity, but he may have respected Jesus and in his Table Talks he says Jesus was not a Jew

Hitler was against atheism

I am not a Christian myself, but why if Jesus is a good figure to look up to, why is Christianity so bad? In John 8:44 it states that Jews are of the devil and Revelation 2,3:9 it states that Jews are of the synagogue of Satan. What was the point of these verses? Furthermore, why is there nonstop Jesus and Christian bashing in the Talmud? Is this all just make believe conflict for divide and conquer, or did the early Christians and Jews really hate each other? Are Jews really of the "devil" or "Satan"? It would somewhat explain their child raping and child sacrificing behavior, and their quest for world domination.

None of this makes any sense and it's incredibly confusing.

In Speer's defence: I would probably have caved in aswell, given how the Allies treated the remaining leadership of the Third Reich. They tortured them and were eager to hang them all, despite of what they might bring forward to defend themselves. The Nuremberg trial was a farce, despite of what Justice Jackson claimed it would be.

From all the leaders of the Third Reich, Speer was the most sensitive and the least capable to resist psychological terror. Can you blame him? I certainly can't, given that every man has a weakspot. If your family is used against you and the people who want your head are messing with you, you will do anything to survive. Not everyone is made to do what Göring did in the end.

I always point at Speer because he was a great administrator and organizer. He did the best with the job he was tasked to do and only failed after everything else went down south. Or to put it differently: there is only so much a man can do before he's spent and burnt out.

The Table Talks are knon frauds

Shut up kike

I think that atheism is not bad for SOME people.

In fact, atheism is absolutely true, I believe, and anyone in the "inner circle" should know about how mythology is essentially folklore and cults.

It's not good to actually believe, when you need to be focusing on reality. How does a general plan for a battle? If they believe that God will help them win, then they might not optimize their strategy. But if they do not count on a God, then they will need to work with what they actually have: And that gives them a better chance.

If God's light shines down anyways, then all the better. However, it cannot be assumed. Those that assume, those that have faith, will lead their men to a terrible death.

But it's the opposite with normal people. Normal people sometimes die in bad ways, and it's always good for normal people to not have to live in fear of dying and just disappearing without meaning or purpose. Sometimes they want to think that they will be among their ancestors, or in heaven if something bad happens before they are truly ready.

Thus, atheism is for three groups: Inner circle, philosophers, and scientists.

Religion is good for many more groups, such as community leaders, common people, criminals, soldiers, and workers. It creates that proper cohesion.

Of course, then it comes down to this: If religions are not *literally* true, then what religion do you give to your people? Currently, folktales will develop naturally. But people with an agenda can make up gods and say, "Oh, so your god has power over lightning? And only lightning? Well, my god is all knowing, all powerful, and perfect in every way. So mine is better."

So they just make it up, and say, "And it punishes you if you disobey, and rewards you with the best thing ever: Immortality in paradise if you believe and obey."

And then they can also just write the rules that this perfect god has come up with, and simply lie about every single aspect, until it's too good to be true.

And then when you say, "That sounds too good to be true," they say, "So just have faith in it. Just believe it."

And that's called a cult, and it's what Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are.

Folklore develops naturally, instead of a wiseguy deliberately writing whatever sounds best, for the singular purpose of converting people.

Sometimes folklore is better, sometimes an optimal religion is better. Christian monks are incredibly noble, are they not? But those are from another age. Same with druids and shamen. At this point in time, we've already developed a scientific method and really thought about it hard, so honestly, folklore is better now. Men who would be focused Christian monks are instead focused scientists.

Christianity was useful for Aryans back in the day, but now, we need to focus on results. Birthrates must go up, our blood-solidarity must increase, and we have to create trusting communities.

Christianity has crumbled massively, and very few people believe it now, and those who do, considering that it's not actually true, can also said to not be "red pilled."

A simple red pill is atheism: That all folklore is exaggerations and word-of-mouth distortions, and all cults are deliberately devised fiction, meant to manipulate people, enslave them, and destroy nations.

But all this here is a philosopher's game.

If you're reading this and not "getting it," then you're not a philosopher. All that I'm writing should be supremely obvious if you're actually a philosopher type who enjoys understanding the actual truth. But let me be clear: Not everyone ought to be a philosopher. We need workers, soldiers, writers, actors, and parents.

But even if you agree with me, that doesn't make you a philosopher:

The absolute divide between philosopher and "edgy fedora atheist," is that I accept Pagans and Christians as my brothers in arms, and trust them completely. I am not here to D&C. We are united as Aryans, and for me, nothing will break that bond. But if I would look towards one with fear, it would be towards the Christians, considering that they've openly admitted to wanting to shun Pagans and Christians.

If they favor their religion over their blood and family, then they are essentially traitors. But that's their decision to make. If they can stay true and loyal, then I'll be their friend and ally. I won't be the one to backstab, and I trust that the Pagan will not backstab either.

I only pray that the Christian does not turn on us for any reason. If they do, then my fears are confirmed: That it really was a subversive Jewish cult the entire time, and deliberately created to divide us and destroy us. What Christian will speak up and tell me that this is not true?

What noble Christian will tell me that our shared blood is greater than their religion?

I suppose there is indeed nuance to everything; we musn't look too harshly on imperfect men.
He definitely performed his duties well during the Reich's lifetime, no one can take that from him.


*considering that they've openly admitted to wanting to shun Pagans and Atheists.

If there was a group wanting to shun pagans and Christians, then that group would be wrong. I'm the atheistic sort, and I do not want to shun anyone who is Aryan, unless they are in an ideology that would end with their sword pointed towards fellow Aryans.

"Heathen" and "heretic" are not words I want to hear ever again.
And those that use those words on fellow Aryans are traitors.

Yes, there is. As I said, Speer was a quite sensitive man, not in this idealistic, stereotypical way, but more subtle - and he was truly and thoroughly shocked when Hitler decided to burn everything within German proper and how Hitler simply gave up in the end. It's rather depressing. I mean, they were friends for nearly a decade…

That set processes in motion that explain quite well why Speer why did what he did after '45. He was simply spent and done, a broken man, left with very little options and choices.


The most important post war figures tbh

It's literally a Judaic Sect against Judaism. He is calling Jews who practice a different form of Judaism from him, the devil.

We believe all Jews people are the devil, regardless of what flavour of Judaism they practice or even if they are secular or atheist.


I'm not reading your reddit formated effort post faggot.

No, nignog faggot, Evola criticized a strawman of NS because they told him to fuck off and put him on the SS watch list.

NS was of course spiritual, were there any atheist NSDAP leaders? No, they were overwhelmingly Pagans, with a couple of Christians, and their theories were of course based on racial spirit as well as biology.

You should read Nietzsche to learn why christianity is so fucking gay.
Early christians were all jews, whether christ (if he even existed, which is most likely a massive NOPE) was a jew or not is irrelevant when all of the fags who wrote the New Testament were themselves racially jewish.
It's one of the oldest examples of Jewish Mitosis, it's desert trash and christianity was used to poison white civilization.

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And that strawman is?

Can you recommend a Neetchey reading sequence please.

Go ask the book threads on this board.

The jews literally hate Christ so fucking much that Israeli schools don't allow them to use the '+' sign in mathematics, because it looks too much like a cross. Anyone who is telling you that Christ was a jew, or that Christianity is a jewish invention is a liar, and a fucking terrible one.

Anons are debating either or not the nsdap were christans or not that is simply a different matter.

Hilter tolerated the Christians, and brought them into the fold. There is literally nothing else to be said.