This just happened, but it's a major whitepill, so many people had their lives ruined over this.

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I give it a week before their goons desecrate them. That's all communists can do is destroy

The removal monuments and symbols because of violence would be a bad precedent for speech in general. The Koran, Das Kapital, and the Bill of Rights are all influential work that inspired violence.

They've always tried to, especially with the majority of commies in Charlottesville.

And then they gathered up, tore it down, and none of them are charged.
Whitepills are for idiots.

Celebrating while it lasts. :^)

Amazing what we can accomplish when (((Richard Spenser))) isn't there with his controlled-opposition brigade with tiki torches handed by (((George Soros))).

GOOD! Let's make sure every white normie sees their history being destroyed by sub-humans. This will start the fire!

They won't care. They're normies.

I can't wait for the left to go full retard over this.

And all it it took was a false flag event, two dead helo cops, and James Fields being falsely imprisoned while Trump denounced our entire side and did nothing because he's a traitor.

RS was just the symptom and posts like this just validates his bullshit. This is a sticking plaster and you know it.

The very crux to understanding their philosophy is by simplifying it for yourself. Liberalism, communism, Marxism, whatever term these parasites use against you to justify their means, is code for destruction. Postmodern drivel and philosophy is all about being bitter enough to seek eradication of the established natural order but not being creative enough to supplant it with a superior order. Sounds (((familiar))), huh?

Not going to happen primarily because the past few generations have been desensitized to such symbols. No one will care until the shitskins are actually at their doorsteps beating their windows in with baseball bats.

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If the republikikes could turn Lee into a gay symbol, they would.

take ur meds


Per usual, Zig Forumstards celebrate losers of time

Post your address so we can kill you.
Reminder that these people are paid to post here and allowed by the board owner.

That's pretty funny.

No one has to care about the monuments. I don't. What matters is the chimping. NOBODY likes chimping, and we're getting into prime weather for it. That is what will push whites further right.

Your next line will be, "You're mean basement dwelling nazi incels who take pride in the past accomplishments of others"

Exactly. (((Their))) goal is to atomize the individual, sublate the power of the individual mind and rely on the dead weight of the unthinking masses. Anything that degrades the level of higher humanity is a weapon of the Jew. Just as we have our tactics in war the Jew uses mongrelization, degeneracy and denationalization to gain dominance.

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Next time a conservatard tells you "the Dumbocrats were the party of slave owners", just silently agree and offer to take down the statues of Robert E Lee and Nathan Bedford Forest. See how that goes.

They'll just retort that you're concealing your bad history lol.

I like my generals who didn't commit treason, attack the United States, and get BTFO by a superior army.

I'd say less then a week before they tear it down anyways and no one bothers to stop it and afterwards everyone just moves on while they brag about it

Stonewall Jackson: Famous for Inventing Friendly Fire

What a tactician!

Checked. I’ll celebrate the impending nigger chimpouts over it

Trump denounced our entire side? No.
Neo nazis are faggots like the alt-kikes and e-celeb causes. White nationalists doesn't mean white supremacists, doesnt mean white americans, and doesnt even mean white natsoc. Stop taking the media position of painting everyone who isn't a leftist with the same brush. Zig Forums isn't one person.

I'm on the Union side myself as Lincoln wanted to deport niggers while the Confederacy wanted to import cheap labor, but both were on an equal footing until William T Sherman played dirty.

Nobody gives a shit what you like or not, woman. Be silent.

You call them traitors like King George as if you wore a crown.

Finally, some fucking sense.

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Dead communists can't deface historical monuments.


This means Charlottesville was ultimately a pyrrhic victory

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Not an American but you'd have to be completely full of shit to deny that Robert E. Lee was an impressive man with a fascinating life. It's hilarious too that you say all of that bullshit but I guess when you're being murdered by a pack of shitskins and the Progressive's justify it as you being "treasonous" to their New World Order that you appreciate being BTFO by a superior army.

Richard Spencer is articulate, no ones perfect. Expecting perfection in your leaders could ensure you never have any leaders, and white people never having leaders would benefit the jews. The propaganda against spencer could have been the result of jewish infiltrators trying to sabotage spencer.

richard spencer is a homosexual degenerate jew
he's not my leader #notmyleader
and I can't understand why anyone on Zig Forums
thinks he's even worth a shit
please don't even reply to my post
I don't even want a (you) from (you) ESFJ-schlomo

Do you have autism? Only someone who can't understand human socialization would ever accuse Dick Spencer of being articulate.

Richard Spencer is controlled opposition. Those who attended the rally were arrested while only Spencer walks free.

They won't, it conflicts with their attempt to rehabilitate Lincoln and the Union.

The union were proto bolsheviks that received support from Karl Marx. And Lincoln had no intention of deporting the negros because he established the freed man's bureau and gave them citizenship.

Go back to twitter, faggot.

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he's more effective than most of his peers at talking to the media. It doesnt matter what you think, there's something about him, we might as well call it articulateness, or charisma.

He's a charismatic narcissist just like Obama. simple as

Fuck off cuck

daily reminder that niggerham lincoln ignored the dredd scott decision and basically said fuck you to the supreme court

And who should have been there? Doing what?
Should we have gathered in full natzi uniforms with guns?

At least in that case Spencer and the people who gathered did nothing wrong. They shown up for a peaceful demonstrations dressed nicely. Stop being a retard.

Lincoln wanted to send niggers back to Liberia, he would be called a white nationalist if he existed in 2019.

Job done! That'll stop them.

old and worn
like a modern hollywood script

Yeah erasing our history has really radicalized us against these kikes, that must be why the jews do it so much, it's definitely not to detach us from our shared roots, de collectivize us as a race, and make us easier to breed out and conquer. Always remember kids, when the jews get what they want, eventually we'll magically win.