The West is dead, welcome to clown world

This is real, this exists but it should never have. You want an argument to persuade you to finally espouse the radical pool side doctrine/ideology here it is.

I wish I had talent to accurately depict how much I despise, how much I loathe the bugman, the clown world in all its manifestations. But I cannot, It is visceral, it goes beyond words, far beyond rational, far beyond the repulsiveness as we knew it.

Automaton fits the bill. This is a form of mass hysteria or mass narcissistic delusion. Individual humans have surrendered their personalities and thoughts to the Hivemind, for the dopaminergic tingle of seeing themselves reflected in a million other like-minded simulacra through the ritualistic viewing of dumb escapist fantasy.

This is the effluvia of both globalism and escape from globalism. These benighted creaturas shrieking and jizzing over a Dungeons & Dragons campaign (with less depth) are the unwitting meat nuggets tossed into the Globohomo maw, desperately trying to escape Globohomo though its digestive tract.

And part of the escapist lure of GOT is the nearly all-White leading cast, a welcome respite from the Diversitopia reality, which these bar room lards would never admit was one of the draws of the show for them. As Johnny Redux commented,

Organic community is gone, so Challahwood invented an inorganic community to replace it.

Which was the plan all along.

Millions of Americans orgasm over waif assassins and costumed superheroes as their nations fall one by one to the logic of the locust swarm.

When the rot is deep and irreversible, it doesn’t require nihilistic abandon to decide that poolside is the best option left.

At least a poolside escape will leave your dignity intact.

an entire bar full of soy grimace. truly a sight to behold. zipline feminism kills the wight man.

This is why we need ISLAM.

god forbid someone like a tv show. you're actually delusional.



Kinda feel sorry for them tbh.
What do these even believe in?
What will they fight for?
The sad truth is that most of our people will die in the coming decades and that may well be for the best since most of them are little more than niggercattle at this point.
Im not happy about this but there it is.
Call it the social selection of RAHOWA.

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Global Report

Agree, but you missed the part where Game of Thrones is (((degenerate))) made by (((them))) and written by (((them))).

Islam is anti-racist by definition. See Muhammad's last Sermon. The 14 words are the most important ideal.

Like all problems of this kind, THEY'RE TAKING US DOWN WITH THEM.

Butts I thought you went away

Because it turned out so well everywhere else.

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Some of them will come round i expect.
They just need to be cornered.

lol boomer

I'm Not Ok with the damage they inflict on us woke based guys. That's Not Ok.

You guys need to go to the doctor. If you have good insurance it should pay for the any medicines or vaccines you need. You all are clearly mentally unhinged.

After the synagogues are cleared your pozzed bars are next bug.

Satan, I'm scared I might get a Muslim and I just read about an UK doctor becoming the isis health minster a few years back. I don't want to get stabbed for explaining my mental problems.
I can't go private.

My insurance is getting more expensive in Australia.

But that will never happen.

Yes, you will witness the DOTR during our lifetime you honking idiot.

Bred for the best goyim.

Whatever you tell yourself schizo. You really need help.

ns help

kek this site never disappoints

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Of course, I need help to get out of this clown little car, it’s overcrowded.

So many brave men fighting for the future of the white race on this image board…

checked the number of the beast

One day your words will be memed into reality, you honking naive idiot.


too much vocabulary flex

bad punchline - needs to follow the logical progression of the emotion
it's like you worked yourself up to a murderous rage and then just cucked out and said "oh well"

WOULD have been a great post if you would have tied it up accordingly

I hope you all realize that the white race is for a fact going to die. Look at the numbers. Look at the rate of decline. It's not a fight anymore. You lost. You have simply lost. You can shoot up as many places of worship as you want.
You guys aren't "woke". Trust me you don't know shit. You have no idea at all.

It makes me smile truly.

wow, you must really like game of thrones

you sir,. have just won the internet!

agree, but i still got the message, that it is sad to these people without any Folk-soul. And whatever soul is left in them hungry for a meaningful archetype representation of their people, get feed this rundown caricature sprinkled with woke propagandistic messages

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mate, we are the internet

You won’t be smiling again when our world crash with no survivors.

You are as doomed as they are!

checked the west exist nomore it is spiritually dead, what remains are only ruins and a empty shallow existence

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World War I, II, French Revolution, Reformation which was to blame for it?

You've made your last delivery kid.

none. he's just blackpill'd to all hell. the best of the goyim reincarnate.

It's one thing to enjoy a tv show, it's another thing entirely to revel in garbage and filth.
The big conflict that everything during the show's run has been building towards for eight fucking years has now been robbed of any possibility that it'll reach a meaningful conclusion.

Why don't you let that sink in for a bit.
Eight years, eight seasons, hundreds of millions of dollars, all of it to hype up an ominous evil who is set to bring about a world ending cataclysm and the only character that this evil is portrayed as giving a single shit about is a crippled child with telepathic powers.

Nothing is revealed about either monster or child, we don't get to see them interact in any way other than having a brief staring contest, then all the tension that's been ramping for the duration of the show's run is dispelled in an instant, not by the preeminent hero figure who is even brought back from the dead for the specific purpose of fighting the evil guy but by a teleporting potato faced munter. The only excuse offered by the show for why she ought to be able to accomplish such a feat of stealth is that she is a highly trained assassin, yet when making her leap she can't even keep quiet, alerting the big bad evil guy by screaming like a dumb cunt.

All those times that central characters would puff themselves up and give grandiose speeches about uniting in order to face the real threat? Turns out there really wasn't much to worry about.
All that time wasted on following a cripple being carried around a desolate waste so he can gain mind reading powers? All it resulted in was him going *brb afk* for the duration of the battle set up to be the culmination of everyone's efforts these past eight years and contributing literally fucking nothing. You could go back and edit him out entirely of all the preceeding seven seasons and it wouldn't make a lick of fucking difference to the plot.

I was all hyped up for this episode, knowing full well that it would be utter shit and that the only enjoyment I'd get out of it would be to discover which hilariously fucking moronic leak fanfic would be accurate and shitpost about it — but the directors somehow outdid people who were actively trying to imagine in their minds eye the most illogical farce possible.

The betrayal of all plot and logic that however loosely has held the show together up to this point was so thorough that it truly boggles the mind.

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truth is.. the game was honked from the start

You don't really understand there is losing and there is Losing. And yes we lost. The fact we got this far means that we have lost. But are we going to Lose? Well that's what we're debating at the moment and the concensous seems to be no. you fuck off back whatever 101 feminism campus you crawled out from. The great this about this place is it values the truth, so yes there you go. We lost. We lost a white ethnostate because of people like (((you))) we lost our communities because of people like (((you))) and we lost even our lives and sexuality to people like (((you))). But being here is the first step back, being here is identifying the problem, with feminism, with abraham's two retarded sons, with globalhomos, with a lot of things.

And don't worry, we're solution focused here so I'm sure we'll think of something.

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Back to /tv/ if you want to discuss tits and dragons so much .

And this (((torpedo))) is a great example for blatant advertisement hidden behind vile division propaganda in the hopeless attempt to fit into the anonymous imageboard culture. Shalom, rabbi.

you are seriously mentally ill

How convenient!

Did you watch the video?

I do not know enough to point to an exact event, but feel that what came after WWII (the indoctrination, the lies, the faking of history, the mentally unhealty stories society preaches and the brainwashing) was the final blow to the european soul. It is evident when comparing today with years ago, that "the west", the European soul is nomore. We have forgotton who we are, where we came from and what makes us special. What remains are empty shells of people living with a void, that once was filled with a grounded belief and true understanding of the world and who we were, now filled with consumer goods and fake beliefs.

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No fuck, Sherlock. Since ever people are like that.

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The european soul is still here.

People just call it the nigger soul because violence is for nigger.

Whites can't lose without the entire world losing with it. It's not a matter of whether the brown races will wipe Whites out and inherit the torch of civilization because that can't happen. The decline of the White race is the decline of all the societies created and dependent on Whites, so a crisis is bound to happen when Whites cannot sustain it anymore. Things may look like they'll simply slowly decay but in reality they'll end with a bang because people will get desperate when civilization in the West starts collapsing. The only question is whether Whites will take everyone with them or if they'll survive the crisis, in which case they'll inevitably climb back.

There's no reason for you to smile because you most likely live in a White country.

It's not so bad here as you might think it is. Yes, American culture is spreading somewhat effectively, but our culture is still standing strong.

I feel pain watching this

I didn't even read the post but this post is complete newfaggotry

damn right

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The bar is in Ireland

You are living in Kali Yuga, faggot. We are the first to experience it, your kin, whatever that is, jews, niggers or mudshits, will fall after. There is no escape for anyone. It may take a while, but this world is destined to be cleansed and to be reborn again. Like all things are.

The abandoning of our original traditions for alien, semitic worldview. Those who stay true to their roots arent easy to corrupt.

agreed, but I am talking soceity as a whole
I see this and other sites likewise keeping it alive, and I have learned alot from lurking, and developed what i would say a pretty based European/Germanic/Aryan spirit. Can't wait to pass it on to my children.

Haven't heard that tho'


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what do you now? ass-sniffer

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checked and truth telling

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But dude, like, you didn't expect it lol. It totally subverts classical storytelling and tropes to keep you on your toes.

Seriously though, I stopped watching years ago. It wasn't even when they ran out of the book material that things went wrong. The first season was a really good adaptation of the first book, then things started getting shaky with each following season. I'm glad I got out of the GoT faggotry when I did.

it's a good idea to use the words we invented to express complex ideas before the language devolves into grunts and emojis
perhaps there will be a schism in the english language

holy fuck why do americans do this

I wonder if they understand that the Nightwalkers are the kikes and what they are viewing is the end of Death (the kikes).

Would they cheer so hard if they understood what 'antisemites' they were being?

Most of them are pretty dull, honestly. They are little more than parrots.

Somewhat different looking that game of thrones battles.

8 minutes of fighting they must be absolutely exhausted by the end of that. Remember anons…Biochem is the way to go.

user you're looking at it wrong
the families of westeros are clans who cling to their precious name because they have nothing else of real worth (unless you count gold and castles, and jews usually like that stuff)
the night king doesn't care what your name is, what your blood is, he cares that the planet is fucked so fuck you

If I expect something to be bad, is it subverting my expectations for it to be worse?

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Merely liking a show and doing whatever these retards are doing are two wildly different things. Off yourselves, fags.

I rather to watch the reality tv that show the fight to death in the outer space city. Too bad it is not a reality today.

I know, that is what I said.

Wait a second, you don't know who the kikes are, do you? They are Death user. They are the Death of the planet. They are not going to be happy unless the murder all Life here.

Trust me, the kikes are the Nightwalkers. This is why they preface the current cycle with the announcement that the Earth was Tohu and Bohu…meaning that they brought it to complete desolation and emptiness the last time and then the Spirit of God restored the cycle in the hope that humanity could learn to SHUN DEATH…

We will never know the walkers' true intention because they were cucked. In the books, the others have no leader, they seem to be more of a planetary response to shitskins fucking around than anything.

Best quote I have seen in weeks…I have to pick up good ol' Søren and read something of his again. I haven't read him since I was a child.

Fuck a drunk pig before it starts then go into the parking lot, look up the nice cars license plates online then drive to their empty house and rob them. That's how you profit from this bullshit, OP.

This was well-written, OP. 10/10 would subscribe to your blog.

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I didn't watch this series, or the Hairy Potter and vampire stuff. Does anyone still write decent fantasy novels? Last ones that sounded interesting to me was The Black Company (which I still haven't gotten to yet).

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Goyim are like this. They have small minds and need leadership to keep them in line.

Alright, the last thing I am going to say on it…the walkers will revive any of the dead for all people and all races (which is all the people on this planet until they are born into the truth of WHERE THEY ARE and WHO THEY ARE [the Living]). So the dead hordes come to kill the last of the living in Hel so that [switching legends] Hel can finally see her father Odin again and be reunited with him for a little while. The key is to kill the Dead so that THE CYCLE CANNOT REPEAT and then we will heal the planet and Hel will have to go back to where she belongs…aka the semites/Babylon/Hel/Dead (all of them) and their dead pets must go back to the realm of the permanent dead/the underworld.

The only way to 'save Hel'(this planet) is to send the Dead even further down into Hel. Because the kikes are the dead/parasites, they don't even KNOW that they are Dead. They stumble around looking to attack the Living so that they can GIBS ME DAT parasite off the Living and extend their realm even further but they can never BE THE LIVING which is what they want every time they attack kill and have one of their minions torture us to death.

Just saying this is a cosmic battle between good and evil and what we are trying to do is force the Dead even further away from God OR we can let them take over this world and destroy it completely (aka we can lose the battle and let them win).

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Can you giv rundown of the philosophical topics of his?

It's not just a tv show, they actually destroyed the story line, went all woman power and the story doesn't make sense, another thing, I actually wanted to finish watching this series as s1-s3 were pretty good, then quality went to shit progressively with each episode after that. Now I don't even care for the last 3 episodes they butchered the story line so much forcing the narrative into it.
The hicks in the bar are just that, a bunch of confused retards who are spoon fed this garbage and ask for more. Entertainment is dead, thanks to forced idiocy. D&D will get praises for butchering a complex story, they will actually be hailed as greats, never called out for doing such a crappy job when they had to improvise and ran out of source material, this is why entertainment is dead, it's all hype and bullshit. They did a horrible job.

Jealousy and failure by haters and their leaders is breeding even more White Hate.
All the White Haters might want to try and look at it through Standard of Living or Quality of Life instead of Race.
As for GoT, yep, perpetual War, Genocide, etc. for many years, only a common foe kind of brings them together, but they still keep plotting…
Reagan; “Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

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t. jew

Game of Cucks has been shit since season 2. Yes, season 2. The only well-written sesson was the first, with Sean Bean and Robert Baratheon. Everyone who excepts the plot to be 'Le Epic' at this point and watches this garbage for anything else than special effects and the fact of being well past the point of no return to quit, is a literal fucking retard.


watch and enjoy

I'm sure as hell am watching the last three but I'm not going to enjoy it. I just wished they released them all at once so we could be over with it.

We have finally accepted that we lost and the white race is going to die anyway. We will never come back.

No silly, I'm talking about (((honk world)))

Pic related = me :D :(

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Goy of the year 2019 finalist right here

its one thing to like a tv show, another to make a cult out of it and act like this filth.

Do you have more pics like that, or a source?

This happens in every single show, but the bugman will never learn. Truth is he doesn't even care, and will shovel down whatever grok is put in front of him

If you knew how to comprehend English his point is they're cheering some make belief characters while the world collapses around them.