Poll finds Trump tied with four Dems in Texas

Trump stabbed us in the back on immigration, and whites aren't going to vote for him again. Meanwhile, beaners continue to flood the state because Trump does nothing about it. Texas is going to flip in 2020 or certainly by 2024, and then we have permanent single-party socialist rule and white genocide. Thanks a lot, Trump.



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Polling is fake and gay. Voting is fake and gay.

You're missing the point here

Being what? Soy boy college cucks are somehow a representation of an entire nation?

Nah. As much as I wish we would give him the middle finger, most whites would rather vote for the guy who isn't openly calling for our destruction ( the (((democrats))) ).

Welp, the bad news is, even if you vote for Trump in 2020 like a good little goy, the beaners are probably going to flip Texas red, and certainly Florida. So, it doesn't matter anyway. Actually, I don't even know why I posted this thread. America has chosen its suicide course with open borders, and there's nothing we can do anymore


We already have that, but the illusion of choice isn't going anywhere. 8 years after Trump, the kikes will throw Whitey another bone with some BASED populist republikike, and the cycle will continue for the foreseeable future.

Tell me with a straight face the GOP isn't also doing that? Remember, the GOP had majority. They were the main reason Trump didn't get the wall, not the democrats. Why? Because they are globalist establishment neocohen scum.


Feel the 'Bern, comrade !

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kys you fucking faggot

im from san antonio tx and there is no way he is tied with o'rourke or warren. the fake mexican lost against ted cruz and the nobody knows who the fake indian is unless you follow politics.


And Bernie stabbed his own supporters in the back too in the last election lmao

cruz almost lost.

and what about biden and sanders?

hes not actually tied with anyone we know the polls are rigged just like in 2016. hes the sole republican/nationalist candidate while the democratic vote is split between the rest.

Not really, do you honestly think any of us didn't know that demographics are destiny and that letting felons vote + no wall at texas border doesnt equate to those states flipping blue forever? That is day 1 tier shit. Go back to the_zognald or lurk for 2 years before posting again nigger.

Bernie fucked them guys royally. Holy shit that was funny what poser he was.

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You realize that actual, legal one party rule is a major thing right? It is a huge difference between saying "what difference does voting make, they're both zog" versus "holy shit now it is literally the USSR by law with one-party communist rule"

If you don't understand how horrifying the implications of that are, you're just as stupid and naive as a zognald faggot.

It's like a cult. You can't even reason with them.

"How are you going to pay for all this?"
"You realize to pay for it all you'll need to double taxes on everyone making more than $50K / yr…:
Fuck 'em. They can pay! I want free shit!

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Here we go again…

Literally no one cares about Trump's opponents or the GOP "vote against sushulism" approach. Whites just aren't voting for Trump again for backstabbing on immigration.

Oh and if you GOP/Parscale shill idiots want to know WHY socialism is on the rise, it's because you, the GOP faggots, imported giant armies of beaners voting for socialism. You're responsible for the rise of socialism that you denounce.

Trump backstabbed whites with all his major promises. White voters aren't operating on the same data set as in 2016

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Nobody said anything about Trump being good or not you dumb faggot, again:
fuck off

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your thoughts

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The Republican party is actually the primary engine of White genocide in the United States and has been since its very founding. They have just a good combination of consistent marketing and exceptionally dumb voters.

Make them pay.

nevermind Texas, Trump would need either Florida or Pennsylvania to get reelected and both of those states are impossible


I'll vote Ron Paul.

trump can't win 2020 on MIGA and tax cuts for jews alone.


You'd think that…

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>the (((democrats)))

so what?
and yeah, the polls are as fake as the news.