What causes lower birthrates and what HISTORICALLY has made them rise

FALSE, economy plays no role in birth rates.

FALSE, right now birth control is global and yet birth rates vary from country to country.

FALSE, sex dolls are a recent thing and it's not wide spread.

FALSE, the internet is global and so is the access to porn, yet birth rates vary across cultures.

>it's (((tinder)))
FALSE, tinder is a recent app.

FALSE, that's a recent and declining fad

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you're still only talking about white countries

simply moral defeatism
such as france post napoleonic wars

Hedonism has been the main cause of birthrates. Nature biologically programmed a pleasure based skinner box in you to get high off of putting your dick in a hole.

Its a combination of all factors, not a single one. Countries with HOPE of improvement increase their birthrates, which is why europe will remain cucked and keep being replaced unless the EU is dismantled completely.

starting with the 1820s generation all french young people saw was the utter defeat of their nation by the coalition forces. they started to recover under louis bonaparte iii then the franco-prussian war happened. started to recover before ww1 as well… france is the sick man of europe and will be the first of our homelands to totally collapse. that will happen after the usa is swarmed though.

Actually I was talking about Muslim and Oceanic countries? WTF are you talking about?
The video I posted is mostly European, but MY post was thinking writing about the Muslims and places like the Philippines and Australia.

It's wymyn's rights.

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That's the most redpilled thread I've seen in 3 years. Thank you OP.

What lowers birth-rate is the declining social-cohesion coefficient. You can't produce a self-sufficient country without social-cohesion. Egypt, Germany and now, the USA were undermined by the parasite that erode social and racial cohesion.


Lower birth rates are because of the abolition of the traditional family unit. People are too concerned with their own hedonistic pleasure to have children. Propaganda teaches people that having children will ruin their life. Feminism and more recently the backlash against feminism (MGTOW) divides the two genders by making them hate each other, causing less marriages. Most know in Western countries that there are too many people in the world, and therefore assume that there is no need to have children. Women being encouraged by sex education propaganda that whoring their body out for pleasure by having protected sex with many different partners makes it difficult for women to have genuine relationships with men. Many women fulfil their motherly instinct by having pets and treating their pets like they would treat a child. Feminism encourages women to pursue careers instead of having children.

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((( )))
OP provided stats across different cultures, and many countries lacking social cohesion (like west and central Africa) have high birth rates.

The answer is hypergamey. There was never a problem with low birth rates in monogamous societies.

This is what we get for giving them everything they wanted in the name of progress and equality instead of keeping them has house wife’s that ensure the wellbeing of the nuclear family.

We allowed Jews to trick our women into thinking the most important job in the world is patriarchal slavery and that being an independent career women who is nothing more but an inferior man is better.

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Actually, all women have hypergamy but it was controlled. Women's right took that control away.

there are no stats in the op

Did JEW watched the video?

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Its women's rights. Take the patriarchy pill and realize the answer to the 14 words is to repeal the 19th.

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Muslims and niggers don't use birth control, retard.
Would be good to know. The period after a war sees higher birth rates.

But they have racial cohesion, that counts too. Look I don't have it right here right now cause my last HD dieded, but there is a book about that strictly related to the decrease of it in the United States of the Jew. Numerous studies and books already mentioned that LATAM countries greatest challenges is exactly that, besides racial diversity having given birth or being adopted majorly by almost of its nations. There is also the problem of violence peaks, that also contributes in a cascade effect to rates.

I know it is kikepedia, but take a look at North Dakota.

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This has been studied at length and was common knowledge until they started using "low fertility" as a reason for importing millions upon millions of shitskins to every corner of europe a few years ago.
It wasn't secret, it wasn't a problem, it was a simple fact.
If your country is stable, has a good level of health and safety, and child mortality drops, less children are necessary.
If 10 of your 12 children die within the first few years of life, then giving birth to 12 children isn't a problem.
No one needs a perpetually increasing population, nor does any country need a greater population than is comfortable to live among. Over-population is the main cause of most of the main problems today, in the 60s and 70s scientists were fully aware of this and it was studied, discussed and planned for at length.
Our populations are not a problem, it is simple fact. Were our countries run by people who cared about our countries, and done in order to improve our countries, then the population would shift towards whatever is optimal, anything else doesn't make sense.
However, instead, our countries are run by foreign elements, with no care for the country or the people, they only seek to destroy us and bleed us dry in the process.
If you had no shitskins in your country whatsoever, and there were 5 or 10 or 50 or 100 million people living in the country, you would have no thought to the current state of population. It would naturally stabilise one way or another.
If there are suddenly millions upon millions of shitskins from third world countries where they have a 90% infant mortality rate, and they keep breeding like bacteria on dogshit, then you have a problem. The third worlders are suddenly a threat to the populace within a single generation, because even if only one million come, then in 20 years you have 5 million, in 40 years you have 20 million and then your country is gone. Civilisation is over and done with.

The idea of perpetually and exponentially increasing the population is mentally ill in itself, there are a finite amount of resources, a finite amount of space, and humans are not ants in an ant farm, they need more space than a 2 metre cube that they stay in at all times, despite what leftist freaks say. "we can have 800 trillion people on the earth!!! vertical farming and everyone living in cubes!! all go vegan!!!!!!!!!!".
Yeah, apart from where are those people going to work, where are they going to go for a walk, do all those 800 trillion go on holiday a few times a year, do you have a million people on every little beach in the world, evenly spread like an ant-jam.
It's insane.
The reality of things are, Europe was absolutely fine with its population as it was, it could have afford to lose some, which is naturally happening anyway, as it had reached a point where it was no longer comfortable to live. Do you like queueing, do you like traffic jams, do you like constant noise and unceasing cars passing day and night, do you like struggling to find work, do you like trying to go to a restaurant, or book a doctor's appointment, or book a flight or a hotel to find out that either everything is fully booked for weeks or months, or it costs an absolute fortune. None of that is normal.
You might think it is, but that is because you have only lived in this time.
What few people can comprehend, is that the population of the Earth currently is absolutely unprecedented in any point of history, and it has all come about within more or less the last century.
In around 1,000AD, world population is estimated to have been 500 million. By 1850, 850 years later, the population had doubled, to 1,000 million.
By 1920, the world population was around 2,000 million, meaning within 70 years it had doubled again, in a tenth of the time.
By 1990, it had reached roughly 6,000 million.
By 2000, 7,000 million, and now it is approaching 8,000 million.
Look at that on a graph, and you'll see that the populational changes were not readily significant, nor did they directly impact life in the past. A dozen generations could pass and little would change. Now, even within a few decades, it is noticeable. Queues are twice as long, there is 2-3 times as many cars on the road, food is becoming a luxury instead of a normality. Why do you think they are pushing for cultish things like veganism and eating insects, or lab-grown mechanically stretched genetically modified tumours. Mmmm delicious!
If one man has a car, it will never affect the world as a whole. If you have 1,500 chinese with cars, the ecosystems are decimated.
Note that Europe has maintained a steady population since 1950.
Africa, on the other hand, has gone from
around 240 million in 1950, to 400 million in 1980, to 800 million in 2005, to 1,300 million now, to a predicted 2,400 million by 2050, just 30 years away.
That means africa will have increased to ten times its original population within only 100 years, 4 of our generations, though negros have shorter life cycles. That's practically bacteria-level.

tl;dr; lots of factors, intentional and otherwise, have combined to reduce birth rates in civilised countries, but this is not the main problem. The main problem is that bacteria has been injected into our civilisations, and that bacteria is spreading at an astronomical rate.
If you have an infection and it starts spreading, you treat the infection. You don't start trying to make your own cells replicate at the same speed of the bacteria, as that is called cancer.
Excise the infected tissue, treat it with anti-biotics, boost the immune system. Cure the ailment.

((( )))
Muslim and African MEN (MEN MEN MEN MEN MEN) don't allow their women to use birth control.

African and Muslim men are MORE ARYAN THAN (((YOU))), because they don't allow their women to use birth control… (((YOU))) on the other hand…

The primary thing that causes birth rates decline are cultural reasons. Currently people want to get married later (after completing advanced education) and want smaller families.Having low birth rates isn't particularly a problem because the earth is heavily overpopulated already.

First day here I see. Remember to lurk 2 years before posting.

I can red text too.
It's a lack of segregated homogeneous nations
It's Jews
His arguments do not mention the jew and its role in intentionally lowering birthrates across the board for peoples the jew considers a threat.

The Third Reich spent a lot of time thinking about this issue. There's no control to study the birth rate of a national socialist nation, because one has never been allowed to exist long enough to study the trends.


Has a point. Populations reach a point where it stagnates. The weakness these nations now have is if immigration of foreigners is permitted, a replacement of the host nation's people occurs.

It's the jews
And a lot of women.

Barely missed this jew right here.
Wrong, jew, having low birth rates below replacement levels is always a very large economic, social and cultural problem, because it creates a population bubble that will inevitably lead to a collapse of some kind.

The problem with overpopulation, has always been a problem reserved for non-whites.

The modern jewish perspective of reality leading men and women to have children later in life, is a problem because it's unnatural and will inevitably end.

Its funny because they still have those save the children type commercials on tv for kids in africa that I also remember seeing as a kid, they act like africans are an endangered species

No. French people are some of the strongest, most vocal and most readily active in demonstrating their thoughts on matters. I don't just mean the gilete jaune either, it is a part of their personality. France is also one of the largest populations in Europe. Ireland is currently one of the countries most under threat, but no one hears about it. Population of 5 million and previously barely touched by outsiders, innocent and generally isolated in global terms. Currently the prime minster there is a half-caste indian homosexual, in one of the most catholic countries in western europe. He and his pals have set in motion a plan to wipe the irish out within 10-20 years. Abortion was legalised last year, and "Ireland 2040" was enacted, whereby they state they want 1 million third worlders imported within the next few years. The irish aren't generally aware of what is happening, they have never had third world immigration before, so they are relatively clueless about it, and are innocently welcoming these few outsiders, to show them how nice irish people can be. The reality is that by 2040-2050, irish people will become a minority in their own country, when they had been nearly 100% irish up until a decade or two ago.
That's how quickly it happens.
Irish were renown up until recently for being Catholic and having particularly large families. That is being stamped out of them by brain washing in the media and education, as well as by government policies. Meanwhile the invaders are spawning clutches of a dozen noglings.
This is being done everywhere, but it is the small populations that will suffer such sudden deaths.
Look out for the words "change" and "transformation", neutral words which are used by both 'sides' to describe what is being done. It is murder. It is death, it is invasion.

Wrong. The middle east is very multicultural and multi ethnic (contrary to what the retards here say), yet they have one of the highest birth rates except for certain African nations. On the other hand, Japan's birth rates have been going to hell even though they have one of the most homogeneous populations.

Its educating women and giving them rights.

It's deliberate. It has been done to creating a spawning ground to create the biological weapon that is being used to kill Europe, and all along, they've emotionally manipulated the europeans to pay for their own execution.
Also, it is extremely profitable, 85-95% of donations that go to most large charities go straight into "administration costs". The 5-10% left over is sent to warlords in third world countries, and even the trickle-down is enough to double their populations every 20-25 years.
No one ever mentions it, but yet they talk about europeans causing enviornmental problems by overpopulation when ours has remained more or less stable for 80+ years.
China grew at a similar rate, but created the one child policy to alter that, and it was quite successful.
India has a similarly inflated population, and a couple of decades ago they were talking about the open campfires used for cooking there put out more greenhouse gases etc than civilised countries.
Say that india, china and africa need to reduced their populations to 1/10th of what they are now, and you will be called a lunatic and a racist.

Low fertility rates can be reversed in any country.

Methods and pro natalist strategy should be adjusted to the country in question.

It's like any other figure in economics, it can be lowered, it can be increased on demand depending what your economy needs. Just like inflation can be raised or lowered through monetary policy.

Japan has a population of 120 million people, with roughly the same landmass as new zealand, which has around 6 million people.
It is overpopulated, the japanese have known it for years, and they have been working greatly towards automation and partially robotised care for the eldery. They don't have a problem, they have a balancing population.
What they don't need is shitskins being forced into their country, or other leftists poisons. They have a hugely successful, intelligent, and almost crime-free country. I don't think they need 'help'.

Are you fucking retarded?

Not a tremendous fan of the formatting, but still a solid effort post.

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They used to be adjusted by governments, in some places they still are.
In targetted western countries, they are not. Instead they are being told to die, and being flooded by third world biological weapons.
When the NZ guy's document mentions "birth rates", it means that the invaders replicate themselves at an astounding rate that can't be appreciated at this moment. That by that replication, they will suddenly overwhelm the native species by sheer numbers within a very short time, 10-20 years.
That is what the warning means.

Just typed it out now off the top of my head, feel free to reformat it.

I would add to this that the Japanese population is only "decreasing" in Japan. In the various islands they are spreading to, including the Philippines, Galapagos, Hawaii, etc. their population is growing quite rapidly.

I have to go finish a fence, I was only in the thread while I finished my dinner. I'm saving the post regardless though, it was a nice one.

Exactly, this are all main factors that follow and feed on each other. Perpetual growth policy is the main factor behind the politics adopted, like universal suffrage, were mainly planned after WWI and consolidated after WWII. They were studied and planned ahead by the (((Allied))) powers to consolidate (((their hegemony))).

(((Jews))) have memed themselves into existance since the WWI. The idea of a Israel is a meme, nobody ever thought about creating a nation for them, but now 75% of the world nations protect them, some even constitutionally.

Do not ever compare Ireland with France. The later is literally a ZOGbot nation to be experimented with. Your President is literally hugging sweaty niggers on primetime. Same goes for Canada and Australia, New Zealand.

They are all niggers and muslims, can't you even think outside or your hugbox?

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Hadn't known that about the japanese, but it is important that a country remains cohesive and geographically connected, or they don't achieve they full potential.
Cheers, have a good day.

They are on the same causal axis

No, its youtube.

This thread is about BIRTH RATES, don't change the subject of this thread.


Holy shit, that's the stupidest shit I've read on Zig Forums in the last couple of years. I DON'T KNOW WHO SHOULD I FEEL WORST ABOUT, YOU OR ANYONE THAT TAKES YOUR POST SERIOUSLY.

I once heard that Mexico in the 19th century had a very low birthrate, but then it exploded. I don't know where to find info on that specifically, but the wiki on Mexico's demographics shows that it goes up throughout the 20th century until the late 70's when it starts declining.

Anyway, supposedly this was the reason why we couldn't successfully colonize and develop the northern territories. If you want to study the phenomenon, maybe start there.

The reason can't be "lack of segregated homogeneous nations" because then you can't explain Mexico's population explosion. We're mestizos.

Also Pakistan.

Also, the middle east. They have European, Asian, and African cultures and peoples in that place of the world.

Chemical castration

Xenoestrogens in the food, the water, even the fucking receipt paper, all manner of other chemicals, all lowering sperm counts and killing sex drives.

That there was a "baby boom' after the second world war suggests that the cause is violence.

or maybe horny men came back home…

People don't have children when they feel life is not worth continuing. It's not some mystery.

Fair enough. We've had more violence and less births, so….

Yeah, probably that.

You've just heard more about France. I was saying that Ireland will be killed far faster for the reasons I stated. It has a tiny population and is being deliberately targetted by its paki-homo prime minister to destroy the irish completely within a couple of decades.
France still has 70 million people, even though the numbers of shitskins there is far greater, and it is the jew-capital of europe, it still takes a lot more to kill it, and the local people have far more ability to do something about it. Whether they do or not is another matter.
I'm not from France. I was pointing out an inaccuracy.

I think we need to split the topics and keep them separated so they can be discussed and thought about accurately. Really it would be useful if a document was put together in a simplified, relatively brief and structured form, highlighting the main factors, purposes, causes and issues involved in the whole thing. Otherwise this back and forth mix up starts happening where people just argue over one factor being the main theme, or one cancelling out the other, or contradicting another, when they are all involved.

1. overpopulation is a threat to humanity and quality of life in general. overpopulation of our own countries for our own direct quality of life should not be encouraged. however, overpopulation on a global scale comes from africa, india and china, and a few others. Europe has been stable for a long time.
That means we can disregard any MSM propaganda saying europe is the cause of too many people in the world, when it is clearly false.
2. "low fertility" and "low birthrates" are not the same thing. Fertility is the capability to have children, birthrates are how many are being born - nowadays in civilised countries, that is by choice, not spontaneous. There are some things which have affected biological fertility, such as chemicals in food/water, the pill having extended side effects and reducing female fertility even after cessation of use, and plenty of other hazards. Birthrates however have naturally stabilised with having safe and healthy societies, where we don't need a dozen children in case 10 die in childbirth. On top of that, are the negative causes, such as universal education, meaning fertile years are wasted in university/work, treating women like men, destruction of the familiy unit, promotion of homosexuality etc etc. Two distinct factors though.
3. they want an ever expanding population to have an ever increasing pool of consumers, with which to ever expand their yearly profit margins. They also want a low-IQ, mixed up europe, so they have an easily controllable populace where there is no culture, no nationhood, no commonality between people apart from "having no commonality". If a people are divided into a thousand fragmented, mixed up groups, and are not homogeneous, there is no trust, no cohesion, and thus there can be no people's uprising or display of focussed discontent. They have a continent or a world of slaves.
In reality, NO country needs or wants third world immigrants. A country is the product of its people, and a people are the product of the land and their shared history. Why would an intelligent, industrious country with an incredible history need or want millions of clinically retarded violent third worlders with no history, no contribution to humanity, and not even any genetic similarity.
It is like carefully teaching your children good manners, and how to be decent people, then inviting a crazed drug addict criminal from a lunatic asylum into your home to be their tutor.

There are at least these elements involved, there are perhaps more. They need separating though, so they can be spoken about and understood separately, and therefore understood as a whole more clearly. Otherwise everyone is just talking in circles.

The thread is garbage because it was started by an idiot posting with no knowledge of the subject and just a shit youtube video with no link to why it is being discussed in the first place.

It might be worth-while to take a gander at Africa's recent rapid increase in population.

That the Christian Democratic parties rebuilt Europe after the second world war suggests that a strong factor is religion.

enjoy your aids.

FALSE. You cannot have children if women (backed by the police and army) tell you she doesn't want them.


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Holy shit, the (((current state))) of nu/pol/

Women are fucking Chad.

Abortion can numerically account for a large chunk, along with social mindcontrol of women, also a recent thing. chemical and electromagnet weapon use subtly also is a new thing and share some responsiblility. I agree women should not be allowed to vote. we gave them a chance and they blew it.
If we get nubmer we can actaully calculate correlations between the two and get hard numbers. If op really want to know he will seek out this. We could get a decent ballpark or the main factors and the percentage effect they have on the resulting overall decline.

women whom are on birth control, the destruction of the white race is paid with tax payer money

violent crime stats suggest otherwise.
however if you look at countries driven into ground by their central banks in a slow grinding process like japan for instance see total baby number collapse. Also the few japaneese children they do have wind up goin an hero and have no hope.

You aren't fooling anyone, /trannypol/

you can just say "who" in that context, since women are the subject of the sentence.

I'm gonna go on a limb here. I think the problem is that you people pretend that women must be controlled by men in order for them to contribute to the polis. Have you ever tried telling any women you know how important having a birth rate hovering either above or below replacement rate is to the continuance of the nation? I've told more than a few, and they seem to react with an immediate recognition of just how important they are to society. Their life, in the modern world, has suddenly been given meaning.

When women mention choice, they do not mean making a decision. There is only one choice at any given time, and it is what they have been indoctrinated to prefer.

Literally everything is social conditioning. Start talking.

we need wymyn's permission, like good nationalists :^)

Do what works, you donkey.

Work? Thats capitalists.


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There's a low birth rate for you crackers because you all have tiny penises, just like your fathers.

there is no question as to the proximate cause

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Nowadays babies are born when women feel unsecure in the world and need to get and hold a man for support.

Stop allowing women to work, they will find a guy and get pregnant in a second.

How do you manage high birth rates, and not living in a third world shithole though? I don't think that reversing women's suffrage is even a desirable task, let alone a possible one.

Could not agree more, Satan.

Diversity is good, Diversity is a strength, Diversity is what makes the Middle East so peaceful!

we have a winner with data.
Also could you draw a line for widspread avliability of birth control in japan? The bum at 1970 could be an echo baby boom which normally happes OR were dealing with two seperate logrithmic decay functions.

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Hope…. Yeah this is something I can get behind.

It took wife and I 5 years to make a baby. That is not because of any of these reasons. I will put my money on… VACCINES and FLOURIDE.

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this, anyone arguing anything other then it simply being women's rights is wrong. Feminism is the death of your country and your people

were you tracking her cycle? both of you exercising and eating healthy, avoiding plastic and everything else? filtered water? save up a load for a few days? make her orgasm with your semen already inside her? if a woman isn't ovulating, she can't get pregnant. and if you don't make her orgasm then it's unlikely

and xenoestrogens in the water and the food we eat from the pesticides and the birth control pills
and probably the chemtrails too

yeah my wife and I didnt get married without the express agreement that she not take birth control and we have a minimum nmber of kids. she had thyroid issue and drank too much soda pop and for the about 4 years after we were married without kids we got our own place, ate less shit. then filtered the shit out of all the water we used and she already knows that vaccines are a weapon and started taking iodine. She was knocked up in 4 months. Also to unmarried anons out there, the best sex you will ever have hands down is when you and the wife are making babies on purpose and make that fact known before during and after. Also thyroid levels were perfect when last checked after year of fucking about with perscription levothyroxin. The doctor was actually piss itold her to stop taking that shit and get some iodine. Even more pissed when thyroid hormone levels were exactly where they should be.

oh, and the constant radiation from wi-fi waves and whatnot
better hope 5G doesn't make it within miles of your place of residence

Feminism i.e. Kikes

Red pill.
Reproduction is mindless activity. Having offspring hurts individual though is essential for species. Here is the huge conflict. How nature solved this? By crude hack. Reputation is tied to highest possible pleasure and turning off the brains. Have this trip get consequences of pregnancy. But intellect outsmarts nature. Now its possible for intellect to have this pleasure but not get automatic pregnancy in return. Hack was hacked.

Of course conservacuckcs would try to object this. They try to mummble something about muh kids. But of course natural law would no follow mumbling of iiotds. So in high IQ birth would continue to fall when most birth would be represented by unthinking shitskin animals and follower of brainwash cults (who often are both).

Intellectual solution is to recognize hurtful nature of reproduction for the individual and build society accordingly, forcing individual to make what it is need for society with whip and carrot (like society does with taxes).

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Only right answer.

Putting penis in the vagina = highest hedonistic pleasure ever. Traditional family with its rape culture allowed unlimited access of hedonists penises to vaginas. "No" meant nothing to them.