Former Zogbot Converts to Islam Plots Terror in CA

A Resesa man planned to detonate improvised explosive devices at several Southern California locations to cause “mass casualties” in a terror plot thwarted by law enforcement officials, authorities said.

Looks like they're trying to spin it as if the feds stopped an attack on "white nationalists". Seems like they're admitting it's a total entrapment case.

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Dominga sounds like a spic name , and pisslam is just another name for semite
Nope fibber faggots you don’t win this time

Hey kid, wanna blow up a building?

Who was holding a rally?

wild guess: it's totally made up in order to spin the story against whitey. big brother wins again, uh huh.

Looks like the whole thing was a setup and the dumb spic fell for it. He wanted to bomb a "white supremacist" rally in So Cal of all places that never actually happened. He just bought a fake nail bomb from the FBI and got himself busted. Apparently he also wanted to kill kikes and attack churches and shit himself too, so go figure.

Spic goes full retard

Ever notice how evil people never stop lying?
There's no point in watching the news anymore. It's not real.

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Why THE FUCK do all of these idiots announce it before it occurs in weeks.

Leftists have a wide criteria of "WN demonstrations". By "white nationalist", they mean cuckservatives, zionists, and alt-lite types like Ben Shapiro, Juden Peterstein, and TPUSA.

Goddam shame white body parts hdnt strewn the streets …imagine the pyric victory…..
ohhh Loi..
the retribution and goodwill we would have received from our normiefag folk would have been invaluable and even catalytic in nature
oh well
that how the cookie crumbles huh my niggers

remember nigger

Accelerate your FOLK life

It was an anti-sanctuary city rally in California. Here's some antifa trannies bragging about assaulting a right-winger:
leftists claim that being anti-immigration is white nationalist, so it makes sense that they're trying to deplatform people. I'll dig up more info.

I want to see another Federal building go up, in Mexico City.

Implying that we are gang members.

life is hard little brother
WAR is brutal and the assault waves have casualties of up to and including 100%

ONLY the MISSION counts you little civilian pussy
not your moral pandering to christ and the jew values construct

only VICTORY matters

NOT morality
boyscout tranny

The rally was called "March to End Sanctuary State", and it's demonstration was done on April 27. The Spic Zogbot wanted to kill anti-illegal immigration activists.

Sieg Heil. Be sure to ram when you’re all out of ammo boys. See you in Valhalla


california sounds like the place to be though
3 "terror" happenings in 1 week

If you don't watch your uninformed, and if you do you're disinformed. (apologies to Mark Train)

It is amazing that what they say happened and reality are totally opposite.

According to real quality news over at Time
Already called it a nazi rally in the headline and title.
Then they call it a white supremacist rally
Then they mention white nationalists not showing up.


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Mossad almost made it happen a month after 9/11


Every convert is subhuman trash. Every. Single. One.

This makes sense.

If they're so stronk why do they need (((white))) liberals defending them?
Which low wage workers cleaned the bathroom at the beach as part of public service punishment for free?
Why are they "activist-splaining" on behalf of groups they personally do not represent?
And, if they are part of such a group, what makes them the spokesperson for said group?
I thought #notallmuslims?

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They speak so highly about them, but they are literally brainwashed boomer leftovers of ZOG. Did the dirty work of Israel.

supposedly a Nazi rally

How can leftoids let themselves get beat up in their own cities and shit, these niggas run Berkeley and they still got fucked up.

they want people to sympathize with him

The (((cunts))) basically set up and entrapped the young man to keep themselves busy.