Journo instructed to create fake threads

Alright pol, I work for a small time content creation site that conducts what is known as digital canvassing.

We have three main services we provide.
Data-mining, mainly for products. Often rather benevolent things such as response to dog food or clothing advertisements on social media. This is typically done manually however passive data collection greatly speeds up the process of painting a picture for investors as to what people are and are not interested in buying. This is my department

As the name implies this is the internet equivalent of looking at a bowl of goat guts and trying to figure out which way the internet’s winds will be blowing within a certain time frame. Often goes hand in hand with companies who hold a steak in sites like youtube and twitch. Think about trying to predict what genre of game, movie or media will be popular in the future.

Literally paid shills who go about and write positive things about products. A certain animal rights group in particular likes to use this as a way to add credibility to their advertising.

Now these three fields make up the greater whole of our company and for the most part, people who sign up tend to work in one of three fields for eight-ten weeks at a time. We batch hire using sites like and will bring in a bakers dozen employees at a time. The turnover rate is rather high with all but say two or three members of a hiring group being allowed to renew their contracts with the company.

Now because of this turnover rate, there is a NDA in effect for any member whom is tasked with writing about a product. Let’s take a brand of paper towels to use as an example. For a few weeks a batch of employees will write positive things on the product, some of it genuine as we are often sponsored by the companies that make these products and as such are given free samples.

Now normally nobody would not even bother bringing up the mind numbing task of scanning social media posts and writing reviews, however in the past three weeks things have changed at our company. We have gone from focusing namely on products and services and instead to news media.

What is essentially being done is that we are being paid to write filler for topics on political events and then pass it off for sale to news organizations. This ussually leads to a number of different outlets like a local news paper basically parroting what is said on the local news talk radio nearly word for word. As much of what is written is recycled.

These last few weeks are the closing days at my company however they have brought me here. I have lurked and posted, often being called a faggot and a number of other phrases that used to bother me. However I have grown to enjoy the morbid humor of this site and as such figured I would confirm what many of you already suspect on this site.

There are artificial threads being posted with the explicit purpose of allowing for the creation of hit pieces.
Inb4 a thread died for thisAttached below is the thread I killed.
Inb4 why should we believe youbecause a number of you niggers are confusing alphabet agency accelerationism with what are posts being made by a bunch of stoned losers sitting in an office in Austin Texas. I don’t doubt for a minute the alphabet agencies are here however I do doubt that they want lone wolf insurgents here. Wouldn’t it make more sense that they would prefer organizations that they are able to infiltrate and turn into honey pots?

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Give us the name of your company or fuck off asshole.

Whatcha sliding moshe?

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You are either a bigger shill than I or too fucking stupid to use a humble little board of peace. Click the spoiler you absolute mongoloid.

There are a large amount of new canvassing experiences in austin texas. It is not difficult to figure out what company it is.

so faggot OP's just admit to being shills now?

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Stay scared.

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A shill for toliet paper and razors.


that's even worse though. if you had any honor, you'd an hero right now. it's alright though, your time will come when we march you off to the "showers" one day.

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So you're saying that the same company that leaves positive reviews on Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Yahoo or whatever other site like that is coming to this place to shill for paper towels?

I am saying the companies used to shill for toliet paper are now being used to create digital context. There are a lot of new experiences one learns while canvassing.

Oh and we have also worked with animal rights groups and groups all about rescuing children. While I don’t have any solid proof Soros was involved with our company, I know we have worked with companies who do business with Soros.

Pretty sure the animal one is fine though.

I don't see how this makes you an authority on the online activity of alphabet agencies

It is pretty obvious to anyone not blind or retarded that many of the most over the top hate filled OPs are by media kikes trying to make the most heinous threads to bait people to reply and screencaps for articles… Just as many of the ones calling explicitly for violence and dropping discord/email addresses to "organize" are glownigger Feds trying to entrap and honey pot anons here.

It sticks out in both cases like a sore thumb but least you're honest OP and it sounds like you know it is wrong.


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I honestly dont understand why this user is called a jew?
I mean it makes perfect sense and acctually adds information to conspiracy """"theory"""" that political discourse is attacked by paid shills.
I means its more then obvious on yt, but on the chans it allways seemed to be some retard fishing for (you)'s.

Take care user, go to the toilet right now and take a look at your colleagues screens. I think that they are browsing this very thread right now.

It's feds and jews calling each other jews.



No fuck you nigger.

Can’t post personal shit or pictures however I can tell you this. We expanded from Austin TX to a lot of other places in the world. Some as far away as South Africa. Got myself into minor hot water when I asked if it was safe for someone who is caucasian and appears to be a Boer to visit South Africa for work.

Look into save the children

this doesnt make any sense.

I literally believe Zig Forums is just that paranoid. That is partly why this place is so effective. Everyone is secretly a fed and a shill. The only person who is not is a part of the above parties is you. Not you user individually but every user who reads the threads. That feeling of mistrust breeds an environment where every detail is scrutinized and rightfully so. Why do you think National Socialism and Identity Politics are favored here? Because pol scrutinizes literally every single fucking thing out their to the trillionth degree.

This is why pol is always right. Whatever pol can agree on means it has been throughly vetted through the filter of autism.

Welcome to the hell you created kikeberg shillsteins

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Screw your optics I am going in

How useful is this concept when there isn't a clear picture of what is agreed upon? People often try to push the idea that we agree about something and that anyone voicing disagreement is a shill, for example.

The Trump/Israel thing is an excellent example of it, since you have the "MIGA" crowd promoting a "we all agree Trump is a shill who prioritizes Israel over America" and the MAGA crowd promoting a "we all agree Trump is just playing a long game and only courts the Jew to get re-elected to keep helping America"

Meanwhile in the land of moderates, we don't really fucking know and entertain both theories and constantly wobble with each news cycle.

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I disagree, there are certain things that Zig Forums is very solid on. Look at Zig Forums‘s taste in music and vidya is for example. Even though there are some things that are disagreed on and debated, there is a solid core of “this is good” for songs and games. The same is true for politics.

Very rarely do Zig Forums‘s core opinions and beliefs change. To paint a more visual picture, think of a series of rings inside one another. The smaller rings at the center are the more core values of pol whilst the outer rings are the topics and beliefs that are more heavily debated upon.

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Wasnt the last dude in the video actually jewish?

ye partially right, except Zig Forums is allways right is only true because basicly every opinion and forecast is voiced. Ofcourse someone will be randomly correct every time.

Which one of you made this thread that just got deleted?

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What are some examples of topics you guys would write on?

seconding this question

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those are (((white hats)))

The second video begs the question - are there compilation videos of confirmed crisis acrots adn events?
Would make grreat redpilling material.

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Something tells me this post won't be quoted in any journalist coverage of this board…
Something tells me every single fake post they make will…
Why save lives when fund raising for ISIS just requires a secretary, a camera, and a pro-US regime change work of fiction?

Explain the distinction your making here, shill-user.

OP, how badly do you regret smoking all that devil's lettuce in high school? Also, what would you do for a real job? Suck bbc like your mom? Austin huh? I'll take that as a yes.

Only a fag would screencap a thread without viewing it in tree mode and expanding all images.

They were put there.
You were meant to notice.
The camera focused on it for a reason.
You were meant to feel angry.
You were meant to feel clever that you "caught him out".
The jew is modulating your emotions through perfect understanding of how 99.9% of you think.
Yes, I say "you" because how can I include myself amongst the masses of the unaware.

Why lib ?

Who talks like this ?

Go do something IRL you disgusting LARPer! Or Post real proof that you work there.
This, , is not proof of anything.

Should look into snap trends and their link to APD and DPS.

That is the follow-up review for the other brand.

You will never we welcome, nigger.