Superior Aryan Leaves Niglets in the Dust - Breaks 100m Track Record!

Nice to know that Aryan superman genetics haven't disappear yet:

NEW WORLD RECORD at 9.98 seconds to #1 runner in the US 100M:

His name is Matthew Boling and he castrates niggers on the race track!
Any sane white society would award this guy with a harem of females to breed with.

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Deus vult.


White pill of the day!

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Deus vult

haha i saw that too

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No, hypergamy is bad. He’d simply be awarded a single top tier girl of equal superiority to breed many children with in a nuclear family structure.

only running because they never evolved to be intelligent enough to hunt prey any more efficiently than running it down until it gets tired

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I agree hypergamy is generally bad, but stand out exceptions with high IQ's and excellent athletics should be given an extra wife or two.

I don’t think athletic record holders are in need of pussy welfare. I’m sure he can manage on his own.

Bumping for white pill if true

This pseudoscience right here

Nogs are losing their athletic edge, a few generations of being raised by single moms on welfare is making them weaker and faggier.


As always, whenever there is a gifted Aryan kid, ZOG will covet and not only circumcise him, but also abuse until he gets too old.

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I fixed his sweater.

Niggers have gotten soft.

Let's see it, faggot

brother, i am proud of this young mans achievement, and i honor him. i cant speak for the other user, but the irony was funny nonetheless. lighten up a bit and smile occasionally.

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Maybe one day our children will go to Hitler Highschool?

Picture (edited his sweater)

Why does his race matter you bigot?
t. butthurt leftie.


They were bred by kikes nigger. Just proves that even selective breeding won't make a difference.

I don't know a whole lot about the "Jesuits", maybe someone can do a quick redpill on them in this thread.

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Niggers usually race against mutts that are perceived as "huwhite", not up against pure actual whites.

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Turns out sprinting from pedos is unmatched for training

Btw, I'm surprised that highschool is allowed to put an iron cross on their clothing, I thought leftists would have already gotten it banned as a hate symbol.

Jesuits are Catholic faggots…Loyola and BC are Jesuit colleges…lots of moralfagging and bullshit but God bless these christ cucks for raising such a nigger beating madman like confirmed /ourguy/ Matthew "Nigger Hater" Boling

pick one

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It is Jesuits who have wrote and rewrote all the history books of the world. It was Jesuits who ensured that South America wouldn't have a substantial European population due to "being nice" to the Indio Catholics, guess they forget the actual White genocides which happened in those same places some years later.

Jesuits are the worst fucking moralfags who were against National Socialism from the very beginning, finding all sorts of ways of preventing it from coming into power, which is why Hitler despised them.

I guess one good thing about them, once upon a time Jesuits said they'd allow any member to join except if he had jewish ancestry which implies that the Jesuit Pope Francis probably doesn't have any jewish blood and is just the biggest fucking moralfag on the planet. Hitler was right!

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Wind aid.

I'm a bit skeptic about it, even though I kind of feel liberated by ClownWorld. I still want to wait a bit before embracing it fully. Sorry, I can't swallow this Jesuits thing. Pun intended.

This. He is not jew, he is a faggot. Apples and oranges. Jesuits are the cult responsible for memeing World Jewry into existence.

Isn't record is faster under 9.9?

This lad is absolute specimen and deserve Dylan Roof's sister as his bride.

goddamn that clown world shit; not what i was referencing. that was a coincidence, not a (((cohencidence)))

I'm sad the Jesuits and Masons are so cucked, because it'd be nice to have a wholesome organization to join. It is pointless trying to change the world as one man, but sadly I know of no worthwhile group to join with.

prolly has some mud in his blood why else sum white boi run dis fast.
you fags need anytin to make you self feel better from being white cucks


Watch them come out and say that one extreme example doesn't mean anything… Meanwhile, in terms of nigger IQ.

your insecurities are showing nigger and you will never be White :) you will never match our achievements. you will always be dependent on White work ethic.

obviously a white bitch like you can only have pride in some ones else effort just like how you work ethic came from watching slaves labor. nothing you did youself but a thing from someone else

lol, you silly nigger; further proving my point how ignorant you are. you dont even know your own history due to jew created revisionist history brainwashing you. wake up nigger, and recognize that your people and jews had the monopoly on the slave trade, not the White man. there were literally thousands of black slave owners in early america. i have no White guilt for you nigger. you are a parasite and a jew bio weapon, nothing more. you are nothing without us.

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Impressive. Let's hope he inspires the next generation of Europid athletes. I'm sure he worked hard for this. He deserves the success. Never doubt yourselves. Push yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually every single day.

you have us, user.


Looks like these guys trained some monkeys to slow down a boar for them. That's pretty intelligent

nothing to say knee-groid? go back to your safespace, there is too much truth here for you.

kek'd hard bro

the Judea / Jesuit connection appears to be a complicated one…

It seems like Christianity in general, it was Judaism to begin with, was co-opted by anti-Jews but then Jews regained control of it.

Will he surpass Usain?

High school record was 10 flat. Fastest ever was 9.58

Only a matter of time before a random "mugging" sees to his end. Can't let a white person do well. Either that or they'll pay some bimbo to accuse him of rape to ruin his life.


None of yall saw this coming? All the slow ones are in jail by now

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Honestly scared of this

Underrated post

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Most niggers are earnestly shit at anything related to track. Used to have to run against them in XC and they would usually cuck out at around 2 miles; and even if they finished it would only be 20 minutes at best.

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The true Germanic way as described by Tacitus and continued in Europe at least up to the French Revolution was that a King deserved many women and this is what recognized him as King, no man under the King could have more than one woman or he'd become a rival to the King and be attacked for rivaling his King. This is how adultery is kept in check, not by relying on the woman but on the man, to keep his oath or compete with his King for the right to be King.

By forcing the idea of public monogamy, you're giving the expectation that men are equal to women, since 1 woman for 1 man, when this is not the case. This ends up defeating the King who isn't seen as a man above other men and so goes the Kingdom with him. Also there's also no such thing as a "woman" leader in old Germanic languages. You are right though, you cannot have rampant polygamy because that is dysgenic, that is why it can only be allowed for the King, so it doesn't go beyond this point but yet a leader is recognized within the group.

Such a system is what constructed the White race.

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It's about fucking time

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Actually slavery was Christian charity to bring Monkey Men into the Modern Era. Lesson being never trust a Nigger.

no you fucking retard.

Jesuit Oh my… Engineered DNA anyone?

It depends on the times and conditions.