I find that in the current state of the U.S. insurrection is the only solution to our problems.
At the current path we're leading, collapse is inevitable. If we fail to overthrow the current establishment the fate of us and our children will be much worse.

Optics does not matter. Revolution is not fought by the majority, the cattle will simply take the side which offers them the most temporary gratification.

We must organize, be active. Our targets should not be minorities, or any civilian for that matter. But government infrastructure, private banks, and doing away with groups or individuals that allow international finance to prosper in the first place.

Find likeminded inviduals, organize. Find ex military people with backrounds in ordnance disposal, or infantry if you want to go Tarrant mode on high profile meetings like that of the Bilderberg group.

Clearly this post won't stay up for long. But consider what I'm suggesting, and then the alternative. This is the only way out. It is not only a duty you must fulfill in the name of your people, but you are doing the world a favor as everyone has been wronged by these international capitalists.

There are so few honorable men left on this world. Step up and be one of them. Step up when no one else does anything. ORGANIZE.

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Okay. Explain how, since all forms of communication are monitored and any group larger than 50 people is guaranteed to be infiltrated by feds.

Be sure to name leaders, and have a governing structure. And also pool your money and transfer it across state lines. And give yourselves a group name. Perhaps even have manifestos.

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FBI pls go

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You are free to start a militia. Just do so with the expectation that it will be subverted, and with the expectation that the domestic espionage wing of the ZOG (aka the ADL) will be digging through your trash and through your past to try to find someway to throw you in prison (like they did to that border guard guy last week). So make sure you have a clean background, and run background checks on your recruits as well. If you don't advocate violence, you'll be less of target. I started a neighborhood militia by attending HOA meetings and community organizing. Wee are basically just a neighborhood watch with ARs, but we do drills and go shooting, so when the DOTR comes will at least be able to defend our own.

Based and freedom pilled

He has a point though, there's no way to know if starting a rebellion would work. There's too many variables and factors we'd need to get over.
That's why I'm leaning more towards subverting political parties, that's literally what the Democratic Socialists are doing to the Democrats.

this. I swear people act like 8/10 posts made on this site are by kikes

People will join resistance organizations when the costs of fighting the regime outweigh the benefits of the current System.

Atomwaffen Division lasted a while before it was subverted, and at that it wasn't by the System but by satanists. Even then, they were structured in such a way where even if the leadership disapeared or the group at large disbanded the cells could still exist (and some probably do, though not under the name AWD).

The System already has that locked down, the NSDAP rose through the democratic system so the current democracies are set up to "never again™" allow fascists to pass through them, in order to prevent another "holocaust™". For those in power, and the NPCs that they have brainwashed to their agenda, stopping fascism is Priority Number One.

People here are absolutely terrified of Feds. Mention doing anything and anons start wetting themselves, quiverring like children and running off to hide under their beds. I somehow suspect that the greatest accomplishment of the FBI is not infiltrating every single organization from the National Alliance to your civics association. I think that their greatest accomplishment is convincing the world that they're a competant organization capable of being everywhere at once.

These people who are standing in puddles of their own piss, convinced that the FBI agents are listening to their conversations and following them around with helicopers are being ridiculous.
Feds are in large part clock watching employees. I've known some and they're not nearly as clever, perceptive, and omniscient as some Zig Forumsacks think they are. In fact, they're about as out of touch with modern White nationalist thought as you could get. Most are aging boomers who still think that the White nationalist movement is comprised of nothing but disgruntled old washed up KKK members who hate jews because we're Christian bigots and hate niggers for no reason at all. Even those feds who write books about how "White nationalism is a growing problem" tend to literally get all their information about us from CNN and have far more respect for Al-Quieda and ISIS than for us.

All these places are run by the FBI dude, everyone knew 4chan was, you new fag.

Nice try FBI


Turn off the bright fluorescence, you are harming peoples eyes. You will act individually or not at all. There are no leaders.

No literally, you really think they would just leave this and 4chan up while banning the Thai Fuck Shack and everyone on FB and twitter? Its left up for the same reason they lave up the ISIS sites. To catch low IQ schizos and justify their legislation and insane budgets.

2:14 if it doesn't play right

No. That's retarded.
4chan stays up because it's a containment area. Everyone understands that if people have nowhere to vent their pent up rage, they will start venting it on FBI buildings. Shutting down the chans should be a tremendous mistake on their part.

Right, a containment area monitored by the FBI lol.

We should post more info on how to fight. Like making IEDs. Thread about it just got deleted, when its actual useful information.

Kill jews with bare hands then. Oh wait, there are memes, the memes will remove the ZOG. Good luck.


"tHe jEWs cOntRoLl eVEryThInG"

Seriously bro, you would think 70 years of history on Nationalist groups getting infiltrated and setup and the Snowden leaks would wake up you FBI people and shills.

They setup the controlled opposition an draw in morons. Any group not under control is either infiltrated, or if they can't do that they destroy it with their literal Billions of dollars in groups like the terror organizations of the ADL and SPLC.

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Oh no there will be an opposition. We better give up right now.

They do their thing, we do ours.

The more groups organizing the more men the government will need to infiltrate these groups, costing them more money. As the non-white population grows the government will have to spend more money on welfare. As the white population lowers the government will make less in taxes.
Considering the boomers are ready to start retiring and soon start dying leading to a massive shift of demographics, economic collapse is inevitable and the government will not be able to afford to infiltrate all these groups.
However, that doesn't matter because our groups will do no illegal activity. We will just socialize, go to church, do bbqs, fish, play sports, practice with firearms, hunt, perfectly legal activities. Let the FBI infiltrate your group, he will be bored and the government will be wasting money getting reports on how you talk about your kids school activities while fishing.
Once the economic collapse happens, you continue to follow the law and you lawfully defend yourself should any outsiders come into your community seeking to steal from it or harm people in it. Since you have your community formed this will be much easier than other areas that do not already have these preformed communities, meaning your group will be a harder target than others and soon people will learn not to fuck you you.

I think part of the reason the government shifts blacks around the country is to keep people moving to a new town every decade, preventing strong community bonds, and especially generational bonds, from forming. This is the biggest hurdle for this plan. Should the economic collapse not come soon enough, it may require new communities to be formed in new areas or a formed community to agree to up and move to a new, better location.

How exactly is violence the only solution?
You have a right to freedom of speech and to organize.

A lot of groups smaller than 50.

Literally this.
Imaging being this bluepilled that you think (((muh optics))) matter, as if you are ever going to win the public support of the plebs.
No, the only time the plebs will support us is when the system has totally collapsed and we are the ones prevailing through strength and determination.
The masses are feminine in nature. They will flock to he who has strength and power. No amount of (((optics))) can change that

Just to be clear, there is a difference between the (((optics))) of opticucks and the true optics and image we should be working towards

Wherever you are, do all that you can. A big centralized organization will be easy to defeat because they can focus their massive resources against it. But thousands of cells all operating independently cant be all defeated in one blow.

And when I say cells I don't mean terrorists, but people who work together to revolutionize the country. Also each cell will try different tactics, and the tactics that work the best can then be copied by other cells.

Not so. Even in America free speech is being shut down with charges of "aggravated harassment" for things like putting up posters. And in Europe, well, there hasn't been free speech for decades.

4chan is a Japanese company. The US government has no ability to censor it under existing laws. FB, Twitter and Google are private companies that censor whatever they want.

I like you positivity and your ideas a practical
Let no one forget the goal

Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time

uh….haha oh wow….you are so pitifully uninformed


yeah they still control it

seriously where the fuck did you come from, fuck off, you're absolutely fucking retarded

Any publicly traded company is 99%+ in line with the jewish agenda. They are the government for all intents and purposes.