Antifa help thread

Hey lads, I'm an user from Italy and I need some advice. I live in a town with roughly 100 people in it, mostly boomers, but this month a guy moved in. Exciting news, I know.
This guy has a huge window on the main road, and he obnoxiously displays every single fucking antifa sticker you can ever think of, t-shirts, partisan shit and basically all of your average commie stuff.
What can I do to make him understand he's not welcome?

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Jesus fuck how retarded are you?
You need help with the most basic thing!?
Gently and peacefully encouraging him to desist is trivial - there are a thousand ways.


The problem comes from the fact that anything I can do, will be known by everyone in town 0.5 milliseconds after I did it
If I lived in a city or even a medium sized suburb area, I wouldn't even be here asking

Tell the mafia he's a snitch

Bullshit. Black cap and sunglasses at 3am and it's not you is it?

Why don't you leave him a nice basket of printouts.
Gayop thread.

Just fucking kill him lmao

Take a shit on his doorstep.

Best one so far

Throw paint at his window. That way you don't break it and you still block his gay shit out. Or just get a ladder or something and paint the window over.

So you're against anything effective, then call him a nigger unless youre too scared for even a verbal confrontation.

Put on SS-uniform and say hello to him. If he is mentally unstable, like other antifa faggots, he will probably attack you. You should secretly film this and show this to police

Firebomb his house in minecraft faggot

Actually, how about putting swastika and various NS/WN stickers or t-shirts on the window to cover them up?

Spraypaint a swastika on it and write: "paese del duce"

If he truly is not welcome, then what you do to him will be accepted and commended even if they pretend otherwise.
Another thing you could do, which is more long term and more sinister, would be to befriend him, to get to know the things about him that he probably wouldn't want others to know, and to share these embarrassing things within your small community where everyone knows everyone. Long game idea, and also pretty risky in that it might just not work and be a waste of time.
Write a letter threatening to take the shit down lest he wants to feel the consequences - though this requires you to not just be bluffing if he doesn't comply, and actually beat the living shit out of him and then remove the stuff.

Also this, piss on his doorbell in Terraria

Tbh, it's hard to give good ideas and advice, when you inb4'd all direct, confrontational action, leaving only the passive aggressive and proxy on the table.

Fuck his wife

I don't think user wants an STD. What he should do is either anything at night while masked, false flag the commie, or be not so subtle and start wearing White straight laces and make sure he notices

I was thinking about putting some very violent commie poster and calling the cops on him, but the paint works too

Would love to, but my reputation would get irreversibly fucked up in a 50km range
Plus the city I have to go in is full of antifags, so I'd likely get stabbed some day

This is a good idea. Might want to implement it

Non c'è mondo senza luce, non c'è Italia senza Duce

I know user, but it's literally fifty meters from my house, even if I wanted to beat him I'd get caught in no time

Always an option


Then organize people against him. Use opportunities to fuck him up.
If other people hate him, try to get them rude against him.
If other people do not hate him, make sure they will.
If he is trying to be social, lie him about others, lie others about him.
If he is asocial, you could maybe provoke him into trouble, not by anything so obvious as a I told before then

This is pretty good

Publicly argue with him in the town and film it and post it here.

If you live in a 100 people town and still didn't convince everyone to be a national-socialist, you are already doing it wrong. This guy would have been forced out by now.

Do some investigation on that guy first, is he a Jew, or receives funds from some (((foundations))) ? If no, you might actually try to convert him. Once they realize that the "fascism" that they are thinking to be fighting against is actually the kikes and their society, they become very open to redpilling. Just don't go full 14/88 on him right away because it will cause a negative reaction, be subtle, pretend to be similar to him, just having some varying opinions. This will also give you a fallback room if it fails, you can just pretend that you are not really a fascist and that he just misunderstood you. Even better, make him think that he will be able to recruit you into his cause. Always remember, our ideas are superior and always prevail in honest exchange. It is them who have to rely on lies, manipulation, pressure etc.

Don't listen to kikes trolling you into behaving like a caricature boogieman they have convinced their leftie golems to see you as.

If he is a Jew or one of paid agents of theirs (very likely since they are targeting smaller communities now), just stay silent about your own inclinations and expose him whenever you can.

antifa are usually veganfags… eating a piece of meat - better if it still has the animal shape, like a whole fish, rabbit… or a squirrel - in front of his house could trigger him to loose his marbles, like vid related. Check if you need a loicense to do it first, mate.
Don't forget to put it on "film" and send it to this psycho:

They're mostly old boomers who don't give a fuck about anything, and I grew up there, so I don't have many possibilities
But the antifa advice is gold, I'll see if I can talk to him
If he has half a brain cell, it'll work since antifas are pretty redpilled in Italy, they just miss the jew and hate the fascist scarecrow

You might as well get him to eat a piece of meat in general. Vegans are extremely low in L-Carnitine and the meat will cause the brain to relax for a minute and actually process information. This is not really an exaggeration. That's how important meat is and that's an example of a predicament veganism puts fools into.

I can't help but point out that veganism is recognized as the mental disease causing diet it is but (((veganfags))) are shilling on the self-improvement thread, even after exposing veganism got its own thread. Just goes to show that shills promoting poison will selectively target helpful threads to poison the proverbial well. Sage for off-topic.

buy the property he is renting in and raise his rent he will claim gentryfication though and probably occupy the building but then ou can send the carabinierie :-3

I could just call the carabinieri any time, and I'm 100% sure they'll find weed on him in any circumstances
But I'll see if I can befriend him as said, if it doesn't work, I'll 'convince' him to go away

bonus points if you name the jew

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1.Buy a communist flag and a paint spray.
2.Dress black and wait until it's night
3.Go to his house.
4.Spray "NO FASCISTS" "A FASCIST LIVES HERE" on his house. Because we all know the real fascists are Antifa. Make him feel guilt.

(A1) Break into his house
(A2) Hit him in the face
(A3) Stab him.

Zig Forums is bored of peace.

All lefties are misshapen either physically or psychological. They fear and need to to destroy anything that shows strength. So, be strong user, find that weakness, zero in on it, pressurize it and break his very soul.
Let him weep and then help rebuild himself into the man nature intended

in public, print out news articles exposing antifas crazy violence and insanity. distribute through town, especially in areas he frequents

if you can get away with it, swastika graffiti.

Throw a rock or brick through it during the night, problem solved.

Bonus points if you write a nice message on said projectiile.

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A window, you say? A flat surface of brittle glass? Gosh, OP, those are impregnable.

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Snitch him out to CASAPOUND and then help them fuck him up.Youve got on-demand goons and you're not gonna use em?

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Use your head lad.

Where in Italy?

It sounds like you need to think things through a little more.

Smash his window at night then run. That will get the message through.

Buy red spray paint and deface public buildings with a sickle and hammer

Before there were fascist posters and flags, there were commie banners and posters everywhere. People got tired of them being faggots. This is just accelerating their movement. Help the faggot tell other people he needs to go.

Nowhere near you, most likely. And I won't dox myself even if you were my neighbor

I was thinking of putting VERY offensive and violent commie posters around, so that people will inevitably get angry at them

Que? They already have Mussolini to aspire to.

Well, I am more of a NS than a Fascist, for one
But at the end it doesn't matter, it's almost the same thing since they both derive from truth
It's just the cultural filter that made them different

Obviously Zig Forums's answer is to sit down together and discuss your differences like brother citizens of the European Union, the world's most successful democracy.

t.Sicilian who smells a glownigger cop from a kilometer away, you fucking pig.

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You could just hire some bum to throw a brick wrapped with unhinged anticommunist letters through his window.

buy me a plane ticket and I'll take care of him

Just gather some guys and deface the shit out of his house, stink bomb his yard, blow the tires of his car out. Make sure it's something you can do in one night.

retarded boomer

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LARP as a Roman soldier and roman salute on his ass, where then he will attack you for "nazi saluting" then the boomers will pull out their swords and help you hang this nigger in the streets of Rome.

I bet he looks like this.

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I know how much antifas like to rub their nipples in front of open windows.

Dude, just get 50 cans of surströmm(rotten fish in a can) and have a series of inconvenient accidents on his door-step whenever you go for a walk and picnic. Or underneath his window, or whereever the fuck the primary air intake is. Probably the worst you can be charged with is going to be littering. Don't leave cans there though, littering is bad.

Piss in his boots.

Antifa super soldier are everywhere

At night, repeatedly brick his windows in.

Keep doing it at an irregular pattern until he finally gives up.

Try stuff related to recent past, stuff glorifying the cheka, or retarded stalinist propaganda from Zig Forums, if yer in eastern europe, that kind of imagery has a hell of an impact.
For italy, the need to let in more migrants and intermarry, how traditional italian food is racist, how the traditions are retarded, and stuff like agitating to burn down the wineries, vineyards and dairies in order to "seize the means of production" and "destroy bourgeoisie interests".
Also calling for a ban on mozzarella cheese because it's sexist that it comes shaped like a tit that actually lactates. Seriously
That will start a firestorm on the cunt.
Just remember to insult as many traditions as you can, pretend that that the commies are the actual locals and the locals are "usurpers" and do your absolute best to advocate the abolition of famous foods and industries so as to give more to niggers.

This is a good idea, actually. Might implement that in the future

What I would suggest is talking to the other locals about him, if the opinion is mostly negative, smash his fucking window and/or confront him. You just need to secure the support of your neighbors.

That's the Italian way. His daughters too.

Yep. False flag the bitch.

Give him a physical or digital copy of the book and/or 4 hours video reading on youtube of the Synagogue of Satan. Either in his mailbox or just friendly approach him.

You can put it on a disk or something. Add something lefty on it.
"Study Material from your local comrads" or something BDS-ish on it. Get creative.

Actually, go ahead and just put it everyone's mailbox. Get everyone's physical home address. Globally. Everyone loves a free book. Get rich and start up a printing operation, do your logistics. Where to find an index of all addresses. Every single house, every street, every country. Print the whole copy. Add an extra compact compendium index of other resources. link to here and /pdf/, anything you can think of.

Where did you get that robo porn?

Call the cops on him that he about something drug related, that he is large distributor or something
and then

Just saw that Antifa are protesting a radio station in London for playing

"It's a Man's Man's Man's World" by James Brown


There's a better way. Take a tour through the park and collect every dog shit possible inside a sack. Then, place this sack on the fag's doorstep, light it on fire and ring the doorbell.
Enjoy the aftermath.

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Stab him and bury his body in a forest!