A big thanks to Tarrant and Earnest

You two were the best and I know that many more of your kind lurk on this board. That warms my heart. It has made it beyond certain the fact that this is the true NatSoc board, despite all of our Kikes and shills. If you're reading this and you're of a similar frame of mind, I just want you to know that I'm here with you and the fire has only just been ignited. We are moving into a period of societal collapse and global 4th generation war. Mega cities of the late 20th century will become Chicongo-like hellscapes. Only the fittest will survive. You know what to do. We must act.

The game isn't over until the last Aryan is dead.

t. a very dangerous Australian coming soon to a major city near you.

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Your kind will burn in hell, bigot.

nice photo you found from twitter

Oh, I'm not a good boy because I don't want to be replaced by foreign invaders who hate me! OH NOEZ!

I never claimed THAT one was mine. It's merely a symbol. The shotgun is the multitool of the firearms world. I've got something much better than a measly pump-action shotgun.

You are BARBARIANS who deserve to be replaced!
You are evil Nazi bigots who lie and murder the innocent!
Our blood on your hands will condemn you before G-d!
I spit on the worthless corpse of all Nazi white animals, may G-d break you so that you kneel!

Don't hate on the click clack

The day my 8 inch Falkniven enters you and disembowels you is the day I cum in my pants. Seriously. You created us now you have to deal with it.

This is a really low quality larp

Honestly with so many shitty bait threads like this we should just rename Zig Forums - False Flags and Federal Officers. Badge of honor, I guess. Who knew that talking about Jewish involvement in crimes could be so terrifying to them?

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big if true

Fucking christ, fednigger. Update your meme folder.


#MAGAwithDACA #HispanicHitler #LatinoReich

You think this shit is false flags and LARPs because you are a fucking coward. There is no living and credible war historian who thinks we are getting out of the modern age without ultraviolence. The funniest thing is, you assume this shit on a hardcore natsoc site. You're beyond low IQ. Just fuck off now.

This! Finally someone acknowledges that EVERYONE who is Latin American, is WHITE! Thank you brother #MAGAwithDACA

Fednigger is an old meme user. You know what that means – you're a fednigger

I think it's false flags and LARPs because it's false flags and LARPs.

Opinion discarded you filthy mouthbreather.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say youre not larping. Ok. So what exactly is the goal? Because so far all thats happened is NZ is cucked, the west is half cucked, and europe is cucked.

How is shooting jews or degens gonna solve a problem. HINT: IT WONT.

You guys know what the x in latinx stands for right?

I want to believe… So how does Tarrant seeming to be received in Australia? Normie "EBIL NADZEE" narrative reign supreme or are people waking up and seeing how truly a heroic thing he did?



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You don't understand how war works. Go and read as many papers on war as you can then come back after reading as much as you can about fourth generation war. From a historical perspective, we're overdue for a war but it's beginning, which is why we're seeing guys crawl outta the woodwork – and which is why you'll see something big in the coming months courtesy of me! Hell is coming. You cannot see it and I feel sorry for you.

It's all larping until it isn't, then it's 9 times out of 10 a false flag.

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I hate everyone and talk to no one so I don't know. But everyone could do with a thorough gassing. Fuck them.

It stands for lazerz!

11/10 top quality bait

Have some succulent Aryan titties for your troubles.

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Nope. Wrong. But thanks for the donation, user.

Idiot, how is NOT shooting at jews and degenerates going to solve anything?
Fuck bluepilled faggots still believing in a political, nonviolent solution

I'll just be over here watching yall get arrested, thanks. Your movement is destroying itself. Killing jews, kikes, and sand niggers, and other fags isnt gonna fix your problem. It's going to make people feel sorry for them and make the problem worse. Just stop doing business with them. It's literally that easy. Just stop trading your shekels for their shekels. No need to make an ass of yourself on TV like the last faggot did. Fucking 4. F O U R. Made himself look like a total retard

Is that an honest question? Its a place holder for either 'o' masculine or 'a' for feminine. Its used to remove gender associations within the Romantic languages, they are having a real problem.

The knights of the long noses have been pretty god damn successful and they havent shot up any churches.

Go kys kike shill

Democracy has always been a scam of the plutocrats and oligarchs. Anyone who openly professes belief in it wears a badge stating they know nothing about actual politics. The idea that the elites would let you control them is beyond absurd.

Filtered for low IQ.

YHWH is gay and fake

now you're getting it, that's entire point of acceleration, it makes the problem worse for EVERYONE

idgaf if you filter me, youre gonna chicken out anyway. Youre gonna remember eating mcdonalds and ice cream with mummy, cry, poop, and then go back to being depressed.

Earnest was a loser, and you are fucking faggot.

Only Tarrant was a real hero. EarHarness was a coward, you don't give up unless you have bullets in your head. Wear a bullet proof vest, and kick more ass next time faggots, so the stream can be memed, and the death of wrongkind can be made funny, and joyous. These are the principles of combat, that the wright should use.

Earharness was a tragedy of failure, an example of a loser, and tarrant was a powerful genius who will be set free because of his genius legal defense. Earharness is just a loser angry fagggot.

Yes, because they are the establishment. They can simply enforce their will. They only way this changes is by the total collapse of their (((system))) and (((civilization))).

Unless of course you STILL delude yourself with the thought of a peaceful, democratic, political solution

Without revealing where, I was a nationally top ranked IPSC shooter and can outshoot even vietnam vets. You're going to see a bloodbath.

Not good.
The guy's a self-destructive faggot. Only adopting nationalist propaganda because he's not brown enough to join ISIS but a death cult faggot just the same.

Successful because they own the central banks and infiltrated all the major power hubs you fucking moron.

How many of you are in Australia? If you aren't already a glownigger then you're definitely about to get vanned.

t. anglo cuck with an azn gf and a beergut

Quite a few. Don't worry, I'm a comp-sec master. No one is vanning me.

That's how you know they're a kike, because they won't even use the word for the one and only

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why is OP thanking Earnest and not Bowers?

painfully, criminally, even down right traitorously unchecked dubs of righteousness.

-t. torpedo

ok we will follow your lead, go ahead faggot do something.

Godspeed user.
May the gods be on your side
You are not alone

Because Bowers wasn't Zig Forums. Tarrant and Earnest, those were guys I shitposted with. I even inspired Earnest with the falmethrower idea adter NZ. I recall the tread. It was a zoomer asking for weapon ideas.

Calm down faggot.
Nobody is trying to ban you. You're in a tragically small minority.
(((They))) are interested in controlling the mass narrative and that's what they're good at.
Nobody cares about the quiet cries by niche groups that don't reach anyone. They're not silencing you. They making you ineffective - They've made you ineffective.


According to NZ security officials, over 16 million people have read Tarrant's manifesto. Go and eat your own words. We're here to stay.

Make sure you say something random for the lulz, like "who farted?"

Sieg oder Valhall user, the Europeans are with you.

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