California Police Investigate Hate-filled Zig Forums Manifesto That Could Link Synagogue Shooting To Mosque Attack


San Diego authorities are looking into a manifesto apparently published by John Earnest, the 19-year-old suspected gunman in the shooting at the Chabad of Poway synagogue Saturday that may connect him to an arson attack on a California mosque last month.

A purported copy of the manifesto posted to underground message board Zig Forums just before the attack proclaims the writer to be a Christian who is " a man of European ancestry,..blessed by God for such a magnificent bloodline" and lionizes the "sacrifice" of Brenton Tarrant, 28, who has been charged with carrying out the Christchurch massacre that left 50 people dead.

The nine-page manifesto signed with the suspected shooter's name is structured similarly to the longer manifesto written by Tarrant. That manifesto was also posted to Zig Forums, a largely unmoderated site that attracts controversial groups, including white supremacists.

Earnest was identified Saturday as the suspect in the shooting after he called police and turned himself in. The manifesto claims Jews are "responsible for the meticulously planned genocide of the human race" and lays out his case that he is "a soldier that has the honor and privilege of defending his race in its greatest hours of need."

It denounces President Trump as a "Zionist, Jew-loving, anti-White, traitorous c—sucker" and conservatives as "useless, spineless coward[s]" who "conserve nothing." Among his inspirations, the writer citews Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, Adolf Hitler, Robert Bowers [accused of the Pittsburgh synagogue shootings], Tarrant and the composer Ludwig van Beethoven."

San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said that authorities were looking into a potential connection between the suspect and an arson at a mosque in Escondido, Calif. The manifesto states that the writer "scorched a mosque in Escondido with gasoline a week after Brenton Tarrant's sacrifice" and sprayed Tarrant's name there. No one was injured and no serious damage was done in the March 24 arson, but authorities found a letter there that referenced the New Zealand attacks.

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>washingtonexaminer.com/news/california-police-investigate-hate-filled-Zig Forums-manifesto-that-could-link-synagogue-shooting-to-mosque-attack

Ahahaha, it's a public website you don't even need to register just type 8ch.net into your browser you fucking moron.

>washingtonexaminer.com/news/california-police-investigate-hate-filled-Zig Forums-manifesto-that-could-link-synagogue-shooting-to-mosque-attack


we darkweb now

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So glad I'm alive in this era to participate on the most "hate-filled" site on Earth.
Jesus-killers will go to Hell
Tiocfaidh ár lá

Any juicy local news reports from the area that talk about 8ch?

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Guessing they're mad they can't control the narrative on this site so they do false flags and make the informant leave a manifesto on x site to try to take it down.

Did he really do this?

satan is right. the shooter is a jew.

Did he really fail twice?
Yes, he was a white supremacist shithead, of course he failed repeatedly, it's in your genetics.

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Is it just me, or has the news been a lot funnier lately?

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could anons please stop killing people?
It's making me sick and I need people to shitpost with.

Well luckily this board is pro-Trump.

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MIGA my pede XD

The left-wing media should stop inciting white people to become violent then.

yeah, but they wont listen to be.



How unbased of this shooter! 5D chess the jew will never see it coming! Enjoy the show!

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Them digits aint lying

Proof that the degenerate state trying to put the blame on anything and anyone but the perpetrators.

The shooter just did not want to do damage to his Republican party, so he made fake anti-Trump comments.

holy shit, big if true


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Such a perfect coinkidink.

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I wonder what the combined IQ of any office that needs to 'investigate the manifesto' is

I wonder if the British Crown did autistic analysis like this on the declaration of independence or other revolutionary writings, treating the dispossessed as though they are maniacs

Kek. They should have been here for the 2016 elections.

It's almost like this place is a shithole.

Hey guys just found my way here. Is this the underground internet site 8 channels?

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mods are responsible……..take em away boys


double kek'd



8ch is a board of peace, open to immigrants

Love it when random people come here when the media portrays 8ch

More normies to go around

he says while reddit spacing, which I also do, but not when I only have two partial sentences to say.

Hitler would want us to work together with our 700 Million Aryan brethren south of our border. #MAGAwithDACA

Delusional or baiting.

This. Those should be 8’s instead.

don't worry, someone better got the Hitler quads

What was Earnest mothers last name? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


That depends on how much Bitcoin you've got in the account, newfriend.

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What manifesto? 8ch.net/manifesto doesn't werk for me.

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Dude what the fuck does that mean? Not trying to make light of it, what is it, some sort of political or spiritual saying? It's not fucking arabic is it?

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Ah found it: "our day will come", maybe we could just say that phrase in english. Our day will come, it sounds nice. I'm not into the Irish nationalism thing, but its a good phrase for whites.

Interesting. Where is this message board of which they speak?

áiméan leis sin

Yeah its Gaelic. There's a similar old Germanic phrase like that.

ᚦᚫᛋ ᚩᚠᛖᚱᛖᚩᛞᛖ ᚦᛁᛋᛋᛖᛋ ᛋᚹᚪ ᛗᚫᚷ

(((who))) trolled him until he cracked? Are (((you))) happy with yourself? One dead granny is worth (((your))) collective victim hood status?

ha ha ha ha i welcome thousands of new readers from various Law Enforcement orgs around this kiked up and quickly sinking "Nation." truth be told, even though i trash talk the Glow Niggers who lurk here, such as JTRIG and NCIJTF and all of the other Cyber Joint Task Force Whatevers, i love having them here as well.

cops and spooks are jocks, which means they are too stupid to be devastatingly effective trolls. only JIDF and poz guzzling (((journalists))) are truly annoying trolls because it is their instinct to slide and D&C and escalate tension and fracture points. having a few hundred or thousand new readers with badges is a great blessing for us: fresh fish for us to recruit by slowly redpilling and blackpilling them. i don't worry about Johnny Law busting any of us, because we are just discussing our enthusiasm for modding our Minecraft servers. any one dumb enough to pre-announce they are going to be shooting up a Minecraft server will just do it on Facebook live anyways, because Zig Forums only has about ten thousand users, while Facebook can reach millions of people with your Minecraft video.

Law Enforcement are already halfway to joining us anyways, since they work In The Shit, and they see the daily reality of which races are statistically over representing in committing the majority of the most heinous crimes, and they put up with the shit shower pouring down from the (((bureaucrats and Judges and lawyers))) who prevent our LE from doing their jobs by saddling them with muh-diversity-gender-fluid-globalist-invasion-PC bullshit regulations. if only the ZOGbots would wake up about a certain (((question))) which is invisibly in the center of the bullseye–the question which once you see it, you cannot unsee it, because it is everywhere around us and we are immersed in it like fish in water, and seeing it snaps your mind into seeing reality As-It-Is-In-Itself for the first time, and the question unifies all of the other dangling questions into a singular purpose. everything is the kike's fault, therefore, they must be purged to preserve the rest of humanity.

i look forward to doubling my own efforts on this board to convert the police and the secret police to become /ourguys/, because we are going to need them someday soon, because we will be able to do so much more damage with the police secretly helping us. there is not a single successful coup in history which did not infiltrate and enlist the police to seize the military away from TPTB. just look at what Hitler did. why do you think Hitler made the SS in charge of internal security, and made the various branches of the police subordination to the SS? here's why: because Hitler couldn't completely trust the Wermacht, so he needed a bigger counter weight to establish and maintain domestic control in order to accomplish his agenda without (((interference))).

so welcome to all you ZOGbots newfags. enjoy the bantz, but remember the rule about Zig Forums: once you're here, you're here forever.



Sir, I like what you write, but I recommend that TOR users write with exactly perfect grammar, according to the most strict grammar book.

We will then look exactly alike, with TOR users being truly anonymous. If we all write the same, then only our ideas stand out.

Now poor FBI is being forced to waste his time in this place, so please be nice to FBI and if you have any plans for a mass shooting, post detailed information here well in advance.

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To be fair the formula:
is largely more diplomatic and explanatory than the usual "NAZI DARK NET".

Its a redpill week! Post whatever you have!

dropping some good ones.

Even if (((they))) "officially" decide that this place is a breeding ground for le neo-nazis minecraft head skins, they won't shut it down. They love a place they can easily find "the counterculture", like moth to a flame they can't resist that which will bring about their demise.
Instead they just shill d/c and slide in here since 2016 trying to catch anybody stupid enough to be a torpedo..

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To be fair to the crown back when. The subjects in the americas were pretty much maniacs to them. Went out and killed indians and french for free and plain fun. Stopped giving a shit about culture and nation while hanging out at bars talking about politics(only aristocrats did that) and shit talking each other. Had open competitions to see whom is the best smuggler. Pretended that well known smuggler over there flaunting the crowns rules was an fine upstanding pillar of the community. National past time was making bootleg in the hills. Collected vast numbers of muskets and some cannon just for the shits and giggles of it. Dressed up like indians (despite everyone knowing its not the fucking indians) and then just tossing valuable tea into the sea instead of just stealing it like civilized people. Shit talked to each other thru an insane number of printing presses per capita, by a lot. Seriously shit talking, like talking about how shit smelling one or another was. When some small stamp tax came, just stopped buying everything…. fucking EVERYTHING from isles, more smuggling cause why not. Who goes without shit just because of a fucking penny. Flat out hid from tax collectors like it was an naitonal past time, with more smuggling mixed in because why not, and muggling shit talking pamplets because fuck the tax police too. Just before they went all 'fuck yall we our own independents and shit' their main commander showed up for a solid fucking year wearing his army uniform to every meeting, subtly mentioning he can general for em in the most blatant elephant charging tier hint ever.

When bunker hill went down. tens of thousands of randoms just showed up and had a fucking beer party doing fuck all. Then some of em went off an bitchslapped the most elite fighting force in the world on the hill before running out of the like five fucking rounds they brought with them to a fucking war, because carrying around beer kegs was a priority and wandering off like nothing happened. Even more crazy shit kept happening and the crown's soldiers ended up marching everywhere just to find piles of shit piled up exactly where they were going to camp out at, because why the fuck not. When something did happen the bastards just shot some commanders cause funny bird feather hat and they bird hunted or something rather than fighting like civilized men.

Crazed beer smuggling shit talking gun loving tax hating maniacs that somehow thought they where british for half the war despite fighting the fucking crown's army every day.

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oh, and I forgot that little thing about some dude in a dingy decided to go all pirate on the british isles and did some seriously troll tier bait while stealing warships and shit while all this was happening because why not go steal the a ship from the biggest navy on earth out of their own port. Thats clearly something an non maniac would do right…

Welcome new fren. Remember, you are here forever and nothing will be the same ever again

Here at Advanced Stylometric Solutions™ we take your grammar very seriously. Please disregard this poster's advice and continue your everyday shitposting as per your regular schedule.


Famed Nazi hunters Beate and Serge Klarsfeld: It feels like the 1930s

‘There is a bad wind in Europe and democracy is losing its influence,’ they say, warning that EU has been vital to keeping the peace on the continent and reining in anti-Semitism


I want the opposite of trump, an Asian man who loves math!
Yang Gang 2020
“What country has UBI?”
“What do they tax?”
“What is the oil of the future?”

IT'S going to be like the 1930's soon.

Archive link doesn't work you dumb faggot.

Say the cucks who suck kike cock on the daily.

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This is the secret to its success. Everything is out in the open.

Leaders openly walked away post war and the ones that refused to leave went on into the kangroo courts to accused of feeding jews to dogs and making lamp shades.

Fuck off faggot. you won't finding a backing for your chink/kike on pol. Go chase your gibs elseware.

Let's assume this article is not entirely fabricated, why is it mostly christcucks that do such stupid things? Wasn't this guy a kike?

I wonder how many law enforcement officers took their redpill from needing to monitor this site in the line of duty.

Not enough. But it's still better than nothing.

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Let's hope so.

N.T. Technology, Inc.
200 Paul Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124

N.T. Technology, Inc.
Suite 5901
9120 Double Diamond Parkway
Reno, NV 89521

Race Queen (RQI), Inc.
2303 Cityland 10 Tower 1, 156 H.V.
Dela Costa St. Makati City, Philippines

96 Mowat Avenue, Toronto, Ontario,
M6K 3M1, Canada

No one can adress their grievances with the pig farmer directly by talking to him face-to-face, so I don't see the point in posting his address. Do any of these addresses have phone numbers?

Imagine having to read Zig Forums 9 hours a day.. .as a job. I can't even think what that must do to someones mind.

They probably get time off on Reddit for good behavior.

I only read it for an hour or two at most. I can't imagine doing that for nine hours, or being paid to do so.

Though I'd consider taking the job since I'm hard up for money right now.

It is a lot more fun if you can make OP's…I am sure they let them make OP's as well…I have done too many 9 hour stints on Zig Forums…I don't do them anymore because one of the mods mass deleted my comments (about two weeks worth as well as two seperate OP's that had 600+ comments)…now I comment but I spend my time 'getting prepared for the big event' rather than trying to convert anyone to Life anymore.

What is it, translated?



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better version

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My cousin works for an agency and all he does is complain about this

Quit being a whiny faggot. These past two months have been the best in years in this shithole.

Your genetics are literally a concentrated faggotry, shlomo.

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It would redpill them. No one can withstand it.

Goyim really know

“Walk towards the fire, don’t worry about what they call you. All of those things are said because they want to stop you in your tracks. But if you keep going, you’re sending a message to people who are rooting for you, who are agreeing with you. The message is that they can do it.”
Andrew Breitbart.

Simple explanation really.

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Cops are who you are supposed to go to to buy exotic drugs, not some Chinese website.

Fentanyl and carfentanyl are masonic poison.

Most of their destructive demons are buggered in, so this makes a lot of sense.

Kids, stick to alcohol if you want a demon.

Why are they talking about this now?

>another faggot (((journalist))) mentions the Mongolian underwater basket weaving forum
Soon you'll need a GoyBook account to post here.

John was a faggot who failed to shoot and ran like a little like.