FBI visits user

IDK if this was already posted


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I posted the video here a day or two after they visited me. There was already a long thread on it.

Where's the thread?

>tfw no FBI virgin gf

Spill the beans nig.

What did they ask? What did you post? If there's things you can't say don't post your favourite meme with the reply.

Gonzo. Here's a PDF of the thread I saved though.

Everything they asked is in the video. They said they contacted me because of (legal) posts I made in support of the NZ shooting. Funniest part was when the guy was talking about making threats and hurting people and the dumb bitch giggles and says "I have friends like that!!"

PDF of old thread didn't upload here so I'll host it somewhere else and post the link in a minute.

if that's actually you why are you a fag who reports stuff to the fbi

When trump fooled some of us into thinking he wasn't a turbokike before the election I reported a nigger on FB threatening to shoot him.

PDF of old thread is fucked just says 0 bytes and won't open. Pretty sure someone archived it though.

Thanks! It's pretty smart of me to invest in a VPN last year. I might volunteer to be a fed if I can't score any jobs this year. Other activists who have ruined their life in Charlottesville should do the same if they're over 24 years of age.

Did you mention Zig Forums when you reported the nog?

fuck me, a pdf of a thread? who the fuck does that hopefully it doesn't become a thing.

Good intentions, we all got fooled

youre a retard buddy. the FBI is not an ally, everything you do and report can and will be used against you. If they didnt have the authority to convict you of crimes, then yeah okay, but without some sort of immunity you should never deal with authorities. you had it coming.

No. Report had nothing to do with Zig Forums. An agent did follow up a few days after the report asking if I had any more info on the nigger I reported but that was the last I heard from them until the surprise visit.

Had what coming? They admitted I did nothing illegal and then left. You're a pussy and a faggot.

So help the people that doxxed you by scoring convictions on your brothers.
Kill yourself


threats shouldnt even be illegal, dont be a faggot and hide behind the feds whenever someone says something you find frightening you beta bitch

is it the two guys riding the elevator to meet user-kun and the neighbor waiting for a delivery clip ?

Found the kike.

should have just told them: i have nothing to say and evaded any attempt of theirs to question or coerce you to do anything like talking in private
wtf man get smart

It's not surprising in the slightest.

keke taking all matters in all peoples own hands turns out great as you can see in numerous shitholecountries :-]

It was fake. Fuck off.

You might want to consider using a VPN/Tor in the future

Yeah, here's the full vid

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I've invested. I used one before to post anything even slightly outrageous but that didn't stop them from finding me and talking to me.

No it wasn't retard.

fake and gay

Oops meant to tag

Stay mad FBI.

the FBI are dogs and youre the faggot here for licking their boots


substantiate youre claims retard

Found another kike.

your a legend in my book user
hah, they got a ditz agent to break you down
did she show cleavage?

Nah she wasn't even hot. Called on makeup over a lot of acne. Probably looks like Sarah Silverman without clothes on.


im literally the same ID, and no im not a kike. you and that nigger can both go suck up to your jewish friends in the FBI and CIA

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So how often did you bareback? Your experience could be a useful lesson to all opsec brainlets out there.

May be fed warning to Shills trying to set up lone wolf attack and blame it on Q user and or 8 Chan


Well done fucktard. The best thing you could now do is to join anti fa and lead the FBI to those faggots. You are now a wrecker of anything you touch because you were upset a nigger threatened a kike.

Pretty often, but 80+% of my Tarrant posting was through Proton VPN.


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I don't regret reporting a nigger threatening a man that 90%+ of us on this board thought was the real deal.

what state are you from? i ride unsecure all day every day. even posted on plans of how to make better new zealand/mumbai style attacks and never got a face to face with them.

Hurricane durrr ur fake n gay! Hah!!! Got eeeeeem!!!!!!

If Trump was real then the FBI was trying to fuck him. If he wasn't real the FBI was on his side. Now explain why you thought contacting the FBI was a good idea.

Unless you're false flagging them just don't bother.

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that's because you're not doing fucking anything wrong. if the fbi visits you you actually threatened somebody or your IP address has some real dirt on it for something

Is that you? lol, fucking FBI

Not true. I've never threatened anyone or posted anything illegal via VPN or otherwise. Literally the first words out of the cunts mouth is "You haven't done anything illegal." Yet they still visited me.

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Do you think it was from when you posted with or w/o?


The FBI doesn't fucking do that. Flash a fake ID with your boomer pals in a fucking youtube video all you want.

what state are you from??
must be a slow day at the FBI office for them to waste time

You really are a fucking idiot, anything you say to FBI even a seemingly casual convo like in the videos posted. How do you think the FBI charged Michael Flinn or the faggot lover Roger Stone. I bet that's what they were trying to do to you in the first place.


I have no clue. I wouldn't have thought anything I posted with or without would cause the FBI to contact me.

Shut the fuck nigger, all you're posts are shit

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I'm not the one impersonating alphabet agencies like an autist.

Because I'm dispelling your paranoid fever dream?

2 FBI agents showed up to talk to me. I'm not impersonating anyone and nothing you say will change that.

It's a fake ID. That's not even what their IDs look like.

lol forget where you're posting?
Whole situation is fucky but you got lucky considering most anons simply get v& away into the night

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Include an archive link next time

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I bareback this shit all the time and post content that certainly worries ZOG but I have yet to speak to any glowniggers about shitposting, not that any law compels you too.

Anons should consider the following

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I have over 300 confirmed kills. Do you believe me?

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Damn, just putting a computer together is "smart" to the FBI, what do I have to do to get a visit lol? I built my own CPU didn't even use a solder, guess that's not good enough for my local feds.

From aimee lawyer videos other anons posted in my first thread, apparently this was most likely just a shot in the dark to maybe gather some info. The lawyers said if they're doing an official interrogation or interview they WILL NOT continue if they know it's being recorded, and obviously these 2 knew I was recording but still continued.

Post a video proving it and I just might.

yeah, thats what an fbi id looks like faggot
stfu not everything is some massive conspiracy you brainlet fuckjob

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This is almost as cringey as the Qlarp posting.

lol get a life

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sure is fucking reddit in here


Impersonating an FBI agent is an actual crime, not that it's enforced so OP did a little fuck-up.

she's not dumb, she was protecting you by making sure you were not cast as outsider.

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probably more likely that you're in some backwater state and the office has literally fuck all to do all day so they're willing to harass people about internet haaaaaate speech

You should all feel really stupid.

The entire reason you hire women as spies is because men underestimate their ability to manipulate them and think they're stupid.

That's most likely the case. Not gonna post where I'm at but it's definitely not a big state like NY or anything.

That's the thing user…it didn't work at all. My first thought was "this stupid cunt really thinks I'm that dumb?"

Women are stupid though user….

Thanks for the response. I was gone for a few days and missed it.

Ignore all Hebrews.

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ya good cop bad cop. they just wanted to stop and frisk you for threat value. fuck em and next time say nada

Supreme court ruled on hate speech years ago. Hate speech is protected speech. This whole FBI thing is a gay LARP which begs the question: what is being slid right now?

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i know right. i missed the earnest happening because i was scripting some stupid fucking video game. i need an 8ch alert app

yeah that 20% rawdog will getcha.

Without knowing the content of his Tarrant posts I'm left to speculate, but I think the visit he received is part of a larger effort to link chan-based "social media" to terrorism. They value of that interview wasn't about the information user could or couldn't provide, but rather creating a record that a meatspace interview took place at all. They're just checking the boxes and creating filler to pad the case against the chans. Their real goals will be realized via congressional hearings and subsequent legislative measures.

in the meanwhile, I still wouldn't clearpost


They want to pretend they're important. Same people who post about muh Qanon.

i believe the fbi came to hassle user. also that this is what earnest was directly referring too when he said the feds don't do shit. they do but, they're just stupid bootlickers waiting for retirement. don't really wanna get their hands dirty but they'll follow up on internet "terror" reporting if a dunkin' donuts is on the way.

Here we go.

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You're the only one who looks stupid.

They didn't, though.

there are also several american flags on the lunar surface but, i can't convince retards of that either so i don't try