Ben Shapiro calls Zig Forums a neo Nazi platform

On the Ben Shapiro show episode 769 Shapiro talks about the recent synagogue attack he brings up how the manifest was posted on 8 Chan before he then goes on the call 4 Chan and 8 Chan a new Nazi platform claiming 8 Chan is worse than 4 Chan not bringing up that a 8 Chan user actually called the FBI about the manifest reporting it. Just because something is published on a platform that is neo Nazis does not make the platform itself neo Nazis for example the mosque shooter livestreamed the attack on Facebook Shapiro did not call facebook a racist platform.

All this to say fuck Ben Shapiro he's an ignorant cunt who has never used one of these sites and is falling for the main stream bullshit attack on them just as much as any liberal.

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Saged and reported for cp

There's nothing wrong with pedophilia dude. If you can argue about it try. You will fail.

CP is WN.

Keep in mind that he also said that most of all attacks on religious places on worship are groomed from Zig Forums.

I agree with OP, we are not "neo nazis", we are national socialists resisting ZOG

all true. have you looked around this place? a fucking toxic pool of hate and violence. so much talk of killing people who are different. I come here to look at hate and be able to identify it. This site is THE place to come and see the worse most hateful people on the planet.


Hate is good. Without hate for injustice, there can be no justice.

So what are you going to do? Hate us?

Neck yourself pedo


Free speech.

8 Chan pol became an Mk ultra project several years ago. Yids training kids to be over the top one track mind paranoid Jew haters to keep valid criticism of Israel and the Jewish ruling class a crazy conspiracy theory only held by outcasts that nobody wants to be associated with. And most of you fell for it. This place is almost worthless now for promoting National Socialism. Did you really think (((they))) would give you a safe space on normie web?

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You've just described jews:

Are you an anti-semite?

First of all, there's nothing wrong with hating kikes.

Second, Zig Forums is one of the few places on the internet you can say "fuck kikes" and not get instantly banned.

Third, there are constantly threads here regarding helpful useful information – I see /sig/ threads regularly, opsec/netsec stuff, even helpful sleep advice.

Fourth, paranoia is good. Topics like MK Ultra, targeted advertising, internet censorship, and anti-white bigotry are rarely if ever addressed anywhere else.

Finally, the memes are dank.

Jewish NSA / Mossad / FBI honeypot or not, I like Zig Forums.

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Fake. Nogs don't have brains. They have little nerve clusters like a cockroach.

Do you think we need it?

Zig Forums is a platform where you can express how you really feel about ANYTHING, without worrying about rules and censorship. This is how the world really is. A raw, unfiltered version. And its fucking beautiful. Honk.

(/o/ fag and highly qualified Ausfag here)

Why should we care about this exactly user? Australian ISP's have blocked 4chan and Zig Forums… More countries to follow suit shortly… But this is the world we live in…

I cannot go up to my ISP and explain that /o/ and other non political boards exist, I'll get a warrant

I cannot go to the government an explain that /o/ and other non political boards exist, I'll get a warrant

This is the clownworld…

I sure hate it…

But nothing I can do user…

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honk honk

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4/pol is mostly about free speech. 8/pol actually has a culture of censoring speech that goes against the nazi narrative, which makes it a boring cesspool.

The National Socialists did practice censorship. They burned pornography and jewish/marxist literature.

Of course they think this place is anudda shoah.

Mediocre bait.

Though I know there are stupid people who buy into media event narratives (shootings etc.) failing to understand that the enemies wage war by deception (among other ways).

Uh, sorry, I mean that anti-nazi speech is actually censored in 8/pol.

Why don't you go whine in a blog? Or a bog.

It really isn't, but it probably should be. There is a difference between asking questions about National Socialism, and shitting on it with no other purpose for the discussion.

That's because of pic related.

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Go post this on >>>Zig Forums
They'll be glad to know they are nazis.

Go have fun with your BLACKED redditors on cuck/pol/ then. If this place is boring why do you come here?

That is not true. I wish it would be

Should we raid >>>Zig Forums from their faggotry?

Why does anybody care what this kike says?

Fucking niggers answer me

shut up faggot

Fuck this, I'm going back to censortown, fuck this board, fuck this site, fuck my life, gonna die goodnight niggers

You will not be missed


I'm banned there. :'(

That's what I mean by "a culture of censorship". I remember being banned in 16 for opinions and facts. Now things don't seem that bad, but the general attitude is the same. Echo chambers are boring.

I left for a long time, then I started posting again after the official board saint made his miracle.

Were natsoc benny get it right.

yea good night dude

This kike thread and the shills in it are fully endorsed by the moderation team
Time to move to another site, anons, 8/pol/ is flooded with subversive faggots.

I was banned here in '16 for engaging in a debate and bringing up points the mods didn't like. Being anti-Trump was also bannable, even from a nazi angle.

Then go away to reddit
You are not welcomed here.
or go to neinchan
There are about 30 alternative websides to 4chan Zig Forums where you can have all your free speech. However I am fed up with retards and thread derailers/ shitposters and newfags


A type of reverse psychology used to lend legitimacy and independence to controlled opposition.

That's because the BO of the time was a Trumpnigger

No faggot.
Just one or two fags in here.

Nigger this thread is about the exact topic I was talking about.

OP, Ben Shapiro is a kike. does his opinion really matter?

So, neo Nazis.
I have no problem with that

it absolutely isn't kike
otherwise your posts and thread would be gone

maybe it's because only threads that required effort to produce are allowed to stay up, whereas you have never produced a thought of value beyond 'muh dick', 'lol weed', or 'chicken nuggies hehe zoomies'

There is a way to fight injustice without hate. You’re just to stupid to figure it out

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You all have serious mental health issues as in you haven’t any mental health. You’re al dis-eased. Looks like anger is the only energy source you’ve got and you have to keep on manufacturing it or feel dead. Seriously Zig Forums people get some help. This is very unhealthy for you.

he did say you cant stop free speech, but that this site needs to be monitored thoroughly. the rest was just talking about jews

Yeah, well, I see lots of "reported" and "how do mods allow this??". That's a culture of censorship. During 16 it was a shitshow, anyone who wasn't 100% nazi AND pro-Trump was banned. Now things look saner, but the general attitude is to complain that there isn't enough censorship. I just don't bother posting anything controversial.

How is this not a nazi platform? I’m confused.

There are thousands of posts here saying stuff like “fire up the ovens” and “all kikes need to be gassed” and if you say anything remotely supportive of any non-white culture you get ridiculed for being a Jew or a shill or a nigger-lover.

I mean, I’ll grant that there’s very little discussion of German nationalism or WWII politics, but is it really unfair to call this site a nazi platform?

hang yourself
>>>Zig Forums
And I bet you think we're all right wing too, Global Report

Whoops, this was for


Just to clarify, I don't mean actual spam, sliding, IR gay porn or other forms of sabotage should be allowed. I mean that relevant counter-points that merit a proper rebuttal are met with brainlet calls for censorship.

Honestly I'd just go on Twitter and read checkmarked people if I want to see that. Features extreme doses of hypocrisy along with it.

History spits in your face

I'm, its great fun, what a bunch of cringe cucks how do they live with themselves?

this thread is bullshit

Hi, all! I'm a Ben Shapiro listener, and his comments about Zig Forums made me curious enough to come check out this board. So this is my first time here, and my first post.

Based on the comments to this thread, it looks like there are lots of folks here who have, shall we say, rather politically incorrect views.
I do too, but mine are slightly different - and I have a serious question for the other folks here.
This is not trolling, it's an honest, serious question.

Lefty ding-bats seem to hold the belief that all people are identical and interchangeable, regardless of race. I think that is ridiculous… you can say that most german shepherds have trait x or most birds of this type tend to behave in a certain way, but if you say that people of a certain ethnicity tend to behave in a certain way, people lose their minds and shout you down as a racist. Obviously, I think that's willful blindness that borders on mental illness, but that's an opinion that I dare not breathe aloud anywhere.

It has always seemed to me that if you want to know how folks of a certain race tend to behave, you only have to look at how a whole country of them behaves. So for example, the only country in Africa that isn't a complete shithole is South Africa, the one colonized by white Europeans. The rest of the continent is defined by brutal violence. Why the fuck we let anyone from there into the West is beyond me.

Middle Easterners are known for losing their minds and blowing things up when they get upset (which is often). When the muzzles are done killing non-muzzles, they war with one another (shia vs sunni vs wahabi vs anyone else they can find.) Another culture that I don't want to live in, but they are fucking pouring into the west and bringing their insanity with them. And both they and the africans are breeding like fucking bacteria.

The jews, on the other hand, make a much more positive contribution to the world. Historically they are known for being traders, bankers/financiers, scientists, etc. (As opposed to thugs or holy warrior/suicide bombers…) If any of us westerners had to pick a place in the Middle East to live, Israel is the only choice that is not a complete shithole - it's practically a Western country, but for its location.

And yet - so many people who believe, as I do, that race actually influences people's behaviour also seem to really hate the jews.
Serious question: why? I honestly don't get it. They look like us, they have values like us, they contribute to the world… why all the hate against them?

Have you ever seen their noses?
Their values are based on Talmud (pic related)
They are parasites and speculate with money. They create nothing of value (of course you could find an exception to here, but I was generally talking about bankers/traders)
Diaspora jews want to bring in hordes in order to destroy their host nations/Israeli jews want Europeans to die for them in Middle East.
They don't create - they destroy. They are not our allies, but our greatest enemies.
It's quite unlikely that you have never been here before, or you have lurked here enough to learn this

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No one cares ben.

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Shapiro is a cross-eyed superkike. If only there was an oven large enough to fit him in.

There is.

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Amazing how it always comes down to their free speech but never ours. This place is a result of oldfags getting pushed out of everywhere else because of the safe space agenda and their fucking feels which they demand to be allowed to being here. These niggers need to learn what it's like getting hit back.

Exactly. Everyone else's free speech is encouraged but we are shut out because we think the opposite of what is "good?" its still free speech.

Just go to Israel and stay there. Stay out of Europe. I don't even care if you're in the U.S., just stay out of Europe. Europe is White land.

And he isn't wrong.

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I've got better, he might even have some leg room in there to get comfy before he gets incinerated.

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Maybe it’s because you are saying abhorrent shit like “kill all the niggers” and they’re saying stuff like “black lives matter.”

The problem isn’t that black people can’t take a joke. It’s that you somehow feel like advocating murder is the same as exercising free speech.

The same thing would happen if you went around saying “kill all the Irish” or “kill all the whites.” You have this weird idea that it’s not the word “kill” that comes across as offensive.

Love dipshit love and peace you faggot kike

Yeah so given this is the standard of conduct, what makes this not a nazi house organ?

I'll answer in all seriousness. My views are probably some of the least hostile to Jews you'll find around here, other than kike shills. I tend to think like Jared Taylor, the JQ is real but the real problem is far deeper, it's something wrong with us, not them. We've had Jews living in our nations for centuries and only recently it became a big problem, because we let it happen.

I think what you say about Jews is generally correct (with a few caveats). The problem is precisely that they adapt exceedingly well but they preserve a very strong, stealthy Jewish identity which is often incompatible with and resentful of, that of the host society. Then they reach positions of power and push their own agenda, which involves, among other things, destroying the cultural identity of the host society to make it more convenient for them. There's overwhelming evidence of this. For instance, look at who controls the media and entertainment industries, the anti-white messages they push, and who does it in the most vociferous and shocking way. If you find it hard to believe that Jews would import people who are hostile to them, you can start by reading this NYT interview with Alex Soros (the son of George Soros):

Then you have the likes of Ben Shapiro, who superficially seem to be right-wing allies of white Christians, but then you see all they care about is what's best for Israel and Jews. He even said he doesn't care about "the so-called browning of America" or that "racists should have their lives ruined" (or something to the effect).

Of course, #notall applies, as usual. Also, I don't think it would be necessary to even deport them, people should just be aware of what they do and why they do it and act accordingly in their voting and commercial activities. But most here advocate for far more radical solutions.

Nazi? I’m much scarier than a “nazi” you fool
National Socialism to bring about the age of Eco Naturism. You’re worm food buddy get fucked kike

The protection you all throw over your hate is entertaining. While the very next person says horrible hateful racist shit then the next says “what? We are not hate. Stop being a snowflake”. Denial runs deep on Zig Forums.

Free speech means freedom to be judged for what you say. Hiding in anonymous town to spit your racism is the farthest thing from free speech. Cowards unite huh?

"Free speech is giving me your name and address so that I can get back at you if I don't like what you say"

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Shapiro is a cuck, but he is right. Zig Forums is filled with Nazis and the only thing they "accelerate" is their degeneracy and a life as an incel

I mostly come here for hentai games. I like the way 8 chan has each game with it's own thread.

Isn't that what you're doing? Hating on a place you've never visited until Jew town media ordered you to come here and blame everyone for a couple of militants' independent actions? There are more shitskins radicalized on (((Facebook))) and (((Twitter))) than on h8chan, kiddo. Do you want to shut it down over there too?

Who deleted or censored your shitposts here? Who banned you? No one. If you wanted that kind of moderation style, fuck off back to (((Facebook))) (((Youtube))) and (((Twitter))).

On this board you have to defend your views. People come here to fight, resist and share inconvenient facts, not fall in line with the official narratives being spewed on kike approved propaganda outlets.

"Europe is White land."

You're joking, right? Europe WAS white land. Now parts of London are under sharia law, the suburbs of Paris are a refugee camp for misplaced north africans, Belgium provided a steady stream of recruits to ISIS, Germany has thrown the doors open wide in response to the Syrian war and pretends not to notice that most of the third worlders flooding in and raping their women are not from Syria, Sweden is telling its citizens that THEY have to adjust to the immigrant culture that is erasing their own… I *wish* Europe was white land, but I think Eastern Europe is about the only part you can still say that about.

I appreciate your reply, but parts of it confuse me.

"They are parasites and speculate with money. They create nothing of value" Jews have a higher IQ, on average, than caucasians (who are higher than arabs, who are higher than blacks). They win more nobel prizes than you would expect by their fairly small percentage of the population. And even fhe bankers - I would not have been able to buy my house without a mortgage; my banker (who was not jewish) definitely gave me something of value.

"Diaspora jews want to bring in hordes in order to destroy their host nations" - they don't HAVE hordes. High end estimates suggest that there are 15 million jews in the world. There are roughly 1.8 billion - or 1,800 million - muslims in the world. I absolutely agree that the west is being overrun by hordes, but it still seems to me that you guys are worrying about the wrong people. Unless you are suggesting that the jews want to bring in hordes of other races… but that one makes even less sense to me. You judge them by some quotes from their holy book. I look at what they do as a country… the only people they are violent against are the palestinians, lebanese, etc who all want to kill them. Why would they secretly want to import the same muslim arabs here that they are at war with in the middle east?

Thank you for the most serious and honest reply to my message. I just re-read it, and realize that you do mention Soros particularly wanting to bring in enemies. I completely agree with you there, I think his open-border ideas are a dystopian nightmare, but I guess I hadn't really considered his ideas as representative of the views of jews generally. I just couldn't imagine a whole culture wanting to commit suicide like that - even worse than ours is - but perhaps that was naive of me. I will check out those links (thank you), and think about it some more. But the problem, as I see it, is that even if every jew in the west moved to Israel overnight, nothing would change - our own dingbat lefty leaders are just as keen to keep the floodgates open and continue the "browning of America", and in our current culture it's political suicide to say that endless immigration is not good for the West, and diversity is a weakness not a strength. I fear that it's already too late to stop the failed experiment of multiculturalism, and came here because I feel like the folks worrying about jews ( like those pinheads in Charlottesville chanting "the jews will not replace us" - 15 million jews worldwide, 350 million Americans of whom 5.7 million are jews - correct, 10 million people are not going to replace the other 344 million of you) are wasting time and effort barking up the wrong tree. But as I said, you have given me some things to mull over, so I thank you again for that, and for a delightfully polite and cordial response.

My pleasure, good sir.

They don't really want to turn the host societies into shitholes, they just want "open societies" with just the right amount of diversity so that they don't stand out like sore thumbs. But this kind of society is simply not stable. That's basically what Alex Soros says about his father. From the interview (see the Daily Stormer summary or look for the word "jew" in the very long interview):

When the caffeine finally kicked in, Alex told me that for many years, his father had not been eager to advertise his Judaism because “this was something he was almost killed for.” But he had always “identified firstly as a Jew,” and his philanthropy was ultimately an expression of his Jewish identity, in that he felt a solidarity with other minority groups and also because he recognized that a Jew could only truly be safe in a world in which all minorities were protected.

Explaining his father’s motives, he said, “The reason you fight for an open society is because that’s the only society that you can live in, as a Jew — unless you become a nationalist and only fight for your own rights in your own state.”

I agree. I think we should keep the message simple and reasonable and let our enemies out themselves, as they tend to do. That said, knowing this detail about (many) Jews is important in order to understand current events, decide whom to trust or whether someone is worth debating with, etc. It's also useful to subtly tease the most rabid anti-whites and make them rage to the astonishment and redpilling of many normies.

I do think mutual respect and cautious cooperation with (some) Jews is possible and very useful, again this is also Jared Taylor's position but most anons here will have none of that.

To clarify, when they say "Jews will not replace us" they mean "Jews will not replace us with nonwhite immigrants". Maybe the message was intentionally cryptic and confusing as some kind of 4D chess to increase public discussion. Of course, in any case Charlottesville was certainly a brainlet move that was only good for professional enfants terribles like Richard Spencer, as many serious pro-whites warned.

You are welcome, fren!

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I don't agree with the fake meme about superior Jewish intelligence, but even taking your own assumptions as fact, with Caucasians being their closest "competitor" in terms of intelligence, then who would benefit most from encouraging mass migration and race mixing?
Jews are notoriously anti-miscegenation within their own community. Yes, some marry Gentiles, but most don't, which is why they are so inbred.
Jews crave power and world supremacy, which is why they so aggressively network and attain positions of power in society, despite their small numbers. Only Whites are intelligent enough to see this, apparently, which is why the (((MSM))) and other (((official))) channels of mass communication, education, etc. need to paint anyone who questions the official narratives as racists and ebil nazis.
Whites just want their own homeland, which is Europe, but as a group, as a people, Jews want the whole world under their control.

>In each of those cases, Gopstein was released the same day. He has never been indicted either.

(((Ben Shapiro)))

When reading your post, I imagined the goofiest ads voice in my head.

Read the Talmud, read the protocols of Zion, look into the Jewish roots of Bolshevism. How's are indoctrinated to hate Christian society. They're as incompatible as Muslims. They should just move to the middle east and fight the Arabs for liebens realm, and leave us out of it. The Arabs should stay the fuck there too.

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Interesting. The site has numerous boards.

All these flavors, and yet you choose the most offensive and violent every time..