Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time

Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time.

Let it be memed.

There is nothing threatening or illegal about saying this. Don't cower to the mob, exercise your rights and make noise so it's harder for the FBI/CIA/other sorts of glownigger to make sense of what's going on.
Stop thinking you are being stealthy posting here on a VPN. If you're here they know. You're already on 'the list', moron.

Even for you retarded cowards who shill and demoralize for free should understand your best bet to slither out unharmed is to get as many other people as possible on that list to make you look better.

The real point is that we have to ingrain the truth into our heads and stop hiding from it. We have to face the truth - we are all wasting our lives participating in this jewish-controlled society.
We are the last chance humanity has.

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No. If that meme actually took off it would have a negative effect on our collective psyche. There is FAR MORE to life than just killing/removing the jews. If that becomes your reason to live; then you will end up little different to a jew in how you act, knowing only bitterness, spite, hatred, distrust, fear, paranoia and malice.

Memes and stories can be very effective at changing how people approach reality. Something as seemingly unrelated as religion with missionary work seen as a divine duty can colour exploration, no matter how dangerous or needless, as something good and necessary. Is there a correlation between the decline in Church attendance and the decline in Man's interest in the stars and interstellar colonisation? There might well be! Be careful what you meme. Be careful what you accept. Even exposing yourself to stories can have an influence on how you perceive the world; just look at all the retards parroting lines from Harry Potter or Star Wars. It has changed how they see the world and has spurred them into acting in ways they might not otherwise.

We do need to remove the jews, yes, but it is for the betterment of our people and for the world at large. It is to punish injustice and to restore order, decency and health to our nations. It is so that we can get back to exploring the universe, to having loving families, expressing our most fantastical thoughts through the medium of art and generally ascending as a people more focused of virtue and righteousness. Do not try to reduce us into being nothing more than the embodiment of hatred.

how many shekels are they paying you?

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what about this do you not understand?
We can't live our lives while some one is actively exterminating us with zero resistance

You are trying to complicate the issue endlessly so you cowardice has something to latch onto, so you always have another point to investigate further, delaying a decisive action forever.

You need to repent. You are a coward.
Repeat after me:
Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time.

it might be a jew!


Other religious fags get mowed down in their houses of worship but God protects His Chosen People.

This isn't true. It is important to not overstate the abilities of the ZOG. Basic internet security (proxies, VPNs, etc) is enough to defeat almost any form of internet surveillance the ZOG is going to bother with, unless you're an active suspect in an ongoing serious investigation (on the level of murder).
There has to be a combat wing, and a 'legal' wing of the movement. Those who want to fight, should fight the ZOG. Those who are unwilling to fight, but also support the destruction of the ZOG, need to contribute in other ways, primarily financial.
The pen is not mightier than the sword, but writing a good short story along the lines of the Turner Diaries can get young men to pick up the sword. Ideological subversion of the ZOG is an important task that carries little risk at the moment, and can be done with relative ease at the moment (again, proxies, VPNs, etc, will protect you from retaliation).

You are a fool with no understanding of the power of words, or of the desire for purpose that men have. This has been a problem with Zig Forums for a while as edginess is hilarious and therefore accepted; but the mission of fascists and national socialists was NEVER to simply exterminate all others because 'lol subhumans stealing our air'. No. If we are to fight the jews, and I fully agree and recommend that we do; then we must do so for the right reasons, which are among many other things; are to restore order, to punish injustice, to allow for our people to survive and prosper, to stop them from stealing, defiling and corrupting not only our own nations but the entire planet. The list goes on.

Our purpose is a noble one. We are not fighting to be edgy or because we are inherently hateful. Your meme implies that nothing besides killing jews has value; and that is a very dangerous message for our people. We do need to remove the jews so that we can get back to living properly and righteously; but we must make out that the one is being done for the other, we are not killing simply because we are psychopaths.

Picture is: the model Rianne van Rompaey and she has probably sucked more jewish cock to "become a top model' than a porn star.

Reason why i am telling you this?
That you and everyone who reads this must become angry. Angry that such an injust and corrupt world exists, which is enabled by the JEW.

Anger cures depression and makes brave. But combine bravery with intelligence. It must be a deep seated hatred combined with brain.

Strengthen our forces by redpilling other aryans and weaken the enemy wherever possible:

By the way, (((porn producers))) deserve hell!

your ISP is recording every single packet you send or receive and sending it directly to every federal agency that wants it (even to local agencies often enough).
Your operating system is backdoored. If you are running Windows 10 (or any windows with the update) you're being keylogged.
It's just not smart to assume they don't know your real IP in any case.
What exactly are you going to do with all this secrecy anyway? Sit back and watch the rest of us be genocided?

It's false though, niggers, spics, muds, chinks, indians, race traitors / liberals, and other assorted subhumans in white countries all have a detrimental effect on those nations. Removing those elements improves the nation, hence it's not a waste of time.

Dude, no one on this board is under any delusion about hot girls and subhuman cock.
Just feel satisfied that Jewess are ten times worse.

like the retarded animal you are, you follow the bouncing ball and forget everything else, run out in traffic, and get ploughed by a truck

The jew architected everything you said. It's the jewish system that gives them life.
Kill the jew, take the system, rebuild and remake our world.

You are way too stupid to provide any input.
Don't make things too complicated for yourself, stop overloading your limited mental resources.

Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time
Even saying "Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time" is a waste of time. But at least it acknowledges the truth, it makes space for the seed of the truth to grow into action.

Killing Jews only works on a large scale, like nukes. Sadly, they also have them and are spiteful enough to nuke the whole planet.

Your computer's processor is backdoored. Your smartphone? Your smartphone is a huge backdoor you carry around and let run your life (stop doing that) by convincing you it is essential.
Anyone who does not understand all of this should shut up and go learn these things that wise user states.
Start over on >>>Zig Forums
Redpill Importance: Mandatory

Whoa man, cool it with the antisemitism. And redpill me on how much an individual is tracked on the interwebs

Its better if the FBI CIA is here watching. Our goal is to red pill them as well.

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Butterfly warfare

Why? They set this shit in motion fiend

Jews are Neanderthals

I said this in another thread but I think it's worth repeating. Hitler didn't rise to prominence and bring the fruits of national socialism by running around like a faggot screaming gas the kikes and shooting up synagogues. Real change isn't going to happen by chimping out like some reactionary nigger.

You want to preserve our race and culture? Make it worth preserving again. Go out, meet people, establish community, develop a family, create a fucking future for the race to have in the first place. People will be far more inclined to start fighting back once they actually see something worth fighting for, but they have to fucking see it first.

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Nigger said killing jews is our only hope
Are you legitimately retarded?


Most of the rank and file FBI agents are just normal fags getting a (high) paycheck. They want those paychecks to keep coming, and that sweet pension after 20 year.

Most of those watching this board are low hanging fruit for us.

Just like those people running the faceberg censorship offices admitted that they started questioning the holocaust because of all the shit they see here. A real revolution is like how communism fell. Everyone knew it was shit but no one did anything because of the perception that no one agreed. Until finally people just started tearing down the wall, and then everyone was like "wait I agree with this."

FBI and police have to deal with niggers all day everyday, they are the most front line redpilled and low hanging fruit for us. Remember Hitler took over Germany because he already had all his people in positions when he got elected, which is the same reason Obama and all those people push "diversity" and trannies in the government, because when they finally go full Stalin, they want all their people in positions of power ahead of time, so the lower sheep just fall in line with the new Transgender overloads (controlled by Jews).

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shill crackdown:

thank you, professor
Every single thing we do is undermined systematically.
The chances for anyone here to do any of those things you said are very low, and the reasons for this are systematic. This system is controlled by the jew, and the jew's top priority is to kill us.

Your advice is to build within that system.
You are beyond retarded, you are beyond cowardice.
You are a disgrace to humanity.
Submit to reason.
Say the words:
Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time

don't kill people. it does nothing productive.

I agree with this, but the main issue, and cause of the fall of the West was the old timers did not know the impacts or extent of the effects of mass media on the public.

Until we have our own media operations, and are allowed our free speech without getting infiltrated and taken down from within, their will be no revolution. First step is make sure your kids are not exposed to TV or phones at least until they are 18.

This person is not paranoid, but he wants to make other people that way.
People vastly, vastly over estimate the ZOG's abilities. Their "common sense" comes from watching ZOG-propaganda like Law & Order, which makes people believe detective Stabler is out there collecting DNA samples everywhere looking for criminals, which they send back to their lab run by some techie nerd will who can take two dimension images and rotate them in three dimensions (they actually did they shit on CSI once, lol).
The real truth is that the ZOG is pretty incompetent. I ran into some legal troubles once, and to get out of doing nearly anything I was ordered to by the court, I simply forged a bunch of documents and handed it to them. I faked community service records, records about where I was living, etc. They accepted it, no questions asked!
This is why 'Paper Terrorism' (a tactic of the Sovereign Citizens) works so well. There was even recently a case in Florida of a man nearly let out of prison, because a person was pretending to be from the governor's office, and ordering the person to be released. The Sovereign Citizens haven't even really scratched the surface on what is possible via 'Paper Terrorism' tactics.
Again, this person doesn't actually believe this, they just want other people to believe it. Idiotic paranoia is useful for the ZOG, because it tends to paralyze activity, even on the level of simply posting anti-ZOG messages.
ISPs are not voluntarily doing anything. That would require hiring people to basically provide a service to the government for free, which they don't often do. In reality, what actually happens is that, if the ZOG asks them for information, they will hand it over basically no questions asked. But the ZOG has to ask first.
Moreover, traffic over VPNs is encrypted. Your ISP can't actually see what you're doing when you're connected to a VPN. This is why the VPN can defeat the China's Firewall; because the government literally can't tell what you're doing.
I'm not running Windows, and neither should anyone else that is serious. But even here, a VPN will be enough to defeat nearly any type of surveillance, unless you are an active suspect in an ongoing investigation. The ZOG isn't paying people to inspect the data packets of everyone who connects to proxies or VPNs.
Again, this person doesn't believe any of this. They want to induce paranoia into people, to prevent them from doing any sort of anti-ZOG activity.
Should people struggling against the ZOG be security conscious? Of course. Should they assume the ZOG has magical powers that it doesn't have? Obviously not. Unless you have specifically come under suspicion for something, the ZOG isn't going to try to snoop on your data, and they would need to go to incredibly lengths to figure out what you're doing if you're on a VPN (they basically either need to bug your house or get the VPN provider to give them the information directly).
This person needs to read the Turner Diaries. The Organization is divided into two levels: legals and illegals. The legals are people who are still able to function in the ZOG. They provide assistance when needed: they can steal things for people, they can temporarily house illegals, they can transport materials, they can give financial assistance, they gave do various legal forms of propaganda like leafletting, and they can act as spies if they are in certain roles (if you recruited someone in the FBI, they could hand you over any information they have on the movement, including lists of informants).
The illegals are people engaged in more highly illegal activity, and have been targeted by the ZOG for some reason. People who are put on their lists to disallow them from any normal employment, for example, can then go underground. People basically on the run from the ZOG.

Lots of people want to ruin my life if I have sex with farm animals. They call it justice but I see it's more like discrimination. People don't let me have sex with horses and cows and stuff, so they are probably following the same delusional orders to kill people the way all these other people are.

The Jews, racially, are monsters, insane hybrids, mongrels, which must go away. Everything they do, everything they plot is cursed. They are all gangrenous bastards, devastators, rotten people. The Jews have never been persecuted by the Aryans. They persecuted themselves. They’re a result of their own making, their race-mixing of their hybrid flesh. Where does this state of fake asceticism come from? This self-righteous moralism? This arrogance? This extravagant nerve? This euphoric conceit, this bawling insolence which is so disgusting and repugnant?
Of course, they can’t be responsible for all of this. But that’s no reason to make us suffer for all of their flaws and faults. That would be far too complacent, it must be said.


After a few years of this detrimental regime, the Goyim are no more: just an imbecilic echo of all the pleasures of the Jew, brainwashed by chaos of these famous cackles. All he can do is cling to whatever the rotten Jew tells him to do. Nothing more disgusts him. He grabs onto everything he believes to have found out, with very little pleasure. For the drowned man, everything which floats is a miracle, the poor knackered old dog. The Goyim, plunged into the prodigious, torrential, hard-hitting Jewish carnival which has lost all judgement and even any vague desire of judgement. He reacts no more. He doesn’t doubt it anymore because he no longer exists. He’s brainwashed in school, and then in college and then monopolised, mechanized and inexorably worn down from the cradle to the grave. As soon as he opens an eye, as soon as his ears pick up the faintest echo, he doesn’t hear anything but Jewish lies, Jewish words, Jewish colours, Jewish rhythms, Jewish trances, Jewish gibberish, Jewish crusades, he’s like a fish in a frying pan. Whoever isn’t Jewish and tries to rebel against it ends up just becoming Jewish anyway. Everything that he experiences is just infallibly, inexorably and indisputably Jewish. He’s just sleepwalking among the Jews. He’s lost everything in the Jewish void, just as he gets a little desire to find himself, his identity and his soul; the Jew leads him wherever he wants him to go.

Democracies are simply dominions in the massive Jewish Empire, phenomenal, stratospheric drumming to accompany our torture devices and servitude. Absolutely irresistible. Who are the lords of this nightmare? Jewish banks, the Rabbi conspirators, (with or without heroin) the Secret Service, the English Judeocracy, the City, everything belongs to the Jews.

All this is under consideration. We’d probably be surprised to discover, (if white people still even existed) that in a few years all of our cancer, gangrenous deformations, social and surgical all have the same origin and the same genetic vices: racial depravity, systematic bastardisation, reckless fornication, anti-Aryanism, the abasement of the indigenous Aryans by the niggers, how absurd is this rabid process of Aryan annihilation by Afro-Asian contamination. All of this racial prostitution, under the pretence of Humanitarianism, imposed on us by the global Lodges and the Middle Eastern Jews is going to tear us apart. The Franco-Masons, the cretinoid servant careerists of the Kabbalah laboratories. Those Kabbalah laboratories where all they think about is how to torture us and annihilate us through servitude, bullshit Marxism and fucking us over.

Judeology is a very hermetic science which is very old (it goes back from Moses all the way to the Kike Intelligence Service, by the Talmud and the Evangelists.) It’s a convoluted, evasive, farcical, sick, contradictory and deceptive science. Hell’s opening (which we have to seal up one day or lose everything) where you don’t go to unless you’re brave, courageous, have some balls, guts or defiance, or have an excuse or a chromium subterfuge… the most opaque dominos won’t help you at all. They will make you forget where you’re going… go on then. The enemy has been prodigiously warned, he takes many forms, he never sleeps, he’s atrociously vigilant, and he’s the Devil! He’s watching you all the time! All Jews big and small are employed by the Devil’s gold!

Journalist making their own threads so that they can screenshot them for their own articles. Either that, or FBI making another shitty attempt at a sting operation.


You're pussying out of real responsibility and commitment and disguising it as courage and it's bullshit. You want to sperg out and go shoot up a couple of kikes? Be my guest. No one outside of this board will give a shit in a week and you'll matter even less than you do now.

You want to make a real difference? Take the harder road. Commit not just to some momentary act of violence, commit to a lifelong mission of social outreach. That's what Hitler did, that's why he mattered. He beat the Jew by arguing with him in the streets and factories. He beat the jew with intellect and passion, with his fucking willingness to speak out and commit for the long haul.

He beat the fucking jew by reaching out to his fellow man and in doing so converting more and more of his people until he had an entire fucking nation on his side and it was then and only then, that he was then able to fight the jew with force. That's how you make a difference. You fight the jew in the long game because that's the one they're playing. What you're advocating nigger tier bullshit.

you speak wisely. thanks for sharing your knowledge, Wizard.

If every person blew up one FBI building, the world would be a better place.

We are long past the point where one can peacefully change the System. The System is utterly entrenched in power and will never surrender even an inch of their stolen and illegitimate authority until the fingers grasping our throats are bloody and broken.
The only realistic solution to the zionist regime is a political revolution. And this will never come about solely through lone wolves.
Actual, IRL, for-reelz organized resistance will need to take place.
But this will never happen so long as the benefits of collaborating with the regime outweigh the benefits of fighting it or at least remaining neutral as others destroy it.

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It seems to be working out well for the jews. Maybe someone else should give it a try.
Hey, ya'know those Muslims kill people all the time and the government and even the Zionists fear them enough to give them more breathing room than we get.

They should be our only focus right now, I agree. Nigs, islam, libs, etc are all symptoms of jewish control.

Muslims are jews too.

inb4 kvetching

I am pretty sure he beats the jews by ordering soldiers to escort them to swimming pools.

Arguing with jews, that one he lost.

You sir are correct. Tack stick zombie rabbi worshippers up there too

You are actively denying that we are at war.

You are trying to distract from this by ranting about some superficial nonsense you think sounds appealing.

You are a jew.


Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time

Saying anything other than "Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time" is a waste of time.

Stop being such brainless fucking retards you stupid sniveling whining niggerish kikish pieces of shit.

Exercise your rights, face reality, and start adjusting the attitude of the community away from the schizo-paranoia that the jew so easily seeded among you bald-sacked zoomer fucktards.
You've been here for a couple years now probably. GROW UP YOU LITTLE NIGGER SHITS

Bump for dead Jews 👌👌👌

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i dont understand killing just random jews, you should kill specific jews… killing jews in synagogue is worthless

Moron alert! Moron alert!

Whites in control need to be removed also. Punishing injustice allows them to coast on with impunity. DO NOT LET RICH ELITE SHILLS GIVE MIXED MESSAGES THAT LET THEM OFF THE HOOK AND CONTINUE.

Donald Trump is about to skullfuck you bigots.


they are jews none the less

get out of the habit of nitpicking

learn the pattern "yes, and…."
agree with the good part that you know you agree with, and if you aren't sure its 100%, add something or change something.

stop projecting your fear by shoving words in other people's mouths
you are fucking retarded

having descendants who can enjoy the spoils of victory is good, but we've also got to make sure we take down the enemy

see you seem to think survival and war are somehow mutually exclusive. Survival depends on war.
Sometimes you don't win.
Sometimes we die.
You so very obviously seem to consider hiding a survival strategy.

i guess this is that famous pilpul logical mastery I've heard of

there is no "good" jew.

jews shouldnt be in our country because of Volksgemeinschaft but u have to start somewhere right? where are u gonna start random jews or those who are the real problem?

No shit we're at war, but you're a fucking retard if you honestly think we're going to win it by having a handful of faggots chimp out on some kikes, which is all you're going to achieve by encouraging this dumb shit.

It's a waste of time to have a serious political organization backed up with the threat of violence. Just go out and commit suicide attacks like the muslims clearly it works and hasn't alienated most of the world and made them hated. :-)

It's a waste of time to do anything except kill mindlessly like a nigger subhuman savage.

It's a waste of time to plan for the future, or fight in the long term. Just give up and perish. *CONTINUES ANGRILY INCITING OTHERS TO VIOLENCE INSTEAD OF DOING SOMETHING THEMSELVES*

PROTIP civil rights protesting does not work, just look at what happened in the 60s. Civil disobedience does not work! Stop looking at history and reasoning and just fucking KILL.

why dont u blow ur self up?

We get it, take a break.

I forgot to sage this one, OP is a retard and wants you to act like an idiot I wonder who benefits from that? Everyone here can do so much more with their life than throw it away on a useless act of desperation. There is no need to do that because we are the ones fighting for what's right this time. I'm not saying there is no place for 'violence' we should defend ourselves but extreme violence is counterproductive. Value yourself more and think about what you can do that is peaceful and moral first before you consider extreme options. Violence should only ever be a last resort.

In minecraft

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Yes, you have to start some where, and everyone wants to act like they know where to start, but tend to cower away when asked to explain any further.

I don't criticize anyone who shoots up the masses randomly. They are doing god's work, they are searching for a way at any cost. Whether or not they find it is not relevant at all.
We have to meticulously and sincerely meditate on what they have done, not rush to a judgment.

like this coward, who puts down others out of fear and insecurity in his identity, rather than in defense of an ideal.

Strategically, these attacks are expedient. They fulfill every goal.
They deter the invaders. They strike fear into the heart of the jew. They encourage our movement.

Because you're a retarded coward, all you see is the media/public reaction to these shootings. You implicitly assume the circus is founded in logic and reason and sanity because you're a dumb animal operating on hivemind instinct.
Simply peer pressured into hating your saviors like every NPC.

if you think it's any more legal, sure, suffix it with "in minecraft". But it's not.

PROTIP it wasn't protesting it was rioting, pillaging, beating, shooting, exploding, burning.
The civil rights act was signed as the national guard defended capitol hill from hordes of niggers. There were fires and violence everywhere.
You fucking retarded nigger.

famous leftists are on twitter literally inciting genocide and you are afraid to make a legally bulletproof comment in your echo chamber

waste of time to kill random jews, if one would kill jews it has to be, jews that is a problem

I disagree. From 1/2 chan:

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wait for society to collapse


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i like you

Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time.

This is how it's done. The simple truth and nothing else. No room for delusion. No way to refute it. You either accept it and prove your humanity or you run and hide with some fancy excuse like a retarded jewish slave animal.

If you can't say it out loud you're an absolute coward and will probably do no more to help us than the average jew.

what jew would you start with?

the ones in this thread

no answer for real. u dont know any jewish threat?




This kike fed

flamethrower > ar

What if somebody shoots your gas tank?

You're either a paid shill for the kikes or your just a fucking retarded faggot, either way, you're fuckin useless. Your call for a massive chimp out is fucking ignorant, detrimental to the cause, and won't fucking work no matter how much you want it to. It's a fucking pipe dream right now, at the current state that we are in and you'd have to be a naive simple minded fuck to think that it was actually going to fix everything.

Even after the first world war when the Jews had completley wrecked the fucking German economy and people were burning money for heat, even then, Hitler still wasnt able to just March into the streets with his small band of followers and start shooting random kikes and expect it to get anywhere. Even in the shit hole that was post war Germany, where the Jew was controlling every aspect of public life and royally fucking the German people on a daily basis, even then Hitler still had to rely on public discourse, debate, and social outreach to rally enough people against the jew in order to have any chance of running them out of their positions of power and the nation as a whole.

Modern day Americans and Europeans aren't even close to experiencing that level of suffering in their daily lives, so there's no way in hell your nigger tier antics are going to gain any fucking support. On the contrary, they'll do the exact opposite. Everyday whites will turn on the movement en masse and any chance of a white ethno state will be dead in the water before it starts. You're a cancer to the cause and no better than the shit skins you claim to be fighting against. Grow the fuck up.

The only shot that any of us have is to develop and preserve our race is by doing it one family, one neighborhood, and one community at a time. But you're not going to do that, because that takes real work and effort and commitment and drive, and all you give a shit about is acting like some edgy little faggot online and screaming about "muh race war".

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you are literally just inventing things and saying I advocated for this.

nothing you say is based in reason or evidence, it's entirely your emotions that you are projecting as reality, like any common leftist subhuman drone.

you are completely overridden with terror and self hatred. You are totally insane.

refute the proposition directly or fuck off you jewish weakling:

Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time


what level of optics cucking is this post even on?

The first people that need justice are Jews. They are the root of the problem. You can't restore order with Jews at the reins, it's impossible, Hitler and the 3rd Reich proved this.

Jews have been trying to conquer the world for thousands of years, and finally modern technology has accelerated this plan to the point where every single white country on the planet is under attack, all at once. This has never been in issue in the past. Jews couldn't spread their influence or control countries before like they've done today. No where in the last thousands of years have Jews assaulted this many white countries all at once.

Like Yuri said, it's going to take educating an entire new generation to see the enemy in front of them. The only way you can do that is to completely eliminate Jews from public life.

Not much, not since the 1940's anyway. That's video game shit.

And honestly, fire is the most scary thing in the world. If you think some dude throwing napalm 30 feet is a good idea to stand there in a spread stance and shoot at them while you're within the kill zone, you're batshit crazy. Running is the only biological activity that will be occurring when someone is whipping around loops of burning fuel and flame.

I mean, a flamethrower is for crowd downing. Do you honestly think you'll be the lone hero standing around without scared shitless people trying to run you over when Master Cock pulls out Hell On A Stick and starts raising the temperature of human bodies by 400 degrees centigrade? You think you're going to have a nice setup and a relaxed draw when 20 people are trying to climb over you to get the fuck away from him? No. This is all fantasy.

You're going to be laying on the floor trying to draw with 5 people on top of you clawing their way away from the firey good-maker, on the floor of your synagogue.

I think the fundamental disconnect from the paranoids is that they honestly can't imagine the effect that multiple actively operating disruptive groups will have on culture, how open displays of defiance will embolden our movement exponentially and give us wide-reaching power over our own lands.
Because they can't see this, their emotions collapse and they run out of stamina for actually thinking things through.

I'm going to remake this thread anticipating some of the opposition more carefully.

I think it would help to show the example of the 'civil rights movement' and how it was a widespread movement of domestic terrorism that resulted in the government caving with no compromise and setting up FREE EVERYTHING for niggers for over 60 years on.

A bunch of niggers just chimped out chaotically until laws were made to force everyone to pretend they were equal in all ways regardless of science, common sense, or anything else.
A bunch of fucking niggers chimped out and everyone completely cucked out and decided that living in a fundamentally warped reality was better than dealing with the nigger problem.

That was in 1964.
The current population is more sensitive and cowardly by orders of magnitude.
They will cave instantly.

Don't compare our situation to Hitler's Germany faggot. It's not even close. First, Germany back then was all German, everyone for the most part had the same blood. This is crucial. Second, their entire country was ravaged by a War, making them vengeful against the Jews who instigated it. Third, a man like Hitler dosen't come and go every other decade. He was an incredibly rare breed of man that maybe only comes every few hundred years or less.

The problem with America is it's the complete opposite of what Germany was going through. Does America have a large population of Europeans with the same blood? No. Most whites in America are mixed European, which adds to less cohesiveness. That's the main problem, America is far too divided, even among Europeans that are living here. No one trusts each other (symptom of multiculturalism) everyone is too distracted (Jewish media, bread and circus to the extreme) and no one cares (demoralization tactics). Jews are very good at creating thousands of problems from one problem (for example, the Federal Reserve) which makes the goyim focus on the problems that trickle down from the source, instead of seeing the forest through the trees. This is done by controlling media and education.

Also, the technological difference between 1920-30's Germany is massive compared to today. Jewish influence could only reach so far, in today's modern world, Jewish influence can almost reach everyone. That's another major problem. Leftist golems, the second biggest threat after the Jew. They will brainwash their neighbors and kids proudly with conviction. Did Germany have this problem? Sure, but not on the scale that America currently has.

The first thing you have to do is educate an entire new generation, remove Jews from media and from public life entirely. This is of course almost impossible without a leader, which is why someone like Hitler is so incredibly rare.

This. Restoring the system is entirely pointless. The system in itself is a Jewish manifestation. Voting for example, will never work. There will never be a non-Jew controlled candidate in any major position of power in the US. The Jews are no where near omnipotent which they want you to believe, but they have a very tight grasp on our balls with controlling almost every faculty of life (media, food, water, education, health etc). This allows them to completely demoralize the population and keep them distracted as they exterminate them slowly. The only way any of this gets fixed is total civil war. Jews in the past have controlled instigated revolutions, but in my opinion, another American Civil War is incredibly dangerous for them. They will not be able to control it like they do with other wars so easily. I think by now they've realized that reducing white populations is much easier and safer with interbreeding and population replacement. If another American Civil War happens, there is a good chance that they will lose.

This. White people tend to have empathy for victims of violence, even if the empathy is often misplaced. If you go on a wild killing spree, you'll end up killing a handful of kikes at best. Even though they are a global minority, there's still plenty of kikes out there. Unless you have a huge network of kike killers, or you're a kike slaying Batman, it won't achieve anything except give you some sort of catharsis (maybe). Since these things don't exist, you'll only end up playing to the kikes' demonization of Whites narrative.

This. Americans are going to have to endure serious trauma and the massive amount of distractions through Jewish media along with Jewish demoralization tactics is going to have to cease completely so people see the forest through the trees. The only way this is possible though is with a leader. The only leader I've seen in the last decade capable of damaging Jews in any shape or form was Ron Paul, simply because he wanted to end the Federal Reserve.