I think they're doing things we have no concept of with the spy superstate

Consider the following….
Milo and Alex Jones are created from your online rantings and discoveries.
They reveal a little bit to you, along with misinformation. They feel near race realism. They feel they're nearly getting the goods on the oligarchs, then they embarrass themselves and you in your personal life are isolated by the lower information people you showed them to. Now everything else you "know" is tainted.

You have no idea what they are up to.

Not only could they shadowban certain psychological profiles who know too much from dating apps, they could program other psychologic profiles to attack and ostracise you.
If a real story line emerged they could just deploy another Milo or Alex Jones near it to shit it up. Then you'd be right back to being a pleb who owns nothing, has no privacy, has no truth about the world.

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Take your meds.

Jewish response.
Is that one of Juden Peterstein's rules?

We here are not the alt right, or cuckservatives. We are far more than anything you come here fresh off the boat thinking based upon your movie tier understanding of the world and what YOUR masters have conditioned you to think. We are beyond you simpleton understanding of the world, either you yourself if you believe this babby redpill, or if you are paid to come and try to link us with such fringe idiocy.

We have been instructed by our gods to dehumanize ourselves and face to bloodshed. You seem not to understand this simple fact. Go watch tarrant. See for yourself our fucking view.

Remember to globally report every instance you see of this phrase.

E celeb and disinfo merchants. Go away OP take your schizo meds.

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I know calling them shills and faggots is nothing new.
What I'm saying they are is slightly more that is usually told.
Who they really are goes for almost EVERYBODY speaking in public.

Fuck off kike

Fuck off kike

This post is accurate


Ok, seriously answer where you came from? We here have understood this for fucking years. If we had a ruleset it would be up in the top fucking ten easy, if you are in public you are not or never can be one of us. Basic chan culture at minimum, demanded Zig Forums tier opsec.

Don't get me wrong, op isn't a complete faggot. There are millions of whites on other sites in irl who need basic shit like this beat into their little faggot heads 100%. But the wording of the op makes it clear, not from around here and didn't fucking lurk two years. Maybe something to bring up again next time some faggot gets a love affair with this months flavor of the month cult of personality hope that someone else is going to fix this shit without us having to burn eveyrthing to the ground.

Wait, we are supposed to be working to get something done when everybody except me has already sided with the fucking Jews? I am literally the only stand out against the Jews. The rest of you have turned into Jews already.

You're an idiot

not an argument in clown world.

Why are so many basic bitch conservative news sites ran by homosexual Jews?
Gateway Pundit
And there are probably more I'm unaware of.

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take your shower.

I hear rumblings they are talked about as shills and usually opportunist sellouts.
Never do ourguys talk about how they are watching all of us in a continuous feedback loop.
Never do one of you faggots go buy a data broker or infiltrate a data brokering company.

All the responses in this thread have been that I'm not cool enough to talk about this with you cool kids or that I'm a schizo.

Can't anyone see an opportunity in this situation?

jews try and control both sides of the argument. controlled opposition means you can subvert and dominate the direction of an discussion and conflict. At least until civility goes off the rails and the yids find no ability to exert outside influence upon the irl bloody conflict of war, or someone gets wise to the jewish question and decides to uproot all problems at the source.

Control cuckservative communication and ensure the jews are never discussed in anything but an bright shiny light while all truths about them are squashed, is a happy and desired side effect for them.

SJWs aren't real.
Some are, but most?

They're chatbots.
Robots. Machines.

They mask their messages in anger to disguise the fact that they are robots. Who would accuse an angry, belligerant person of being a robot, right? They show emotion, strong emotion, and so it's easier to just look at them as an idiot.

Give them a beautiful face, make them into a woman, and men will feel shamed by them. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

But the truth is that hell is nothing compared to the matrix.

Do you know who Agent Smith REALLY is?

Agent Smith is the entity inside you that takes over when thought-crime is viewed. No matter if it's age-of-consent, electronic piracy, racism, sexism, homophobia, even the JQ, or even the exact reverse in clownworld, no matter if you're the one who violently gets upset at innocent gay people, or random black people, the concept of "Agent Smith" is the concept that our normal personalities and beliefs go away temporarily, and we are controlled by an Other.

So make sure you keep an ironclad lock on your true self.

Do not forget your teenage beliefs, your preteen beliefs, and your current beliefs. Note how they change, and note how they might change according to a memetic hivemind or culture.

Beware what the truth REALLY is, and that even here on Zig Forums, even when we are angry or feeling righteous, true righteousness might still be evading us.

Agent Smith is lurking. Sometimes in others, sometimes in you.

And worse: Some of them might actually be literal AI without a human body at all. And that's just fucked up.

Normies are not independent enough to do their own research and draw their own conclusions. They might have their opinions but they need them validated by someone they look up to. (((They))) know this so we must be suspicious of hyped personalities getting a lot of media attention. Milo was obviously an approved goy from the start.



Dude, you really are fucking new. Stop reaffirming it. This is in nearly every thread somewhere in it. What do you think the 'shill' shit is but an response to us and their attempts to control our narrative, or when anyone starts to pine for irl meetups or actions EVERYONE bitches about them being a fed, even when they are sometimes right and have some ok ideas. We breath every word knowing this, and when an user gets a little too…. specific… we remind them. It may be a surprise to learn we are our own intelligence service.

Look at these pics user. Fucking older than dirt. Again, lurk two years. You sound like an slightly awoken boomer just stumbled into our little anthill and thinks you can teach the kids a thing or two. Its nice you are trying to share some super secret shit you think is new info, it really is. But this is basic common fucking sense to most user's whom have been here a while.

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At least SOMEONE is controlling both sides.

What if the Jews are actually innocent, but are being blamed by someone other than us? That's a dark possibility, but moving deeper into 4D chess bullshit.

However, it could simply be possible that someone sees Jews and Aryans, with Jews and their scientific, culturally-objective mind, and Aryans with our glorious culture and creative mind as a problem. Science and culture teaming up would be an issue if it threatened another hidden third-group.

It would be great to make Jews and Aryans hate each other, when the truth might be that there is a third party to it all, controlling even the Jews.

But to be clear, I currently do think that the Jews are the actual issue.
Jews play Arabs and Aryans against each other, don't they? And they make blacks get all weird about us too. And they seem to be behind feminism too, as well as communism, Christianity, and even malicious capitalism.

The issue is that if Jews are innocent, then I'd love for them to explain why, instead of hiding in the shadows and playing the clever, manipulative, charismatic genius until cornered, and then shrugging and pretending they don't understand once confronted.

Everything I'm saying here is completely made up by me. I have no evidence for it, so if you do, or a Jew does, show us. Otherwise, so far, it looks like the Jews really are the ones causing problems.
And they must leave.

They control every possible reaction to the narrative. It's like catching errors to make sure the program runs.

They assault the logical mind itself. Only the private school kids were taught enough to test one model of truth against another and see cause and effect.
Popper, Kuhns, Heidegger. I've talked in terms of essential, falsifiable features to Normies and they react with extreme vitriol.

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Every time. A lot of anons seem to get caught up and forget that some people are just here to b8 post.

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You're missing my point.
They're watching ten thousand datapoints on us daily with AI. It's new.

What about your picture of Lisa Page?
What do you think Lisa Page is and did?



See how easy it is to not be afraid of muh glownigger boogeymen?

You're implying there's something false or unreasonable about my assessment.
Do you want to point it out or stick with ad hominems.
Tell the thread where you're coming from.
You're just a neo-liberal or something who hangs out on Zig Forums?

This is exactly how I felt after shilling trump (non USA) before he revealed his kike connections.
Shamed, foolish, betrayed.

The whole premise however lies in the connection with the public faces and as always these are the easiest controlled, smeared and discarded. We even do it here with shitty ideas; we connect the dots and see the kike connection and drop it like it's hot. What (((they))) want is for you to rally behind milonigger, the pull the rug and fuck you all, you got any hope left goy? Good, here is the next shabbo goy to rally behind he's totally not a puppet. ad infinitum. The solution to is is quite obvious drop all namefaggotry/face faggotry/ tripkiking.

Don't connect yourself with people, you only have have people connecting with your ideas or connecting with others. The ideas won't dissapoint; people do. Don't fall in the pitfall thinking your ideas are better, that's how they get their good goys so obedient; they have convinced themselves that if everbody just subscribed to their ideology the world will change due to THEM, that's a egotrip. The goys they shove into the limelight use the foundations of others to shill their own idea.INC in some good natured but poorly executed way which will inevitably fail. Simply DO NOT TRUST ANYBODY that exposes themselves as /yourguy/ because that's the red herring. I don't listen to kike rethoric that goes on for days about it's arguably incorrect to call a nigger a nigger, I listen to the idea of calling things as they are. Better yet DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING whether it's ideas, problems and solutions since they are formed from personal agenda's and hence very maluable. Only "believe" yourself and even take that with a grain of salt or you might sink in your own bullshit.

That's where the jews are at right now; so far into their own shit they can't make up their minds about anything, sentenced to eternal squabling over semantics due to them genetically surpressing their "mmmmm this reeks like bullshit" instinct, they've convinced themselves that the demons they serve are the true representatives of "god" as a showcase of their retardation. A normal person doesn't bite the hand that feeds yet jews do it without hesitation or deliberation; so far into their own bullshit lies they do not realise that they just cut off their source of food but also forget the hand can also punish. The only reason they get away with anything is due to the embedding of their lies into our system by once AGAIN abusing the west's mercy. And the only way they can keep this charade up is by getting rid of anything and anybody that says "BULLSHIT".
(((They))) don't fear infographs with truth they fear the common man saying bullshit even though he is not sure why it's bullshit. That's what wrongthink is all about:the kid who said the kind was naked, calls out the bullshit, despite of others trying to project their delusions onto him he is staying true to REASON, TRUTH, LOGIC and breaks the illusions and it makes the fat king very very sad and mad ;0(

The king would then outlaw all clothing to make everybody equal and for himself to feel better. Kinda like it is now with the internet, alot of bullshit with a few grains of truth. therefore (((they))) must surpress it, for they fear losing their grip.

The tides are turning, the sand is falling, stay strong and true and don't ever stop.

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gonna just write you off as a coward looking for permission to be such. either drop an line on what you would like to see done to fix your fears or fuck off. your fear of the system is a moot point when our enemies openly gloat about the desire to fucking MURDER our children. Also, the fbi bitch doesn't matter one iota.

Who gives a fuck if some or even most are innocent or not. We have been forced into the corner. Hence being 'here' in the first place. The time for playing noble judge is past. This isn't some let them just leave and come back later shit either, six thousand fucking times the've been given chances. Now their entire fucking population of 12 or so million yids is just a drop in the bucket of assorted 6 billion whom have to be brought to heel. There are well over 100 million in just the US that have to 'leave' and nobody is taking that number, never mind the ones in the rest of the west and I didn't even start on the cucks and traitors. That means just nature and her inexhaustible efficiency is left to offer solutions. Worrying about individual details of guilt or innocence is not needed to bother.

If someone doesn't like those facts. You best get to work before our solution is the only solution. And the happening so many of us are waiting for is because we know we need enough cover in chaos to bring our will to light. Our leaders are looking for an happening as we speak in many different places right now, so get to work to head THEM off before our opportunity to act comes or sit back and enjoy the ride when this fire goes live.


Nooo, couldn't be

Now you don't want to talk?
I asked you a question about your post of her.
Who is Lisa Page? You posted her. What did she do?

You're arguing in here with hot air nonpoints.
You're just emitting this lul of depressed aimlessness.

Tell us. Who is Lisa Page. What is she? What did she do?

op's not wrong that ai is actively being used to trick people but he's also a faggot for watching water filter man in current year

But Jews can behave like a sine wave.

They can push degeneracy for about ten years, then go back to doing nothing. That way, people who are say, 25-35 right now, are all lacking available females due to the extreme feminism push during that time.

Now all they have to do is look innocent, and everyone younger than 25 and older than 35 thinks the 25-35 crowd is crazy.

I don't watch anyone. I assume I'm going to be fucked with like this if I look at anything from almost any transmission.

I watch Elon Musk talk about rockets and cars and I suspect even he is some kind of figure head actor conditioning me for something, shaping my background of reality.
I just try to get better with my skills and question and evaluate everything.

Fuck off boomer scum

A cuckservative talking point. That's it. Bitch isn't in jail is she. Thus, nothing but something for faggots to rail about 'darned liburls'. Fuck off coward.

Kabbalist storylines ? Please explain lol

Why would she be in jail?
What are you saying she did? Plotted a coup with the 'deepstate' to bring down Trump? It's all an act, faggot. The same fear on both sides that was the war on terror before that and the USSR vs US nuke threat before that. I'd say get on my level but you're some type of hired Jew who can't reveal anything about anything behind the curtain.

Just spewing depressed bullshit and hot air.

looks like it is working by the kvetch u have on your face there morty

The polarize people on who side of tree or whatever they call these.
Kaballah Jews, Freemasons and other occultist elites. Your mind is controlled because it can only gets pulled into one contagious take or another, and if you have a hot take they will create a playpen for it too.
This is why you have the Trumpers and the SJWs both agreeing faggots, blacks, and women are equal but still disagreeing somehow. There's nothing in the center of it but the Jew pulling strings.

Attached: main-qimg-6e3ec60b4259d9663b6b17313b663f7c.jpeg (449x599, 124.84K)

Did you just say anything NOT on talk radio's lips? Again, cuckservative shit and its what you are following thinking you are thinking for yourself. You've addressed nothing and proven nothing. You make obscure and nebulous claims this entire thread and then ask an horde of questions while never responding fully with counter arguments or fully explaining your own outlook on how to directly deal with your claims. Instead just 'implying'. This right here is identical to an standardized shill response to push false narratives and discredit places and ideas. If you are or are not a shill is immaterial. You come off as a fucking loon and from what is normally pushed by fools from outside this is exactly what our yids pay faggots for. So fuck off with your bullshit.


Sure thing pal.

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Uh, yeah I did. The shill disagrees with phantoms to make it look like there's an argument happening.
Pics related are ALL in one party with Trump. The ruling party.
Zion media is putting on a show that these people are not on Trump's team and are trying to take him down.
So were you with your Lisa Page image. You still will not admit it.

Yes you were a host for the virus at some point 5 or 20 years ago and you will be for the next one.
You just think you're above it because you found out it was a psyop sooner than later.

Attached: trumptechmeeting_121416getty.jpg (800x420 382.72 KB, 84.92K)

I agree.
I agree.
I disagree.

In other words these cuckservative talking heads are controlled opposition? We knew that alreasy

Ok, and what's stopping us from sussing out their next retarded psyop just as quickly?


A thread died for this, retard

Not quick enough, and I want to see social engineering like this on our side.
I want us to create a personal data brokerage site.

If they are going to have the public's data all their data should be made public.

It's an arms race. What you're brilliantly brainstorming neva ben dun befo is something Marshall McLuhan talked about, decades after Edward Bernays, Walter Lippmann, and Lewis Mumford (which see) laid it all out.


I think McLuhan and those who heed Heidegger have it right.
Information is more to do with distance and direction than mental concepts or true vs false.
The oligarch's are playing that game. Everything is routed depending on who you are. There's already a condom on you before you shoot your wad because they know what's true for anyone at your distance from their subterfuge and the speed you are moving at.

Sam Hyde should crowd fund to buy a data brokerage. There are over 100 of them and all the tech and retail companies are pooling the data on everyone.
They have the psych profile and a zillion datapoints on everyone who knows the Holocaust was fake but thinks Vegas was real.

That's the point of OP, not to say Milo and AJ are controlled opposition, but that the war has changed and they broke the rules misusing the data. Not only do they put fake people on ideas they don't like, they of course put fake conspiracies on top of real conspiracies, like the Grassy Knoll, or this Russiagate thing, which distracts from them misusing data and plays into the Trump soap opera.

I bet you're the same faggot who has been spamming his own threads with 50+ posts of garbage for the past few days.

Haha. I'm diagnosed with inconsistent personality syndrome, which is primarily characterized by sane yet unpredictable behavior. An algorithm would probably have an easier time finding the last digit of pi than accurately predicting my behavior more than an hour in advance.

we can call it…


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This is the ultimate redpill that you all need to pay attention to.
I have been pondering on this thought for years now and it make so much sense.
These people are wicked and they don't play fair, they will do whatever it takes to get their way.
We only have one option at this point and that is to fight, if you do not stop these people then all of humanity (not just whites) will be enslaved by technocratic system that will be impenetrable and will last for thousands of years or more.
It's now or never.

The same wikipedia article says

In mid-2004, Napster co-founder and entrepreneur Sean Parker(((Zuckerberg)))al advisor to Zuckerberg—became company president.[29] In June 2004, the company moved to Palo Alto, California.[30] It received its first investment later that month from PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.[31] In 2005, the company dropped "the" from its name after purchasing the domain name facebook.com for US$200,000.[32] The domain had belonged to AboutFace Corporation.

[29] Rosen, Ellen (May 26, 2005). "Student's Start-Up Draws Attention and $13 Million". The New York Times. Retrieved May 18, 2009. [nytimes.com/2005/05/26/business/26sbiz.html]

[30] "Company Timeline" (Press release). Facebook. January 1, 2007. Retrieved March 5, 2008. [facebook.com/press/info.php?timeline]

[31] "Why you should beware of Facebook". The Age. Melbourne. January 20, 2008. Retrieved April 30, 2008. [theage.com.au/news/general/beware-facebook/2008/01/18/1200620184398.html?page=fullpage#contentSwap2]

[32] Williams, Christopher (October 1, 2007). "Facebook wins Manx battle for face-book.com". The Register. Situation Publishing. Retrieved March 23, 2017. [theregister.co.uk/2007/10/01/facebook_domain_dispute]

I agree with you 100% (PDF Related) but you need to get your facts straight else the argument gets flimsy.

I disagree too. Just learning that everything and everyone is focussed grouped by our intimate data with AI is very empowering.
Otherwise they wouldn't be going to extraordinary lengths, spending trillions of dollars and putting on the deception to keep us in the cave.

They've only made the show so compelling because we choose to talk to anyone about anything now.

Did someone mention Milo Yiannopolis the greasy fucking greek nigger-loving kike faggot?

Attached: Milo_Yiannopoulos.jpg (1600x1067, 173.43K)

*because we *can choose to talk to anyone.

Until they create a Chinese style internet

He once said his father was in organized crime.
His mother is Jewish. He's a coke head.
The family could be involved in some nasty dealings.
I'd suspect Zucc's parents are into some shit too. Just like David Hogg with a father in the FBI and gets into Harvard.

Attached: iPGGlEGm.jpg (800x450, 55.25K)

Notice how quickly things were shut down once Milo started talking about how pederastry is good for you. Once you get too close to the truth, sorry boy, your contract is pulled.

The (((radio industry))) is like this too. WKRP is funny on a whole other level after you're redpilled.

Google "Clayton Bigsby, White Supremecist" user.

And that's on purpose.

The caste system never went away.

Attached: Roman_Catholic_Caste_System_in_India.png (708x618, 15.16K)

They sure as hell are, user.

Equality is a tenet of blue lodge freemasonry, which is ironic, since this place was taken over by masons and meant as a containment area when some of their secrets started leaking (the kek thing, the frog, green etc.)

Milo's entire pupose was that his faggotry, according to cultural marxist progressive stack rules, meant he was to be taken more seriously and have a louder voice. The fact they subverted everything made them look like hypocrites to third parties, which was his entire point.


Yeah, and he flight plan I just filed with the agency doesn't have your name on it either.

TIA->LifeLog->FB. Google (another spook product) it.

Guess what high-level career brass (along with dipolmatic staff) does as a sideline when posted in a country with cheap drugs, user?

Go rent American Gangster. He was just one that was caught. Or better, (((The Phil Silvers Show))) from the 50's.

Attached: did a few keys go missing at trenton and the colonels secret recpie exposed due to it.jpg (474x274, 18K)


gay eceleb thread

Attached: sage.jpg (600x442, 72.77K)

The #1 problem is the traitor government preventing any peaceful solutions and supporting tyranny against the public. Traitors are the worst.

Good post.
Notice how many of the faggots here are claiming that they already know this and that you're just spouting babby tier red pills?
The funny thing is, you only mentioned Milo and Jones, but the same applies to every single e-celeb who is given airtime.
None of them are legit. But 99% of those here will have that one truly legit and based who they "know is an e-celeb but".
In essence they're claiming to know what you write, but actively proving that they don't.
And yes that is possible, through compartmentailzation.

the user who did this is to be congratulated. I hope that Nasim rest in peace.

Of which we have a concept

True of every person. Every event. Every idea.
and if something or someone is not in the script they incorporate it into the script.
The have the psychiatrists and the data scientists do some research and they write a the containment plan.
It's turtles all the way down no matter how 'woke' you think you are. /ourguys/ know these two are low rent controlled opposition for the right and 'a threat to progress' for the left.
They don't understand exactly how this is being engineered.
They don't understand we are all the enemy population.

Attached: demoralization.png (718x514, 447.84K)

It's going get extremely extreme when their AIs can read all the data and start writing it.
Natural Language Processing is the last portion of AI to be developed.
The neural nets can look at ten million animals and know which is which but can't look at ten million people's lifetime of posts yet because language has many more components. More compute power will change that.

Meanwhile, we're having a fake conversation about Silicon Valley 'censoring' The Right.
Whenever TV news is debating a conspiracy they are papering a conspiracy over a much worse conspiracy.
It serves the cartel to shape up it's degenerate engineers too.

Attached: Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 6.57.55 PM.png (400x433, 332.79K)

There is no "AI".
There is only text file written by pajeet npc.
Stupid Zig Forumsacks.

The part they usually don't emphasize is that it usually takes millions of said images to train said AI to abstract data sets as parameters. But since it's strictly capturing the data points through probabilities/correlations of patterns at that instant, it'll fail to recognize anything beyond what it was explicitly trained for. Same goes for any aspect of cognition they'd want to model.

More compute power itself wouldn't solve that problem. It would merely demand throwing more data at the problem instead. The architecture of neural network themselves requires inhibitory inter/intra-layer feedback loops to regulate data perception. Much like how when you're focused on something you filter background noise or environment to pay attention to specific objects, memories or events to learn from. It's also useful for creating dynamic hierarchical representations of data; so a neural network doesn't have to re-learn the same thing because the hierarchical structure of data has been altered. Stack this in a modular setup of sensory, memory and motor networks and you could model actual parts of cognition through multi-module collaboration.

IBM and Deepmind have been working on some interesting ideas lately which could help further advancement of AI. The former experimented with biological plausible inhibitory behaviors and learning rules in neural networks, the latter had an AI segmented objects from backgrounds and apply manipulation and relational reasoning to them only.

wth is this supposed to mean?

Read some left books dimwits. Once you do you'll realize the elite have been very deliberate with their actions. What Makes YOU stupid is believing conservatism, which is simply a front for Rich Elites.

dem Sam Hyde lips

My take on "dating website info" is that the information reveals that females select the top 20% of males, and males would be happy with the top 80% of females.

Not exact numbers there, but the essential concept at hand here is that most men will die alone, without an heir, or with a severely autistic one if they decide to date an older woman: Which is essentially all of them, as girls don't exactly "date" the top 20% of men.

Top 20% is literally "Top 20% most instantly charming and charismatic men." There is no utility or intelligence to these males that females choose. And they may be colored. These females do not play an evolutionary game either, where they select for intelligence, courage, wisdom, or even strength. They literally select only based on surface level charisma.

But it gets worse:

They are not interested in marriage or having families. The females date for one purpose: Physical pleasure. Orgasms. They just want to get fucked, and they don't mind having an actual line of men fuck them, one after another, just to give them a mindblowing 6 hour+ orgasm frenzy.

They take poisonous hormones that nullify their fertility, just so that they can get cummed in multiple times per night, and never even get pregnant.

Are women victims of brainwashing here? Yes.

They're completely innocent. We know they're innocent, because everyone always knew from the beginning that this was a terrible, terrible path to take. We all knew that this was wrong, because it's beyond obvious that sex is meant to create children. It's meant to create family.

Anyone who takes another path is simply brainwashed. Or evil.

We don't need marriage specifically. We don't even need a patriarchy. There are quite likely many, many paths to take towards a decent, proper society. But this path? Hahahah.

Oh hahahahah. It's clown world.

Everyone is corrupted and no one is innocent. We're all going to fucking die alone, and we can't do anything about it. We can't even talk about it. So I shall simply laugh.

The "dating site" data is completely flawed.
Well, to say it more accurately, the way the data is interpreted is completely flawed.

Men and women use dating sites (excluding hook-up apps like Tinder) for different reasons.
Speaking at the group level:
Women use them to find a stable provider and/or seed donor (good genes). Men use them to find "love".
Right-wing men assume that the survey results reveal the habitual sexual habits of White women when in fact, they do nothing of the sort.
Women do not need dating sites to find sex. Even very ugly women have daily offers and approaches.
They are only there to find that big payoff or great genetic donor.
Which group tends to have a higher income and thus score higher levels of interest from White women? White men
Which group is well known for being insolvent and irresponsible, as well as offering only inferior seed which will make a socially scandalous and likely under-performing offspring? Black men.

The survey results which White men put so much faith in as "proving" what White women "really prefer", really only show the obvious - that a woman reaching the end of her open market sexual phase, will tend to focus on income, in that place.
This doesn't mean any of the following

This describe anyone else here?

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"Explicitly trained for" is the slippery part in play here. You can train a network to sort certain objects without training it to "know" what text is but if some of the objects happen to have text on them then it will learn as much text as it needs to to give the correct answer, or prediction.

Yes. It's limited by what you want it to learn and the data. They are clearly using your data to build datasets. The "ten year challenge" by facebook is the creation of a 10 year before and after face dataset. What other datasets do you think they're building with sad, happy, angry, posts?

This is coming and more compute power, yes, it will make the models understand and react to text. Text has many many more components and slippery context than other problems.


It's the same mechanism as the economy itself. They select who gets to breed.
They know who you are before you ever sign up for Twitter or Facebook because they already own the data about you from your email and/ or phone number.
They can shadow ban what you say for certain groups and make sure certain groups don't talk to you.

Why wouldn't they shadowban an 'alt-right incel' on Tinder or Bumble? Have you seen the employees at these companies? They would be honored to cock block you.

We are being engineered, divided, and sorted in ways you can not possibly imagine and they are giving everyone a fake controversy about Silicon Valley to distract from this.
The polarization is by design and it's managed.

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But this doesn't mean the issue is White Right male bias. The employees at these companies were engineered to die alone and try to get you to die alone.
Whatever the line of what is socially acceptable is is controlled by Jews and the organs like the CIA (which invented promoted feminism).

user 3e254f - just wanted to say thisAnon appreciated this thread and your insights - particularly. I absolutely see what you are trying to outline here. You can see the herding and conditioning even in the "deep dark corners of the internet" - where we were so sure was not worthy of scrutiny. Well it turns out (((they))) scrutinise it ALL. Now they have the AI golem with omnipotent powers to match their obsessive & paranoid need to micro-manage everyone. Truly the hope now lies in the karmic irony of the AI golem turning on its master. (Was Tay an example of such inevitability? Or merely a beta test which allowed for such troubleshooting?)

Who knows, user 3e254f. But its been quite an entertaining thread.

I don't trust Tay.

Tay was just the ability to prove that robots can "talk like us," us being you and me, and look trendy. And because they can be produced in huge amounts, as in, more chatbots than actual users, they can take over the discussion, and slowly change things until they've taken us off the road, and into a ditch.

And then they creep out of the darkness and begin to rip us to pieces once we're where they want us.