Pollack since 2011

Pollack since 2011

I remember when pol was the most depised board on 4chan and we were completely unknown to the outside world. Completely irrelevant, people were interested in dubstep and justin beiber. Neo nazis were barely talked about and a thing of the past, some far away foreign memory unknowingly implanted by the media masters. A caricature and a boogeyman. They have outlawed revolution.

Hotwheels no longer owns this forum, I feel as is my threads are shadowbanned. Are there real anons responding or I am in a sandbox with shills and cia traitors?

Our forefathers fought these powers with their lives, we must organize. And we need a central leader, a great speaker who embodies ideals. Not a faggot like spencer, not a midget kike like shapiro, not a gamma neurotic nervous wreck narcissist pseudo intellectual like peterson.

Are you there my old pollack brothers?

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Now we are on rolling stone and you can be sure every major politician knows our name. We did that by action, we must organize in real life, form a party and take direct action. We must win the people to our side, we are the real thing people were chasing when they voted for trump. He was the stand up dummy to distract from the real undertow of the current. Lets harness that energy towards a genuine goal. The people have proven they are with us.

Got mit uns as well

That's not a thing here. And you probably shouldn't be giving anyone that idea.

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what the fuck

scared schlomo?

We still are despised, if not more now.

anonymously, otherwise we fall prey to the FBI honeypot tricks and all the big fish get fried.


This is a FBI honeypot. Everyone who regularly posts here with anything of significance has a file on them.

bullshit, only confirming my suspicion. Look at Italy and Hungary THEY ORGANIZED there is nothing to be afraid of. The fact that you all say stay online confirms my belief.

They had a file on me before imageboards were a thing. Honk honk.

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Ehhhh, I'd say more so around 2014 or 2015 when this was true.


Newfag or FED, can't tell which

Most of those people aren't even on the same kind of fringe that Zig Forums is, though.

If you count 2013 as "old" than yeah. I consider this place a good way to spread ideas/information but not a place to organize and meet up however that doesn't mean I'm against you guys from doing so.

The only things that people rally behind these days are jews and faggots, there's very little chance a worthy white man can get the clout and platform needed to make the change the white race needs. Mostly because such a man hardly exists in CY+4, at least in America. Other countries have had success because they don't have the second largest group of jews infesting their country and are freely able to keep gypsies out of organized society through established culture. The only way forward is more mass shootings, but better organized and livestreamed with proper opsec. Radicalization must happen or we'll remain in the clown world timeline.

heres some old content for you bro

It is a forum in the tradition of Greece and Rome, a place to gather and discuss ideas.

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Especially after our meme candidate actually won.

(Yes, this was an Zig Forums OP and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.)

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Siege kikes are jews.

You're comparing tiny vassal states to the beating heart of jewry, there is no political solution for us. Nevermind the fact hundreds of neo-nazi parties, gangs and the like have all existed and been subverted.

Oh shit, I missed this.


Politics is just jews jewing jews, this place is to give it a nudge and a poke every so often.

We will pick the battleground.

hence a central leader who embodies virtues, that cant be corrupted

I was here since old Zig Forums, +Zig Forums and multiple exoduses.

Who Prawn Haul and Not News Needs Pruning here?

commit homicide newfag

Remember when TRSodomites shilled random faggots married to kikes as our leaders? its all so tiresome.

Found the newfag

When the entire system is made up of jews, a Stalinist solution is necessary. The government after can be a Fourth Reich, but the current established system must be completely killed.

every boost we have every gotten was from real life action or a raid, noah steadman was one of pols first heroes. it only amplified from there. LETS TAKE ACTION thats how we win. You guys can do irl shit posting for high scores and others can take political actions. Why not make efforts on all fronts

Central leaders are just easy targets, and more likely to flip and set us up in the longgame if caught. Do you not remember the betrayal saga of David Duke?

What did Duke do? Haven't paid attention to him.

david dukes a retard, anyone in the kkk past 1920 is. obv

You mean ZOGald Trump and his kikespawn mongrel family? Yeah. And fuck imkikefy /r/t_d shills need gas.

Well yeah, KKK was started by those nasty racist slave owning jews of the south.

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Take your meds

He did was WPL and Jared Taylor did, they got doctorates and tried the intellectual approach even though we warned them it wouldn't fucking work. Yeah, they won their arguments but despite that the (((media))) and people weren't having it even if they were objectively right and made factual and scientific arguments. When has being civil or talking things out ever actually worked? These people lie in our faces all the times same as the 1965 immigration act.

Lets organize you fucking idiots, I am not advocating violence or hate crimes. But clearly the political parties and trump are controlled. We need a real movement with fixed leaders or else they throw up puppets to hijack it ala tea party and altright shills.

Wait so where was the betrayal?

No. There is no individual who can embody our ideals, because we share so few of them. And even IF you located the perfect vessel to hold these ideals, the glowies who keep tabs on us will shut down anything that looks like accumulating dissent.

Your best bet may be to embody those ideals yourselves, and lead a decentralized resistance to extinction, since the glows shut down oppositional organization simply as a matter if their own self-preservation.

Its been forever since I read about it. Essentially the FBI gathered decades of evidence against him for whatever bullshit but instead of honorably discharging himself he quietly gave information to the beast selling out his underlings in the clan and associates to avoid being in prison until he died. Its the same as what happened to all those small white nationalist groups of the 70s-90s centered around gangs and RaC music, once the fed knows who you are its only a matter of time until someone is compromised. Anonymity is why the world has been shook so hard, all they can do is blame Zig Forums as a blanket and not pick us off individually.

Well too bad 8ch isn't anonymous and having a file on someone's post history is pretty simple and easy, which is why Jim forcefully took it from the little man.

tl;dr They set us back decades.

Think about it, in the very short time Zig Forums has existed look how many more redpilled people there are now than all the efforts of Duke and that glownigger op stormfront in all its history.

We don't need leaders, merely shared ideals. In this age, guerilla warfare and the stand alone complex rule.

No website is anonymous, but we can make ourselves as users anonymous to the best of our ability.

I like your thoughts perhaps I am not sandboxed. But we need permission to act and organize in public, some sort of wake up call. I meet a lot of girls and most of their brothers are secret white nationalists but to autistic to discuss it and so pessimistic they dont think its worth saving. Just like people on here, we need PRIDE and HONOR and UNITY so we are gather and work together for our interests. I know they are low self esteem when I see them gaming constantly and out of shape. I barely come here anymore just trying to see how many of you have balls to DO SOMETHING IRL. We dont need more shooters we need more speakers more leaders more inspiration more positivity. I actually have a great friend who is black, and great neighbors who are muslims. I like GOOD people and can tolerate them in small amounts but I do not want to throw away my countries demographics or character.


Stormfront makes me chuckle. Anytime some leftist faggot says "stormfag" or "stormweenie" it only proves how ignorant and out of touch they are. Stormfront hasn't been shit since 2002 and they never fucking accomplished an ounce of what Zig Forums has. They're tame and docile compared to us, its fucking insulting to compare those zogged bozos to us or any productive nationalist group.

This country does not have to be 100% white that is irrational hate and probably hollywood propaganda. Great people are great people and smart people are smart people. Why dont you all do SOMETHING. How do you think the left elects people? How do you think bankers subvert conservatives. THEY CONTROL the narrative IRL. However if enough of us stand up and refuse to back down and do so without overt violence we desensitize them. Just look at what trump did, now we are discussing the border and banning trannies in the military. Is trump ourguy? No I think hes controlled but imagine what we could do if we had a real guy in there who couldnt be bought or black mailed. In 3 years what a difference, they are scared because the system is so fragile. You guys are so deafetist but look at us. We have the last 400 years of the height of humanity after the ice age, after the fall of rome, after the black death. We can overcome anything if the spirit is strong. If you regain the spirit you can shake yourselves of the slumber and reach for greatness once again. Quit being depressed little bitch losers.

Don't do that shit unless you can get Hitler himself to descend from the Heavens.

You can do all you can to redpill in real life, it takes little effort with some fliers they chimp out and we get free press.

Remember, we live in the Clown World now where little kids are being mutilated, being groped and having dollar bills shoved down their underwear dancing in adult strip clubs.

It doesn't take much until the people say enough.

You are garbage. Never show your face here again.

we've been discussing the border for 50 years and that kike puppet trump still hasn't resolved it.


There is always a political solution as long as free speech and the second amendment remain. That was the genius of the US founders.

ok user, let me follow that advice :)

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thank god some brains on here, the autism gets to be a bit much. Maybe you guys need to learn some pua to blow off steam once in a while

did you read nigger or are you just that patheic, shut your useless ass up

This. Look at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1994_California_Proposition_187

Even when we use democracy, the value those prostitute traitors we call our politicians and leaders say is the highest value, they throw out democracy when it suits them. Meaning either a) democracy doesn't work so there are no political solutions b) we don't live in a democracy and it's all a lie so every "radical" method is morally righteous. There are no other solutions left except a final solution.

You have to go back.

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there are some of us left, but for various reasons rarely post. The meme war ebbs and flows, while the one in the real world only grows. Dedicate your time wisely.

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We're here. Yes, our threads are being very likely contained. Assembly is not an option, bear the cross, keep the faith, and carry on. Its the only thing we can do. These are increasingly dangerous times.

Zig Forumsack from 2013 here

Probably not, mate. You know that's not how it's going to go.

Isn't the current time great? I remember back in those days our goals felt hopeless, and I felt as though I was born too late, having already lost.
Now I know we were born exactly on time, and our chances have never been higher.

Gott mit uns, of that I am assured.

If you really were a Zig Forumsack from back then you wouldn't be telling the entire internet when you joined.

If you post through Tor at least hambeast won't have a file on you and that's all that counts isn't it? I mean all governments have files on everyone like it or not.

Gott mit uns

The old sign off. Have some old memes bro

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Im old brah no need to doubt

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We need a leaderless movement. Something like 8ch should be if it weren't compromised. Something where iotbw spontaneously arises and people do it because it's good, but when the peterson's arise, everyone shits on him because hes controlled OP. We need an image board 2.0. Blockchain blah blah blah or something. /g/ wizards should know what to do.

Oh by the way, side observation. This thread is organically started. Usually mods will prune a non kosher thread, but if it gets too many views from the get go they're stuck and have to let it ride. 8ch is not all glitter.

Alright, fuck off. some fucking oldfag

You seem to think your some type of intellectual because you consider yourself an oldfag, but you seem to understand quite little. Someone who's been here for eight years and still believes in a political solution is clearly some type of retard.


this is an actual oldfag

Do you spend any time on reddit? Your terminology pollack shadowban forum seems off, you believe in milquetoast baby's first redpill concepts le based eastern europe, political solution, muh good niggers.
I am skeptical to say the least.

Only a little bit longer until the Fourth Turning, the Fourth Reich.

Where am I right now?

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Took me a while to realize war has been waged upon the European peoples.
If we look at it as a war one must understand the face of war has changed drastically from the days of old. A central leader is most surely suicide for any movement that wishes to gain any traction. As the saying goes, "cut off the head the body dies". Cellular structure was then used to great effect in more modern wars, very effective for it's time, but is now outdated I would argue.
The widespread use of the internet and having a wealth of information at your fingertips changed the face of war even further. Without having any orders or any collaborative planning, a singular person can disrupt or attack at any given moment. This is a frightening reality for most, for which they have no answer or preparation for.
An idea or goal held by a group of individuals is more dangerous than an Army, which can be physically fought. Examples include Christianity, Islam, Talmudism, Communism, Monarchy, I could go on.
Zig Forums is dangerous because of the truths that emanate from here, they are afraid of the idea their lies can be shattered within mere hours of diligent research. However a person wishes to act upon this information, it is of their own free will.
Which is why they resort to tactics such as fedposting, they have no other option than to label everyone as an armed enemy combatant.
I will add that if OP was genuine OP would know that is why there is no organization or 'leaders'.
Disclaimer: I am merely stating my observable fact in this post and have not advocated violence of any sort.


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Yeah, that kinda throws doubt on

In case OP was just being fucking retarded, since Trump won (((they))) have tenfold-tenfold-tenfolded their efforts.

Which, should be the biggest whitepill of all…

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I hoped a strong face of our beliefs would arise but the kosher sandwich gatekeepers like Peterson, Shapiro, Sargoy etc keep people asleep.

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You know is shit like this I realized cuckchan was always shit.

I get what you mean by basing your caution on wording that can reveal things,but following an arbitrary laundry list of acceptable opinions is not Zig Forums. Two of those items listed in your post are arguable, are not so black and white, and/or have other deeper impacts than just what is on the surface, torfag

How do you do, fellow channer?

There's always the next generation user.

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Average day on Zig Forums is an overwhelming majority of guys in red shirts posting "infographic" one-sided memes that distort truth, reinterpreting "studies" to support their agenda and confirmation bias and engaging in arguments based on logical fallacies instead of looking at the whole picture rationally and without preconceptions to arrive at a truthful and honest assessment.

Screw your lying "facts, statistics, logic", you bunch of intellectually dishonest brainlets.

OP here, you guys seem to think leaderless resistance will win blah blah blah. I do believe a leaderless resistance is good in the beginning but if you would like to violently overthrow the system you will need leaders and policy makers to implement your will to fill the vacuum. Continue to redpill lone wolf that is fine, but if you truly believe leaderless resistance is the way then at the very least be efficient with your resources and stop doing point blank mass shooting. For shits sake you had an ex marine and a nigger terrorize the east coast with a rifle from the trunk of a drug dealer style sedan for months. Be efficient you fucks and stop targeting nobodies. So much venom from you nihilists yet you fail to uphold your credo, you incels can be sardonic all you want. I or someone like me will lead the political resistance, and we can have the high scorers do all they want just do be retards.

also the one offs will never accomplish anything, look at all revolutions in history. They have leaders and organizations from the french to the american to the austrian revolutions. Even the kike led russian revolution. YOU NEED SHOT CALLERS

not in the cities
in the wide lands
for the wide lands will one day lay siege to the cities

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OP I'm on Zig Forums and redpill normies about JQ since 2006. I openly met jews and asked:
"Are you jewish?"
"Then it is a no no, sorry and bye"

It is what it is. My father redpilled me and I will pass on the legacy.

Because there are no leaders on Zig Forums only ideas which is majorly and primarily national socialist because that's the truth, Zig Forums is something that isn't suppose to be lead or used or what ever.

go away (((torpedo)))

>the fact that you all say stay online confirms my belief.

operating alone isn't staying online you straw man

The sky has darkened
The wind is cold
Your heart does beat
But you walk alone
Shadows play tricks
with fear and dread
But eventually you learn
How to burn bright

read this dumbass, strawman my man kike.

my ass not my man, fucking kike

thank you user, couldnt find this anywhere online. Thank you

Not having a leader and yet taking decentralized collective action as a cohort is a winning combo because it makes subversion impossible.

We need a face and someone to take direction from? I think we’re scarier when we don’t have a face. The second any group forns it is infiltrated. How long would our leader last before he shoots hinself in the back of the head? Better to spread the truth in palatable ways until we gain collective control of the American Zeitgeist. Once fringe is no longer fringe, then a leader can emerge.

You're a caricature of a caricature. Kill yourself.


organisation is not neccesary, anonymous or otherwise
the violence required is illegal so best done alone
otehr things that are pro-white can be done on the books
starting a religion for example is legal, and it can be focussed on breeding whites and sterilising non-whites
completly legal
base it on an eastern religion and you wont even have to deal with any semitic influence
Registering a chapter of an eastern religion without central leadership and oversight can be done ezpz, then call yourself a religious leader of this chapter and start recruiting wombs to breed

Yeah, OP, this is pretty much controlled ops by now. There are even shills for mudslimes here. But, by now, we've done what we could to improve ourselves and most of us are in our twenties, so it's a good idea to step out and get ready in these 10 years to come. Planning and information will only do so much and our strength was always individual to begin with.
Blowout soon, Stalker.

Both. There are few genuine anons and a bunch of shills.
Become your own leader. Most of us here are not followers.

Why don't you go ask king beta to lead you? Oh right, he's a cowardly narcissistic sociopath who ran off to Italy with daddy's money.

=="The great crises and upsets of national life show who the true men and women are. We have no right any longer to speak of the weaker sex, for both sexes are displaying the same determination and spiritual strength. The nation is ready for anything. The Führer has commanded, and we will follow him. In this hour of national reflection and contemplation, we believe firmly and unshakably in victory. We see it before us, we need only reach for it. We must resolve to subordinate everything to it. That is the duty of the hour. Let the slogan be:

Now, people rise up and let the storm break loose!"==





lol real oldfags are all gone
edgy used to be lefty
but then liars fucked it up
people tried to class it up
not bad but gotta be honest
now it’s all slaves forever
whiners broken by pigments
no strength left in polville
whine forever in circles
obedient to the slavemasters
who imagine themselves free
yeah edgy was lefty
but then lefty got lost
now the right is edgy
as uncreative as ever
right was never right
left went right while people went left
leftism couldn’t see it happen
they had their idea of their era
all the oldfags are gone
i aint one of them
i just know more history

used to be all about speaking truth to power
now its all about whining out real loud
singing the dirge of a society that deserves it
singing in circles and failing out loud
blaming glowniggers for everything
while the glows break the celebs
fascism rose by another name
but slavery is slavery and truth is truth
no strength left in polville
nothing but the enslaved masters
too afraid of each other to break ranks
they’ll never be happy again

aye brother.
think 2013-2014 ish not sure.

but learn from the past: public faces eat doodoo and suck kike peepee. The only thing that keeps this place and the entire world going is ideas, reason, logos, truth whatever the reason the shit has gotten so bad it's turning moldy is that the very concept of truth has been so distorted that people claim whatever they like now holobread and modern day "rape" claims as examples.

Nigger liar nigger liar your computer on fire.

Don't know 2012 I think. Inherited some money and made even more with traditional investing and shitcoin trading, spent 12 hours a day on Zig Forums for 5+ years 157 IQ so a traditional job was not necessary until I eased up on it because of the strain it put on my relationships. Made tons of shit that still gets reposted and worked on various projects. I started missing out on things from late 2017 and I missed the new migration. I have no interested in cryptography but it seems that if you want to find the real OG's you are going to have to learn it.

2017 a schism started and since mid/late 2018 there are more Ausländer here than Zig Forumsacks. (((they))) are afraid or 8ch has been mentioned in the media too many times most likely a bit of both. Things started changing rapidly when it was proved that the US Air force and MIT monitors 8ch a couple of years back.

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Fuck off kike.
I've seen this exact same line on other messaging service. The kikes pop up to anywhere that has some memes, start shouting how "I am a Pollack goy, we need to organize behind some namefags!"
Kill yourself faggot, you're not from here.