Move to a Place worth Defending

Fight on the state level

This combines current demographic data with projections on ethnic and religous demographics out to 2050. I painted states that had excessive spic, kike, nig and jew populations.
Few states remained.

There is not enough rope in the world to fix the problems for the union as a whole.
We should instead fight for the preservation of the last remaining white states.
Many here complain that there is no political will for our cause - and this is true on the national level, but the state and local level is much easier to tilt, especially when the demographics are on our side.

It's much easier to peacefully discourage demographic change when you only need to discourage a couple of hundred people (Jews and muslims in these states can be counted in the hundreds).

So I propose that user moves to a white state and begins defending his state, or justifies why he dreams of living in an ethnostate while living in the gutter with the cockroaches.

It's only a bus ride away.

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yeah North Dakoda is a good state for white nationalism. Many say Montana because its beautiful but because its beautiful commifornians are moving to it and bringing their shitskin slaves with them.

hi europeon here sell me on nevada

Zero Jews is nice and all, but Jews are unlike gooks, niggers and sandniggers, in that even if you don't come into physical contact with them, they still harm you with their media, corporations, taxes, laws, etc.

The Eternal Law of the Sun does not lie.

The Northern states are our true Aryan home.
Winter, spring, summer, and fall. The cycle is natural to us.
It's best to move there. If we can successfully turn the top states white, then we will have a home that exists in a single continuous strip across the north.

sounds like
hey whitey we gotz this here reservation all jess fer you'
it great nothing here but nature….

American Indian here - dont fall for it cracker youll be poor and alcoholic…sorry.. meth hed and brown tar hed

Any Wyoming fags? It looks real comfy.
Btw not an endorsement of white flight strategy.

have fun living on the coldest grass swept piece of shit land in the contiguous u.s.. You will be easier to starve out when they come for the whites.


double dubs dubbed


MT and SD are good buffer zones for ND

Nevada has all the problems combined.

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The fact that you made a map and didn't include a key for your color-coding makes you a subhuman.

I'm already on Texas.

From what i've seen of it it ranges from comfy to degenerate tatted methed out cowboy descendants.

if you can't infer that white states=good and brown states=bad then you should go kill yourself

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shit map. realistically if any large population of european americans is gonna fight we're all in for it. therefore the front line would be around the 70% mark where we have a 2:1 advantage in manpower.

West Virginia also seems very nice

Country roads, take me home …

Where are all the nigs and lesbos on this women's basketball team?

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I mean were gonna have to come together somehow. Good luck starting a revolution with your people scattered around the country.

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Or , hear me out here , we drive anything brown straight down south. All of it is white land. Period
The shitskin hordes should leave immediately they’re in terrible danger

Yeah I fucked that up.
I'll do better next time - feedback noted

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good lord I just rekt my pants asshole
…gaaaaahhh *slurp

This. Put a little effort in OP. Also is this based on data or just "that's what I heard it's like there"

I'm not "coming together" with pussies.

Ignore this just saw your post with more data

We need to regroup in an ethno state, somewhere like Brazil or Argentina would be more than ideal!

Get the fuck out.


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At least OP got it, faggot.

Either way thanks for the map. I've just got a thing for maps and the lack of a key hurt me.

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Heil Hitler #MAGAwithDACA


literally heiled with his digits in response

Anywhere you can get involved in Restoration Agriculture if you have nothing better to do in a city. Whites should be flooding back into rural areas to use regenerative grazing and permaculture to restore land destroyed by industrial farming. Most Midwest States are good locations. But basically anywhere the cattle can graze can be regenerated with intensive planned grazing. Its not white flight. Aryans are natural cowboys and its important work that needs to be done. Grow unpozzed food to sell whites in nearby cities and make lots of white babies while you're at it.

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Never going to happen. Stop larping.

Have another

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I've been trying to move somewhere where it's at least 90% white, I've been looking at Northern Idaho, New Hampshire, Northern Utah, maybe Colorado. Want to be in a white area with good gun laws and mountains. Any ideas?


Read the thread fren. I admitted that oversight and posted source maps.
I am retarted.
Brown bad.

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Schlomo, just you wait… In a couple of decades you'll be able to buy your relatives in the cleaning isle

Damn, how could anyone think that those two are in any way "equal"?
Just look at those lips and nose on that niggress… UGH

Can't speak for any other states on your list, but SD is already lost. It's getting harder and harder to find non-arab doctors, especially for non-general physicians. More Indians (feather) are moving off the res and into town while maintaining their welfare dependent status. Somali's and Ethiopians are flooding Sioux Falls and Rapid City. Years ago Hmung flooded the different meat packing cities. More and more people from out of state are moving in, trying to spin up "tourism", and all the BS that comes with it.

Eric Swalwell has nukes. Game over.

Come to upstate NY and New England

New England is beautiful and pretty white, but sadly (((they))) and their commie puppets are trying everything they can to change that…


What, you will have taken out 250 jew grandmas one at a time?

I am advocating real action. Get your ass somewhere where the politics is on your side.
What is there something like 10 million Illegals in the USA right now. Just the illegals. If you gassed them all the situation would be just as bad and you would have pulled off the biggest genocide in history.
How are you ever going to rope your way out of this problem? Every white person kills 6 million personally?
Do some research on successful genocides and realise that it's not an option to "fix" the US.
Separatism is a (comparitively) more plausible path to an ethnostate.

And that was the nigger they put on the cover!

But I guess that's why it's important to get there right now and start defending.
If it gets around in the immigrant community that it's not safe they still might leave.
You might be able to flaming-cross-on-lawn the pakis out of SD, you could never in a million years gas them out of London.


Is there any 90% white state that's not being flooded with fucking niggers and muslims? I was thinking about living in Northern idaho but apparently there state fucking capital is accepting tons of niggers and muslims.

I'm not saying we have to kill them all (except maybe the kikes because historically expulsion has never worked on them), just send them south of the border, build a wall and use deadly force on anyone crossing.

Need to shut down Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. It's a Catholic funded charity that imports all the foreigners. If you look at the staff, I don't think they employ a single Catholic.

What about New Hampshire, VT or Maine?

better move somewhere you can't be of any use to a forceful resistance against zog goys!

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Again. This would be the biggest migration of people in history. There is no historical precident.
Can you imagine trying to expel all the non-whites from Brasil?
I suggest the alternative would be to move to Argentina.

Or another thought experiment:
Can you keep niggers out of your house?
Can you keep niggers out of your neighborhood?
Can you keep niggers out of your town?
Can you keep niggers out of your county?
Can you keep niggers out of your state?
Can you keep niggers out of your country?

These questions show you where you need to start. If you can't successfully keep shitskins off of your block how the fuck do you expect to succeed with a whole country?

PS. Earnest Tier effortposting is maybe effective on the single street level - if one jew lives on the street.

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well rugged defense is a hell of a warplan. good luck with that. i'm not gonna whore off to the dakotas although any game plan ends up with the silos and submarine pens. it starts near the cities and it has 0 to do with a defensive stance.

Aren't there a lot of high paying oil field jobs there?
Any tips/guides from knowledgeable anons for those that might be interested in moving but don't know where to start looking?

You have obviously never read even a single page of military theory.
Defending is a million times more OP than attacking. 90% of attacks are bait to lure the enemy into your defense.
Go to school.

okay goto the wood line and wait for the drone strikes cuck

Adjust the map to show by cities. Condemning an entire state because of a few metropolitan hellholes is needless demoralization

Checked. North ut ish id ish I’m down for a beaner drive south. Fuck em

Spread out doesn't work. People work together better when they can actually know each other.
Irishmen tended to live in Ireland and yet they were able to drive the british out without much problem.

I wonder how easy it would be for anons to subtly offer help. What is the system for assisting white people immigrating - all the services are set up for nigs. Could we infiltrate a Christian outreach group?

Oh you mean the thing that ZOG is going to use on you when your piano boy army spergs out for Day of the Autoerotic Asphyxiation?

No political objective means no war. Violence is merely political pressure.

I am suggesting that it's best to live in a jurisdiction where the political will is more easily moved in the right direction.

Again. If you cant drive the shitskins out of a 90% white state you can't drive them out of the whole country can you.

yeah well these threads popped up after the tarrant attack as well
the reasoning is "there's an alternative to violence" topkek
there is no alternative. worse is better. game over is best.

Condemning a large region for the sake of a degenerate city is ridiculous. All major cities outside of Eastern Europe are filled with niggers.



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wow i'm so convinced that this ethnostate exists or will ever exist if men like me aren't prepared to act when and where it matters

this country is a meme. I'm argentinian and this shithole is nowhere near "white". Maybe, just maybe, you have some white population on wealthy neighborhoods on the capital and the suburbs (expensive places like Vicente Lopez are where white population tend to concentrate) , but the rest of it it's shitskin. There are also some rural towns with a lot of german and anglo heritage, but they're a really tiny and irrelevant fraction of the population.

doesn't know the difference between retreat and regroup

Sums it up perfectly. Thanks user for putting it so well.

the pic is not really accurate. The average argentinian would be a shitskin, not a nigger. Something like what americans are now suffering. Just walk by the streets of any major city and it's like Bolivia, Peru or any other south american shithole.

Wrong on both counts.

You don't like memes?

The point still stands though. That if you want a white ethnostate in south america you would be retarded if you chose Brasil as the location.
Argentina is the meme alternative, there might be a better real life whitest country down there.
(I don't want an answer I have no intention of moving anywhere near there)

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Brazil's south is white. Lots of german culture.

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It’s not even 1.5%

has anybody here dropped everything and moved to one of these white states?

i have 35k saved up and have no college degree or any real work experience. right now i live in new jersey, which obviously is a shithole and i want out. how dumb would it be to buy a house for around 25k, and more importantly whats a good white state where i can actually find a job?

most of those states are only black in the cities. TN for example is only black in memphis and some around nashville, the rest is white. red state and ok gun rights

ND sucks. weather is the worst, and they have been shipping somalians to fargo and grand forks for years now. not to mention the people fucking suck too

Wyoming is based, they're desperate to pump Mexicans into the state as fast as possible to ruin it like they did to Colorado

I'm in a similar situation you are in. I've got about 20k saved, no college degree, no skills, no real job experience but I have the GI bill from the military. Been looking at college towns in Idaho, Utah, Newhampshire anywhere where it's majority white. I'm in Texas right now and I can't stand it, I need to be near mountains


Montana. Employers are starved for unskilled labor (no, seriously), the White population is actually increasing, the injuns are dying off, and boomercucks are leaving because they can't take the winters. The state is certainly not perfect, but it's going in the right direction. How many places can say the same?

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What about niggers from Somalia/Sudan and Muslims coming in if at all? I really wanted to go to college in Boise but their letting in niggers and Muslims in there like it's their life purpose


Avoid states that legalized pot. Most of the "growing expertise" are cartel gardeners smuggled in and doing it "legal".

False. I am correct on all counts.

They have a German toytown in Brasil apparently

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Don’t go to Ogden it’s an armpit. Go to cache valley. Cute girls good college and good work. They are always busy and are growing. Extremely white city too. All mountainy and very nice

Boise would be alright for college, but I wouldn't settle down in the area. Its getting nigged and Aztec'ed up, but still fairly easy to avoid for now.

Mountains right next to Boise are nice. Cost of living is still good. A lot of the women in the area are no less pozzed than most other cities in the US though.



the notion that it is state vs state is ridiculous.

its been rural white and metropolis shitskin since forever. not much difference between a small town 200 miles out of L.A. city center and a small town in the middle of kansas.

thinking that this is civil war redux is retarded

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A smaller ethnostate is more plausible than a big one