CLOWN WORLD HAPPENING. Live broadcasting of Juan Guaidó attempt at a coup d'etát in Venezuela

The moment has come to “start the end of the usurpation,” Guaido said in the video, flanked by heavily-armed soldiers and an armored vehicle. According to him, the speech was made at the Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda Air Base in Caracas, commonly known as ‘La Carlota’.

I didn't see a thread about this, so forgive low effort posting, this is just to get the ball rolling.

It's either a real coup being broadcast live (from multiple sources, too) or a major false flag taking place right now to justify direct military intervention by the (((US government))). Behold, we get to watch this live and even have a chat section active on one of the streams!

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>flanked by (((heavily-armed soldiers and an armored vehicle)))

Sage and reported for illegal content. Get raped and gassed OP.

fuck off

lurk moar

i'm only here to call you a faggot

Obligatory "not everything involves a plot by the Jews" post.

Tbh Venezuela is a shitty hellhole and Chavez/Maduro made it infinitely worse. I hope he is couped so people stop starving and relying on crypto to survive. But the US should stay far away from this shit.

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tbqh, this is really a jew vs. jew situation. Maduro is a literal sephardic jew (not zionist-compliant, tho) and the (((opposing party))) leader was a literal jew, this time the usual kind (((henrique capriles radonski)))

This guaidó character is a mason, and there's full back up from the CIA with bolton leading the charge.The region could very well become the next middle-east, with colombia already being the south american Israel. This is bad news, just like what happened in Syria.

Expect a lot more (((migrant caravans))) if this coup is effective.

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It’d be a dam shame if some enterprising young anons went to the border and honked

True. But everything reported by jew sources should be assumed false until independently verified

So, another "Livestream format" fake phoney reality TV show.

Probably arrived in this (((humanitarian aid trucks)))

Brookings Institute says EIGHT MILLION Venezuelans have fled and ANOTHER 12 MILLION WILL BE COMING.

This is a precursor to war in Iran

"I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever," ~ZOGnald Trumplestein 
Brookings Institute: 
8 Million on the way

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Video Related happening now

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Excellent. Hopefully many dead beaners from that

Absolutely agree not to trust the news. But intuition wise I don't really find this chain of events that hard to believe. Lots of footage leaking from Venezuela over the years has painted a stark picture. Hell anyone with a brain saw this shit coming in 2014.

Holy shit that's fucking fucked lmao.

Well if this is the situation, I'm still in favor of them stringing up the commie. At least with a nonmarxist Jew, people won't be starving to death in droves. I know that sounds fucking pozzed but this is the choice they have, and it's coming soon to America too.

Oh boy, I can't wait for America's version of the "Syrian" Refugee Crisis to begin! Infinispics are exactly why I voted for Trump!

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Glowniggers are in this thread pushing pro regime change bullshit


Of course. But it's a weird situation: the options are a full blown commie (still elected by its people, tho) or a jewish puppet. However, being pro-regime change via (((the usual suspects))) is simply insane. The best thing that could happen is venezuela imploding on itself by its own weight. With a coup, we'll have yet another jew base in SA, and spic refugees all over the place. Now that is fucked up.

This is a precursor to Iran

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8 Million refugees will be coming into the US per Brookings Institute

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What a fucking surprise. Another 8 million refugees just in time for 2020.

Does Zig Forums still think Jair Jewsonaro is “based”?

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I'll just give the CIA a call to check the expected result

It's not every day the Jewnited States of Weimerica plots a coup in Venezuela
But when they do
Google and Microsoft Censor the Internet inside the country so that the world can't see the Mossad/CIA take out Maduro

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Remember goy, Israel is our greatest ally!

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8 million isn't enough.
Wars can be started in the rest of the third world countries to push 100 million dreamers into the US which will instantly create a utopia that the evil white devils are trying to stop from occurring.
I just ejaculated in my skirt thinking about how diverse and enriched it will be when who He devils become 30% of the population of the US, especially now that afrikings and afriqueens are immune from "criminality". Only when it becomes as diverse and peaceful as south africa is now, will this transformation have fully taken place,and that's a good thing.

So based my friend.

you joking? he never was. The only good thing about him was that he was openly anti-LGBT but as far as I know he has done absolutely nothing against them or their funding. He's the (((alt-right))) incarnate. Oh yes, nationalism, but always israel first.

jesus christ.

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Maduro should have killed this guy months ago.

Honk Honk indeed.

The one nice thing about being clownpilled is realizing that while there is nothing I can do to stop the progression of clown world, clown world is itself is the force by which the world will be righted.

As a seer of all clownish futures, here's my vision of the near future:

>Millions of dirt poor retards with little to no European blood flood the country to the point everyone must see and feel their presence in their daily life.

Remember, right wing politics is fundamentally reactionary at its core. Maybe this is exactly the kind of Hegelian thesis that takes things one step too far for (((their))) planned anti-thesis to corral white Americans into accepting the synthesis of genocide they have designed for us.

Kys schlomo. Bump

Guaido is backed by the US which will always be the most vile team of jewry.

Imagine being this big of a ZOGbot

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If this was really about democracy they would have one of the other presidential candidates become preident. Not soem spook-backed jewlover from some other party who didn't even run for president. This is a jew-led coup.

Hope those niggers kill every single russian, chink and commie on my soil

It's pretty crazy. US hasn't been the US since 1913.

I never thought he was based. Every single "le based populist xD" is an Israeli living stooge. No one who operates within the system will be on our team.

Try 1871.

They not endured one post.
Commies are weak. Because this, ever lost.

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Fuck me… the roots are deep m'lord.

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lurk moar and learn english spic

yea you all so tough you keep fleeing everywhere like cockroaches in a fire

Except that Maduro is literally a sephardic kike (a fact that so many people here choose to ignore, just like they ignored the jews in Trump's campaign), just not a zionist.

It's always fun to go shit on them when they are getting btfo. Zig Forums is even worse than here when Kampfy was BO

Governments often turn off twitter and youtube etc when theres a potential civil war because they dont want the footage to inspire more people to revolt.

Who gives a shit about some irrelevant third world socialist shithole?

Nu/pol/ is stupid.

The seal has a thirteen star cluster forming the "star of david".
The bird holds thirteen olive branch with thirteen olives and thirteen leaves in one claw and thirteen arows (el haz de flechas) in the other.
This is a fascist symbol from Francoist Spain that means "Tanto monta, monta tanto" (Equal opposites in balance).

There are also thirteen stripes on the flag.
The US is a jewish-fascist state.

he says as he allows countless venezuelan migrants to be maimed to death by other brazilians. Honestly there is no winning with this whole situation, either become a ZOG puppet or risk getting prison/death by the burgerkike assets.

If America gets involved it's bad from the nationalist standpoint because any potential military action would not benefit the American people. Otherwise there is no reason to care really besides the potential of Venezuelan shitskin refugees and just general Neocon machinations

Jewish is obviously bad, but you're making it sound like fascism is bad. Tor-nigger.

I don't understand what you trying say here.
You english is worst than mine.
Le macaco latino juzgando le macaco latino.

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Also, social media accounts are unchecking maduro as "official"

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Fascism is the natural order.
jews oppose nature and order.


I dont know.
Only laugh from another commie lose.

America mustn't get involved in another useless conflict. It's time for us to make it stop no matter the consequences. We can't let (((them))) do as they please any longer.

If Venezuelan (((refugees))) can get citizenship by volunteering to be cannon fodder for the U.S./Iran war I will kek myself into the stratosphere with uncontrollable laughter.

The (((globalists))) start war with Iran, send the white men over there to die in the desert as Venezuelan pigs come pouring in our country by land, sea, and plane, financied by Tell Aviv (as usual).

Will you go fight for the Jew in the desert, or will you fight the Jew in your own country? I know what I will pick. Fuck the draft.

Reminder that this faggot will shill the coming refugee flood as a good thing because spics are "natural conservatives".

Que paso papá, te arrechaste?

BASED twitter physically removing commies just like /ourguy/ Pinochet and the other fashy trotskyites.

that would be hilarious but in the current clown status-quo it could very well be possible.

Everyone here should prepare for US civil war IMMEDIATELY.
Buy a firearm within 2 days and ammunition, this is your final warning
Snooze you get Jewed

Where the fuck do you think you are? It's always the jews.

In confusion, there is profit. While everyone is looking left, you go right. I can't wait till user's start using the tactics themselves to enrich their own lives.

Maduro is a kike and deserves to be killed. Good riddance.

Oh good, jews trying to distract with more MUH MASONS spam. They know masons hate the jew cunts.

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3 years to economic collapse.
4 years to civil war
5 years…?


Maga with Daca!

I mean, American intervention isn’t always a bad thing

You cannot be serious.

Damn right brother.

Oh boy, we get to replace one (((communist))) puppet with a (((neoconservative))) one in Venezuela. What progress.

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2 days to civil war.
After Iran closes Hormuz economic collapse within 2 weeks.
World War within 2 years

I was just in clown court


Freemasonry has always been a tool of the jew. That's why you joined your jewish masters in the internment camps during the so-called "Holocaust".

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Glad I am not a Mason anymore

Civil war where? Unless the EMP happens right now, it's not 2 days away.

Rolling for the fucking emp

found the retards and the shills

what are we supposed to be seeing here?

Plane movements, possibly mercenaries/SF and equipment destined for one of the airfields they failed to take.

You're stupid.

You stop being a Mason at 33 degrees.

You are speaking to who exactly?

any updates? any venezuelanon in here? judging from the very fragmented streams and the media, things seems to have quieted down.

Choices choices

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It was an order of white men until you jew fucks infiltrated.

Man, the high level corruption is amazing to see point blank.

Tech megacorps aligning with ZOG to interfere in the electoral process of foreign lands.
Muh fuckin' Russia just got so much sillier. XD

What's a revolution without livestreams?

I cant wait for the states to be in chaos like this. When it gets dark i start picking off shitskins.

Not gonna lie, it does sound fun.

And another banker (((capitalist))) wins