Holodomor and other Communist "genocides" never happened

Alright niggers, time to redpill you on the Holodomor.
It never happened.
Just like the Holocause, the Holodomor is a myth created by (((Capitalists))) as the Soviet Union's holocaust.
Ever noticed that the genocides that happened in Communist countries have nothing to back them up besides "claims" and outdated statistics?
It's because they're fabricated by the CIA glow niggers, it never happened to begin with. For one, the Ukrainian population was an estimate and the deaths caused by it was not starvation but just the natural hunger increase caused by crop failure. It had nothing to do with Communist policies, it had everything to do with nature.
But not (((Capitalists))) will tell you otherwise. How did "millions" of people die in the Gulags when they were merely labor and re-educational camps? They weren't death camps or anything, there was no wide purge of people like in the Holocaust myth. Stalin was a nationalist, a proud man who purged people who were underminers of his nation, like Jews. Isn't that what Hitler did?
Mao Zedong didn't kill millions of Chinese, again, Capitalist propaganda. Millions of Chinese were killed during the Sino-Japanese war and the bodies of those killed by the Japanese dogs were used in propaganda movies and pictures. Isn't it a little suspicious that there aren't mass graves for victims of communism in China? That all this death happened after the largest war in history?
Communism not only has done nothing wrong but it is also nationalism. Pure nationalism, unlike the West which is degenerate.
Gays were banned in China and the USSR
China and the USSR are ethnically pure and had a clear hegemony of ethnic people, the Han and Russians.
Stop it with the anti-Communist propaganda and realize we're not so different.

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amazon.com/Deux-siècles-ensemble-1917-1972-soviétique/dp/2213615187/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?keywords=Deux siècles ensemble, 1795-1995, tome 2&qid=1556649108&s=books&sr=1-2-fkmr0

Oh the ironing.

If even 1 person trust this post, you are dumb as fuck

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Babi Yar was just a hole filled with mannequins

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National-Bolshevism takeover, when?

the people who didn't want to be communists were then starved by the communists

Perfectly jewish logic.

Oy, we told them what would happen!

We don't have capitalism

The Holocaust Happened

Zig Forums vehemently denies it

Zig Forums rushes in defense of the establishment narrative pushed by the CIA and US State Department

Every. Time.

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It's actually ~15million.
All done by a faggot named Eisenhower.

Oh look, a "muh not true capitalism" newfag appeared. Remember when people told you to lurk for two years before posting retarded shit? In your case, make it ten years before you ever post again.

Look some random bitch without an argument

Hitler's hands are clean in comparison to the Jews

Your endless lies, and propaganda are just embarrassing at this point, you silly little Commie shit smear.
You (((fuckers))) infected took over this board with your tired subversion.
We all know it. It's very easy to see. You think you're slick?
The most pathetic part is you actually believe this bullshit works here.
You are obviously too arrogant, and blinded by sucking your own dick to accept that we are superior to you, and always have been. You've taken advantage of our altruism, kindness, and the patience to wait and see if you would ever actually start acting human.
Our mistake.
A mistake that we shall remedy, COMPLETELY, and never make again.
I don't even hate you. I can't even pity you.
As much as I don't have a single feeling for the vermin in my garden.
You will be removed without fanfare. You will not be tortured, for we do not have any emotions for you. You have merely created a job that now must be done expeditiously, and thoroughly.
The Survival of the Aryan Race.
There are no more of your phony rules that we will follow that will keep us from realizing and executing our charge.
You forced this upon yourselves.
And to think, we have sacrificed millions of our own for your existence, and THIS is how you repay us?
So much for having the "highest IQ", eh?
Only a mindless parasite expands until they kill their host, and themselves.
Good thing we discovered your infection before our demise.
We shall now eradicate what plagues us without a single thought as to the "optics".
Good riddance.
You will be forgotten to History, save as a simple warning.


This is the most retarded post i've seen this year. Gas yourself kike

I do not deny that we are going to be the righteous hand of your extinction, kike.
If you can't handle this inevitable conclusion, save yourself the anxiety, and kill yourself now, ID hopping, commie shit stain.
Yeah, you're that easy to spot, faggot.

The Bolsheviks were very nice people who simply wanted to help everyone live better

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capitalism makes logical sense, communism does not
maybe this event didn't happen, i don't care, communism still doesn't work

fuck off schlomo

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That is natsoc not communism.


Whatever. Let's just agree that they're all lies and that you can't trust anything those in power tell you. Then we can all get on with the important task of ridding the world of the Zionist infection

You really don't know how to appeal to the crowd, don't you?

I know.

Capitalism is just as Jewish as communism my man. Two sides of the same shekel.

The holodomor isn't even teach in schools or mentioned anywere but alternative media.
You also have to realize the kikes sre behind this as well.
Ut's safe to say is Zig Forums wants to shill it or cause disruption.

I'm skeptical of all claims of genocide, just because its been proven over and over the holocaust never happened, yet the sheer wall of propaganda has biblicized it for many westerners. Even though 6 million is nothing, that's like a stroll through the park for Genghis Khan, yet nobody acts like a bitch about his genocides. Plus the Chinese tend to exagerate, as do muslims. Muslims love playing victim as much as kikes, its in their religion to fabricate transgressions. Didn't all the Laotian and Cambodian doctors flee to France? Not saying the Khemer Rouge didn't kill dissidents, but I don't know much about their alleged genocide.


The capitalists funded and financed the Bolshevik Revolution. They had some very specific aims in doing this.


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That's a good point. It isn't nearly as widely propagated as the holohoax or the Four Pests disaster (we weren't taught about the four pests, but it was in our text book in senior high).

Chinese Communists murdered 70 million under Mao. They never repented or apologized or punished any of the perps. We do big business with them and even welcome them into our own countries to buy up our real estate with stolen money

Abe Foxman of the ADL warns the Ukranians not to ever compare the Holodomor to the Holocaust

OP kinda has a point.

We don't have any good data about USSR, and no (((history professors))) seem interested.

I beg to differ


amazon.com/Deux-siècles-ensemble-1917-1972-soviétique/dp/2213615187/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?keywords=Deux siècles ensemble, 1795-1995, tome 2&qid=1556649108&s=books&sr=1-2-fkmr0

Isn't it funny? You can get it in 10 languages but there's no edition in English. How odd

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>Shitty obscure books about the (((Hoaxdomor)))

Guys stop taking the bait pls

Whoever believes this (((post))) must have an IQ comparable to that of a negro jew hybrid.

70 million chinks is nothing. Unfortunately he didn't remove more. They've had other civil wars and rebellions upwards of that many or more. Its difficult to say, because they do exagerate.

That "genocide" is impossible for the same reason the 6 millions is, too difficult to get done.
There is no way 1934 Sovet-Union could do what the 1942 European axis could not, period.

Is called starvation.

I think the difference is they say the hoaxdomor wasn't systematized or concentrated in camps, so much as the grain was shipped to urban centers in russia.

Go away Zig Forums

NOTHING makes this different from the Holocaust.

yeah, but that is just one guy without much if any support.

And I've got some serious doubts about this Soljenitsyne fellow. Supposedly he was a "writer" putting out anti-Govt fiction/plays or something in the 1930s…..and wasn't simply murdered.
During that time, Stalin was murdering world record setting aircraft designers who were SUSPECTED of being "politically unreliable".
Then, after Gulag, Alex was allowed to escape to the West??? Why? Why not just report he died of cancer or flu?

>>>Zig Forums
Back to your containment and kvetch there on how big meanie Zig Forums doesn't believe you.
Now get back to me when the adl stops underplaying the holodomor.
Kikes still have the biggest kill count and you got a few jews bragging about it.

The 60-100 millions chinks raped and eaten alive by Mao is just a myth. Sure there were famines but that is hiow the Chinese population kept stable for a long while. If anything, Mao's era saw an unprecedent rise in Chink numbers.

The chink mass murder by Mao myth was because ZOG was considering its options.
1) … to open borders to millions and millions of Chinese "dissidents".
"You must allow these political refugees and their families or the Bolcheviks will reduce them to slavery or cut them open like pigs! They will become good Chinese-Americans, we promise!"
2) … "We need to bring them the benefits of (((Democracy)))! With nukes, if necessary!"

Checked! The thing is that this is the boomers main argument against anti-white, anti-civilization leftist kikery is Literally Stalin! Muh holodomur, muh 100 miljuns BUTCHERED by commies! while they themselves are busy sucking the anti-white AIDS schlong, calling Natsocs communists and white nationalism evil.
It is the only thing they can process, they don't want to face (((what))) is really behind the post-modern world. They don't have to think about geopolitics, about the how, causes and effects etc either. All they have to do is repeat the same NPC garbage over and over. They can go fuck themselves.
The obvious reality is that majority of those Whites indoctriated into leftism aren't tankies or even communists. Lefturdism isn't just that and it is not the only problem either. If arguments needs to be made against marxism, let these be actual arguments about why, how it goes against reality rather than Bernie is literally Mao or some boomervative bullshit like that.

Except it happened in other places than the "ukraine" bu that doesn't matter because there is no agenda at play. Millions of unthinking plebes buys the tales of the holodomore and Stalin murdering 20 millions of his fellow Georgians for no reasons, National-Socialists have a duty to at least try not be dumb plebes. To be aware, ask questions and demand concise answers, see further, not to fall for any lies, even "right-wing" ones.

The tales of the hollowdontmore (using Russian civil war pictures), comes from British and American newspapers and journalists, not Poland, those gov was rather against communism and against Russia and that shared a very large border with the Soviet-Union.
Rather, the previous 5 years had seen the Great Depression and in the US, the change in US atitudes it caused resulted in the the Roosevelt administration, while in Germany, (((they))) had been overthrowed completely.
William Randolph Hearst was apparently initially for Roosevelt but changed his mind and the hollowdontmore was a mean to fight against the Roosevelt regimes policies. Yet, his gamble failed, Roosevelt got re-elected 3 times (36, 40 and 44). 85 years later, it still is not working against social justice. Rather, the hollowdontmore is clearly pushed by the System/sewer (even as if not as much as the holocaust) and (((they))) wouldn't do that without reasons, now would they? (((They))) really want us to believe it happened too, I see that and this is what lead my own push back against it.


Stopped reading there.

Yes good goy! Remember never question genocides or (((Historians))) they never lie!


The chinks embellish their own histories too. Not as much as researchers used to insist, but its common to see wild estimates of armies or dead and such. Anyhow, I doubt the Mao numbers because the interior was sealed off for one and frankly 100 gorillion means nothing to them. Its comical as 6 gorillion.

Oy vey goyim stop being offensive

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I know this is gonna happen.

Trannies are trying to subvert this board.

Yet the historians never mention this particular genocide. Looks like a ip hopper.

They failed countless times before which is why they went on to create their little containment echochamber called Zig Forums and will do so again.

Now they invent "natsoc communists".

The same "natsoc communist" who invaded Berlin.

Zig Forums shill

Irrelevant. Russian nationalist communists from the soviet union are long gone (and they were oppressed by jewish soviet union communists anyway). Now you got the cultural marxist jews, that's modern communism. The holocaust did not happen, Holodomor did.

Pick one.

Posting in a (((Dugin))) thread

Every behavior from cultural marxists is pure censorship and suppression. There is no reason they would not conduct a genocide. Plus, they are run by kikes, who are the most bloodthirsty race. Therefore, you are a NIGGER.

Honestly, it's time for more of us to come back to Zig Forums. This place has gone to shit since we left, you used to be able to have discussion about Socialism without faggots shitposting about how we're "starving to death" and the "real villains."
Marx is the right way to go, he is nationalism and the USSR was his vessel.
They will rise again.

That is a funny way of saying Zig Forums

Kikes are out in the open now.

Marx was a dirty jew.

Time for me to pick up the French editions. Thank god my high school French will finally be of use


I am from Ukraine, and i invite you to visit Ukrainian villages, that suffered holodomor and hear 90years old grannies about it. You would also notice black stone memorials in such villages, with 15-30 same surnames on them. All dead in one-two years.
You are just complete retard, dude, and I feel realy bad that such untermench exist.

this part is true. Its story of every politic. Now one comes with the plan
Its all road to hell paved by good intentions.

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If you recognize that if there had been no Commies, there would have been no Hitler, then you can safely blame the Nazi body count on the Commies as well.


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You mean no jews?

You didn't leave voluntarily. You were severely whipped, couldn't stand your ground in the face of hard facts and scampered away with your tails between your legs to your own tranny-led containment board. Stay there.

quite sockcucker.

This is what they did when lolbergs and gommies were still around on this board.

Let's call this sort of post deflection pretensively preemptive challenge as "sock cucking", because it reminds one of cocksucking levels of faggotry but with the random inversion that actually makes it a strange kind of nonsense where jews that lie like this really do fuck their socks and probably feel bad if they don't fuck them both equally because it causes holes in one before the other and the jew has to buy new socks which he much oy veys.

The secret jewish insecurity, being a shekel wasting sockcucker.

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Hello Leftypol.

Now go away.

Half of people killed in Katyn were former aristocracy etc, and the other half were enemys military officers, that were in state of war with Russians since first WW, so no friends there.


Yes we do, the jewish capital won and dominates everything.

this connection on baku.jpg seems pretty retarded if you actually look at oil price history in 2010. it was dropping for a month after april 20th when Horizon blown out.

< The holohoax doesn't have priority over the hollowdontmore
Really? What alternate Earth you live on? There's waaay more focus on the holohoax.

Cuckservatives are like, why isn't muh 100 miljuns as big? They themselves says antisemitism and racial discrimination is eeevil.

Don't forget even recent history, even in 2018-2019, (((they))) lied about food shortages in Venezuela and people fell for it because muh sosaleesm, if it was true there would have been no need of this 56% Guido glowdindu and those eletrical grid sabotages.
Yet many against the (((deep state))) fell for it, why? Because these were "right-wing" lies, even when "socialist" Germany and Canada did their parts against Venezuela, should have been a dead give away but wasn't. Because they were partisans and unthinking plebes, not factual and strategic.
Then, there is the situation crisis in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia. Pretty much none of the hollowdontmore believers are outraged even if they generally dislike Saudi Arabia.

To me, the situation is pretty simple. Neo-cohen, Germany and Canada are the enemies of Maduro? CNN tells me Venezuelans are eating their own children? 100% against CIA regime change. It is nice that the regime change attempts fails so far.
The (((Sewer)))) is promoting the hollowdontmore and muh 100 miljuns killed by commies? I assume it is a (((trick))) of some kind.
Cuckservative are pushing muh 100 miljuns killed by commies against leftism? They have virtue-signalled their anti-white and pro-semitism for decades. They have tried this since 1935 and have only been losing ground since 1929, I have to assue that this strategy is not what is needed.

(((Mainstream history))) must be assumed to promote a narrative that serves (((them))).

"Muh Yuri Bezemov"
Yuri Bezemov claims the KGB is to blame for political correctness and leftsim. I for one, long story short, know cultural-marxists moved to the US after Hitler took power and that before that, Trotsky fled the Soviet-Union in 1929, instead of taking power.
I know what is behind (((Current Year leftism))), he did not name that cause.
I know he denounced "racism" and was butthurt the Soviet gov didn't let him race-mix, throw his genetic heritage away with a female pajeet.
I know what (((side))) the CIA and its Canadian equivalent, his new masters then, were and still are on.
I know (((international banking))) has its principale base in the UK since 1815.
I know (((why))) the UK and French Empire sided with the Ottoman Empire in the Crimea war.
I know the US was (((subverted))) in 1913, following the 1912 elections. This election was 5 years BEFORE the October Revolution.
I know Russia was (((subverted))) in the FEBRUARY revolution, the US joined WW1 within 2 months.
I know Trotsky had caused the war to resume between Imperial Germany and Soviet Russia from January to March 1918 and that he caused over 4 years of war in eastern Russia with his orders against the Czechoslovak legions.
I know that Trotsky was ruthless but that this have little attention, note that his actions killed millions, extended the civil war but none of the muh evil commies eating ukrainian babies alive types points that out.
I know (((Fanny Kaplan))) tried to assassinate Lenin.
I know (((they))) had the UK and US intervene against Lenin and Soviet Russia in 1918-1919, even when their White allies were killing jews.
I know Anarshit Catalonia and Makhno Anarshits were utterly dreadfull, have been shilled by leftists since the 1920s and 1930s yet gets little to no attention from Boomerservatism Inc.
I know the hollowdontmore believers generally ignores Stalin's offensive plans in 1941 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalin's_Missed_Chance because that goes against (((maintream history)))
I know that 100 years laters, the UK is still against a non-communist, clearly globalist-lite Russian gov, arranged a false flag to worsen tensions.

There is a bigger picture and it is clear enough.

Yes, fellow goy, (((history))) proves that a totalitarian regime can genocide tens of millions with no ill-effect and no extensive efforts whatsoever. Resistance against The Merkel and Corbymay is entirely foolish and futile. Eat this black pill and give up!

The Chinks have had the 1 child policy since 1980 or so. Wouldn't have needed that if the smear merchants were right about Mao, now would they? As the The Unparalleled Invasion pointed out, regular famines kept the population stable and as a result, Chinks eats everything that can be eaten. If the Mao era had not actually increased the food supply, their population would have remained stable. Or even diminushed, if agriculture had been mismanaged for decades.
Even today, (((the medias))) are kvetching about muh industrial pollution (like in the 1970s) and how the Chinks are mistreating those Uygur pozzlems. How often do they come up with something positive? Shills are always against China on Pol too. Chinks follows Chink interests, that is the real problem, not muh humyn raits.

Good god mate is like pulling many things out of your ass at once, not surprised Zig Forums

We already know this. But you are wasting you time here. We are outnumbered here by 20:5:1 glownigger to migatard to redpilled. Your better option is to wait it out and let these retards realize that capitalism in any form will always result in conflict.

And BTW, Nationalism = Communism



I actually do think Stalin's kill count is intentionally pumped up just for logistical reasons but there is way more evidence the holodomor happened than the holocaust.

lol fuck off kike, your words have no power and you control nothing here. Our myths and our legends we spin ourselves and you will not bind us with your poison.

16.5 Million Europeans murdered in all 3 Holodomors


Thought this might interest you guys…

AS a bonus