Race War Training

Are you ready for a racewar?
Some of you may have guns and other gear, but are you physically and mentally prepared for ultraviolent urban combat?
I think most of the people on this board have to respond with a "no" to this question.

In this thread, we will provide info-material with the aim to change that.
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Fuck this glownigger BS
If you are an a 18-26 yr old alpha.
.. join Army.Corp and go combat mos
4-6 yrs later
….skills attained.

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But you don't need info, your agency probably has plenty of resources to provide you with all of those things.

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yes let me just pledge my heart and soul to fight Israel's wars for 4 years


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Seems like they are paying well this morning

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Sticking to the script but changing it a little? lel


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posting our tactics? did you even read OP? this is supposed to be a thread about compiling self help info, not a game plan to the racewar.
anons: 1
(((anons))): 0

I have some toys that I have learned to handle.
But I am fat & tired so the best I can hope for is defend my home.
Seems to be no shortage of 'warrior' types lately.

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Daily reminder to:
Post good screencaps instead.

I'll start, ex-french foreign user short manual how to be prepare without issues with law.

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Yes, Aryans (Puerto Ricans, Italians, Brazilians, Germans, etc) will beat the kikes in this coming war.

Mentally preparing to kill

Killing people isn't as easy as you may think it is. There have been occurences recorded in WWI and WWII where men actually couldn't bring themselves to shoot at the enemy. Not only the accuracy rates of soldiers, but even the rate at which they fired their guns have steadily improved over the last century.
Armies all over the world are aware that men need to train the ability to kill.
They seek to create the mental connection of "identifying target - shooting target" in their recruits by utilizing the following methods.
1. They use human silhouette cutouts as targets. This establishes the mental image of shooting at a person, unlike round targets or stuff like bottles and metal plates.
2. They use targets which suddenly pop up and require the recruit to shoot immidiately, which also creates the instinctual reaction of "shoot" instead of just observing.
3. They have their recruits play paintball with markers that look and sound like actual guns.
4. They have their recruits "train under stress".
This means:

You can emulate these training methods yourself at the range or at home.
For more realism, you could invest in a ballistic gel head or buy an old mannequin from a clothing store.

Russian Speznaz take the realism of their training even further. To emulate the gorey, brutal realities of war, and to desensitize and harden their soldiers, they have invented one of the toughest training scenarios in the world.


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I don't really like getting my hands, eww…



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(continuation no. 2)

This kind of training is obviously very hard to emulate, but you could use one of the aspects for your own training by buying a carcass at your local butchery.

This carcass could then be utilized in two different training scenarios:
1. Hang it from the ceiling or a tree and cut it up with bladed weaponry (bayonet, knife, axe) to
a. test the density of the flesh and the force required to cut through meat or bone
b. desensitize yourself from cutting through flesh

2. Shoot at it. The sound of flesh and bones being impacted by a bullet and meat splattering is a good desensitization training for nerve-wracking combat scenarios. Also, the aftermath will serve as a lesson about the severity of gunshot wounds.

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meant to reply to

Just learn to shoot, learn to lift, learn to fight, learn to first aid. You're done.

BASED thread

Learn to redpill is necessary for reinforcements:

I'm ready, fellow white brothers.

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Thanks for this user, i remember reading this but didn’t think to screencap it

Where are you hanging out lately? Nobody but a retard would shoot at something while it was hanging in front of tile.

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Puerto Ricans are not 'aryan' user. Neither are Brazilians.

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This thread is useful, ignore all the shills here.
1. Shoot meat/carcasses to desensitve yourself
2. Shoot targets that move and pop out to remain alert.
3. Shoot targets while moving, crouching, proning, or lying in uncomfortable positions.

What shooting postures do you recommend?

Hand to hand combat

It should be obvious that hand to hand combat can not be learned from infographics on Zig Forums. You should definitely start learning a martial art at a local fighting gym. You will meet some people there who might already be redpilled or at least potential radicals.

Martial arts that incorporate weaponry:
Especially the first three are very useful for armed combat situations.

Other martial arts that focus on basic movements and work with lots of sparring:
These martial arts, despite not incorporating weaponry, are also extremely useful to train your agility, your reflexes, your striking power and your strength. Training them will definitely help you in combat situations regardless wether you are armed or unarmed.

You should go through some of your routines in full gear every once in a while and train at least once a week.

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I will shorten this a bit, if good user allows.

If you want to learn how to smash people just with your body:
Learn in this order.

If you want to learn how to smash people with various things:

Do not bother with traditional martial arts unless you are interested with the philosophy behind it.

You dumb fucks want to fight jews it is fine by me, just stop calling yourselves 'aryan' it is fucking ridiculous.

How much of Zig Forums is bots at this point…saved for posterity. Less than 1 second between posts…not even enough time to switch IPs or anything…think about it anons….

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Do some reading.
Specifically re. The Troubles.
Your weapon will be provided by a fixer, probably on the same day as you use it. Maybe you get to zero it once or twice beforehand.
All weapons will be dumped immediately after use for the fixer to clean forensically.
Clothing items will be bought recently from a department store and burned after use.
First thing you should do when shit kicks off is empty your house of anything remotely incriminating (weapons, books, everything basically)
You pretend to be a normie and act only when necessary.

Do you have any tips on using AR-15s? I heard that they're prone to jamming, but that might be because of high capacity magazines.

They have already diagnosed everything you have ever done. You think they don't know their targets? :)

All the shills trying to derail and claiming i glow are the best proof that a thread like this was long overdue.

I recommend watching the army recruits doing shooting under stress and just copying their training. Running and crawling until physical exertion + shooting while lying on your back / crouching etc.
If you train at the range and know some people there, or with some friends in the open, you have more possibilities. A friend could push you or shout at you. Video related

This is a nice post. Also read The Management of Savagery by Abu Bakr Naji, although be very careful about from where do you get the copy, since it will generate attention of alphabets.


Jams with sand - like in Iraq an sheeeeit
not so much in the northeast US for example.
weapon originally designed for jungle warfare, not desert
unless you are fighting in the desert you will be good

im getting out of here, ive got all the books and audio i want. theres really nothing left, no point in lollygagging on the web anymore.

Are you baiting or something? This is bad advice. You don't involve another person into a lone wolf attack and you certainly don't buy clothes last minute as it can be traced to you via surveillance cameras and receipts. That's how they caught Jussie Smollete faking the MAGA country hate crime hoax. Don't get your advice from movies/literature, just get your advice from autobios and IRL attacks.

Get in shape
Get comfortable with a rifle platform


Yeah I'm sure they've got real accurate lists for all 100 counter terror guys


I believe he was talking more about working in already established underground group, user. The Troubles are Ireland in 70s-90s, during the height of IRA action.

Watching Hickok45 shoot it seems the high capacity mags are a problem…the higher the capacity the worse the downward pull, drag and jamming.

I am not being defeatist. I am telling you that during the Bolshevik slaughter of the innocents the kikes had already worked out EXACTLY who they were going to murder EXACTLY like Erdogan's recent purge of his nation…how many did he imprison/kill 100,000? Do you think that shit 'happens overnight'? No it takes planning, coordination and intelligence gathering. In the case of the bolsheviks it was a personal vendetta but it was also an offence to them that someone could be moral, beautiful or talented. They reserved the worst tortures for those who made it obvious that they were an inferior creation and subhuman.

With Erdogan's slaughter they had already categorized and classified every last citizen and they simply rounded them up on a whim. All those facilities and even the clothing of the 'volunteer' police takes time to order user…don't be foolish and think you are going to 'act normal' when the shit goes down. You better not put your guns away you better fire on the people coming to 'arrest you'.

user, that's clearly an IP-hop, I've seen the same guy do the same thing in different threads. Stop being a newfag.

The Thread

Look at the timestamp faggot.

You have said something which is not true, never was and until we have some sort of omnipotent AI, it won't be. No one here is underplaying the power of alphabets, but also do not fall for the other choice - over-rating their power. The greatest part of their power is the image they are carefully grooming for decades - that they are powerful and omnipresent. The reality is very much different and that is something which every single person with experience can attest to. Stop doing their work for them, for free even.

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Oy vey! Fighting for your peoples survival or any real preparation at all is larping silly goyim



I guess it'll contain some good advice, but it doesn't account for contemporary technology. Burning clothing is obviously good advice, but buying it recently is a good way to get caught because of surveillance footage. It has to be done at the start (preferably with a 2 month to 5 year gap prior to the attack in Roblox) in order for it to be clandestine. If you're buying clothing, it must be bought with cash as it can't be traced to you like credit card.

Better advice would be to purchase clothing from yard sales or flea markets as there's rarely surveillance footage. If you purchase it from those outlets, you can give it 2 weeks before you conduct your attack in Roblox.

BT & inb4

Juden detected

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This should be pretty obvious, but if you are partaking in yard sales. Only use cash. If they want you to use credit card, state that payment processors like Square take a small percentage of fees from them and that you would prefer to pay them the full amount. Ask if them for advice on cameras that you can use for your vehicle or house as a means of determining whether they have surveillance/dashcams on or not.

You are the type who would have been surprised by Hitler's commiseration over how many tanks the Bolsheviks had secretly prepared anticipating the German advance. You DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOUR ENEMY…in this case my words are not for you at all…they are for anyone with a brain who wants to survive.

- The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


I think this is the right recording…it is the talk about the tanks.

You shouldn't underestimate them, but you shouldn't pretend that they have telekinesis either. Trust no one but yourself.

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You can't D&C the Aryan, kike

transcript if you can't put up with bavarian accent

White power. Now. Forever.

If you haven't already done so use this summer to make your body race war ready.

Cap for posterity

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This thread belongs in Zig Forums not Zig Forums


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I am not ready at all, yet I'm in the way of getting an apprenticeship in cabinetmaking.

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IEDs. Its better to kill in large numbers.

The reputation for jamming came from the Army wanting to save money and switching to a different powder from what the rifle was designed around. The AR-15 and other rifles in its family are very reliable especially now that all the kinks have been worked out in the 60ish years they've been around.

Definitely not… Knowing your weakness is a strength.

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