Bellingcat visits Zig Forums

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Journalists articles about Zig Forums have become so common, nobody pays too much attention about it anymore.
It might even be counterproductive for them, since kids, especially the edgy ones who never had any knowledge about Zig Forums or Zig Forums might pay a visit to the website full of 'evil nadzes' and decide to stick with them instead.


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These stupid fucking faggots are advertising for us. We need to start posting more red pills and TGSNT. Once you're here you're here forever.

Reminder to tell newfags to lurk 2 years. They should neither be seen nor speak.

Unironically who?

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Bellingcat is an excellent study of being made a patsy while seeking validation on the internet.
Elliot Higgins was just a fat British Something Awful poster UNTIL ONE DAY

We don't want to be overrun by newfags though

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literal british-zionist terrorist calling the kettle black

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Thanks for the advertising!

does anyone have a download of his manifesto anywhere?

The recent guy or Tarrant?

There are a lot of journalists with kids in college who post here, fantasizing about drowning their kike bosses and coworkers but can't quit. They may not be full 14/88 yet, but for now they finally have a place to blow off steam having come to the same conclusions as we did about the JQ.

the recent guy

Almost forgot:


I wonder how many people over the years were basically centrists until coming to Zig Forums thanks to these articles and getting redpilled.

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Here you go.

Right, we wouldn't want this board to attract new members thus expanding the reach of our message and increasing its overall impact on society….

Don't be a dumb nigger. You're better than that.

Where did all the gore go when Tarrant did his thing?

literally who

Praise Kek , don’t know
And belling cat if you’re here then how’s that cough and sore throat treating you bud? Have you gone back to the dr to get it reeeaaallllyyyy checked out?

Oh, wait, we're going to be part of a news story:

I'm one of those people. I used to think that you were disgusting racist nazis, but I got redpilled over time. I think what woke me up the most was noticing the fact that other demographics were unwilling to sacrifice their own interests.

Its just the same cycle that happened with 4 pol. But 4 pol got popular off shit like gaymergate and the fappening, until finally we had to bail.

This time 8 pol is getting popular off IRL schizos going full schizo.

It's a game of "prey off the stupid" except that jews and masons have been doing it for eons, and the structure became visible with the internet.

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You’re brown or a woman or a newfaggot? Wait I don’t care go fuck back off wherever you wandered in from

Obligatory for any journalists scrolling through this thread.

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No mason, too many people know. Your muh schizo bullshit don't work anymore.

None of them have the balls to do a story on Generation Zyklon.

I can't take articles seriously when they take screenshots of shitposts from here. It's just not possible to scroll down on a serious news page and see this without losing your sides. These journalists are literally doing our work for us and meming to boatloads of normalfags all across the nation. They have no idea just how more trusting the average person is of memes than they are of some retarded nigger leftycuck journalist who will be inserted into a wood chipper at 10cm/hour after having their torso sliced open and filled with sodium hydroxide.

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The leftists can't do anything but virtue-signal and shame.

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Oh my

Most of you are newfags compared to some of us who came from /new/ and Zig Forums. Bringing people here from articles like this simply lowers the quality of threads because new people, like boomers, non-whites and jews come in, thinking they know it all, and go on tirades about how we're all wackos and should be ashamed of ourselves. Little do they know, this has all happened before, many times. Most drawn here never come back after a visit or two. Some that stay become part of us. Others angrily vent for a while, before giving up, and the status quo remains, until that fat retard asset Jim Watkins closes down the site or its shut down. Then we move some place else. The status quo remains unchained, because this board is a board of truth, of peace, and war. There's siege kikes. There's national socialists. There's fence sitters. There's everyone else. This is one of many battlegrounds for the war of perspectives.

Jews were never slaves in Egypt, they owned the slaves. Weird. They got kicked out of Egypt because they got too confident that they could take over. When they left, they left in their wake, thousands of dead Egyptian children. What a petty people.

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Wow this Bea sure is a big problem. Stalin would be proud of such a trash.

Your post dosen't even make sense.

There is nothing these fakes hate more than free debate and freedom of speech. That's why they want to shut down Zig Forums. The retarded leftists think we're radicalizing people into committing violence but it's actually all the anti-white bias and racism that media outlets like the Huffingpost and Salon keep writing. Of course they don't care about the facts because everything they say is just an excuse to shut down free speech. They don't actually care about the truth of the matter.

Yep. It's in the Left DNA. Stalin, Mao… Free Speech doesn't mean a shit to them. It's only about power, about group power, about how your ancestor once took a shit near an aboriginal campground and should now be a slave forever.

Muh dick

Fuck abbos I’ll shit all over em all day m8

I respect them individually, and even as a group, as long as they respect our western values. Those dipshit social marxist want to make this place a shithole…

where did the big bad 8ch man touch you billy?

Strangle yourself with a wet shoelace

Wow Indians are even more subhuman that I thought. I will never be tricked by their superficial beauty again.

Smart move.

Earnest, like Tarrant, Rodgers, Roof, Holmes, etc., was a federal psyop. This board is run by the FBI now.

How very familiar sounding:
they spelled it completely wrong every time, even in this day of ubiquitous spell-check.

Kys nigger

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Gonna need some evidence of that. Oh wait, you have none, just like in every other thread where you retards claim that.
Yes. And if you post here, that means either that some posts are actually legitimate, and thus Tarrant might be legit, or that you are also a fed trying to demoralize anons.
You lose either way.

I’m both.

>(((right wing)))
you still require more lurking

I plan to live a long fruitful life.

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In all honesty, we'd better make plans to move to the dark web, in case ZOG bans Zig Forums. Lord knows the progressives have already been agitating for it for years.

Back when I first came to Zig Forums, I was a communist sympathizer who thought interracial porn spam was clever and funny.
But now? GTKRWN

We can organize there but there are some pretty dead sites on the clearnet we can migrate to

Clearnet is better to redpill others.

How about those (((measles outbreaks)))?

Step 1: Have another obvious false flag with one of your brown-eyed mkultra mongrels.
Step 2: Send JDIF in to the chans to praise the mutt for his useless bullshit
Step 3: Have your mockingbird media puppets point the normies at the jdif agents
Step 4: Sexually molest a child and then sacrifice him to moloch to celebrate your victory

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You can still redpill others on other websites, but there is need for a base. What if Hotwheels or Jim or whoever caves to System pressure or falls to guilt over "terrorism"?

Literally me

Nextchan seems pretty nice, other than the act that it's like dead, for now anyway


Good journos! Funnel people in for us so they can see the truth.

You won’t do shit nigger

So the hebeebs framed the narrative. Shocking.

but why i no in screenshot?

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Lurk 2 years before posting.

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We lost that war in 2016, user.

Its always the same fucking bullshit explainer about darkwebs and gamergates. Only like 5% of the words in the articles is new information or interesting opinion.

just some fucking nerd puppet who is another branch of the media-government axis, but is presented in a way to seem independent to the MSM and 'verifies' them
He shills all the normal talking points like 'go to war with Russian and Syria and Iran' etc like the good goy he is

Lurk 2 years, faggot.

Ignore the Zig Forums Zig Forums board. That genocidal monster streamed his rampage on Facebook. Why Mark Zuckerberg, a lovely Jewish boy, condones this behaviour I don't know. He must hate Muslims.

Suck my aryan dick bellingcrap. Also Donbass survived your bullshit MH17 lies. Kill yourselves you shitty pseudointellectuals.

Here is a nice article about the MH17 disinfo, user.

"Everything on Bellingcat and the official inquiry into the destruction of Flight MH17"


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so smug these journos vis-à-vis human nature
the ebb and flow of civilizations
historic themes
the power of memes
so blissfully unaware
of time's tides

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Crap, wrong pic. Bahaha

I score 145

I enjoy the fact that journowhores are so eager for attention they throw opsec out the window. They make it so easy to doxx them.

So? I cant wait for them to turn off Zig Forums
What do they think users of this site will do with their time when they cant shitpost here anymore?
4chan's takedown would be even more glorious but even those moronic jews know better


Zig Forums has become a waste of time.

Now the board is trying to deradicalize people.

Never mind the chabad jews call for extermination of goys.

Low IQs gravitate to 4shits. I know I'm one. The contrast from there to here is like a strong gust of air.

Moses was Akhenaten
When their religious coup failed they got expelled
Same old same old

Or worse, on the distributed structure of horizontal network nodes that sustains and feeds generation zyklon because that structure is the new order of things, not just through the internet

Fuck John Earnest, seriously he killed one kike ? he literally did nothing the race, absolutely nothing, that's going to change nothing! This fucking moron is only bringing more cops to this board. I fucking hate you John you absolute moron.

As the leader of 8pol i have to say that….

Eliot Higgins and Bellingcat are a deep state CIA/SOROS/NATO funded psyop

You should watch the videos on this thread debunked

And for a pretty succint explanation of NATO and how they came into and stay in existence
The National Security State - Gore Vidal 03-18-1998
is a good explanation - even though Vidal was a Democrat and a bit of a degenerate

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Belling cat confronted

I'm a 1 month old newfag and I post daily. Suck it, faggot.

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Honestly fuck Ukrainians, they were sucking bellingcats cock since 2015.

The mandatory 1 year lurking is for your own good you attention whore.

Zig Forums is a tool. If Zig Forums is overrun we move elsewhere and keep redpilling. Newfags will follow and keep being redpilled. It happened with 4chan and the end result has been that 8pol is been more useful than 4pol ever was.

Oy vey, why do I have to stay out of conversations for 6 months? I can't wait for 3 months. Last time I checked, it was 1 month. What am I going to do for 2 weeks? It's boring to watch the fun going on for 1 week, let alone 3 days. Alright, I'll do as you say and lurk for 1 day.

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